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Deliver Us from Evil

Deliver Us from Evil(2006)

Deliver Us From Evil is a necessary documentary that needed to be made. The film takes a look at Father O'Grady, a priest who during the 1970's and early 1980's raped dozens of children. He was moved to different parishes in an attempt by the church to conceal his crimes. O'Grady is a dangerous man, one that is the lowest form of filth on this earth. Director Amy Berg crafts a solid, gripping and provoking documentary. This is a hard film to watch and Amy Berg does a great job at uncovering this dark subject and it's a film that should be seen because of the fact priests are supposed to be trusted, and many do trusts them, and O'Grady has used his powers as a priest to get involved with his victims. This is hard to watch and there's plenty of graphic discussion about the crimes themselves, and it's not a film for everyone due to its subject. The film is heart wrenching as we see families get their lives ruined by someone they trusted. Deliver Us From Evil is a well made documentary and it is eye opening, with interviews and firsthand accounts about the crimes. In terms of a documentary, this is a must see film. Amy Berg has crafted a fine film that exposes the lengths of the church to hide the truth. With that said, while viewing this film, I can see why many people don't trust priests. The church is not what it all seems, and Amy Berg makes a good point with this well made documentary that you won't soon forget. Hard, but necessary viewing.