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Zone of the Dead

Zone of the Dead(2009)

So bad it's good zombie flick that bends over backward in giving nods to George Romero, particularly the original Dawn of the Dead. This is due, no doubt, to the starring role of Ken Foree. The zombies are pretty well done if not entirely consistent, but the real star here is the unbelievably cheezy script that has a professor spouting off ridiculous lines like, "There are worse thing than dying and becoming one of these shambling things. One could die without ever knowing what it was like to love and be loved." That this cornball line is delivered while hordes of zombies are smashing their way in makes it all the more laughable. There's even a gratuitous slow-motion leaping-through-the-air-while-firing-two-guns shot after which the character simply picks himself up and hurries off in the other direction without having accomplished anything noticeable.

An unintentionally silly, overly earnest Serbian undead effort complete with a biblical verse-spouting generic character, a killer nun, and poor Ken Foree trying to run. Any director who makes Foree run is up to no good, and no good is what you'll find in "Zone of the Dead." Get ready to laugh.