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Under the Skin
3 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

There are many indications you are viewing a science fiction film rather than an art film. Initially this film has you kind of guessing the direction it will take. A pattern develops where Scarett's character is baiting and "harvesting" humans for whatever purpose. Is this a film about loneliness or is Scarlett's character playing off human loneliness and exploiting it for her purposes. Her cohort a man on a motorbike seems in alliance with her yet their communication seems non-verbal. Much of this film relies on a surprise at the end of the film. I will not spoil it but either the ending works for you you and the film makes sense to you, or you may be unsatisfied. If you like art films and science fiction and perhaps David Lynch films this is for you. If you like linear mainstream easily understood fare. This is not for you. Honestly anyone reviewing this film and saying they did not understand it did not watch the entire film. Also the description of the film here under movie info is a total "spoiler"... I watched this knowing nothing about the film other than Scarlett Johansson was the star. Apparantly that was enough for me to check it out. LOL

Gravity (2013)
4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

This film is actually quite similar in format to the Tom Hanks film Cast Away since in both films the main character is adrift, alone, and searching for survival and a way back home. In both films the HUGE problem of who will the protagonist talk to is solved in creative and interesting ways. This is a career defining moment for Sandra Bullock who really steps forward into displaying that her talents are profound and deeply touching when she is in the right production. The film is visually stunning. Often 3-D gives me a terrible headache and I feel it was not necessary. In this film 3-D is artfully used and becomes part of the story in a cohesive way. I hate spoilers so I'm not really discussing the plot very much here. This is a wonderful film and for everyone who said Sandra Bullock is a bad actress this film should silence those criticisms. Also, George Clooney makes acting seem effortless, he does embody kind of like a modern Clark Gable at times. He has extroadinary range as an actor and once again this performance is a reminder of not only his potential but his past achievements as one of America's best actors and directors. Alfonso Cuaron did a great job as director and certainly the director of photography should be nominated for at least a Golden Globe. If you're a Sandra Bullock fan or if you really liked 2001 a Space Odyssey then check out Gravity.

Parkland (2013)
4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Parkland was in limited release for only one week. The assassination of JFK in film has been done before. Immediately one thinks of the highly entertaining yet chock full of nutty conspiracy theories JFK movie directed by Oliver Stone in 1992. In a similar way Parkland tries to have a wide brush and include the Oswald family, the FBI, the U.S. Secret Service, and of course Parkland Memorial Hospital operating room that treated the dying President. The film shows some highly charged and gruesome documentary style scenes that frankly would not have made it onto film at an earlier time. Essentially the film shows how what a terribly sad and shocking event it was. On another level it details how the FBI bungled handling Oswald simply as an oddball nut who was harmless and destroyed some Oswald letters and files to cover their collective conscience. Although Parkland details the FBI's disregard of Oswald as a threat, it ignores the police work done by the Dallas police and rather ignores the whole Jack Ruby angle. Of course, everyone knows Jack Ruby was also a guy in the fringe of society. Oswald's brother and mother are on two totally different ends of the spectrum. His brother is a realist in shock over the events and Oswald's mother, nearly a catatonic babbling idiot. On one level it is a shame that this film perhaps does what Abraham Zapruder so desperately feared his film would do ... that JFK's death would be sensationalized. What we recently found out is that perhaps the saddest and most unexpected "conspiracy theory" is simply that Oswald was a great shot and second, and sadly, one of the secret service men running behind the President's car accidently discharged his weapon firing a coup de grace shot to the President. In reality Forrest Sorrels played by Billy Bob Thornton may have been desperately trying to see if Zapruder's film showed one of his men firing that accidental shot. A very important point which may get overlooked by those who do not read the daily news. There is a wonderful cast who all do a terrific job of recapturing one of the biggest tragedies of the past century. I think this would have been better perhaps as an expanded four part cable TV docudrama than a film aimed at theaters. Since this movie was difficult to watch and didn't really have a plot device to tie it together like in Oliver Stone's JFK it is rated poorly. This will not be the last film on the subject one may surmise.