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Josh's Review of Prometheus

4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


Felt very similar to the original Alien, but not nearly as effective. I say that in regard to the direction both films took: a thriller where the relationships between the characters took precedence over the perceived antagonist of the film, the Alien. In both films, the characters fight with each other as they slowly realize what they are up against; they die one by one in indirect ways from the Alien encounter (I.e. Instead of being hunted down and killed graphically by the killer Alien a la a traditional slasher horror movie, they die from infection, elements, etc.) That being said, I don't think Prometheus did nearly as well in developing the characters' relationships. There were weak attempts throughout that left no lasting effect on me. The only character that was developed well, was the Android, David. When his character (SPOILER) had his head ripped off, I was shocked. At no point did I care that any other character died (or survived.) Don't get me started on the most confusing character in the film, Charlize Theron's character, Vickers. I don't know what direction they were taking with all. With the negatives aside, Michael Fassbender was great, stealing any scene he was part of. The tone the film had, created from the amazing visuals and score, is the biggest positive of the movie, and what I will ultimately describe as the movie's biggest selling point for watching.