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A mostly dull and predictable affair. It does have its moments though.


Paul Feig once again crafts the perfect "saturday-night-nothing-to-do-might-as-well-watch-this" film.

The Imitation Game

A well made, if uninspired, biopic.

The Voices
The Voices(2015)

Ryan Reynolds gives his all, but the film ultimately isn't funny enough nor suspenseful enough to keep it afloat.

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1

Watching our hero mope around while everyone else does more important things isn't as compelling as the first two movies, Who would have guessed!

Black Death
Black Death(2011)

An awful epilogue and shaky main performance aside, this is an absorbing, bleak, and violent journey through the 14th century that isn't afraid to deal with heavy questions regarding faith.

21 Jump Street

21 Jump Street is the funniest movie I have seen in awhile.

It moves at a quick pace, but that just means you're being delivered non stop hilarity.
Hill and Tatum are great together, actually they are almost too great. I was ready to love Jonah and despise Channing, but surprisingly I thought he was just as funny as Hill. This is the first movie of his that I enjoyed this much. Good job Tatum! I don't dislike you anymore. Everyone else in the film delivered some great lines, and surprisingly I laughed at a lot of the physical humor as well.

There were a joke or two that didn't really work, but I honestly I believe 3 minutes did not go by where I wasn't cracking up. I loved the way it made fun of itself, our culture, and cliche teen movies in general.

If you want a hilarious self aware comedy, see 21 jump street. if you want to see annoying douches throw a party and act cool for an hour and half, see Project X. Actually, even if you are looking for that, dont see that movie.

21 Jump Street is highly recommended.


Brooding and uncompromising, Foxcatcher is a slowburner that contain three fine performances.

Under the Skin

Pacing issues aside, this is a haunting and visceral thriller that contains several scenes that won't easily leave your mind.


After several discussions on the movie, I have easily bumped this up to a five star film. Everything from the music, to the story, to the acting, has so many beautiful subtle nuances that begs for you to watch it several times. The movie is much clever than you initially think.

The One I Love

Strangely constrained considering the premise, and the ending doesn't end as strong as I'd like, The One I Love is still a fun watch and showcases terrific performances from Mark Duplass and Ellizabeth Moss.

Snow White and the Huntsman

The film had wonderful visual flare, however its script was severally lacking. Not only was the pacing incredibly flawed, our main character wasn't given proper characterization. It doesn't help that Kristen Stewart plays the role, and she still lacks any range of emotion or talent.

On the more brighter side, we have Charlize Theron and a group of dwarves consisting of great actors such as Ian McShane, Nick Frost, and Bob Hoskins. Unfortunately as solid/entertaining/and funny as they were, they were given little to do with the script.

Despite its problematic pacing issues and its lead lacking any real depth both acting wise and character wise, its still a solidly entertaining movie. Worth a rent.


Great performances, but the story never really compels or does anything to stand out from the rest of the gritty contemporary fairy tale films.

Red Eye
Red Eye(2005)

Great performances from the two leads, however it goes from great to very dull right about when the plane lands.

They Came Together

Closest thing to a sequel to Airplane! that we'll ever get.

Resident Evil

While not half bad, the original Resident Evil live action film still lacks any originality or creativity. Its premise is intriguing, and actors fitting, however it's zombie action can't quite make up for its cons. Its cheesy fun, and a decent movie that could've been improved in its sequel; shame that didn't happen.

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

A charming, predictable, sweet, and yet funny british drama that goes on for just a tad bit too long. I am obviously not this movies target audience, but I still found enjoyment out of it.


shoddy acting and storytelling drag this otherwise fascinating movie down.

The Dark Knight Rises

TDKR ends the trilogy on a high note. Small gripes aside (Banes voice, very minor plot holes, bogged down beginning, etc) this movie soars thanks to a perfect cast, incredible action, and music that will send shivers down your spine.


A cool, visual spectacle that is full of shallow characters and ideas left not completely realized. It was a fun ride though.

Donkey Punch
Donkey Punch(2008)

The best movie ever because of one line.


Despite its flaws, the movie's feel-good attitude remains infectious. You'll be leaving the theater with a smile on your face.


When simple-minded creatures are your most interesting characters AND you give them supporting roles, you have a problem.

Pacific Rim
Pacific Rim(2013)

Simple, yet never dips into stupidity. Fantastically fun movie, go see it.

Pitch Perfect

Mini Dane Cook, fake singing, and stereotypes! Hooray!


While not Rogens best outing, the movie still has plenty of laughs.


Hammy characters and a lame third act slightly drag down this otherwise slick and tense thriller.


Yikes. Kutcher is laughably bad in this.

Blue Jasmine
Blue Jasmine(2013)

An extravagant life she never deserved is swept beneath her in this wonderfully dark comedy.

At Middleton
At Middleton(2014)

Shoddy acting, sloppy editing, cliche jokes.....yeah, no good.


Her is one of the best films I've seen in recent years. Can't recommend it enough.

Kick-Ass 2
Kick-Ass 2(2013)

Kick-Ass 2 has everything its predecessor has. It has ultra-violence. It has psychotic caped crusaders. It has "humor". In fact, the two are so alike in tone and style that they resemble twins. And yet, like Colonel Stars and Stripes' unloaded handgun, Kick-Ass 2 is shiny and threatening on the outside and yet completely empty on the inside.

The movie finds our heroes Dave Lizewski (Or Kick-Ass) and Mindy Macready (Or of course, Hit-Girl!) slowly growing up. However, similar to the movie, there is no maturing involved whatsoever. Dave becomes apart of an underground superhero club called "Justice Forever" which includes the likes of Doctor Gravity (Donald Faison), Night Bitch (Lindy Booth), and of course Colonel Stars and Stripes (Jim Carrey). Meanwhile Mindy has put up her cape and is now taking on a whole new challenge: Fitting in at High School.

Mindy's storyline is the worst of the bunch, containing a myriad of cringe inducing scenes. The humor is filled with either pop culture references or some type of bodily fluid. Chloe Grace Moretz does an admirable job as Mindy, but she's really not given much to work with. She spends the majority of time getting to know what it's like to be a popular girl, and we have to sit through the results which turn out to be a clueless adult attempting know how teenagers sound. It's all treated as a joke and it never quite takes off.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson doesn't have it much better. As Dave he still pulls the likable loser here, however he has no charm or charisma to carry the film an entire two hours. He IS surrounded by a mix of heroes who may have been able to help with the heavy lifting, except unfortunately the writers forgot to make any of them interesting or memorable. The closest to this would be Jim Carrey as the born again Christian and leader of the group. He is constantly reminding the team to hold back on the swearing and can always be expected to have his trusty dog sidekick close by. Carrey does a great job in every scene he's in; the only problem being is the amount of time actually on screen equaling up to about ten minutes. Yes, Carry is hilariously underused in a movie that desperately needed the help.

Christopher Mintz-Plasse takes the reigns as the main baddy this time around and he comes with a slew of nasty villains. He is driven by revenge for the death of his father, and he dons a new name as The Motherfucker to do it. The majority of comedy here also falls flat, as we're treated to a joke at the expense of his penis, as well as plenty of gags falling back on profanity as its punch line.

Each actor here is excellent. And try as they might, they just cannot elevate from the fresh, hilarious, controversial, and exciting highs of the original. This movie is very by the numbers trashy action movie. And according to the after credit sequence, we'll be getting a sequel. When you hit rock bottom, you have nowhere to go but up, right? One would hope.
The film shows signs of life. A few actions scenes are deliciously violent and almost to the point of alluring. As stated before, Jim Carrey shines in the limited time he is given. Overall though, the sense of adventure, unexpectedness and humor are all lost in this sequel. Kick-Ass 2 is lazily written, poorly directed, and extremely pretentious at the expense of any true hilarity. I was never enganged, never excited, and worst of all I was never having fun. Unlike the original, I will not be viewing this one again.


X-Men: First Class

I may talk about some things that could be considered a spoiler, so for that sake....


I have not seen any of the previous Xmen movies, so in that way I can't really judge this by them, or compare that two series. However, I can tell you that this is a great movie, with everything you would expect from a kick-ass superhero film.

So this is an origin story, so I feel like this would be a proper place to start the series. Feel free to leave me your opinions of the other xmen movies, if you feel like they are worth watch or not, or anything else about them really.

I won't go into the plot...I have a feeling most of you already know or don't care lol

But I will get on to the performances! Whooo! So...Michael Fassbender is brilliant. I have only seen him in two films I believe, but in both films he has this way of commanding everything around him whenever he's on screen. He just has this powerful, energetic, suave, charming vibe about him that just makes him a pleasure to watch(I personally think he would make a great Bond...JS). He was terrific in this movie is what I am getting at lol. The guy has talent. James Macavoy was also brilliant as Charles Xavier. He too has this way about him that is also extremely satisfying to watch, and the two together was a perfect mix. The rest of the mutants, good and bad, were also very nicely done, although January Jones as Emma Frost was lacking a bit in the emotion department, but thats just my opinion. She was very uninspiring, lets just say.

Who really surprised me though, was Mr. Bacon. It has been awhile since I've seen a movie with Kevin Bacon that I've actually enjoyed. He played a pretty convincing villian! And that german? Bravo sir. He was menacing, but never overstayed his welcome, and for that, my hat is off to you. A very nice touch indeed.

The story was nothing to write home about, only because really we all knew what was going to happen (Even me, who has not seen the previous X-men movies). But what happens during this process is what was fun. And I did enjoy the cameos. Hugh Jackman as Wolverine for 10 seconds was hilarious, and the shots of some of the future mutants in Xaviers "vision" was also nice "cough cough STORM cough cough" I also giggled at Xavier scoffing at the idea of becoming bald lol. And before you say anything, I know a LITTLE about the films, enough to know Hugh Jackman is Wolverine, and that Dr. Xavier is bald.

The effects were really well done, but I expected that coming from Matthew Vaughn! Also what I expected were some great fight scenes, and he did not disappoint. While the movie wasn't "action heavy", the scenes were really well done and kept me thoroughly engaged, just as I was while watching Kick-Ass. The man knows how to direct some dazzling(first time I have ever used that word) and intense fight scenes. Very well done.

This is a great reboot/prequel. It has amazing performances, top notch action scenes and effects, as well as a fun and interesting story, albeit predictable. If you are still on the fence about viewing this movie, definitely give it a try. You will not be disappointed.

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

The fourth film in this pirate franchise, it is surprisingly not that bad. It's a bit long, but it still has enough fun to keep you entertained.

The plot was....decent. There was a subplot involving a hardcore christian and a mermaid which was laughable, but besides that it was just basically the search for the fountain of youth. Which is fine, I am more interested in the action scenes and humor when it comes to the pirates movies anyways. One thing that did make me raise an eyebrow, was those damn Spanish. What purpose did they serve? One witty line of dialogue that made me chuckle? I mean, I just felt that they were pointless, and we could've done without them.

Johnny Depp is great once again. He still provided some funny lines, while keeping the boat afloat (heh, see what I did there) However, it is obvious just how stale this franchise is getting. This movie was enjoyable somewhat, but its getting to be all of the same thing really. Always looking for something..Sparrow is always getting in trouble...The dudes looks like hell but the ladys look like beautiful goddess...etc etc etc.

Blackbeard was...disappointing. He didnt really bring anything to the table. I didn't think he was funny, or really that menacing. Just average. I miss the tentacly dude....

Penelope Cruz...meh.

What did excite me though, was the mermaid scene. In my opinion, this scene was incredibly engaging, and actually a bit frightening. The mermaids looked really cool in the water, and the music added a nice affect to the overall gloomy situation. craaaazy stuff.

I also believe that Depp and Rush have great chemistry together, and are often very funny. I would like to see more of them together, ala the scene where they were both captured, as well as the one where they were attempting to find the silver cups on the boat that was about to fall.

So this movie was just ok. A nice watch, nothing more. The next one is REALLY going to have to blow me out of the water(I am unstoppable!) for me to really get back into this franchise.

Oh, and I am glad Uncle Vernon found some work. So happy for him! lol


A movie that wants to be deep and philosophical, but instead plays out like a lame teenage slasher flick.


A hypnotic thriller that entertains from start to finish.

Pain & Gain
Pain & Gain(2013)

Michael Bay is tone deaf. The movie has its moments, but overall is difficult to enjoy.

Horrible Bosses

A hilarious comedy. Its ending left a sour taste in my mouth, but the whole ride is full of laughs.


Theres a very small audience for this movie. I wasn't it.

Our Idiot Brother

Ned is an interesting character. He doesn't lie or cheat. He sees the best in everybody, and for that reason he is labeled an idiot. After Ned is released from prison for selling marijuana to a uniformed policeman, Ned takes turns living at his 3 sisters homes. Each one has her problems to solve, and while it may seem like Ned is the cause to all these problems, its soon realized that Ned is actually the Deus Ex Machina of the story. The story is sweet and funny, albeit predictable. Paul Rudd brings his best performance to date and he is supported by a great cast and some great writing from a story by several screenwriters.

Paul Rudd is absolutely brilliant. It may seem like another typical Rudd performance, but he truly does bring a sweet side to this character. While never losing his comedic touch(He is extremely funny in this movie) Rudd has this presence and charm that just instantly makes you love him.

He's backed up by some great supporting characters. His three sisters Miranda, Natalie, and Liz(Elizabeth Banks, Zooey Deschanel, and Emily Mortimer) are all great, although with Deschanel bringing up the rear for me. Don't get me wrong, Zooey is extremely cute and has had some great performances, but she didn't do it for me this time. She was lacking the emotion that should go with her troubled situation. She was good but not as great as the other two in my opinion. Each one has their own problems, problems that Ned only "seems" to enhance.

Miranda is a journalist and is trying to get her very first major article published. Natalie is a bisexual hipster type character who lives in an apartment with her girlfriend and 5 others. She's afraid of commitment and is not afraid of showing it. Our last sister Liz is presumably the oldest, and married to a documentary filmmaker named Dylan. Their marriage is failing as Dylan shows no sexual interest in her. Ned is just thrown into it all due to the lack of a place to live.

There were also some hilarious smaller roles played by T.J Miller as Neds ex-girlfriends new boyfriend Billy, Adam Scott as Mirandas neighbor, Steve Coogan as Dylan, and Rashida Jones as Natalies girlfriend Cindy. All great stuff. Although Rudd is definitely the best.

It's a shame that Our idiot Brother bombed at the box office. Its funny, sweet, and refreshingly honest. It may be predictable, but a story like this was doomed at the start. I definitely recommend checking this out, if not in theaters, at least down the road on DVD.

This Is the End

Hilarious and raunchy comedy.

Funny People
Funny People(2009)

It's decent. I enjoyed Funny People for the most part.

A Haunted House

My left nut could make a better movie.


It had some great scares, but if you think about the story for longer than 5 seconds you will get a headache.

Iron Man 2
Iron Man 2(2010)

A mediocre follow-up to the amazing first Iron Man. The villain needed to be more fleshed out, and the plot more focused. Still entertaining.

Gangster Squad

Fun, yet a weak script drags it down. Definitely Style over substance, however it does feature an actual fun car chase scene. Just wish I got to know the characters more.

Killing Them Softly

Muddled, and too much of a mixed bag. Switched between talking gangster movie and heavy handed political satire. Shame, had lots of potential.



I'm old enough know to have seen a LOT of horror movies, and the one thing that bugs me is to pull the whole "Oh, they're probably dead, so I'll just leave them". The problem with this movie was the amount of cliches it contained. The performances were fine, the creepiness was at maximum, but I will never understand why most horror movies always play it safe and stick with the same lame cliches. Bathroom cabinet mirror? Check. Unintelligent people? check. Psychotic drawings? Check. Well, they actually tried to fake the audience out by making it look like a cliche was about to happen, but nope. Gotcha ya! Despite my whining, Isabelle Fuhrman did a good job portraying a creepy "little" girl, and if you're a horror fan, you will be sure to find some entertainment out of this. Definitely worth a rent, but nothing more.

Identity Thief

The two actors win this one. The writers should feel ashamed at how bad this is.

The Broken
The Broken(2008)

Instead of getting better, filmmaker Sean Ellis gets worse.


Editing is extremely amateurish and the protagonist sucks, but it still held my attention. Unfortunately, the movie is overall very mediocre.

Resident Evil: Retribution

It was fun in a "Holy balls how bad is this movie" sort of way.


Slightly predictable, and yet hilarious and charming all at once.

28 Weeks Later...

Missing a central character we can relate to and connect with through all the blood and gore. Great atmosphere and good acting, however the emotional core from the first movie is gone.

Zero Dark Thirty

An effective, yet flawed suspenseful drama.

The Hurt Locker

The Hurt Locker is a movie you wont easily forget. A great script and an outstanding acting leads to an Oscar winning film. Never let up, very fast past quick shots. The cinematography and directing in this film works because of the great people behind the cameras. Kudos Kathryn.


Badass in every regard. Gary Oldmans character is left in the dust, but besides that this is a powerfully acted, violent, and sometimes humorous film, one that will keep your attention till the end. It did feel like a lite version of a Tarantino flick though.

The Life of David Gale

Convoluted and hit or miss acting.


Unbreakable is definitely an interesting take on the superhero genre. What if a superhero was on earth, but he just didn't know it? That basically sums up the plot of this movie. The cinematography and direction were all cool, and the acting was the definitely very good. This is probably one of the best performances form Bruce Willis that I have seen. However, the movie just chugs along rather slowly. Its definitely worth checking out once, but there is very little to warrant a second viewing. Definitely give it a shot at least.

Young Adult
Young Adult(2011)

An engaging and hilarious feel-bad movie.

The Squid and the Whale

unlikeable characters in a movie that just made me depressed.

Real Steel
Real Steel(2011)

Definition of "dumb".

The Strangers

Creepy, yet uninteresting characters and dumb decisions brought me out of the experience.

Running Scared

Entertaining, yet heavily flawed.

Hart's War
Hart's War(2002)

Has a lot going on, but is well acted and thoroughly entertaining.


The best movie of 2012 and maybe the best movie of the entire world ever. Nic Cage is da bestest.

Premium Rush
Premium Rush(2012)

An enjoyable movie.

A.I. Artificial Intelligence

Great performances, a sweet soundtrack, and amazing affects clash with its muddled and jarring story.


Nearly perfect, Looper is crazy entertaining. Funny, smart, unique, and violent.

The Butterfly Effect

An entertaining movie, one that has an intriguing premise yet can't prevent itself from becoming repetitive and containing some minor character flaws. Good performance from Kutcher though.

Source Code
Source Code(2011)

A mesmerizing blockbuster with a face palming ending.


A movie so stupid and simple, and yet so hard to resist.

War Horse
War Horse(2011)

Overly sentimental and way too long.


I really liked Thor. I wouldnt put it on the same level as The Dark Knight or Iron Man, but it provides some of the same fun as Iron man, with a Norse mythology twist.

Thor is about the Norse god, who is exiled from his home down to earth. There he develops a relationship with a scientist named Jane Foster(Natalie Portman). He then must find a way back to stop his brother Loki from becoming king.

Chris Hemsworth did a great job. His performance was more than acceptable, and I personally thought he was rather funny. He didnt really stand out however. Nobody did for me. But not that that's a bad thing! Everybody did a great job. Continuing on that, I actually thought Tom hiddleston did a great job portraying Loki. I've heard a lot of complaints that he really isnt a "memorable" villian. Well, yeah comparing him to Heath Ledgers performance, of course you're going to think that. I went in with a clean slate, and tried to go in and judge the movie on its own. I didnt really buy the whole "love " part though, but it's Natalie Portman and she is incredibly hot so I could've cared less. I accepted it and went along with it.

The visuals were very striking. First seeing the kingdom of Asgard i was in awe. It was incredible. It was almost a bit sad going from the lush, beautiful, cool designs of the inside of Asgard, to plain old earth. Thankfully, I felt that the humor from the earth scenes made up for the explosive action and art from the scenes in Asgard.

It was a very entertaining superhero film, and I welcome it with open arms. Very excited for the avengers. Didnt really understand the ending after the credits...oh well.

Bad Teacher
Bad Teacher(2011)

Bad Teacher was.....ok. I was worried, because for the first 15 minutes or so I had not laughed once. Thankfully, as the movie went on it became a bit more funny, wrapping up to be a decent R-rated comedy.

Elizabeth Halsey just got dumped by her incredibly rich boyfriend. Her plan was to quit teaching, marry him, and live her life off of his paycheck. Due to this setback, she goes back into teaching(Horribly, I might add). She tries to impress the new teacher Scott Delacorte(Justin Timberlake) all while battling Amy Squirrell(Lucy Punch) for his affection, and constantly being hit on by the gym teacher Russell Gettis(Jason Segel).

Cameron Diaz....my god you are getting hotter as you get older. Crazy. Yes Cameron Diaz is hot, but she is also great in this movie. Which i was surprised by. I was so used to seeing her in these girly girly movies that I wasn't sure I could accept her as being this huge bitch. But I did. She did a great job. However, she just wasn't that comical. It's so unfortunate that she was let down by an unfunny script, because she was 100% down for this movie. The majority of my laughs came from elsewhere. When you're main star is getting less laughs then everybody else?...ehhh thats a bad sign. It also doesn't help that the story is a bit predictable. However, thankfully, a certain somebody saves the day for this comedy.

Jason Segel. I don't think i have seen a movie with him in it that i haven't somewhat enjoyed. The guy is hilarious, and it is no different with this movie. He was definitely the highlight of the movie, and one of the main reasons you should see this movie. He is so sarcastic and random and hilarious, I honestly just wanted him to stay on the screen forever. Eric Stonestreet as Diaz's Roommate, and John Michael Higgins as the school principle were also really funny, but were only in a scene or two.

For all of you Justin Timberlake haters out there, i think you will be pleased about his role....lol. Let's just say he doesn't play the most badass character. He seemed a bit too self aware, but he did an ok job. It was fine.

Lucy Punch....Lucy Lucy Lucy. Yes, she is that crazy girl from Dinner for Schmucks. Or that other crazy girl from Take Me Home Tonight. Guess what she plays in this movie? Yes! Ding DIng! A crazy girl. Already being typecast as "That crazy girl" Lucy does what she does best. Well..as best as a crazy girl can be. She's alright, although can be pretty annoying at times. But I swear if she is a crazy girl in another movie I watch I will....idk, probably nothing. Maybe she can play a crazy wife, and Zach Galifianakis can play her over-the-top odd husband, and they can have an awkward son played by Michael Cera. (LOL the latter two have been in those roles in a movie before...Youth In Revolt)

For you music lovers out there, the theme to the movie actually fits really well, and is also very catchy. Its this simple tune that really reflects her attitude on screen, and I really liked it.

Is Cameron Diaz a good bitch? Yes! Is she funny? ehh not really. Are there laughs to be had in this film? Yes! Is this a must watch in theaters? No. Is it watchable? Of course! And I hope I wasn't bashing Cameron too much. She did a great job, but I was just expecting to get more laughs from her, and the rest of the movie. Her great performance and Segels laughs could not save this movie from being just an ok comedy. Definitely don't just disregard this movie as a flop. Give it a shot when it comes out on dvd, there are fun times to have, but I would not recommend paying the big bucks for it.

Lucky Number Slevin

Tries way too hard to be cool. On top of that, in the process it makes the plot way more complicated and convoluted then it needed to be. There's a great film somewhere underneath it all, but this isn't it.

Gone Baby Gone

An absolutely stunning drama.

The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day

What a mess. The first film, IMO( I know a lot of people didn't like it) was a cult classic, and I enjoy watching it. This one was completely over the top. It tried WAY too hard to be funny and didn't get a laugh out of my at all. Some scenes in the film I swear were almost exact replicas from the first, just dumbed wayyy down. Even the acting was terrible, not to mention the supporting cast was ridiculously embarrassing( Benz, Collins). Its as if the director said "Hey, I want to make sure the fans enjoy the second one just s much as the first, so im gonna do everything basically the same, but epicly fail." Well good job sir, you have achieved just that.


If it wasn't for Jack Black, I would of hated this movie.

Men in Black III

Barely a step above the second. While containing solid acting, the film seemed devoid of life; I only laughed once.


A violent and lurid film thats all over the place in terms of plot. It has some fine performances especially from Aaron Johnson and Benicio Del Toro, and some great cinematography, but its lack of originality, amicable storyline, and a decent ending(it was pretty stupid) make it hard to recommend. The music was also used ineffectively.

Seeking a Friend for the End of the World

A movie that has a surprising amount of heart and laughs, with a ballsy ending that will definitely split opinions.

Underworld: Awakening

While better than the previous films, Awakening still suffers from a cliche script and a story that doesn't really know where to go.


Cool effects with terrific performances to go along with its interesting premise.

The Dictator
The Dictator(2012)

The Dictator had its moments, but overall an uneven, unfunny disappointment.

Dark Shadows
Dark Shadows(2012)

Dark Shadows is an enjoyable mess.

God Bless America

God Bless America is a strange satire. It made me laugh sure, but it also made me sad at how true everything that occurred in the film about American culture and society truly is.

Past all the killings, foul mouthed teenage girls, and douchebags, is a lot of brutally honest truth.

This is a wake up call. This movie asks us to reflect on who we are as individuals and as a society.

I feel like it could've pushed its premise a bit more, and the two spent way too much time sitting in a room talking, but as far as i'm concerned, this is a film I won't be soon forgetting. It's funny, brutal, and most important honest. Honest in how the director feels about this country. For some reason, I feel like he isn't alone.

John Carter
John Carter(2012)

A decent movie. It was annoying, because you could tell there was a cool story to be told here. This movie was not it. Too cheesy and annoying characterization.

The Cabin in the Woods

A wonderful mix of several genres. The Cabin in the Woods entertains from beginning to end.

Iron Man
Iron Man(2008)

Robert Downey makes the film. Pitch perfect performance with incredible special effects and a cool story.


A boring tripe of a movie.

The Incredible Hulk

While the movie is fun, it's nothing to write home about.

Marvel's The Avengers

The Avengers lived up to the hype. An amazing spectacle, full of humor and beautiful effects, it sets the bar for Summer movies this year. It deserves a 4 1/2 out 5 stars not only because its an incredibly entertaining movie, but it shows ugly blockbusters like Transformers how it's actually done. Way to go team.

The Raid: Redemption

The Raid is an incredible action movie. It moves at a great pace and delivers consistent mesmerizing action scenes.

Where The Raid: Redemption stumbles is on its plot and characterization. But you all expected that right? The story is very simple, yet effective. It gets to the point where you are familiar with the characters, yet don't care too much about their fate. Still, they have motives, and even at one point they throw a twist in the mix, and in some ways I just wanted to pinch the film and tell it "How cute!" but in other ways I thought it was actually pretty cool. I was split.

The acting is great, way beyond what I thought it would be. The camera and fight choreography work beautifully together, so fluid and elegant almost making you forget your watching people kill each other. It allows the audience to feel engaged, even without proper compassion for the characters.

But a film where the incredible action choreography that lets the story take a backseat is fine with me when it is this amazing. Highly recommended. Leave your brain at the door.

Another Earth

So my roommates and I are watching all 20 movies on Eberts top movies of 2011 list. Starting with #20, we have Another Earth

Just accepted to MIT, a young high school girl is out partying. On her way home, she causes an accident that takes the lives of a woman and her child and leaves the husband in a coma. Right before the accident, we learn there is a another Earth in the sky. After serving her time in prison, she gets a job as a janitor and attempts to apologize to the man that she left broken.

Now, I liked Another Earth. It was intriguing, it had a cool soundtrack, and to top things off the acting was great. Unfortunately, the movies script wasn't so solid in my opinion. It needed some....fuel to get going.

What's interesting to me, is that this movie wasn't about any kind of flashy visuals. No, never once do we see this other Earth. But in a way, I'm glad the movie went in this direction. I'm not sure it would've lived up to our expectations if it tried to show us this other Earth in where we interact with our other selves. It was a nice change from the usual Sci Fi films we get, like Avatar.

MAN did this movie chug along. It definitely drags in a few parts, but the wait was worth it.

Definitely recommend at least one viewing. If you're tired of the usual crazy sci fi alien films, then give this a shot.


50/50 is a fantastic dramedy in every way you look at it. It may be predictable, but that doesn't stop it from being one of my favorites so far this year.

I'll save you a summary of the movie, because I think the movie speaks for itself. Twenty seven year old Adam Learner finds out he has a 50/50 chance of surviving a rare type of cancer in his back. There ya go lol

Joseph Gordon Levitt is great as always. One of my favorite actors, JGL delivers on every level here with plenty of nuance. Balancing out JGL, is Seth Rogen. Seth Rogen here is basically playing Seth Rogen, but the thing is this movie is based on real events. Seth Rogen's buddy Will Reiser wrote the screenplay, and also battled cancer. So for Rogen to play Rogen seems natural, and it also helps that he is top notch here. Anna Kendrick as a young medical student is an absolute joy to watch. The girl is absolutely gorgeous, and the scenes with the her and JGL are surprisingly real. Her intelligence and professionalism in the film really help to make the sessions they have believable. I'll admit...the scenes with the two together were real cute lol. Anjelica Huston as the crazy worry-wart mom of Adam was great fun as well. She did a great job of playing this crazy, barely contained mother taking care of her husband who is diagnosed with Alzheimers.

Even though there is plenty of humor(Mainly from Rogen) there is still an under belly of truth and real emotion. I loved the way the film weaved in and out between comedy and drama. It was great.

Highly recommend you check this one out, the movie deserves the praise its getting.


Going into Hesher I had no idea what to expect. The one thing I knew about this movie prior to seeing it was that Joseph Gordon Levitt is in it. Coming out of the movie, I found I was pleasantly surprised.

Following the death of his mom, TJ becomes heavily depressed. His father Paul barely moves all day and so they have no choice but to live with TJ's grandmother Madeleine, who is far from being "all there". After compromising the abandoned building where he lived, Hesher decides to follow TJ around, scaring him. Eventually, Hesher decides to make TJs grandmothers home is home as well. With TJ's father being too big of a push over, nobody stops him. Throughout the film, TJ continues to try and get the car back that his mother was in during her accident. He's also bullied by an older student in school, and gets in countless situations with him. Its during one of these encounters that he meets local grocery clerk Nicole, who TJ really becomes attached to.

Hesher loves burning shit, Loud Metal music, porn, and vulgarity. I'm not sure where I read it, but it's true that non role model type characters make for the most interesting. This is helped by Joseph Gordon Levitts incredible acting. This is a different JGL than were used to, and I thought he did an incredible job. More of a "bad boy, fuck the world" type attitude than his normal cute, lovable, and innocent persona of before. Like my previous reviewed movie Our Idiot Brother, Hesher turns out to be your classic Deus ex Machina, and I chuckled at the coincidence.

What Hesher definitely has going for it is its acting. Devin Brochu who plays Tj does a phenomenal job, whipping up emotion that's very difficult and hard to come by with some kids. Rainn Wilson is great as the dad making subtle changes throughout the film, and Natalie Portman plays a quiet, yet struggling "lady" very good as well. JGL is definitely the star of the show though.

Hesher is interesting enough. Its not quite good enough to be a classic, but its enjoyable enough for a nights entertainment. What I really loved about it was that it was refreshingly honest. Not so much that its a common occurrence that somebody like Hesher wanders into homes, but by the way these characters interact with each other. The dialogue and character interactions have a nice "real" effect to them.

Its biggest blow is that its just too predictable, and has some trouble with what it wants to be. When it came to the ending, instead of saying "Oh wow, that was great", it was more along the lines of "...ok, that sounds about right". In that way the movie wasn't bad, it just didn't grab me. Instead it casually pinched my sweater like a shy girl trying to tell me something.

The film kept bouncing back and forth between Dysfunctional family drama to Dark Comedy(It was quite funny at times) to me, and it was a bit jolting. Thankfully, not enough to ruin the experience.

Overall I would say this is a nice watch. Not a must see, not the years best, but just a watch to pass some time if you have it. I enjoyed my time, but will I come back for seconds? hmmmm....

Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang

Alright so its my birthday today(although I doubt many of you will see this ony my actual birthday because RT SUCKS) and I turned 20. Yes yes, I know. Only one more year.

Because its my birthday I will keep this review extremely short. I was never once bored with this movie. Absolutely terrific performances from Robert Downy Jr, Val Kilmer, and Michelle Monoghan. The story is interesting, and its dark/tongue-in-cheek humor is hilarious. If you have yet to see this movie, put down whatever your doing and go check it out. Thanks ;)

PS: Native American Joe Pesci? I seriously almost died at that part.


A very interesting neo-noir type thriller. In one corner we have Jamie Foxx as a normal every-man Taxi cab driver named Max Durocher, and in the other corner we have Tom Cruise playing a hitman named Vincent, who forces Foxx to drive him to his targets during the night. That is all I'm going to say about that.

I am not the biggest fan of either of these two actors. The only reason I was interested in seeing this is because Michael Mann was behind the wheel, and the guy makes some damn good films. However I was very, very surprised. Cruise brings a style and personality I have not seen from him, and Jamie Foxx was great, earning him an Academy Award Nomination. The two did not seem right for roles, but both grew on me very quickly.

Right off the bat you'll notice that this movie is a bit different than usual films of this genre: Character Development. Mann and Screenwriters Stuart Beattie and Frank Darabont want you to get to know these two main characters, they want you to feel something, so that when the credits roll, what you just watched actually meant something and had something to say. Too many times in the action/thriller genre, you have a protagonist given a gun and then told "Heres a gun, some fucked up dude(or dudes) is/are about to make your life a living hell, run around and shoot things. Oh, and make it real exciting" And then we are left with just an action mess with no real meaning. (Obviously I am stretching that a bit :P)

There were two small gripes I had with this movie though. The first minor was was the way it ended. Don't get me wrong, I love what Jamie Foxx did when he confronted Cruise towards the end(Whooo!) But it just basically ended on a chase sequence. It wasn't necessarily bad, but to me it was a bit underwhelming. Also, and I may be alone on this, but I thought Mark Ruffalo as an LAPD Detective and that whole deal was unnecessary. I like Ruffalo, but we never got to really know anything about his character, so we were basically left with " Oh cops are on the trail" and it really didn't go anywhere. I would of loved instead some more time with Cruise and Foxx, but hey, that's just my opinion ;)

Did I like Collateral? Most Definitely. Is this my favorite Mann film? Nope, that would be "Heat". I missed this awhile back but I am glad I got around to seeing it because it was, like I said before, a damn good movie. Its intense, exhilarating, and at times meaningful. If you were like me and missed this bad boy, i definitely recommend you check it out.

There Will Be Blood

Daniel Plainview is a mineral prospector in 1902. One day, he discovers oil, lots of it. He establishes a small drilling company, and following the death of one of his fellow workers, adopts (Used loosely) his baby son. Nine years later, he is approached by Paul Sunday, who tells him there is oil under his family's property. Paul leaves town. Plainview then negotiates with the Sunday family to start up a drilling project. We then see the greed and savagery overtake Plainview, and the clashing between his obsession, and Eli Sunday's, Paul's brother(Twin?), love for the church.

There has already been a lot said about Daniel Day-Lewis(Now here is a bad-ass with the name Daniel that I think you wouldn't mind being associated with, Daniel) performance. The man truly and completely transforms himself. He is terrifying to watch. But you just can't look away. The man makes this film.

His character loves nobody, and all he really cares for is oil and money. He regrets nothing, and misses nobody. Hell, even his son he adopts early on the film he purely exploits as a trophy, to make his business more "family friendly". At one point in the film, he meets his brother. I actually chuckled out loud at this part. "What?!? This guy doesn't even know his own brother at his age? I am so shocked! He seems like a great guy!". His obsession with greed only increases throughout, and his violent tendencies ache to be let loose. In several scenes, I felt like I was being drowned by the tension that was being built up. I was unsure if Plainview was going to get up, stab every person in the room including the cameramen, or just simply walk out the door.

Lewis set aside, Paul Dano is also great as Paul/Eli Sunday. I had heard how incredible Lewis was in this film, so I was unsure how everybody else would compare. However my skepticism was put to rest as soon as the first scene the two were together in.

It's also helped by an engaging script by Anderson, and some incredible shots by cinematographer Robert Elswit. I sat in awe at certain scenes, admiring the very unique technical skills behind this film. It's impressive at what a simple camera angle can do to really squeeze out every little bit of emotion. I also really liked the way it concluded.

It drags a bit here and there, along with stiff characters, and it eerily has an extreme lack of women(Not really a criticism, just odd). In fact I can only think of one actress in this entire film with any real connection to the story, and I don't think she said a single word.

Still, stick around long enough, and you will be rewarded with a very powerful movie.

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

Oh Scotty....A movie about a boy who has to fight seven evil exes for the one he loves...I just finished it for a third time and decided to give it a proper review.

Like I've mentioned before, I'm not really the biggest comic book fan. Besides this series, the only other comic I have read is Watchmen. I had heard good things about the Scott Pilgrim comics though, and once I heard a movie was in the making, I went on down to my book store and bought the first one. I absolutely loved it. So much in fact, that I went out and bought the rest, and pre ordered the last one. So when the movie finally hit theaters, I obviously went out day one to see it. Did it live up to the comics? Besides a hiccup or two, I believe it did.

A lot of people don't like Michael Cera. They claim he is a one trick pony. They claim he doesn't have the acting power or personality to carry a film. I respectfully disagree. About the latter anyway. Michael Cera does a great job as jobless high school-dating Scott Pilgrim. It may seem familiar to his previous work, but I do feel like he took a step out of his comfort zone. A small step, but a step nonetheless. Besides, if not Cera, it would've been somebody else, and why not use somebody who's good at playing that awkward, funny, yet likable character? I didn't really care for Mary Winstead as Ramona, Scotts love interest, but she was charming enough. I felt like she was given a better personality and all around more of a reason for Scott to love her in the comics, so no fault on the actress.

Michael Cera and Mary Winstead aside, its the supporting cast that really shines. Kieran Culkin was absolutely hilarious as Scotts gay roommate Wallace Wells. This was the first time I've seen him in anything, and he completely blew me(haha) away. Satya Bhabha, Chris Evans, and Brandon Routh are all hilarious in the small time they are given as some of the evil exes, and Jason Schwartzman is perfect as Gideon.

The writing is great, with fast comic timing and interesting dialogue. However the effects are what really give this movie a boost. With dazzling, fast, video game-esque visuals, the movie looks and feels unique, providing a four course meal for your eyes.

My biggest complaints, are the handling of the Katayanagi twins, and the ending, which was a bit abrupt. The twins, who were part of the evil exes, were given an extremely short amount of screen time, and were unfortunately completely glossed over. The ending was a bit disappointing in the way it wrapped up, but the fight scene was still really cool. I have a feeling its because trying to squeeze everything into one movie, and I personally believe with the talent behind this film, it could of easily been made into two separate movies. Oh well, a kid can dream....

I know a ton of people will be put off by this movie, especially the older crowd, but I definitely recommend those who skipped it last year(Almost exactly a year, weird...) and seemed interested, to WATCH IT.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Rise of the Planet of the Apes does something special in my opinion. It focuses its characterization on its animals rather than its humans. And in this way I felt thats what made this movie so much better. And in other smaller ways, a bit worse. But nothing crucial to effect a great story with incredible CGI, and an outstanding performance from Andy Serkis aka Smeagol.

There really isn't much else to say that everyone else hasn't said. Andy Serkis was great. The man puts his heart and soul into his performances, especially his motion capture ones. The CGI was beautiful, every ape was great and unique. The story was also enjoyable, as I had been wondering how all this monkey business had started.

The only real downside is with the human aspect of the film. It felt so rushed and uncared for, and James Franco was just plain boring in my opinion. SPOILER I mean, I felt more emotion when the great big Gorilla died than Francos father(Played by John Lithgow, who was amazing in Dexter ;). At least Draco Malfoy plays a good douche, although it is unfortunate he's already being typecast.

So if you haven't seen this movie yet, definitely do. This is one of the best so far this year. A great prequel, reboot, film, whatever you want to call it. Sorry for such a short review, theres already been a lot said about this movie, and I am basically mirroring those opinions. Ill be seeing 30 Minutes or Less, so heres to hoping it's good. Or at least better than The Change Up.

The Change-Up

Ok. So this movie wasn't great. It wasn't completely bad, but it was definitely not as good as it should have been. The movie, a lot of the time, was painful. Let me explain why.

Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds were great together. They were also great playing each other. I often found myself laughing at either of two just because they were playing so far out of their comfort zones. Which was great. Were used to seeing Bateman as this everyman serious guy who tries to keep everyone out of trouble, and Reynolds as this ladies man slacker type of character. Seeing them mix it up was a blast.

Unfortunately they were let down by the script. I mean, the movie starts off with Bateman changing his kids diapers at 3 in the morning. Next thing we know we see a completely naked baby (junk and all) shit into Batemans mouth. Yep. I put my head down and shook it, cursing the writers of this movie(The writers of the Hangover, oooooh)

After that though the movie started to become a lot better. Not without its bumps here and there, but better. The jokes were too "Hit-and-Miss". I found myself cracking up at some points, and at others I felt like I was participating at a Championship Poker match. Disappointing really, because our two main leads were great together. Normally I don't think swearing will suffice as comedy, but when it comes out of Batemans mouth...a lot...I can't help myself but laugh.

The plot has some surprisingly emotional depth, albeit familiar emotions. YES the two learn things about themselves and evolve and mature as humans. That's almost a given in the "Body-Swap" genre. But seeing a raunchy R-rated theme glossed over was a nice change up(c wat i did thur).

The supporting class were all good. No stand outs, but perfectly fine. This movie doesn't even touch Horrible Bosses in terms of raw comedy. But it is slightly enjoyable nonetheless. You could do a lot worse than The Change Up.

PS: This movie is VERY R-rated. If you could stand The Hangover Part 2, you can definitely stand this movie. It basically just swaps all the wieners for boobs.

13 Assassins
13 Assassins(2011)

Lord Naritsugu is a sadistic young lord. Raping, killing...he is basically untouchable thanks to his status as former Shoguns son and the current Shoguns younger brother. Doi, a government official, quickly remedies this situation by secretly hiring Shinzaemon to assassinate the Naritsugu. Shinzaemon then gathers 12 others to help aid him in trapping Shinzaemon and his 200 men in a town, and attempting to slay them all.

The story might sound familiar, seeing how this is a remake, and a story of a person gathering up a team to stop an evil barbaric Lord shouldn't sound too unfamiliar. But it's still a great story told, thanks to the acting, incredible choreographed fight scenes, and the superb direction by the amazing Takashi Miike. Everything from the costumes to the sound editing was perfect. Especially the fighting. Yes, the 40 minute fight scene at the end does not disappoint ;)

Now, I'm no samurai buff. I've seen a few films, and know a bit about the Japanese culture, but I'm by no means a hardcore fan. That said, I really liked this movie. And even though I can probably name the amount of samurai movies I've seen on one hand, I have a feeling this is one of the best, especially of this generation.

The acting was phenomenal, no doubt about it. Its unfortunate I don't speak Japanese, but the intensity and emotion behind every word spoken was still there. Because of this, it had me, hook line and sinker, from the very beginning. (That and a particularly scene)

CGI must have been used. But you know whats the great thing about this movie compared to my last reviewed film?(Resident Evil) I hardly noticed it. I was never taken out of the experience like I have been in past movies that depended so heavily on CGI. It doesn't take an overload of CGI to make a film look great, and 13 Assassins proves it.

The soundtrack is incredibly....well, epic. They know when to use it, and when to not. The music is never overplayed or underplayed, it always fits in perfectly. Just when you've gotten use to the silence, Miike slips in an intense track to fit the mood just right.

The films only flaw isn't really even a flaw of the movie itself, but a flaw on my part. Like I mentioned above, I don't speak Japanese. So unfortunately, I was having to read subtitles (I would rather listen to the movie on mute then have to hear the horrible English dub) and that took away a bit from the experience. The names were also a nightmare, but I figured them out eventually (Shinzaemon is a badass name btw). Earlier in the film, my friends and I would just refer to them as a nickname we gave them, resulting from something they were known for, and that was actually pretty funny haha (Spear guy, for an example).

But thats not a fault of the film, just me being an English only speaking wanker! Even then, it couldn't detract for what is an incredibly fantastic Samurai film. Highly recommend it.

Gory,tense,powerful,epic.....See it.

Captain America: The First Avenger

I liked Captain America. Yeah it was a bit cheesy, and yeah it felt rushed to the point that it felt like an introduction to the Avengers, but there is still some fun to be had.

I have a feeling that looking at the title you should know if you will enjoy this movie or not. Do you like Superhero movies? Or better yet, Marvel movies? Then you will like this one. I enjoyed this probably just as much as Thor, maybe for a bit different reasons, but both were just good Marvel movies. Nothing spectacular.

Chris Evans plays a great Steve Rogers. I really didn't like him in the Fantastic Four series, but after seeing him in Sunshine, Scott Pilgrim, and now Captain America, my opinion has really changed. I like the guy and think he has some real talent.
Hayley Atwell as Rogers love interest was also great. The two had some nice chemistry on screen, and one scene in particular really showed that the two had something going. She was sweet and innocent, but a hard-ass when she needed to be.

Tommy Lee Jones was definitely the right choice for the Col. He brought a lot of comic relief into the story and was an absolute blast in every scene. Hugo Weaving is also fun to watch as the villain. The dude can play a convincing bad guy, and I would love to see him in more. It's just a shame his character wasn't as fleshed out as I had hoped.

Speaking of fleshed out, that's a big problem I had with this movie. Characters being fleshed out. I have not read any of the Captain America comics, or really any comic books, besides Scott Pilgrim and Watchmen, but I have a feeling that the commandos in Captains squad are giving a little bit more back-story on them.....or even a name. All of them were nameless, which was a bit annoying really, because I would of loved to have gotten to know those characters more, especially with the screen time they got. His close friend Buckey Barnes was the only one that was really given any sort of information about, and like with Chris Evans and Atwell, the two seemed great together. Its unfortunate that...well, things happen.

The story feels a bit rushed and sloppy, it's obvious they just wanted you to get to know the character before the big Avengers movie hits theaters next summer. It was fine though, I had fun with it.

The cheese factor was a little too high for me. If somebody says "You're late" in a witty way and IS NOT followed by: "A wizard is never late nor is he early, he arrives precisely when he means to" then I don't like it. I understand a movie about Captain America has to have some cheese. I mean, whats America without a little cheese? Or is that France? Hmmm...

The special effects were cool, and the action was fun. The most impressive by far is Evans transformation. I still don't know how they did that, and to be honest I really don't want to. Movie magic people...movie magic.

Overall, this was a cool movie. It was enjoyable, but I couldn't help but feel like it should of been more fleshed out. Heres to hoping The Avengers is worth the wait....

Resident Evil: Afterlife

Sigh. So....Resident Evil: Afterlife.

Alice is back, doing what she does best; killing zombies in slow motion! Yeah! After meeting up with some survivors, Alice and co. want to head to Arcadia in hopes of being saved blah blah blah blah blah. The story was so uninspiring, and took such a backseat to the effects, it wasn't even funny.

So I was a pretty big fan of the games. The story was never anything to write home about, and the dialogue was laughable at times, but at least the atmosphere, music, and odd creepy camera angles made for quite the scary game. Unfortunately, it was the former that translated into the films.

The first movie was decent at best. Every single sequel since has been extremely bad. And not in a fun bad either. In a "Holy shit how is this guy allowed to make movies?" bad.

It is completely CGI driven, and I was constantly being drawn out of the experience. Green screens galore! There was so much CGI used my eyes were bleeding. Seriously. And a lot of the time it was used extremely poorly, whether it just looked like crap, or was totally unnecessary. Either way, I didn't watch a movie about zombies to see you jump out of a window and shoot in slow motion Matrix style.

With all this use, I couldn't help but wonder why the don't make a resident evil animated film. Oh wait, they did and it's called Degeneration, and while it wasn't great, it was miles better than this crap. (And it has a sequel coming out)

There was literally an entire scene made up of the "Slow-motion" effect. It was about 5 minutes long and probably the longest 5 minutes of my life. There is nothing exciting about slow motion if you are constantly overusing it. I can only imagine the poor dead horses Anderson had to beat to use all of effects in this movie. In fact, I was more excited when they didn't use anything, and for a while I was beginning to think that Slow motion and CGI were the norm, and that the scenes that didn't have any of it were the real treat. (Alright, thats an exaggeration lol) I blame the "3D syndrome". Everything's gotta be 3D now...

The scene I mentioned above reminded me of a scene in Harry Potter. Haha now bare with me. In the scene one of the girls is fighting an Executioner, which is a big fat mutated...well executioner. He's swinging his huge axe, water is spraying everywhere and I couldn't help but think of the troll smashing around in the girls bathroom in the Philosophers Stone. I just laughed because the CGI used in a ten year old film was so much better and engaging than this scene. It wasn't trying to be some over the top action scene, and that's the beauty of it. Where Resident Evil falls, more simpler uses of Computer Generated Imagery succeed. Its the 3D I'm telling you, and I just can't stand it. Oh, and the Slow motion didn't help either.

As a horror movie (I'm not sure I can even call it that) The movie had zero scares. No exaggeration, zero. The times it attempted to be scary, were so painfully obvious it was funny. I literally laughed out loud.

Speaking of laughing, the acting. Absolutely dreadful. Not one actor had any redeemable acting quality in this movie. So cliche and over the top I was literally pinching my arm to keep myself from getting up and round-house kicking my TV.

The script is also laughably bad. "I don't understand" says one of our main characters as he walks into a bright white room. I don't understand either Chris. I don't understand what compels Anderson to make these shitty movies.

Chris Redfield. Yes that is the full characters name I mentioned above, and also a character from the video game series. Anderson throws in a lot of characters, as well as enemy types from the games into the film. I'm assuming his thought on this was "Well my movies are basically shit, but if I throw in familiar names and creatures and make nods to other ideas attached to the games, the long time Resident Evil fans will forgive my poor writing and directing." Ehhhhh, wrong.

So let me wrap things up with one word. The script: Cliche. Directing: Uninspiring. Acting: Bad. Action scenes: Boring. CGI: Overused. Save yourself some time, don't watch these movies.

"Why am I not surprised" says Alice, our protagonist. I muttered the same thing as the credits were rolling, smacking my head as punishment for sitting through this lifeless, unnecessary movie.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2

I am going to write my thoughts on the previous 7 films as well here. It will be short, but if you would like to skip my rambling, you can just scroll down to the review.

Here are my scores for the first 7 movies:

1- 100
2- 100
3- 90
4- 80
5- 70
6- 90
7- 90

The first two Harry Potter movies are gems to me. It's hard for me to judge them, because I saw them when I was so young and absolutely loved them. So my 100 really means that those two are really nostalgic gems. I re-watched the entire series up until the premier of part 2, and I just couldn't help but smile during the first two. Are they the best child actors? No. But the films hold very true to its source material, and are incredibly entertaining to watch.

Prisoner of Azkaban is where the series seemed to take a bit of a departure to the old innocent ways of the previous two. On my first viewing of this movie, I resisted it. Why was the castle changed? Who is this guy replacing the old Dumbledore?! Why are they wearing muggle clothing!?! However, later after a second viewing, I started to appreciate PoA for what it is: A visually striking and darker Harry Potter movie. This movie also allowed me to understand that the movies weren't going to be able to put everything little thing from the novels into the films. After accepting this I started to appreciate the movies more and more. Oh, and anybody else find that philosophical black kid who always had something deep to say rather funny? lol completely out of nowhere.

The fourth movie was also a bit of a disappointment at first. The treatment of the Crouch family made me bite my tongue, and not to mention the lackluster 3rd trial(Come on, no crazy creatures?!? Just....attacking roots?!? What!?!) Emma Watsons breakdown was also a bit annoying, however as a whole the movie was very well done. It was funny when it had to be, even after a 3rd viewing, I still laughed at certain parts. It's also incredible to look at, with some of the finest visual effects in the series so far. Michael Gambon made me mad when he basically tackled harry and interrogated him about entering the tournament in the beginning. And what was with Olympe...eating something out of Hagrids beard I think? Very strange. And no Dobby? : / Nitpicking aside, this was still a great movie.

Phoenix was the most disappointing out of all the movies, but is still very enjoyable. The prophecy takes a backseat, which is a bit surprising seeing how its a key element to the story. Umbridge was cast perfectly. Some of my friends complain how annoying she is, and I just smile, because thats exactly what they wanted. Who the fuck is Nigel!?! Where did he come from? At first I thought he was Collin Creevys little brother, but apparently thats Dennis. So why??! Why not just have Collin or Dennis!?! lol just a bit random to be quite honest. I also wish the fight at the Ministry of Magic was a bit cooler. The book was full of rooms containing all kinds of interesting things.

Half Blood Prince, in my opinion, was greatly done. The whole Prince story-line wasn't completely flesh out, so non-readers might not have gotten the whole point of it, and the fact that they showed Draco testing the Vanishing Cabinet like 10 times was infuriating, when they could've used that time to show Dumbledores funeral.... But besides that, the movie was funny, emotional, dark, as well as engaging. Boasting the best performances so far, it was incredibly fun to watch. Ginny and Harry were not handled very well though.

Part 1 was superbly acted and directed. It boasted amazing visuals to match with incredible cinematography to bring one of the best potter films. It had minor pacing issues, but to someone like me, thats no problem at all. It stuck to the book, and provided exactly what the fans wanted.


Here it is. The end of a beautiful film franchise. It's been ten glorious years, but the Potter movies have finally come to a close. Ending on a bang, Part 2 delivers everything I wanted and more. I knew going in I would like, but I wasn't sure If I would absolutely love it. And I did. Any minor complains for removing this, or changing that from the previous 3 films that you might have, Yates more than makes up for here.

I watched the Part1/Part 2 combo last night at the premier. And I got to say I don't regret it at all. The two movies are made to be seen back to back. The premier is also an experience. Even with all the crazy fans clapping and cheering at an old characters return or an enemies death, I still wouldn't have it any other way.

Deathly Hallows part 2 picks right up where part 1 left off. I won't go in to the story, but you know Voldemort brings the fight to the castle, and Harry and You-Know-Who finally battle it out to see who comes out on top.

The acting was spot on. The best I have ever seen from the Potter movies. The three leads were great, but what most impressed me were the other characters. Maggie Smith as McGonsgall and Ralph Fiennes as Voldemort were absolutely brilliant. And they weren't alone. The entire cast wholly impressed me. What amazes me is that the entire cast is unchanged throughout the entire series, minus Dumbledore but that was unavoidable. I've grown up with these characters and watched them grow, and it's all been worth it.

What I love about Steve Kloves and Yates, is that they can make a Potter movie funny and serious and still work. Even at Harry darkest hour, there was fun to be had. Laughing, kissing, crying, death, love, life. The movie is dripping with all kinds of emotions, and Yates and co. blend it all beautifully.

The effects are beautifully done, and the music is enchantingly haunting.

What most impressed me though, was Snapes memory scene. It was just like I imagined, and was done really well. So glad Yates was able to wrap things up perfectly for the devoted fans. I was unsure how he was going to introduce the Ravenclaw Tiara, but he made it work. Some may have said before they disliked the idea of splitting the book because they believed it was all about the money. After seeing the two, I can completely disagree. What a perfect decision it was.

I don't have much else to say. I was speechless after the movie was over. So much time, effort, and energy went into this series, and i couldn't be happier about the result.

Although, the best part about the last movie? 19 year and Hermione hasn't aged a bit ;) AWWWW YEAHHHHH!!

This is such an appropriate finale. As Harry Potters swan song, I wouldn't have it any other way. Please, if you haven't seen the finale yet, or any harry potter film for that matter, what are you doing!?!

Transformers: Dark of the Moon

I was hopeful. While the first Transformers movie was watchable, and a decent enough film, the second in the series was so god damn awful I don't even want to talk about it...The third movie, Dark of the Moon, lies somewhere in between the two. Having some parts being bearable and an almost(emphasis on almost) fun watch, while too many parts are being incredibly cliche, uninteresting, embarrassing, and plain frustrating. The best part about this sequel? Michael Bay decided to remove the racist, obnoxious twins. The worst part? Mainly the rest of the movie.

Heres my understanding of the story: (warning, this is a very....weak interpretation of the story, but could still be considered a spoiler.)

Lame Backstory. ASS ASS ASS. Unfunny parents join in. Job search for Sam Witwicky. ASS. Job obtained! Mail boy in the office :). JUVENILE HUMOR. MORE ASS. They learn about these pillars contained in this giant ship called THE ARK(cliche ship/city name) that can save Cybertronians(Yes, that is the actual name) that crashed on the moon, and this mega Prime that trained Optimus. EVEN MORE ASS. Patrick Dempsey is a douche in this movie, and really likes ASS. One of Sam Witwickys new co workers Jerry Wang(Ken Jeong). (PAUSE: Yes thats exactly what this bloody movie needed, KEN JEONG. RESUME.) Anyway, Ken tries to warn Sam about "the dark side of the moon" all while trying to be humorous, then he.. *SPOILER* ......dies. Everybody realizes these pillars could bring an invasion to earth. GASP....THEN MORE ASS. THEN EXPLOSIONS. Decepticons invade earth. Then you have an hour long EXPLOSION BATTLE YEAHHHHH!. Full of SLOW MOTION. Afterwards you get a SLOW MOTION ASS YES! Then an abrupt ending. Wooo.
If the capitalization was annoying, well, thats how I felt watching this movie.

So yeah, there you have it. If you hated the first two movies, this one will definitely not change your mind.

Let me start with the acting. Which is pretty mediocre. Shia LaBeouuooffo really bugs me. He just rubs me the wrong way. Not a big fan. He does his usual shouting, stuttering, and other silly antics, and mainly ends up being ok. Just....ok. Speaking of ok, thats about all I have to say about the rest of the supporting cast. Little has changed in terms of acting from the previous film. John Malkovitch joins the cast, and while I do like him, the unfunny script unfortunately holds him back from being anything special.

Now...Rosie Huntington. Now, if there is one thing Bay did right besides te special effects, its casting Rosie. Rosie is actually quite good in her role, definitely step up from Megan Fox, and dare I say...even a bit charming? She will by no means win greatest actor who ever lived award, but she was a surprise gem in this mostly piece of shit movie. However, there is one hilarious scene that has her just staring off thinking about something, probably about how much money she will make doing this movie, while shit is flying off behind her in slow motion. I laughed.

The films jarring shift in tones was also unbelievable annoying. You have a man killed by a small decepticon by being pushed out of his office window, play it off like a joke by having him make a funny sound, then have a character wave it off and claim "He was suicidal anyway" ehhh? A dude just died and you're telling everybody to look the other way? That isn't funny, it's just stupid. Also during the "epic" fight scene, my buddy just fell out of a bajillion story tall building, but I'm still going to crack jokes 5 minutes later. Since it took about 10 minutes for him to fall, he heard the silly joking going on and yelled a fat "fuck you" right before squishing into the pavement. The movie is too silly is what I'm getting at to be taken serious.

The movie is also oddly put together. Some scenes literally zoom by in seconds, and mostly end in a terrible attempt at humor. So I am about halfway through the next scene until i finally realize "oh, haha he tried to make me laugh earlier....lame". Its as if Bay wanted to cram as much shit into this movie to fill up its incredibly long TWO AND A HALF HOUR running time. The movie just goes by too quickly, too eager to get you to some ass, explosions, D bags, or horrible attempts at humor.

Yes the incredibly immature humor is back. No, it's not as bad as Revenge of the Fallen, but it's still pretty bad. Yes it has the mom making a comment about her sons cock, as well as John Turturro returning as the comic relief guy (Seems like everybody is a comic relief in this movie) and he is just as unfunny as he was in the previous film. There are also some questionable robots, like the two smaller ones who comment on how hott Sams girlfriend is. Sigh. Nobody is as bad as the two twins though....*shutters*. As mentioned, Ken is in this film, and yes his last name is WANG. HA HA funny funny. He is unfortunately type cast as an odd over the top asian guy who has plenty of penis jokes up his sleeve. Maybe its a sign that I am maturing, but I don't find two guys leaving the same stall, one with his pants down, being caught by somebody else in the bathroom funny. "Oh hey ha ha it's not what it looks like, I had to get something i was keeping in my pants to show my friend here in private and-.....alright we fucked". LOL only kidding only kidding....about the last part.

I also had a few problems with the story. At one point, King D Bag Dempsey slaps a Decepticon Watch on Sams wrist, and commands him to walk around and get as much information on it as possible, as well as make sure to watch the Autobots leave Earth. While it is on his wrist, it seems to cause him great pain, as well as force him to do whatever you would want. So after they get what they want, the bot just slips off his wrist and peaces out. What? Why? Why not keep it on him to keep him in your control longer? Or better yet, why not have shot Sam in the face while you had him, and have the little watch robot view the Autobots leaving from a distance? Oh right, because our awesome lead would be dead. At least it was coherent enough unlike Fallen... >:/. The ending, like I metioned, was incredibly abrupt. Its as if in the Dark Knight, after Harvey died, and batman and Gordon were reunited, Gordon looked at Batman, smiled, and said "Thank you" and then the movie went to black. I understand this movie is not supposed to spawn sequels, but COME ONE. At least let us see them have a party or something. The movie literally ends 15 seconds after the main villain is destroyed.

One of the characters shouts out "Why do the Decepticons get all the good shit?" during battle, after scoffing at how cheese filled that is, it made me think. Why is that? Why can't the good guys ever have an extremely large and powerful Autobot? To make them more of an underdog? oh ok cool. Lets continue.

The pacing.

Come on Bay, you don't run a race by casually walking the first couple of laps, then realization kicks in and you start sprinting like mad to finish, even though the rest of the competition have already crossed the finish line like Terminator 2, The Matrix, and the Star Wars series. But instead of racers you have your audience, someone like me. And instead of sprinting like mad, i'm actually sleeping by the time the heavy finale kicks in. Then explosions are going on for about the last hour non-stop, and I am beginning to feel a bit overwhelmed really.

There was one scene however that i actually enjoyed. The scene im pretty sure all of you have seen in the trailer, with the giant twisty worm like Decepticon grinding through that extremely tall building I mentioned earlier, and our heroes are attempting to escape said building alive. I would even go as far as to say that whole scene was exhilarating, but was shortly ended and I had to return to robot fighting. Call me a downer, call me a pessimist, but the fight scenes werent all that engaging. And it also doesnt help that when an Autobot dies, I feel no need to sympathize over it. Besides Optimus, who I can tell is Optimus because of his familiar voice and bright pretty red and blue paint, I don't know who the fuck is who. Who just died?!?! What?!! Why should I care?! Maybe it's just my lack of knowledge on the robots, but I definitely had troubling tell who was who. Oh, I am sure this robot fighting will be much better than the robot fighting in that Rock em Sock em film adaption Real Steel. Maybe it is just me, but that movie looks incredibly awful.

The music sound oddly familiar. And by familiar, I mean Hans Zimmerish. Yes the music was epic enough, but I swear several pieces were stolen directly out of the Dark Knight and Inception and slightly altered and placed in here. Steve Joblonksy(wtf?) did the music, and this is the first time I have heard of him. Although i will not bash him, because I also found out he is doing the music for Gears of War 3. Please don't screw that up :D

The special effects are its high points. It has some extremely impressive visuals, especially the beginning when it shows the war between the robots, as well as down in good ol Chicago for the big epic finale. Some very pretty stuff.

If you couldn't tell, I don't really like the transformers movies. The film series is mostly shit, but do have some minor redeeming qualities that seem to try and squeeze their way out of the shit, but mostly fail. They all had potential.

Side note, I love the Latest User Reviews For This Movie on the right as I write this. They're all 100% and are all two sentences long that go like this: F*** Critics THIS WAS AMAZING MOVIE! FUNNEST AND COOLEST MOVIE EVARR!!! This brings up another point: The fact that I dislike these movies is made even worse with almost every single person I know liking them. Some even loving them. Did we watch the same movie? How!?! Sigh, I know we all have our different' opinions, so I'll shut it.

So, I would probably rate the first a 50%, earning an almost fresh review. The second earning a lousy 10, and this ending up with a 30. All in all a rather rotten series in my opinion. Maybe you will enjoy it more than I did.


Like his movies or not, Judd Apatow production movies connect with people, and bridesmaids is no different. Absolutely hilarious and emotionally satisfying, Bridesmaids is a terrific film.

First viewing the trailer, my first assumption was "Oh, a chick flick comedy; pass". After hearing nothing but good things about this movie, I gave it a shot, and went along with a group of my friends.

Lillian Donovan(Maya Rudolph) becomes engaged, and chooses Annie Walker to be her Maid of Honor, her best friend since childhood. She then selects four other bridesmaids; Helen(Rose Byrne), Becca(Ellie Kemper), Megan(Melissa McCarthy), and Rita(Wendi McLendon-Covey). What happens next is a crazy turn events throughout the wedding preparations, as well as Annies life going to shit.

Bridesmaids is incredibly brilliant. Kristen Wiig brings her A-game, along with the supporting cast. A movie with her as the starring role before this does not come to mind so i was pleasantly surprised how well she pulled this off. I found her very funny in the many minor roles she has been in, as well as on SNL, so I am happy to report she did great. Maya Rudolph as her best friend and bride to be was also great, and the two worked well together. The rest of the supporting cast also did not disappoint. Rose Byrne as Helen, the rich, new friend to the bride , and Annies competition to impress and produce the best wedding for Lilian, was also great. The conflict between the two to outshine each other was very comical, and also well executed. Melissa McCarthy as Megan was hysterical, and stole almost every scene she was in. Yes, she is the big girl hahaha. Ellie and Wendi as the other two bridesmaids were also good, although were not in the movie as much as I would've thought. Still, the two used what screen time they had, and both played their roles well (unhappy mother, and overly excited newlywed).

Annie is the main character, and as the main character problems occur for her. As I mentioned, life starts to go down for Annie, as her bake shop goes out of business and several other not so great situations take place. It is emotionally engaging, and very nice to actually have some relatable characters in a comedy.

This is a girls comedy, and as such, there are very few men in this movie at all, aside from Annies love interest. That aside, you should not pass this up if you've got a set of dangly parts. This movie is a blast from start to finish in my opinion. I am very glad I gave this movie a chance.

If you havent been to the theaters in a while, go check out Bridesmaids!


I personally thought this movie was absolutely hilarious. I haven't laughed this hard in long time.

Paul stars Simon Pegg and Nick Frost as geeky English guys on a road trip in America. They visit Comic Con and shortly after, discover Paul the alien (voiced by Seth Rogen) and vouch to get him back home. What happens next is a hilarious road trip filled with what you would expect from this cast and the director of Superbad.

The jokes hit about 80%, which is good seeing how half those times I almost fell to the ground laughing. LOL. This type of comedy is definitely different than the usual you would see from Pegg and Frost, but the Superbad type of humor still definitely works with the two. Seth Rogen was perfect as Paul, as the Ad says.

I thought Kristin Wig was a bit too much, but she was being constantly replaced by a different character or joke, so I really didn't have time to care. i was unsure of Jason Bateman in this role at first, but as the movie went on I came to appreciate it. Bill Hader as a cop (again, lol) was hilarious, of course.

This film pays homage to so many different science fiction epics, and also has a pretty cool cameo. I won't spoiling any of it, but its pretty cool to spot. Not being the biggest Sci Fi fan, I am almost positive their were more that I missed.

This movie is ridiculous fun, and I enjoyed it. I was in the mood for a nice comedy, and this Sci Fi road trip definitely did it for me.

Cedar Rapids
Cedar Rapids(2011)

Cedar Rapids is not a gross-laugh-out-loud comedy, nor does it try to be. It is however a sweet film with a very entertaining plot, likable characters, few hilarious moments with some chuckles sprinkled here and there. Its cute, like I said, despite strangely enough containing a ton of dark themes, ranging from bribery to death, and lying to drugs. To achieve such a weird mix of elements and themes all while keeping it short and sweet is an achievement in of itself. Heres the story.

Roger Lemke is a prestigious "Two Diamond Award" winning insurance agent. However before he could claim said prize, he is found dead in his house, due to an auto-erotic asphyxiation accident...hmmm. So, in comes Naive nice guy Tim Lippe(Ed Helms). He's been tasked to take Lemkes place at the regional conference to accept the award. There he meets other insurance agents(as well as roommates) Dean Ziegler(John C. Reilly), Ronald Wilkes(Isiah Whitlock Jr.) and Joan Ostrowski-Fox(Anne Heche). The four get to know each other, uncover a few things about the company, as well as hang out and have fun.

What I think I liked most out of Cedar Rapids, was its characters, with Ed Helms straying what appears to be a bit out of his comfort zone. Gone is Andy the pompous and strange Cornell graduate from the Office. Gone is Stu the worry wart dentist from the Hangover. Yes, here we have straight edge clingy Tim, who loves his "girlfriend" Marcy(Sigourney Weaver), is a faithful Christian, and does not take part in drinking of the satanic juice...ALCOHOL. And because of this he normally does not go out of his way to have some fun. Obviously hanging out with a character played by John C Reilly, that changes rather quickly. Reilly set aside for a moment, Helms does a great job. He does. Seeing his rather boring side change to his more "party-friendly" side after a few drinks is very fun to watch(And also quite funny). Seeing any restrained character have a little fun is always satisfying. However its never over the top, which Im glad about. You won't see a tiger locked up in a bathroom, nor a shoot out over marijuana between the Chinese and Americans. Not that I don't enjoy that type of humor, but it's nice to watch a more serious and mature comedy film once in awhile. And in no way does that mean this is not a funny movie, because trust me it is. In some more intelligent and subtle ways, as well as completely hysterical ways.

John C Reilly, Ronald Wilkes, and Anne Heche are equally great as his new cohorts. Reilly plays..well Reilly in a sense, but its a more believable performance, showing some more emotion along with the hilarity that spews out of this guys mouth.(Some of it is annoying in the beginning, but he warms on you, I promise) Anne Heche as Helms' love interest is cute, as well as interesting. The two play off well together. Ronald Wilkes is the quiet, nice, tolkien black guy, who also does a great job(And has one hilarious moment). The latter three have been to these conferences before and are all friends, so Tim has some catching up to do.

As the movie moves along, it becomes more and more rewarding. It becomes funnier, and the characters become more likable as well as developed, something that is nice in a comedy film.

I had a problem with the ending though. Sure it has a "Good triumphs evil" ending, but i was a little unsatisfied the way the main four characters were left. I was hoping for a bit more on them towards the end, and with a fairly short running time, the movie definitely could have squeezed something in.

Also, fans of Arrested Development will recognize a certain somebody in this movie almost immediately....

All in All I really enjoyed this one. I definitely recommend it, and what better time to try out different movies than in the summer? Its no Bridesmaids, or Hangover: The Remake, but its a more mature comedy thats short and sweet that I am sure many of you will enjoy. I've written a lot of positive reviews lately, so maybe I will hit up a matinee showing of the new Transformers movie this weekend. Cheers.

The Lookout
The Lookout(2007)

The Lookout is a very satisfying Drama/Crime Thriller. The film is about Chris Pratt, a very popular Teen who gets in a car accident, crippling his girlfriend, killing two others, and leaving Chris with a form of brain damage, a form of amnesia that affects his short term memory. Years later, he know works as a janitor at a bank. He is approached by a group to join them on a bank heist to get his power back, and is promised money and well, he who has money, has power.

The Lookout is incredibly well written. It's so well written that I was able to sit through its....slightly slow pace at the beginning. Well, that, and Joseph Gordon Levitt's incredible performance. If it was not for his amazing performance as the main lead, a ton of people would definitely be turned off by the first 30 minutes or so. Him, as well as his blind roommate in the movie Lewis, played by Jeff Daniels, have some surprisingly good chemistry together. There are some funny lines between the two, and as the movie progresses, you start to believe that these two have been great friends for years. Its just wonderful to watch.

The directing is also great, as Scott Frank elaborately allows the film to flow through its hour and a half running time, especially with an extremely satisfying conclusion.

The rest of the performances were great, although Isla Fishers role as Chris' love interest kinda bugged me, but I believe that was intentional. Her role was left just a bit unsatisfied for my taste, and I was hoping it would've become more developed. It wasn't terrible, and she did a great job, but it just left a sour taste in my mouth. Nothing too serious.

The music is great, although nothing to write home about, it gets the job done!

Definitely see the Lookout if looks like anything you would be interested in. Its a very underrated film in my opinion, and deserves a helluva a lot more credit.

Take Me Home Tonight

Yes, I am as surprised as you are. I love 80's movies, which is odd because I wasn't even alive in the 80's....but still. This movie is by no means perfect, but I did find a lot more enjoyment out of it than I thought I would.

If it wasn't for my friend bringing this movie over, I would never have given this film a chance. A 28% on the tomatometer rating? Pffff must be trash right? If this movie has taught me anything, it's not to judge a movie before seeing it.

I'll give you a short summary: Set in 1988, Matt Franklin(Topher Grace) just graduated MIT. So what's he doing with his life? Working at a movie rental store. Unsure with what to do, he is currently passing time. When he finds out the girl of his high school dreams Tori Fredreking(Teresa Palmer) is attending a big party hosted by his twin sisters Wendys(Anna Faris) boyfriend Kyle Masterson(Chris Pratt) labor day weekend party, he and his best friend Barry Nathan(Dan Fogler) try to get get him to nut up and finally reel her in.

If it sounds familiar, its because it is. I won't go into anymore detail about the plot, though if you do give this movie a chance, you will find it pretty formulaic. Even at my age, I have seen several movies that follow this story. But, I easily forgave it, because i strangely enough loved almost everything else. Topher Grace really took me surprise, by not being Eric Foreman or his completely out of place roles like he was in Predators, or Spider-man 3. Sure there are similarities, but mostly just because its the same actor. He played his role well, and I thought him along with Teresa Palmer were great. It was cute, what can I say.

This movie is labeled as a comedy, and unfortunately that, and its somewhat predictable story, is where it fails the most. However I looked past its "been there done that" story and enjoyed the characters, the acting, the setting, as well as the awesome 80's music. But yes, it's not quite funny. I laughed here and there, but its nowhere near a laugh out loud comedy. This is partially due to Dan Fogler. There were several scenes where the film tried to make us laugh by putting the 'Fat odd guy in odd situations", one involving sex with a hot mom while her husband watched. Scenes like this were totally unnecessary and unfunny. And as I mentioned above, I really liked Topher Grace and Teresa Palmer together, and would've liked to have seen more of them instead of the random scenes that attempted to get a quick laugh from the audience. Even Anna Faris was pushed into the back to make room for the leads. Not that she did a terrible job, in fact this is probably the best I have seen her do. But she had a perfect amount of screen time, something I feel wasn't perfect for Fogler. I get what they were trying to do, but it just didnt work for me. It does help to have Dimitri Martin show up in your movie and provide some pretty comical lines though. It made me laugha few times, it was not completely void of humor.

It also has a familiar, yet at the same time satisfying message. It's also one that i can relate to as of right now, and it got to me...sniff sniff. lol

A lot of people will find this to be formulaic, unfunny, and maybe even silly. But you know what, I enjoyed it. It has its flaws, but it also has its moments, and thats what shined the most for me.

This along with Hot Tub Time Machine are both 80's centered films released fairly close together. While I think Hot Tub Time Machine was funnier, I personally believed it was lacking the emotion and characters the audience could relate to(Minus Barry), that Take Me Home Tonight had. Who knows, maybe next year another 80's inspired movie will be released and bring me the best of both worlds. A man can dream....

I Love You Phillip Morris

Steven Jay Russell (Jim Carrey) is a family man. He plays the organ at church, loves his wife Debbie (Leslie Mann), and spends his free time searching for his biological mother, only to discover she doesn't give a rats ass about him. After a tragic car accident, Steven decides to live his life the way he always wanted to - Gay. He moves to Miami, gets a boyfriend, and decides to become a con man to afford his new life style. He is unfortunately caught and sent to prison, where he meets Philip Morris (Ewan McGregor) and the two fall in love. What ensues next is chaos as the two try to stay together.

My main problem with this movie is the plot. There are a few noticeable holes, and in a weird way its almost like the film presents them to you on a silver plater. However for the first time I have to agree with the Rotten Tomatoes consensus, and that i overlooked all of that almost completely thanks to Jim Carrey to find a very sweet comedy, with a serious love story at heart glossed over.

Speaking of Jim Carrey, I will go out to say this was his best performance I have seen. He was great in Eternal Sunshine, and he was also great in a lot of his slapstick comedies (Some). I'd like to say that his performance in this role is a mixture of the two, finding a perfect blend of his silly nature as well as his more tame side from Eternal. He is a pleasure to watch as always, and its almost as if this role was meant for him.

Ewan was also great, playing a a gay man very well (Almost too well...lol) He actually got some laughs out of me due to some of his extremely over the top behavior, like when he runs. (haha ah...) Both of them together actually had some surprisingly good chemistry, and the two were fun to watch (Ehhh the homosexual parts not so much, but I am pretty tolerable) The movie doesn't shove weiners at you through the screen, but just like a ton of other romantic comedies, sex is a part of it, and it just so happens that the two characters are gay. So be warned, that might be a problem for you then...cant say I didnt warn you lol. Its not a deal breaker, but it is worth pointing out. Leslie wasn't in the movie much, nor was his first boyfriend(Rodgrio Santoro? never heard of him), actually they were mainly in the first 20 minutes or so. Still, they did a good enough job.

The soundtrack, at least to me, consisted of one main theme. Sure there were little bits of music played here and there, but several times throughout the movie the main theme was played, and thats really all that stuck. It is an odd bit of music, for an odd movie, so it fit perfectly. In fact, I am currently humming it right now. And thats a good thing.

The comedy rarely missed, providing plenty of laughs along the way. it did a good job avoiding lame, cliche prison jokes (Soap, ohohho) and stuck with random over the top characters they meet, (and there are some very funny ones), and Carreys ability to turn any situation into a funny one.

You will be surprised at how much fun you will have watching this movie. Carrey is a pleasure to watch, and the interesting, funny, and crazy enough true story is also entertaining to sit through. Its extremely amusing seeing all the different ways he got himself into prison, and out.

Definitely give this one a try, you've got nothing to lose. If you've never been a fan of Carrey, this role isn't like his mainstream, hollywood, over the top slapstick routine, so still give it a shot. I really liked it.

The Hangover Part II

Wow. Just wow. How can 94% of viewers enjoy this movie? Was I watching the same movie?

The hangover was hilarious. There is no denying it. It's interesting premise and set ups, nice chemistry between its leads and Zach Galifinakis provided comedy gold. The sequel falls flat. Very flat. Mostly due to a very lazy script.

This reminds me of Boondock Saints. Now, I love the first Saints film. It is a cult classic. It's no film masterpiece, but it is a very enjoyable movie. Then the director got a huge ego. "Everybody is loving my movie now! I have a chance to earn more money!" So what did he do? Made a sequel. Which is fine. Except for the fact that the sequel was basically the same movie....just shittier. This is how I feel about the Hangover Part II

I will be breaking down the movie, so if you haven't seen the film yet, this will definitely include spoilers (watching the first movie is a spoiler in itself). But still....


The film starts off promising. Sort of.

Stu(Ed Helms) is planning his wedding and is being cautious because of the prior events in Vegas(cough cough DRUGGED cough cough) He has a very nice, and to his two friends (Doug; Justin Bartha and Phil; Bradley Cooper) surprising bachelor brunch. He doesnt want to take any chances.

I would just like to ask a question here. Why was Justin Barthas character not utilized in this movie? he shows signs of some nice chemistry with the rest and could add some freshness to this unfortunately stale franchise (only the second movie, sigh). I know they probably only wanted to focus on the "Wolfpack", but they spent an entire movie looking for him, just to have him off to the side in the sequel? pshhhh.

Anyway, Zach Galifianakis, or Alan, finds out and is itching to be invited. The scene in his bedroom is amusing and it's where he is finally invited. Off they go!

Just a bit off topic, but what if Alan wasn't invited? Stu refuses to let him come, then they wake up in the middle of Bangkok and Alan is just randomly in the room with them? Just an idea that could've made it a bit more on the fresh side.


The asian actor who plays Stus fiancees little brother is annoying. He is a terrible actor and he is constantly looking like he's about to just bust out laughing. Just bugged me. So they are having dinner and Stu's fiancees dad hates him. Which is, ok, understandable, whatever "not man enough-san". But then he stands up to talk and compares him to rice. This joke was a total miss. I got what they were trying to do, but it just wasnt funny. So after the reception, the gang and the girls little brother all go off to enjoy ONE beer and roast some marshmallows. Then its morning. This scene was disappointing as well, because they all toasted the night before the disaster in the first movie as well. Couldnt have thought of something different? Sigh.


So they all wake up in the same fashion as before (minus Doug). Stu has a tattoo, Alan's head is shaved, there is a monkey in the room, the little asian brother is missing, they find Senior Chang, aaaand nothing is wrong with Phil. oh, and they find a finger. The scenes in the seuqel like this one, are just not as good the second time around. I am not sure if its just not as great as a tiger, missing tooth, baby, and missing friend, or if its just because its essentially the same shit, different day, but it wasnt as exciting as before.

The whole licking the penis part, was a tad disturbing actually. I do not find a penis to be amusing or funny really, partly because I have one and it just hangs there all day and can be viewed whenever I want, and partly because it is once again a recycled joke. Yeah we get it. He is asian. Small penis. Move along.

Side Note: In my opinion, If Chow had actually died right there at the beginning, I would have been 100% ok with it. Not only is he annoying in the rest of the film, that would of been random enough to satisfy my humor tastes, but in the back of my mind I knew he couldnt of died...which would of made him dying all the more better.

So they freak out. They run outside to realize, "oh no!" They are in Bangkok. Boner Killer. After calming down and getting some info that Teddy is in prison only to realize the Teddy they thought was in prison was actually a monk, they come across a tatto parlor. Now, I had no idea who this guy was. Nick Cassavetes? Meh. I really wish they would've gotten Mel Gibson, because considering the trouble he is in, it would of been perfect. Or even Liam Neeson. But oh well. He shows them a video of the night before causing a riot, which resulted in part of the neighborhood being burnt down. Woops.

so blah blah more stuff happens, like returning the monk, having some flashbacks that involved younger versions of themselves(which was actually pretty amusing) and of course the realization that a hermaphrodite fucked Stu in the ass. I giggled at this part. Meh.

Why did Alan have to be the one that drugged them again? Seriously? I just rolled my eyes at this one. I know it was on accident this time, but come on Todd Philips.

Paul Giammatis character comes into play as a gangster who needs some bank codes from Chow.(His little "cameo" or performance, was also wasted. Not funny) Oh wait he died! Not.So they bring him to the gangster. Turns out he was a cop trying to arrest Chow for being incredibly unfunny, and then he leaves. Stu finally puts the pieces together and they find the little azn. Yay. Exactly like the first mind you.

Then they get back just in time for the wedding, and everyone is happy! Yayx2!

Except Mike Tyson comes in for a cameo. Hate to sound like a pessimist once again, but this was also terrible. He just sang a song at the wedding. Then made a comment about Stus tattoo(which wasnt mentioned much). Then the little brother shows up and lets them know he has a ton of pictures on his phone. Just like the first! And then they all view them. Why couldn't they have done something different!?!?! Maybe like some funny videos during the credits?! IDK god!

Sorry about the pessimistic rant, and the bad writing. I was in a hurry and had to get this out. I am glad so many of you enjoyed this movie....because I hated it. I know the majority of my hate is towards the almost identical set up, but even some of the jokes were pretty off. And i hear he is already starting a third? Kill me.

Your Highness

I just can't make this fresh. I really wanted to love this movie, but it was too much hit and miss. It hit a lot, but when it did, it was a small laugh. And when it missed....boy did it miss. It was just trying to hard to be funny by swearing and throwing penis jokes at you. The script was just flat, and definitely could of used some work. By far the best part of this movie was Natalie Portman. Jesus she is hot. But deserves better than this.

An enjoyable rental for sure, but do not waste 10 dollars seeing this in theaters. A big disappointment.


A little bit on the cliche side, but this so well filmed and acted that you easily overlook this. I was heavily entertained, on the edge of my seat for the last 40 minutes or so. I loved the interactions between Denzel Washington and Chris Pine, they just did a great job in my opinion. A story about a runaway locomotive and these two men who attempt to stop it. Check it out!

No Country for Old Men

I just recently rewatched No Country For Old Men and felt like I had to give it a review.

Theres nothing in this movie I don't love. The movie is a couple of years old now so I won't bother with the plot, because Im sure the two people who would be reading this are already familiar with the story. Its a cat and mouse chase all for a small fortune.

I have not read the book, but if ti evokes the kind of emotion the movie did, I will definitely pick it up as soon as I can. Tommy Lee Jones, Josh Brolin, and Javier Bardem, all deliver incredibly performances, with the latter completely immersing himself into the role, to create one of the best creepy, psychopathic killers I have ever seen.

There is almost no music, and I believe this only adds to the haunting feel of movie.

What I'm presses me most about the Coen brothers, is their directing and cinematography. Every shot has some type of flavor to it that adds to the situation at hand. Whether its a shot of Bavier Bardems silhouette in the doorway firing a weapon, or the shot of the eerie marks from the shoes of the police officer that was strangled to death, it all adds to what in my opinions is one hell perfect movie.


Hannah was a very creative and visual treat. The acting was phenomenal, and the Chemical Brothers soundtrack was absolutely riveting. The plot was a bit meh, but that set aside this is a crazy, humorous, and fun thriller movie with great performance, amazing cinematography, and killer music. Definitely watch.

The Tale of Despereaux

Not as bad as I thought it would be reading all of the reviews. I have not read the book, so I can't base my opinion on that.

That animation is beautiful. Everything looks great and I was surprised at how crisp and sharp everything was.

Despereaux's biggest fall is its amount of characters. Theres just so much going on its hard to take it all in. Theres a mouse who wants to go on a quest and save a princess. There is a rat who accidently kills a queen by falling in her soup and surprising her. Theres a King who is sad that his queen died. There is a princess who wishes things would go back to the way things were, before soup and rats were banished. There is a farmer girl who wants to be a princess. There is a chief who wishes he could make soup again with his "Magical ingredient man" friend(WTF?!) You get what im saying?

But the voice acting is great, and the story is charming enough that i still enjoyed myself. It's short and doesnt overstay its welcome, so i say give it a try. In my opinion its a bit underrated. Its not perfect, but what is.

Oh, and the only reason I stumbled upon this movie was because Emma Watson is in it....hehehe

Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events

A very stylistic and enjoyable film. It's a shame this movie didn't spawn sequels, as I believe this would've been a great franchise. The film is a bit dark for a "Childrens" movie, but so were the books. Actually. I didn't even think the movie was that dark, just honest and witty. It's so obvious Jim carrey had a blast as Olaf, what with all his disguises and such. A shame he couldn't continue the role. Oh well, a great movie.

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus

A beautiful, well acted film. However, its just confusing and a bit of mess. The plot isn't what i had hoped it would be, therefore not making it the classic i was hoping to love.


Limitless is a very interesting and entertain techno-thriller. There are a few holes, and it is not as smart as it thinks it is, but its a nice change of the mindless thrillers we usually get.

Bradley Cooper stars as Eddie Morra, a struggling writer who just so happens to run into his ex-brother in law, who introduces him to a drug that lets him access the 80% percent of your brain you couldnt previously access (Although i read this is false? Oh well its a movie). Cooper does a great job in this film. He proves that he is capable of the big main star. His transition from a struggling grungy writer to an ultra-suave know it all is pretty flawless.

Robert De Niro did a good job as a business man that Cooper works with. It's nothing special, but he works and the film carrys on fine.

Its Limitless' art style and inventive visuals that really impress me. Its complete eye candy. Director Neil Burger really stretches his his creative vision and created a really cool looking movie. Its transition from plain looking visual style, to some crazy fish-eyed shots and some zoom effects that really take it to a whole new level.

There were a few holes in the plot, and it was a tad uneven, but these are really minor complaints in the grand scheme of things. The Pros really outweigh the Cons.

Limitless is a fun movie. Try it.


So yeah, I saw this. But I had a good reason, do not worry.

Yep, its exactly how you would expect. Do not go in expecting the depth of a movie like Toy story 3 of How to Train your dragon. But on a kids level, the young ones will enjoy it.

The acting was very mediocre, and the script was just as bad, if not worse. The animation is nice though, which definitely helps. And the Rusell Brand cameo was also a nice touch, but I am pretty sure the demographic that is watching this movie probably didnt even notice it. As expected. There was a scene or two that I smiled at, but anyone over the age of 14 should probably not go out of their way to see this movie.

Its silly, stupid, and almost pointless, but it works as a mindless kids animated movie.


Pleasantville is one of those "Crazy guy takes the main characters into a different world so they learn a lesson" type deals, but its done in such a way that you can't help but just fucking love it. David and Jennifer are siblings who are living two different social lives. David is shy and introverted, while Jennifer is the exact opposite. David studies and likes to watch tv, while Jennifer goes out with boys and doesnt study at all. Well, shit goes down after they are both transferred into into Davids favorite tv show, Pleasantville. Everything in pleasantville is well....pleasant. That is until Jennifer and David show up. They start to turn a rather black and white show into color so to speak.

This movie does a great job of blending comedy, drama, and hell even fantasy. The script is very original and incredibly engaging. The best part about this movie is the visuals. jesus, everything looks beautiful. You especially notice the movies interesting visuals when you have both colored and black and white scenes in the movie.

The acting was great all around. Toby and and Reese were excellent, and i personally thought all of the supporting characters were great as 50's sitcom characters.

I guess my only complaint would be the ending, but that may be just a personal taste. A very minor complaint at that.

This and "The Truman Show" A very similar, and both great movies involving television.

Highly recommend this movie.

How Do You Know

Terribly boring. Nothing anyone says it at all interesting. Good actors, just nothing to do with such a bore of a script. What a shame. Stay away

Mr. Nobody
Mr. Nobody(2013)

Mr Nobody is a powerful and thought provoking film, and I am sure the eight whole people who have seen it would agree with me. Its visuals are almost hypnotizing as it challenges the viewer to reflect on his/her life. The story about the last mortal alive recounting his life story to a reporter when he was a young boy, a teenager, and an adult all all pose the question: Did I make the right choices in life? The story branches off into different realities in a non-linear way of story telling. The acting is great, Leto has yet to disappoint me.

If you get the chance to see this movie, definitely give it a try.

Battle: Los Angeles

I barely enjoyed this movie. I was surprised at myself. The dialogue is cheesy and as cliche as its characters. But as a mindless popcorn alien invasion movie, i was entertained

Aaron Eckhart is a good actor, and he did an "ok" job here. Definitely over-acted a bit. It is just unfortunate that he didn't get much to do. He did a lot of "run!" and "Get to cover!" and had a cheesy inspirational speech towards the end, and that's about it. The rest of the characters were all cliche war movie characters, with the expected father, upset sarge, new guy, etc. And none of them really shine, and i didnt really care about any of them, but with a movie like this I didnt really care, I just wanted to watch them blow shit up. Bridget Moynahan, who plays a civilian nurse they find, had some of the worst lines I have ever seen in a movie, and she delivered them terribly. She was embarrassing, and I laughed every time she was on screen.

The shaky camera effect returns, and unfortunately is present during normal talking scenes. Why? It got really annoying, and I started noticing it more and more.

Even with these flaws, it was just dumb fun. I enjoyed some of the intense shoot out scenes, even if it wasn't anything spectacular. I had a good time laughing at some of the dumb cliche's, and stupid dialogue this movie offered, as well as be thoroughly entertained during some of the more exhilarating action parts.

Your best bet is just waiting for this one on DVD. I went in with absolutely zero expectations, and I had a better time than I thought. Don't go in expecting a masterpiece.

127 Hours
127 Hours(2010)

127 Hours was a surprise to me. I didnt think I could enjoy a movie about a guy stuck in a crack in the earth this much. But I did.

First things first is Danny Boyles vision. Even though the film was depicting a horrific event, I couldnt help but notice just how beautiful he made it look, and how awe-inspiring the story really is. Many shots were very creative in trying to show you just how bad off this guy was. A great example Constant flashbacks and visions really helped show climber Aron Ralston's development throughout the film. This is a guy who believes he is on the brink of death, rethinking the way he lived his life. By the end of the film, we as an audience know all about Aron's family and love situation.

James Franco gave a captivating performance as the lead. The "Morning Show" scene definitely sealed the deal for his performance. The guy literally gave me goosebumps through his depiction of true pain, both physical and psychological. The climax was indeed as gut wrenching as many others made it out to be, but that in my opinion made it all the better.

AR Rahmans music is breathtaking. The Oscar nominated song "If I Rise" is particularly brilliant.

As entire package I loved 127 hours. I'll tell you one thing, I really appreciated my arms after this.


Rango is a weird-ass movie. And I loved it.

Johnny Depp plays a pet chameleon who loses his way, and ends up becoming sheriff to a town called dirt. The town is losing its water supply, and it's up to "Rango" to solve the mystery.

I would imagine this is what the spaghetti western genre would be like on shrooms. There are such crazy characters in this movie that I wont even mention because of fear of spoiling. They are just so unique and hilarious that you cant help but just admire them. And it also helps that each character is brought to life with perfect voice acting. Johnny Depp and co really brought their A game, and it really shows.

The animation in this movie is flawless. I tip my hat to the animators who created a non-3D film and yet were still capable of making things pop with beautiful color.

I would also have to agree that this probably isn't an animated film for kids. While I am sure the kids will the enjoy the pretty animation and some of the more intense scenes, a lot of the humor will fly over their head. It almost seemed like they were finished with the movie, and then realized they wanted this movie to appeal to kids too, so they threw in a fart joke or two. It is not afraid to be weird, and at some parts, honest. People die. Or in this case animals. Also, Rattlesnake Jake is kind of a scary dick. So there is that.

Rango made me laugh even when it wasn't trying to. Each character was cool, and had a unique voice attached to it, and I couldnt help but laugh at some of the more unfortunate looking ones. This is a cool western movie, one of the most weird and unique movies I have seen in awhile. Highly recommend it.

The King's Speech

Wow, what a family King George VI had. I can completely understand how his stutter lasted so long.

First of all, I loved the theme to this movie. I really appreciate music, and I thought the theme worked incredibly well for this film.
Much of what is to be enjoyed by this movie is the connection between Colin Firth who played King George VI, and Geoffrey Rush who played Lionel Logue, his speech therapist. I found myself excited whenever the two were in the same room together. Geoffrey Rush was hilarious, and Colin firth gave a great performance as the future King/King. You really get the feeling that these two became great friends following the events in the film. I really liked the shots in this film. Especially when the two were having a session, the film had a very artistic feel to it. Helena Bonham Carter was great as the kings wife, and was glad to see her in a role besides some creepy Tim Burton type role that she has been doing for awhile now.

I really enjoyed this movie. If you haven't seen it yet, I encourage you to.

The Social Network

The Social Network is an interesting movie. It's a movie based on the creation of facebook, yet offers so much more. Jealousy, Betrayal, friendship, money, power. It has a ton of underlying themes to it.

Jessie Eisenberg plays Mark Zuckerberg, the youngest Billionaire in the world. I think he did a great job. The film made me feel bad for the guy, yet hate him at the same time. The guy was a douche, (according to the film anyway) their is no way around it. What I really enjoyed though, was Andrew Garfields performance as Zuckerbergs best friend as Eduardo Saverin. I felt like he was the only normal character, and I really enjoyed it every time he was on screen. (He was snubbed at the Oscars you say? Noooooooo) Oh well. The supporting class did very well (Including Justin Timberlake....LOL) Not to mention David Fincher's directing. Superb as always. I also really liked the dark and moody soundtrack. It went well with the movies overall theme.

Great performances and great directing. The Social Network should not be missed.

Robin Hood
Robin Hood(2010)

Robin Hood was a movie I was looking forward to, big time. Gladiator was one of my favorite movies, and finding out Ridley Scott and Russel Crowe would team up for another huge adventure? Well of course I was excited. It's disappointing that Robin Hood was not as good as I once thought it would be.
Everything looks great, i literally wanted to jump through the screen and run around in Nottingham. Seriously, the cinematography was great.
Acting wasn't. Half the time the dialogue was boring me, and the other half I could barely understand what they were saying! And seriously, Russel take some 5 hour energy, because you looked like you were about to fall asleep on set.
Speaking of boring, there just wasn't enough sweet action scenes or any engaging conversations to really allow the movie to flow, and I even found myself day dreaming for a bit, no bueno! Also, i noticed Robin Hood and company partied at least 3 times throughout the film, when they could have been doing something a bit more productive(and entertaining for us). I understand the need to party and celebrate, but at least do something REALLY cool first. I will give it credit though, it did make me want to shoot a bow.
Robin wasn't necessarily bad, it just wasn't what it could have been, a huge epic about the man in tights.

Get Him to the Greek

Get Him To The Greek was a very entertaining movie. Russell Brand really surprised me with his performance, as did Jonah Hill, even though he basically played every other part he's played. While the movie was entertaining, the movie definitely could've been a bit more funny in my opinion. Don't get me wrong, 2 or 3 different scenes I was literally laughing my head off, but throughout the rest of the movie I was either chuckling to myself or just watching, basically waiting for another funny moment to happen. I believe this is partially because the film is about 15 minutes too long. Their were a few scenes were I said to myself "Why is this in here?". And one scene where I just felt awkward. GHTTK will please fans of Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and is also just in general a pretty funny movie.

Due Date
Due Date(2010)

I am going to keep this short.

Due date was a huge disappointment. I know this score is harsh, but I literally chuckled twice during this entire movie. The entire film was trying way too hard to evoke some laughs by putting the two stars in outrageous situations. No, I do not think that a masturbating dog is funny, sorry. He got it right with The Hangover, but this just didnt work for me.

The Fighter
The Fighter(2010)

A Boxing movie with a huge investment in its characters, The Fighter excels at almost every level. Mark Wahlberg, Christ Bale, Amy Adams, along with the rest of the supporting cast give it their all in this film about a mans journey to the top as a boxer, and a brother fighting crack addiction.

i was pleasantly surprised by Marks performance. He was very quite and subtle in the film, and yet a asset in entirety of the characters and plot. Going up against a big performance and watching them get all the attention is not the easiest thing, and i tip my hat for Mark. However, Bale was incredible. Completely investing into his character, he's plays the crack addict and former boxing champ perfectly. I was incredibly shocked to see just how accurate his portrayal was after watching the real Dicky Eklund in several interviews and other videos. Amy Adams is great as Micky Ward's girlfriend. her, as well as Melissa Leo and the rest of the female supporting cast provided for some very funny and entertaining scenes. The fight scenes were filmed in a very cool way, making it seem and feel like a real boxing match.
Overall I thought the movie was great, and I highly recommend it.

Taxi Driver
Taxi Driver(1976)

What a great performance by Robert DeNiro. He fantasizes about a better world, and throughout the entire movie you are on the edge of your seat, maybe even on the floor, waiting to see what happens next. Their is not much to say about this film you all already know, but for those of you who have yet to watch this movie, stop reading this shitty review and go rent it. Or...buy it.

Burn After Reading

I might not have laughed as often as I would of liked to, but Burn After Reading was a very interesting film, with quirky and well played characters that were able to carry the film to the end. Brad Pitt was definitely the star of this film, and it's a shame he didn't get more screen time.


Gladiator is an amazing film. A great cast, a perfect score, and a gripping story is what makes this movie amazing. If Joaquin Phoenix were to watch this film in the Rome Colosseum, he would definitely give it two thumbs up.