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Ready Player One
20 days ago via Movies on iPhone

I loved this movie so much. A pop culture holy grail that hearkens back to Spielberg's films of old. Fantastic.

Definitely, Maybe
27 days ago via Movies on iPhone

A creative and new way to tell a story- the Princess Bride for a different era.

Up in the Air
Up in the Air (2009)
27 days ago via Movies on iPhone

Though I greatly enjoyed the performances, the script, and the execution, I couldn't quite get past the feeling that not much happened in the film. Clooney's character faces many developments, but ends up sort of stagnating, though with possibly a new outlook on life. A wonderful Netflix watch though.

Playing It Cool
27 days ago via Movies on iPhone

Chris Evans is charismatic enough to carry the film on his shoulders, but overall not a great film. Some bright spots in the writing that takes things to a meta place, but overall not that great. A decent Netflix though.

Thor: Ragnarok
4 months ago via Movies on iPhone

And to think I considered Thor the least interesting Avenger. This film is wonderful- the acting, plotting, effects work, even its integration into the larger Marvel universe is executed wonderfully to much success.