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The Edge of Seventeen
4 months ago via Movies on Android phone

I think the older I get the more surprised and impressed I am when I see a good film, or hear a great album, or experience really quality art in any form. Maybe it is because with the internet the standards are lower or whatever. I'm not really sure. But I feel like in the day of never ending sequels, reboots, and really forgettable films, it is important to recognize when a really good film hits. This movie surprised me, a lot actually. I saw the trailer and was pretty neutral but my wife had seen it and recommended that we watch it. Without spoilers, yes it's a coming of age type film but the issues the main character faces are real and the movie just works. Can't recommend enough.

We Bought a Zoo
6 months ago via Movies on Android phone

I love this movie. Great cast, feel good story, and good for the whole fam. Never gets old.

Blair Witch
Blair Witch (2016)
9 months ago via Movies on Android phone

Lots of good scares that will make you jump. It's a sequel although it borrows just enough from the original to make it feel like a reboot, which is unnecessary in my opinion. Side note, I wish Hollywood would stop with reboots, but whatever. If you like scary movies its worth seeing at least once.