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Beautiful Creatures

Beautiful Creatures(2013)

Beautiful Creates is one of those films that takes the elements from the Twilight franchise, but reinvents it significantly to make it an enjoyable film. By no means is this a great film, but it is certainly better than Twilight. What separates both films is that this film has a far better cast and slightly better plot, although they're at times quite similar. With that being said, to those that hated Twilight, they may find something better in this one as it works out all the mistakes from the Twilight franchise. I liked the film for what it was, and I thought that the cast did a good job with the material as well. The strength of the film lies in its visuals and the film looks absolutely great. One thing that stands out in Beautiful Creates is the performance of Jeremy Irons, who always lights up the screen with his screen presence. Twilight failed to deliver anything truly compelling for the viewer, however when you combine the supernatural overtones of a horror film, and include a romantic storyline that is well done. Aside from the usual clichés, this is a well executed movie that is quite entertaining from start to finish. Even with all its flaws, I much preferred this film over Twilight and it shows that when you have a slightly better script and better cast, you're able to deliver a better movie. Jeremy Irons holds this film together and overall, I liked the film for what it was and I'm not one that usually enjoys these types of films. For viewers that are skeptics, there's more than just a simple "romance" here. If you were disappointed by Twilight, then this film will most likely give you what you're looking for. This is the better supernatural romance film, and it has a far better sense of visuals that is very stylish and sets some great atmosphere throughout the film. Beautiful Creature is not a perfect film, but is one worth checking out.