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John Carter
John Carter (2012)
4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

This was an entertaining movie, through and through, and much better than the critics let on. I also feel it's destined to become underrated as the year progresses (which is typical of movies released in March) mostly due to the age of the source material. Still, the film is solidly made, and it features a good engaging story, solid performances (proving that Taylor Kitsch can carry a sci-fi/action film) and a decent romance to go along with the central story. That being said however, the film's strong suits (fitting, seeing as Andrew Stanton's background is in animation) are the cinematography and the animation. Everything about this film looks fantastic, from the gorgeous panoramic shots of Mars (sadly miniaturized by the 3D, which I'll talk about later) to the creatures, to the cool-as-fuck airships, right down to Carter's stately manor seen at the beginning and the end of the film (if you see the film, you'll know why), and the film has a consistent sense of atmosphere, which is the one thing that rings consistent through Andrew Stanton's films (namely this, Finding Nemo, and WALL-E) no matter how different they may be. The 3D was okay, and they did some interesting depth-of-field stuff with a surprising lack of gimmicks, but sadly, there was an effect of my vision being focused in as opposed to being allowed to take in the beautiful landscapes, which is what I call miniaturizing. Still, John Carter was much better than the one other 2012 film I've seen, and it is one I highly recommend, especially to sci-fi fans.