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Hacksaw Ridge

I just want to say that Hugo Weaving and Vince Vaughn are now top tier actors. A great movie about a very remarkable man was made by Mr Gibson.

Suspect Zero
Suspect Zero(2004)

Evil is fought by the loneliest hero.

The Huntsman: Winter's War

Imaginative well balanced tale for young and not so young.

A Single Shot

Jeffrey Wright gave me a fantastic movie experience. Cheers to you, Mr Wright! Your Simon haunts me.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

DC pounds Marvel! Batman is always dark and serious compared to the muppets at Marvel. No juvenile banter, no bad guy rants, and no endless slaughter found in this global drama. Did you notice the symbolism? Did you take up the philosophical argument? Affleck was magnificent. Eisenberg was miscast, but I do not wish to condemn. Stan Lee must be on life support.

Gods Of Egypt

I believe that this is the most spectacular CGI effects movie I have ever seen. Its grand scale so worthy of the gods was maintained throughout. I loved the details almost as much. Bravo!!

The Revenant
The Revenant(2015)

Tom Hardy gave a very convincing performance. I have met a few men who matched his character. They are now quite rare, I suppose, maybe extinct. I felt more pity for the animals than the humans. This is the degree of Savagery.

Wolf Totem
Wolf Totem(2015)

Gorgeous, thrilling, and spectacular is this wildlife film. Humans live the wild life, too. Annaud is a master director. I hope this film, director, and cinematographer, will be recognized. Thank you for such a beautiful film.

Blood Moon
Blood Moon(2014)

The British make a western horror film on a small budget that deserves recognition for good quality right down the list.

Big Game
Big Game(2015)

The little boy is so adorable that I couldn't help but root for him. Ray Stevenson should be a leading man in his own right. He has tremendous presence. This is a good boy's story that I would recommend. It has all the necessary virtues.

Terminator Genisys

It is not Arnold's fault that this movie wasn't great. I think the lead roles should have been more appealing by better dialogue and maybe a different casting. Still a good popcorn movie.

Knock Knock
Knock Knock(2015)

Femdom comedy that would have been considered the worst movie of the year had it not been for Reeves. I think it would have been better if it had a gay orientation instead of a straight one. Imagine two young men/boys in the rolls and you have a possible gem that would make some laugh and some panic.

Cop Car
Cop Car(2015)

John Watts is a very good director. The acting performance of the boys is top notch. This could be accomplished only by a brilliant director. The story is better than Stand by Me. I would recommend this to all parents of boys. Perhaps, it will someday be considered a classic. Bacon is still one of the very best.

Wild Tales
Wild Tales(2015)

Pure crap. I was hoping for something of a deep cultural experience of Argentinian life, instead, I got the unfunny and perverse product from that class of movies that I would expect from some of our domestic brands. Not my religion.

The Man From U.N.C.L.E.

Loved it. It was hurt by not having a stunningly sexy woman in the lead. It should be the rule.

No Escape
No Escape(2015)

I have thought Owen Wilson to be a very underrated actor. He shows his talent admirably in this tense adventure movie. I liked this movie very much. It was a constant nerve wracking story well told.

Child Of God
Child Of God(2014)

Franco and Haze tell a fantastic story that is awesome and revolting. Brilliant.

Desert Saints

Why is Keifer so damn good? i would love to know. A small budget movie that is entertaining, interesting, and smart.

The Freshman
The Freshman(1990)

I like watching Brando, always and forever. This movie was not funny. It was very weak in characters and plot. Cute is all.


Brilliant and memorable movie by talented Blomkamp. The performances by Chappy's family and the bad guys were best. I'll see it again.


Loved B.D. Wong. What hurt this movie was the first 30 minutes of it is spent making suckers and victims of the kind of people who were sitting in the audience. We all know how it feels to be ripped off by clever schemers and this movie reminds us of it. It was good to see Gerald McRaney on the silver screen again.

Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans

I don't like cop movies or movies set in the South. I'm a Cage fan, and I felt that I had to make a quick decision at the Redbox as the line pressed in behind me. Good Thing.

The Forger
The Forger(2015)

Travolta was great. This is a good story complemented with good acting and directing.

Maps to the Stars

This is a disturbing and sad movie made with fine acting from the cast.

Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow

Tom Cruise is one of my favorite actors, but he hogs too much of his movies of late. He should become the great evil guy in his next 'save the world' movie, or he should join up with the Avengers and make his scenes count.. I do wish him well.


If you want more of the stuff of genius, then you must hit the used bookstores for sci-fi by the masters: Heinlein, Ellison, Dick, Bradbury,and Clarke, just to name a only a few. Ms Snook put me in the Twilight Zone.

The Wrestler
The Wrestler(2008)

Without sadomasochism there may be no religion. Randy is a defenseless and tender soul in a lion of a man. Rourke is sublime.

The Rewrite
The Rewrite(2015)

Grant is brilliant in this little charmer.


There is no such thing as a state of maturity in America, and the Director Inarritu shows this to us.

Crank 2: High Voltage

I laughed so hard my stomach cramped. It was funny in the details, in its wit, in the characterizations, and in the actors' excellent performances. Marvelously made and delivered. Thanx for the ride.


LaBeouf was good ( I think he had his mouth wired shut). Movie was dumb. The Germans are treated like orcs. The Americans were slobs. Brad Pitt please make better choices.


A B movie with a creepy leading man and senior citizen leading lady who are both sociopaths. The story is slow and dull, except for the excellent crime scenes and the final chase scene.

John Wick
John Wick(2014)

Terrific fighting choreography, laconic Keanu, and crushingly hard music accompaniment, gave full return on the price of my ticket. It is funny that critics seem to be a little more kind towards Reeves after it has been revealed that he is one of the riches men in the industry.

Shadow Dancer

Very good little movie with Irish cast. Lesson to be learned : Do not tell a woman what you would not like everyone to know.

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies

I wish the orcs and trolls a very merry Xmass with the hope that they will someday kick the living crap out of those dwarves, elves, hobbits, and men. Hail Sauron!

The Purge: Anarchy

Keep purging until you get it right.

Call of the Forest

A boy tells the story of his event filled eighth year with his wonderful horse and loving father. A growing up tale that is good for boys. "If a man wants friends, he has to be a friend."


Not enough Godzilla!


A few too many cliches for the purpose of mass appeal are evident. I am encouraged by the attempt to include science in the story.

Fast & Furious 6

The action scenes and the special effects are the best. The superhuman qualities of the actors (as in all new movies ) are too much. Fantasy.

The Outlaw
The Outlaw(1943)

Brilliant comedy-drama with excellent acting from the cast and imaginative directing by Mr Hughes. There is a love (male) triangle, a magnificent beauty, and the best horse in the West to watch. The Music is constant except for the last scene. Sometimes it is like a Seinfeld episode with quirks as if it were a laugh track and other times it is classical and moving. Jane Russell is drop dead gorgeous. Jack Buetel is wonderfully funny. Walter Huston is so likeable as Doc, and Thomas Mitchell as the wiley and jealous Garrett makes comical and serious situations for the players. This makes my list.

Riders of the Whistling Pines

There is something worse than DDT being used on the forest and it kills quickly. But Gene will save the forest, arrest the bad guys, and get the girl. Autry ,once again, has an able sidekick who is a very fine actor. The song "It's My Lazy Day" is inspiring.

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

Real writers would have improved the movie. I have been feeling sorry for the orcs for sometime. They are gleefully slaughtered and yet they never give up trying. I would rather be an orc than any dwarf. They whine too much. I don't like Bilbo very much, either. I am joining Sauron and that is that!


If Bridges had had a better voice he may have been considered the finest actor of his time. So much talent.

Vengeance Valley

Montana is cattle country; therefore, you will see thousands of cattle. Wow! Lancaster is new to horseback riding in this movie, but by the time he makes Vera Cruz he is an expert.

The Sundowners

Robert Preston sings about O'riley and shoots straight. He is the good guy and his brother is the good guy, too. The bad guys have the law on their side and the other ranchers. Young Barrymore is a charmer. This movie was filmed in a beautiful canyon in Texas. Lots of cattle and a pretty girl, too.

The Art of the Steal

Clever and funny with a surprize.

The Counselor

Very Good character development and originality in dialogue kept my interest. The message to me is that technology is a god maker, money is king, and the people are too soft and weak.

The Virginian

This is well written with fine acting from Adkins and Bacic. I would have liked to have heard Adkins sing a few songs; I am a fan of the singing cowboys of the 30's.

One-Eyed Jacks

Favorite moment: The expression on Brando's face when told he would have to give up his gun. Priceless! This is a Western that Shakespeare would have enjoyed.

Out of the Furnace

Either blame the script or believe the few weaknesses of all the actors has been brilliantly exploited.

Anchorman - The Legend Of Ron Burgundy

I laughed at the gang mentality of the newsmen. The fight scene is hilarious.

The Carson City Kid

Roy Rogers sings and acts the hero of the West. i like his style, voice, and athleticism. Bob Steele is a tough and ruthless bad guy with piercing dark eyes. Well done.


My first Bale movie is one of the best Sci-Fi in decades.


Dylan Mcdermott has what Humphrey Bogart had! Get this guy roles.

Solomon Kane
Solomon Kane(2012)

I read Robert E Howard when I was a young buck. Good adventure story.

Sing, Cowboy, Sing

Sing along and enjoy the show.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

What's wrong with this movie? Nothing!


Dern shines in a good guy role.

Silent Running

This is a beautiful movie full of charm and grief. Dern is lovable, heroic, and will make you cry for him. This is a very special favorite of mine. By the way the robots had people without legs inside them!

Delivery Man
Delivery Man(2013)

Vince Vaughn is so sweet.

The Grandmaster

With a Barack Obama look alike for leading man, this wonderfully directed film is full of gems.

47 Ronin
47 Ronin(2013)

With beautiful scenery, the best witch ever, and Keanu Reeves, this movie delivers satisfaction.

Bad Country
Bad Country(2014)

Dillon performs to perfection his role. Defoe, as usual, keeps the movie intense.


Brolin works very hard to become Joe Ducette. Copley moves gracefully through the role of Adrian.

The Lone Ranger

I thought the Grand Finale redeemed the movie.

Rio Bravo
Rio Bravo(1959)

Bravo! Angie Dickinson.

Reasonable Doubt

The sound man and the music man did very well. Good technical work all around.

Ocean's Eleven

Andy Garcia (aka Dracula 2001) makes this movie. He vs 11.

Dick Tracy Meets Gruesome (Dick Tracy Meets Karloff)(Dick Tracy's Amazing Adventure)

Maybe the best of the Dick Tracy series this movie has humor, science, and the very appealing Lex Barker and June Clayworth.

Dick Tracy vs. Cueball

Good movie with horrific ending.

The Sign of Four: Sherlock Holmes' Greatest Case

This is really good and follows the story of Conan Doyle. I favor Wontner's Holmes over Rathbone because he is good humored. Also, this movie has not the homosexual innuendo that is presently being played in the role.

Too Late for Tears

Lizabeth Scott should have won an AA.


Loved it! The building up to the final unforgettable scene is flawless. The love of Paris during the thirties is recognized in dozens of films.

Kansas City Confidential (The Secret Four)

Van Cleef, Brand, and Elam are young and play their roles to perfection. John Payne makes every scene true. The director is a genius.

He Walked by Night

Basehart gives a performance so complex that I felt pity for his character.One man against the world is how I see it. I wonder what he experienced in the war. The cops are stupid but have the numbers to bring him down.

The Kennel Murder Case

A really good whodunit. I just wish there were more scenes with Mary Astor.

Nancy Drew, Reporter

Granville is a darling with a great athletic body. The kids will leave you smiling.


Sinatra's light blue eyes appear white in this black and white. This helps his performance. He really was a fine actor.

Mr. Wong, Detective

Interesting whodunit with lots of wisecracks.

Life and Loves of Mozart

Werner has an angelic face. The movie is filled with beautiful women. The music is Mozart! What I enjoyed most was watching the performers listening to the performers. There is reverence for the Beautiful.

Mr. Moto's Last Warning

Ricardo Cortez is a villain!!!

Bulldog Drummond in Africa

I like watching J Carol Naish perform.

I like watching J Carol Naish.


Mr Maher is rude and unfunny. This seemed too personal for him to undertake. He is merciless to some very vulnerable and innocent people who would be easy for anyone to attack. He has resentment for the Catholic Church. He has no respect for Islam. He appears ignorant of it. He is too gentle on the Jews Proper, instead he abuses eccentrics. A poor effort over all. Ridiculous

Animal Kingdom

Psychopaths have a field day in the land of the poor and uneducated. The cops (always cruel and dishonest) hunt in packs craving slaughter. The old bitch kisses the lips and plunges the knife into the lamb's back. Same ol' same ol'.

The Road
The Road(2009)

Beautiful and sad is the funeral of Mankind. Mortensen has always been a favorite of mine because he is european with american style. Cry.

The Alpha Incident (Gift from a Red Planet)

The cast make this movie work. Fine acting and camera work make this so realistic.

A Bucket of Blood

Creepy beatnick story. The actors create a scene, man.

Fukkatsu no hi (Day of Resurrection) (The End) (Virus)

Adult Sci-fi with aging allstars that will make you think.

Hands of a Stranger

A carefully written dialogue of the educated class is performed by an attractive cast.

The Man With the Golden Arm

Blonde goddess, Kim Novak, saves mortal from two hells, one which he lives in and one that lives inside him. Great build up to surprising ending.

Man in the Attic

Constance Smith is a graceful and elegant beauty. No man, sane or not, could resist her delightful charms. Where's my knife!

The Purge
The Purge(2013)

Should have been about sex.

Ocean's Eleven

A story that is dark and serious beneath the stars' easy going personalities.

The Wild One
The Wild One(1954)

" My old man used to hit me harder than that."

Bite the Bullet

The last of the great Westerns.

The Chase
The Chase(1966)

Drunkenness and brutality pervade the town in Texas during economic boom of the sexy 60's.


A funny Brave New World.


Kronos is great sci-fi.


Intense scene with Martin and Franciosa scarred me for life.

The Train
The Train(1965)

Maybe the best war movie ever.

Love Me Tender

A very good story with a very attractive cast.

Birdman of Alcatraz

No one is tougher than Stroud.

The Company Men

The Good in our values. Strong cast performances.

Midnight in Paris

A Caricature of the great city. Wilson does a pretty good Woody.

The Internship

Good fun from both stars. Rob Riggle gave me a laugh blast.

Stalag 17
Stalag 17(1953)

Holden is great. Lembeck and Strauss had me rooting for the Germans.

Each Dawn I Die

My favorite Cagney movie because George Raft is in it.

All Through the Night

Movie industry goads the masses into war with this silly movie. Kaaren Verne is an absolute babe.

Legend of the Lost

Filmed in beautiful Libya this movie is sexy. Wayne and Loren are the best I have ever seen them. The writing is excellent.


Thanks, John Wayne.

The Lady Says No

Niven tames a wild beast.


Whether it is "Great Price" or "Great Prize" ( double entendre?) , Grand Prix is badass. The acting is not helped by the writing.

The Picture of Dorian Gray

Angela Lansbury's Sybil is a heartbreaker.

The Hoodlum
The Hoodlum(1951)

Very good acting by the entire cast.

My Outlaw Brother

It's Mickey Rooney! Witty dialogue and high adventure.

The Battles of Chief Pontiac

Handsome Lex Barker plays the hero very well.

I Confess
I Confess(1952)

I confess that Anne Baxter would have defrocked me.

Home Town Story

Presents a point of view that cannot be easily dismissed. Marjorie Reynolds is very beautiful.

Lay That Rifle Down

My first Judy Canova movie. I like her. This charms.

The Second Woman

A good story that held my interest throughout.

The Petrified Forest

Don't know if a better movie has ever been made!

Never Wave at a WAC

A patriotic movie with Rosalind Russell in the lead. She's always worth it.

Cheyenne Autumn

A heartbreaking movie with the excellent Widmark.

Behave Yourself

Here is good fun with an all-star cast of bad guys and the ever charming Farley Granger and Shelly Winters.


There is terrific Sci-Fi written in the 50's and 60's that should be made into film.

The Asphalt Jungle

If you are the person who often finds himself for the underdog, then this classic is for you.

The Limping Man

In little more than an hour a fine tale is told. This is very good. Trust me.

The Night of the Iguana

Adults Only. This movie did more for me than any other. It was a life changer.

Three Husbands

A Gay teaches three husbands how to appreciate their wives.

The Searchers

This one breaks the tomatometer. If you can, get a copy with Director Peter Bogdanovich's commentary. It opened my eyes to the Master's skill.

Fort Apache
Fort Apache(1948)

Shirley Temple was perfect. I loved the Sargent Major O'Rourke. Captain Kirby York is the best man.


Beautifully filmed, gorgeous costumes, high adventure.

Martin Luther

I like this movie. Martin Luther was as worthy and courageous as our Martin Luther King Jr. Both have changed the world.

The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance

Edmond O'Brien is hilarious. Marvin and Wayne make masculinity a worthy goal. Stewart toughs it out like only a true pacifist could.

The Big Country

Huge western. Chuck Connors is best in my book. Watch Heston put on his pants just before he sets out to fight Peck. Simmons is sweet and sexy. Ives is American Tough.

Will Penny
Will Penny(1968)

A wonderful story in a lonely frontier.

Year of the Dog

I really loved Molly Shannon's performance.

Frozen River
Frozen River(2008)

The best Chick Flick that I have ever seen.

Jack Reacher
Jack Reacher(2012)

Just having Herzog in it gives it a good rating. Add Rosamund Pike to it and watch.


Effing great Noir!

It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World

This is the funniest movie I have ever seen.

After Earth
After Earth(2013)

I liked this movie. It was intelligent and subtle. A very good family movie.

The Last Time I Saw Paris

The women were beautiful and subtle. Imagine, if you can, that you have Gabor, Taylor, and Reed, all eating out of your hand! Ou la la! Johnson probably never read a book. But he was lucky, oh boy!


Wow! This is great. Glen Ford movies are special. In this one, Rod Steiger uses everything, his body ( check out the poses he makes while trying to get the men to posse) , his voice ( a fantastic accent and cadence throughout his speeches), and his facial expressions. A brutal movie you must face. Oh Pinky!

The World's End

The British still have the crown.

The Long, Hot Summer

Orson Welles is so marvelous as Varner that I can only watch him. He was only in his early forties when he made the picture, He made the picture. Genius.

The Frozen Ground

50 Cent's performance was memorable. He nailed it.

Grown Ups 2
Grown Ups 2(2013)

These guys are all from TV. This "Series" is getting better. By the time we get four or five films into it, we will all be fans. Well, it is possible, ain't it?

The Spirit of St. Louis

Thrilling adventure wonderfully made.


Just try and take my Shane! Anything with Ben Johnson is always worth watching. The theme song " I Ride an Old Paint" is played throughout the movie. It is sentimental and beautiful. Alan Ladd had a golden voice.


Bond is redeemed. Hurray! Hurray!

The Baytown Outlaws

It's campy, but not that bad.


Washington's performance wins.

The Brothers Karamazov

Did not think Brynner could do it, but he does it. A great film that is faithful to the written masterpiece. Maria Schell, I adore you, too.

Chato's Land
Chato's Land(1971)

An assembledge of the best character actors of the era in a western adventure.

A Fine Madness

Sean Connery can play comedy. This movie made me laugh out loud.

A Hole in the Head

The Good Years starring the wonderful Frank.


Original and suspensive movie that could have been inspired by Poe or Stevenson.

Take Shelter
Take Shelter(2011)

Story is good. Oh, but the acting is great.

The Kentuckian

Inspiring family movie. Live it bold!

The Fugitive Kind

Much more than mere acting, this is genius. The work of several geniuses of the art made this terrific movie.

The Big Sleep

Complicated and worth it.

The Enchanted Cottage

Unlike any movie you may have ever seen, it is my hope that you see it.

A Night to Remember

The kind old man and the abandoned little boy broke my heart.

Wyatt Earp's Revenge

This felt authentic. The lighting and photography were marvelous (the bar scene, for one). Val Kilmer was great. Trace Adkins was great, too. But Booko and Roberts are most memorable as the Bad and the Good.

Enemy of the State

Tony Scott, I loved this movie. Thank You.

Colossus: The Forbin Project

Mature, classy, funny, and brilliant is how I describe it. It is as good as the very best Bond movie.

Bad Teacher
Bad Teacher(2011)

Masturbate and laugh at the same time.

The Big Year
The Big Year(2011)

I loved it. Finally, a birder's movie is made with this superb cast. The actors' timing was spot on terrific. The script was intelligent, the scenery was beautiful, and the birds gorgeous. Owen Wilson is brilliant. I saw it four times in a row. Thanks Mr Frankel, thank you, very much. Gone birding!

Apollo 18
Apollo 18(2011)

The actors were good. The story was good. I wish the science would have been better. More imagination would have helped. But a good effort.

I'm Not Scared (Io non ho paura)

The outdoor scenes are beautifully made. The quiet, not the silence, allows the ears to enjoy while the eyes delight in the children moving through their fields. Childrens' performances are superb.

No Country for Old Men

The slow even paced scenes, and there are many to make the movie an epic, allows this excellent cast to create characters that are real. I felt as though I were in the rooms with them. The small settings created intimacy. The dialogue was first rate. Excellent job.

Man on the Moon

Well made. Carrey makes Kaufman human, sympathetic, and even likable. That's acting. But who could play Carrey?


A lot of hard work is needed to make a movie like this and I applaud the set makers, the special effects guys, and the camera crew and director. And though the male actors were not my kind of guys and this leaves me indifferent to their struggle, however, Alice Parkinson had me growling at the screen. Alas, the camera seemed to be afraid to display Ms Parkinson. It was like watching a sporting event where the the director cuts away from the cheerleader's and the sexy athlete's "charms" lest the american wives would become horrified and a bit deflated should they see their husbands awakened. So this is more of a movie for a kid rather than an adult male one.


The beautiful Ms Kruger gives an excellent performance as the courageous immigrant.

The Box
The Box(2009)

Cameron Diaz plays a grownup woman for the first time in my eyes. She is ravishing. This is a good movie.

Hall Pass
Hall Pass(2011)

Owen Wilson should get a role that is full of dark humor and some serious drama. The man could rival Mr Downey and Mr Carrey if he were given the chance. This movie was an average one. I believe the best lines were stolen. Have the writers and the brothers shot.

Attack On Darfur

The product of a hard working director that reveals the bloody history of Mankind in present day Dafur. Awful Truth.

Night Train
Night Train(2009)

A film the makers and actors should be proud to claim.

I Love You Phillip Morris

Laughing out loud to this out of the ordinary film with the comic titan, I can now imagine what it was like when men played female roles in theater. Ewan MaC was stealing scenes from Carrey? Well, I call it a photo finish. I want more. Carrey! Carrey! Carrey!

The Secret of Kells

Gorgeous animation from simple to incredible mixed to tell a nice little story.

The 39 Steps
The 39 Steps(1935)

All time favorite. Have any of you ever had the urge to shout out "What are the 39 Steps?" in some assembly hall or at public officials? I have. Robert Donat is a hero and a gallant. Cheers.

The Third Man

Shakespeare said it best when he said that the Prince of Darkness was a gentleman. The setting makes this nearly a horror film for me. Reed and Wells team up and give Hitchcck a run. A classic.

Lawrence of Arabia

The desert is very beautiful. The Lawrence in this film is not like the Lawrence I know. This seems to make him part fool, part madman, and very lucky. I think the part in the beginning where no one really knows Lawrence gives the movie its small effort for honesty. This is Hollywood style biography and nothing more. Sharif and Quin show what good acting is all about. O'toole is a favorite of mine because when the light shines on his face in a certain way he is almost handsome.

Our Town
Our Town(1940)

Worth seeing. Holden is very watchable. What lies under the charming middle-class life is disturbing. The people suffer from insecurity and fear loneliness, very few realize their dreams save a quiet marriage and its secrets. There is impending fear of theft, delinquency, and alcoholism. The near death scene in the graveyard is remarkable beyond my words, truly wonderous and sad. Mr Wilder was a man of a careful and deep character to create this work. Haunting.

Hart's War
Hart's War(2002)

Marcel Lures is great.


Creepy and dull. Should have been great with this talent.

Grown Ups
Grown Ups(2010)

Great talent brought together and hardly used. The only time I was excited was when the comics met up and then began to give each other the business. It seemed spontaneous and funny. Sandler is awkward as a leading man. Schneider was good. Rock the best pure commedian of the bunch was given nothing to do.

Lakeview Terrace

The amazing Jackson can make you laugh or pee your pants. Some of the best scenes were cut,and still the movie gets fine acting performances from cast. The dialogue between husband and wife could have been more authentic (opportunity missed) rather than banal middle class speak.

Wild Target
Wild Target(2010)

Emily Blunt has charm that even Julia Roberts at her height could not beat. Enchanted by her in every scene, I was simply smitten. Everett is terrific, too. Nighy and Grint made me laugh out loud. Good Show.


Gorgeous film set in Morocco, Japan, Mexico, and US. A story elegantly told which reveals that love of life is common and that tragedy is, too. The message of american domination because of its military fanaticism creating misery in the world is my own interpretation. The spoiled Americans were well played by two superstars. The rest of the cast was magnificent.

Knight & Day
Knight & Day(2010)

Absolute fun. Cruise's charm carries his performance in this spoof on spy movies. Loved it. Diaz charms, too.

Vanilla Sky
Vanilla Sky(2001)

A work of art. Tom Cruise turns the charima factor to 10 and delivers a fabulous performance. The best actor of his generation who works so hard to make it look effortless. A genius. Cameron Crowe is an artist. He told a complex story very elegantly. If you don't get it you simply need to work a little harder. Cruz is lovely and bright, Diaz is superb. Cruise is like Travolta when it comes to making a great scene with a beautiful woman. This is a rare talent.


Lacks brilliance in dialogue. Clever idea. Relies on special effects that mock science. Dull in parts due to Di Caprio's character's personal problem.

Batman Forever

The high score is for the artistry of the sets and the brilliant use of special effects.

The Spy Who Came In from the Cold

Burton's best. Faithful to Le Carre novel. Brilliant. Intellectual. Lonely. Brutal. Tender. A movie worth collecting.

Casino Royale

Mr. Bond began as the handsome,sexy,brilliant,daring,and very charming world's #1 spy. He may kill you, but dammit your gonna feel alive like you never have before. You'll have high status in Hell: I was killed by Bond! And you'll have a lot of company, too. Bond was charismatic. This new Bond has come down to earth. Mr. Craig's Bond is not charming, brilliant,or even handsome. He is a rugged looking blue collar Everyman, who has to answer to a fat and ugly woman for a boss; while his true love treats him as if he were a delinquent and from trailer trash society. Her daddy has lots of money, don't you know? Bond movies have been criticized as an adolescent male fantasy by feminists. Well, I have seen enough adolescent female fantasy movies to recognize that Bond is done for. Poor Bastard.

Lonely are the Brave

An unforgettable movie. A treasure.

The Kite Runner

Read the excellent book.

Romeo + Juliet

DiCaprio was a beautiful Romeo with all his passion in love driven by his indomitable youth.

6 Guns
6 Guns(2009)

Greg Evigan is my favorite in this western, and the acting from Van Dyke is American manliness on par with the western classics. And while this is not an authentic western, the actors performed as if they were in a great movie. Cheers for their professionalism. The sets looked good, too.

Five Minutes of Heaven

Will the Irish save Civilization again? Aye.

Wind Chill
Wind Chill(2007)

Emily Blunt is Beauty in the Best of the Race sense. The roles could have been gender swapped very easily, and this would have made the scene with the cop one to remember. The filming in the dark with ambient lighting was artistic, but sadly, it was like watching radio.


Talented actors deserve good scripts.

Big Fan
Big Fan(2009)

Patton Oswalt and Kevin Corrigan are a delight, but not this movie. There isn't much to the story, and yet, the acting is good.


A good B movie is just what I needed. This movie has a nice balance of dialogue and action. The story is interesting and there are half dozen very brave heroes who are good people that won't let the world end.