JonathanHart's Rating of Inception

Jonathan's Review of Inception

7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


While it isn't quite the "masterpiece" many are making it out to be, Inception is still a very good movie. The plot is thought-provoking, the dream sequences look amazing (especially in IMAX), the cast is great and they all have good on-screen chemistry. Christopher Nolan did a fine job directing, cementing himself as one of Hollywood's premier filmmakers.

While I enjoyed the film and absolutely recommend seeing it in theaters, I thought Inception was just a tad too long and had a few too many gunfights. I thought that the movie could have focused more on the dream building and eased up just a bit on the action. That aside, Inception is a fresh shot to the film industry, and I'll be seeing it again when it releases on Blu-Ray.

A word on some of the rotten RT reviews- I don't get why some reviewers are saying it's too complicated, because it really isn't. As long as they are paying some sort of attention to what's going on, the viewer knows what is reality and what is a dream sequence.