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4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
A Haunted House

A Haunted House(2013)

Marlon Wayans - "I'm the type of guy where you don't have to lie to my face-you can tell me straight-up if you hated the movie or not," says Wayans. "I've told people that I want them to tweet me their opinion of the movie, and I'll retweet them all, good or bad. So far, only two people haven't liked it, so I'm ecstatic."- READ MORE Matt Barone ComplexPoPculture.com

Here's my over 140 character tweet to Wayans - @marlonlwayans #AHauntedHouse is a bad title, too generic, no black people are gonna call it this, why didn't u just go with Paranormal Blacktivity? Ur writing is raunchy, juvenile, stupid, racial and ridiculous yet I LOL'd so much in spite of myself. This movie will find it's core audience and they'll be lovin :-D the whole thing!