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The Magnificent Seven

The Magnificent Seven(1960)

The Magnificent Seven is similar to the classic 1954 Japanese film Seven Samurai directed by the great Akira Kurosawa. I really enjoyed this one, but I found that it lacked something to really make it memorable and special. The cast is great and there are plenty of standout performances, and it is cool to see so many iconic Hollywood tough guys in one movie. However, this one could have been much better and it tends to rely way too much on Seven Samurai for its ideas. Each actor has made better films, but as an Americanized version of the 1954 classic, this film is a bit disappointing. I much preferred Seven Samurai than this. However this one has plenty of good moments and action, but like I said, it lacks a little extra. There are far better Westerns out there and the film would be a good addition to the genre, but Sergio Leone would deliver the greatest, most epic Westerns ever made. As it stands, this is an entertaining film that delivers something good for the viewer, but you're left wanting more out of this one. The direction, pacing and acting are good for what they are. This is enjoyable and if you enjoy Westerns, you may love it. However if you're going to watch one film, make it Seven Samurai due to the fact that it inspired this film, and it had a broader, more epic scope than this one. There are plenty of gun fights here to appeal to the viewer, but you can see the film's weaknesses in its writing and lack of truly original ideas. A must see though for genre fans despite it being an imperfect film.