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Mother (Madeo)

Mother (Madeo)(2010)

My love for South Korea cinema continues with Joon-ho Bong's Mother.

Story: The story follows a mother trying to prove the innocence of her son, whom is being blamed for the murder of a girl. The beginning of the story starts the viewer off before the beginning of the murder, then the film follows the mother as she slowly pieces together the mystery until the shocking conclusion. The film is quite funny as director Joon-ho Bong truly shows that he can balance humor and drama so fluidly. One minute you will laughing and the next cringing. Yet in the end what the film leaves you with is an example of true love and loyalty of a mother and son.

Acting: The two leads Hye-ja Kim and Bin Won were just perfect in this movie, especially Kim, whom I believe should have gotten some more awards recognition in the States than she was given. She plays the mother with such realism and passion that it transcends the film and makes you truly believe her in this role as the mother. Bravo, Kim, bravo. Another great job in acting was the character Jin Tae played by Ku Jin, who plays him with the mysterious, almost anti-hero guardian of the mother. He really brings a lot of cool to the character but at the same time leaves you unsure whether to trust him or not.

Technical Aspects: To me South Korea has some of the sharpest and best looking films I have seen in recent years. They understand the camera and how to use it to really create the emotions they want you to feel. There may not be many special effects, if there was any, but still just a great looking film with wonderful camera work.

Any Issues?: To be honest, not really. I can't think of anything I really disliked about this film. Maybe just that it got a little slow for me at times but besides that a really flawless movie. The only reason I did not give it a 100% is because to me that is reserved for classic movies and masterpieces, at this moment I do not know if I would consider this movie either. Maybe a second viewing is required.

Dunn's Verdict?: A really well acted, well shot murder mystery that manages to blend humor flawlessly in all of the horror and drama of this story. A highly recommended film to anyone who likes foreign cinema or murder mysteries.

4.5 out of 5

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