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Medium Raw: Night of the Wolf

Medium Raw: Night of the Wolf(2010)

This is a film with a story driven on by plot holes so huge that what the viewer sees only becomes plausible in an alternative universe in which human intelligence never evolved at all. We get cops who never call for backup, a mental hospital that shackles its inmates with shock collars that deliver enough voltage to make their necks smoke, an alarm system that doesn't notify anyone in the outside world when it goes offline and releases a building full of cannibals and psychotic killers, and human beings who can perform feats of strength after having multiple four inch wide swords driven through their abdomens. The screenplay was apparently written by one of the characters in the movie; it's simply incoherent, as is the editing. There is at least one scene for which there is no explanation, as if some other scene explaining it had been cut out. Don't even try to comprehend the dialogue or the "explanation" offered for the actions of the villain in the climactic "let me give you a long lecture instead of killing you" scene. Medium Raw is truly half baked.