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Marvel's The Avengers
5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Love it! Loved it! Loved it! It is not often I sit on the edge of my seat during a movie...but The Avengers is nail biting, hilarious and fun! I grew up watching the animated Avengers and loved the movie version. The Hulk is cool (but always angry), Iron Man is as usual is own man and Capt. America is the calm cool collected..leader. I think the movie was made for those of us who grew up with the Avengers and not so much for our children. :) Go Avengers! Go see the movie!

Think Like a Man
5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Great Movie! Wonderful Cast! Engaging and Comedic from the very beginning to the hilarious end. I was ecstatic to see the movie take the lead in the crucial first weekend at the box office. I am lover of RomCom's so I will watch the movie as many times as I can get the opportunity. Typical story line..girl meets boy...boy and girl fall in love...trouble in the relationship but a happy ending. Go see the movie and enjoy a fun night out with your significant other or good friends. In fact, I am buying the book for my daughters since it speaks their language for this season.

Mirror Mirror
Mirror Mirror (2012)
5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

I'm a Julia Roberts of course I will recommend to drop $10 for the movie. Not a great movie..but a safe heart warming movie worth watching with the kids. Nice twist on the story of Snow White and her dwarf friends. Julia was Julia but the 7 Dwarfs saved the movie and pique my interest in the film. I noted a hint of Bollywood type music in the end of the movie which seemed a bit unusual until I read the credits.

Tyler Perry's Good Deeds
5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

If you are complaining about your life...go see Tyler Perry's Good Deeds and you will no longer complain. Thought provoking, well scripted and timely are apt descriptions for Tyler Perry's Good Deeds. Wesley Deeds is a corporate CEO living his Father's dream when he encounters Lindsey a down on her luck, single Mom janitor. I cried, laughed and cheered for Thandie Newton during this movie. Good Deeds is not one of Tyler's best movies but it is quite high on his list of spectacular movie accomplishments. The movie is not for everyone but it is for "anyone" that can relate to people falling on hard times during the modern day recession. Keep up the good work Mr. Perry!

Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close
5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

A sad yet thoughtful movie recounting the after affects of the 911 tragedy on Oscar Schell and his family. This movie will cause you to shed tears, and bring to the forefront the emotions felt during the week of 9/11/01. Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close is paced quite slow, apparently, on purpose so the viewer can build a relationship with young Oscar. The pacing works as I found myself routing for Oscar as he persevered through his last reconnaissance mission. The movie is not for everyone but for those who are fans of Sandra and Tom it is worth a Wednesday night out at the theater. On a final note, I hope they buy the boy a pair of gym shoes.