Tony'sfilm reviews' Rating of Chained

Tony's' Review of Chained

4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


David Lynch's daughter (Jennifer Lynch) has made an utterly ridiculous and demented wannabe psychological thriller. A twisted taxi driver picks up young women, takes them back to his house and rapes and murders all of them. He does this on a daily basis, and I ask myself, how the hell does he get away with killing a young innocent lady everyday for years and years from his community and get away with it? I guess the police are all retarded morons.

The film drags on and on, and most of the time there is nothing even happening, except for slow and pointless camera shots and loads of sitting around and people screaming. You have this twisted freak sitting in his lazy boy watching television, while a young boy that he kidnapped has to clean the house and do a bunch of chores, including cleaning the rape and murder scenes, and the disposing of the dead bodies. How fucking sick. Then it is back to more driving and picking up more women. This movie, to me, is not horrifying, disturbing or realistic. It is more like pointless and stupid, same with being artless and ugly. The perfomances are all one dimensional and the conversations and very boring and most of the time laughable. I think I'll just stick to watching film's from David Lynch, instead of this brain-dead crap. 0/4.