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Alex's Review of Snitch

4 years ago via Flixster


Snitch is a terrific action drama starring Dwayne Johnson who gives a stunning, mature performance as a construction worker who goes undercover to clear his son's name who has been accused of selling drugs. I thoroughly enjoyed this movie, and Johnson delivers his greatest performance of all with Snitch. This is a well constructed picture that is among the best this year so far. Although it is far from perfect, it certainly is far better than a lot of films that has been released earlier this year. This is a highly entertaining film from start to finish and the cast do a fine job in their performances. The direction is wonderful and director Ric Roman Waugh does a great job with the material at hand. There are a few areas where the film falters, however the performance of Johnson alone is what makes this film really good and very entertaining from the first frame onwards. I was very much impressed with film, and felt it had just the right amount of drama and action to make for a truly interesting story. Of course, like I said the film has its flaws, but the plot, directing and performances make up for the sometime lacking bits. If you want a truly compelling drama action picture, give Snitch a view, you might be surprised at how good it really is. With that being said, I can't wait what Dwayne Johnson will be doing next. With this movie, he truly honed his craft as an actor and he is almost truly comfortable with the roles he is being offered, and it is truly rare because he won't be seen just as a wrestler turned actor. Snitch is a pulse pounding must see movie that will surely delight filmgoers looking for something truly entertaining to watch this year.