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4 years ago via Flixster
A Good Day To Die Hard

A Good Day To Die Hard(2013)

After the underrated Live Free or Die Hard, you'd think that it would be a final end to a great series of memorable action films that have been some of the best in the genre. This is a film that had the potential of being a great slice of action cinema. Unfortunately, right off the bat, the premise of it's A Good Day to Die Hard is over the top Ridiculous and not in a good way. What made the movies so good in the past is now stripped way in a cliché riddle movie that fails to truly give action fans what they want in a Die Hard movie. The first car chase which starts about fifteen minutes in is exciting, and could have set the stage for something great. However, that would be short lived as the rest of the film would fail to truly engage the viewer. I was really looking forward to seeing this one; unfortunately this one really let me down. In the long run, this is a film that never should have been made. The direction by director John Moore is sloppy and unimpressive. Also worth mentioning is that this is a generic film that we've seen many times before. This is the worst film in the series, and the sheer lack of originality makes it a film to forget. I absolutely hated the film, and there is no way that the franchise can be salvaged in the future. They should just call it quits because the Die Hard films are in no way salvageable and be made into a great action film. John McClane is invincible and over the top, and it's stupid and cringe worthy. A Good Day to Die Hard fails in every sense of the word.