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Premium Rush

Premium Rush(2012)

Premium Rush is David Koepp's action thriller about a cyclist being pursued through New York City by a crooked cop. This film had the potential of being a great picture that should have thrilled you from start to finish. I thought the cycling scenes were entertaining for what they were, but the plot lacked and should have been thought out more. The film had the potential of being much better, and it falls short of being a very good movie and ends up being just a decent one at best. Joseph Gordon-Levitt does what he can with the material and does make this a watchable film. However the film could have been much better and it's a shame because the idea was good, but in the end it just ends up being one of Levitt's most forgettable films. Premium Rush was decent and entertaining, but there were parts where it was a bit too silly for my liking and it's what ruined the film for me. The film tried to have a bit too much humor with its plot, and it just didn't end up being interesting. The promise of what could have been a great film falters with an underdeveloped script that you can simply tell that there was wasted potential and Premium Rush goes from decent to slightly mediocre to decent. I thought it was an amusing watch, but in the long run is pretty forgettable, and it is kind of disappointing to see a great idea fall short most of the time. Luckily the cast is what saves this one from being a total dud. Premium Rush hits and misses, but the cycling scenes are fun and entertaining and more than make up for the paper thin plot.