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Super 8
Super 8 (2011)
5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Super 8 is a good summer afternoon movie but don't pay any more than matinee prices. A couple of hours in out of the heat is worth it. You can easily pic out the homages to Spielberg (Goonies, E.T.). This movie could die "the death of a thousand cuts" picking on plot holes and such thing but I'll just pick two of the major problems, LENS FLARES..Lens Flare....lens flare...when a scene fades to black the lens flares are suppose to fade too.
As a period piece it eventually fails and fails badly. The best thing to compare it to is the 80's bar in the second Back To The Future. Considering Abrams is a year older than me it seems odd he would miss it sooo badly. You could pick on the anachronisms: The gas attendant would not only have been able to afford a Walkman he would have had to send to Japan and gotten one a month before they went on sale there or a Rubik's Cube was called a Magic Cube and so on but that's just being annoying picky. Instead it fails on the feel. Even though everyone is dressed in late 70's garb and surrounded by things that represented stuff from that time they all still come across (especially the kids) as people from the 21st century doing a halfhearted imitation of what they think 70's people should be. Even the camera shop stoner comes across more as a 89's slacker stoner. The only one that pulls it off is Ron Eldard, he must have known his character (relative close) at some point in his life because it is spot on (or they unfroze him just for this movie). If I seem to fixate on this partm it's because I could have been the main character (might have been a year younger, there age is a little undetermined). I lived in Illinois not Ohio but I think they were fairly similar environments. So things like what movie posters they had and stuff just doesn't ring true.
Now one critic said the kids play no part in the plot, They play every part in the out come of the movie, the film means almost nothing, but the kids are very crucial. Why would the Air Force people be on the road in the bus if not for the kids, how many more people would the Alien have eaten (so the Air Force was feeding him people for 30 years?) if not for the kids, etc. etc.,.
Also I'm putting money down that this is a prequel to Cloverfield.

Machete (2010)
6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

The only minor problem I had with this movie was that it didn't go over the top enough. I kept finding myself watching it as a serious action drama and then all of a sudden a parade of hopping low-riders are charging down the street (in one seen you can see a guy flying around in the backseat). And for me the icing on the cake was the appearance of famed actor/stunt man Tom Savini as Osiris (Rodrigues needs to work up a series for him as a biker zombie hunter). So I enjoyed the movie quite a bit and all the cameos and big names in the movie added a excellent extra layer to it. Again my only complaint is they made the movie too well.

X-Men: First Class
6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

First off lets just say this movie is worth seeing. Great action and characters with some depth. That said, much like J.J. Abrams' Star Trek is just full of F@!k You moments for any real X-Men fans (and I'm not talking about fanatics, but any one who once picked up a X-men comic and thought oh that was cool), but is still a great action / adventure movie. But unlike the J.J. Abrams piece the characters have a depth and all of the ones with speaking parts are interesting. Kevin Bacon does a very good job especially as his 1944 version. The 60's super spy style (In Like Flint), just oozes from every seen. The cameo's are great and surprising. There a some really bad movie Cliches (one that today might be considered racist). If this had come out first (before the original X-Men) even with the "F@!k Yous" it would probably be considered the best of the series. The only other problems (and I'm sure these aren't spoilers) is that there is no Stan Lee cameo and NO end trailer sting.