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Straw Dogs

Straw Dogs(2011)

The original Straw Dogs was a masterwork of raw, gritty violence that relied on a great cast and effective directing and told a truly engrossing story. Of course Hollywood found it in their hearts to remake a defining cinematic classic with a subpar cast that simply don't deliver anything worthwhile on-screen. This reboot of Straw Dog is sloppy, lazy and above all boring and predictable. Replacing immaculate performances with overacting is not the way to go, and there are several scenes that don't work. The original was stellar and is a picture that should be seeked out by cinephiles; however this one fails due to the fact that it relies way too much on the original source material and the filmmakers simply recycle and update key scenes of the original. The result is a film that just isn't worth your time. If you've seen the original, then you can skip this one as it is nearly a frame by frame remake and aside from changing a few elements is the same movie. I hated the film, and it was totally unnecessary to remake it as the original was a wonderful dramatic psychological thriller that hit the right notes of making you feel uneasy without turning you off the film due to its content. That was due in part to the great cast who performed well in front of the camera and made something groundbreaking in the process. This version is just violent for the sake of being violent. There's nothing good here and it just a remake for the sake of making a quick buck. Pass this one up; you'll be glad you did. Watch the 1971 Straw Dogs instead as it a classic film, while this one is plainly forgettable.