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Fifty Shades of Grey
2 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

(Saw it February 6, 2015 at the today show premiere)

Eh, it's ok. It's cliffnotes of the first book bc they can't waste time with dialog and they have to get to the sex scenes because that's what majority of the people going to see this is in there for.. They made some slight changes with characters behavior, anastasia isn't annoying and christan is.....well.....Christian but 30% less creepy and abusive (but still creepy). He doesn't threaten to beat her every second but did the stalker/jealousy thing. supporting characters are back decorations for the most part but to keep pace going they're skimmed through the film. you don't really get to know them other than that's their names and we've moved on to more flirting between ana and christian and christian making comments about ana being his and slapping that ass...or something. (he literally shows up in one scene in her apartment out of nowhere and she doesn't even question it, how did he get it?? when did he get a key to my new apartment?? i didn't tell you where i lived....wtf!!! did you break in just to have sex??? dude....boundaries damn it!!!). They did focus on comedy to make it not that awkward to watch (haha), it's a nice little chuckles here n there. The sex scenes are very explicit, especially Dakota Johnson nude scenes, Jamie Dornan who plays business billionaire Christian Grey only gives ass shots and a quick glance at Just part of his dick......part of his dick... No tip (most likely it's not even his, probably james deen's dick). Dakota is naked for most of the second n third act while her co star is just shirtless (ugh that Pissed me off a bit). I do think Jamie was miscast as grey, he couldn't keep up with doing his american accent so sometimes grey is Irish in the film. Dakota was kinda dry but (i don't think that's her fault, it's just the script and what she was given really.) so was Bella from twilight, which is what Anastasia was based off of . She was good at doing the comedy, seemed like a different character when doing something funny (she's a much better actor than this). This isn't something people should run out to see, this should be seen at home at 3 in the morning on cinemax. It's basically a softcore porno with Hollywood money so the camera n lighting used is pretty good. I don't need to or would want to watch this again....unless I'm drunk and/or high.

Frank Miller's Sin City: A Dame to Kill For
2 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Sin City: A Dame to Kill For is Beautiful and better stylized than the first film but it lacks clear direction and commitment the first film had. It's been a decade since the first film Sin City (2005) was released, with its stylized black and white, it's splash of bright colors and literally mimics the comic book panels of Frank Miller's works from The Hard Goodbye, Big Fat Kill and That Yellow Bastard it was no wonder people took an instant liking to Rodriguez's, Tarantino (guest director) and Miller's film almost instantly. The problem with a dame to kill for is that it's too in your face with it being a comic book movie; it's almost too self-aware that the world isn't real; also the pacing wasn't all together with the film. It's as if they forgot what the big picture was about for the whole series. Even though there are some good things in a dame to kill like Josh Brolin, Jessica Alba and JGL (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) it wasn't enough to actually save this film from feeling like an abridged novel that's taken all the heart and commitment out of the film. I don't hate this film; I am just very disappointed in it, and its 9 years too late for this. They waited too long to bring this to the screens, with people not being available or even alive anymore from the original film. the original spark that had people mesmerized by the first isn't repeated and this completely fails to live up to its predecessor.

X-Men: Days of Future Past
3 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

This is most definitely the best out of the x-men series, the most entertaining and thrilling film to date in the franchise.

Only Lovers Left Alive
3 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Only lovers left alive, written and directed by Jim Jarmusch who I honestly didn't really know too much about. I've only seen a few of his films from before like Ghost dog- way of the samurai (1999) and broken flower (2005). So when the news came out that he was making a vampire movie and his lead cast was Tom hiddleston (archipelago, Thor, Avengers, war horse) and Tilda Swinton ( Moonrise kingdom, we need to talk about kevin, Constantine) I was somewhat interested in seeing the film. There's been nothing but vampires and werewolves for the last 6 years and most of the time it's sparkly and very delicate vampires that died from paper cuts and just boring and tiring vampire films one right after the other. I wondered what Jim would do to make his film different from other vampire stories. ? I guess as long as they didn't sparkle in the sunlight, I would be happy. There really isn't anything defying or anything major added to the vampire lure, because it's really not supposed to. The film is just about a very, very long term relationship that just happened to be about vampires living in today's world.
I can't help but laugh at the already known fact that people are pretty snotty, careless and are also just completely brain-dead zombies (Adam calls humans zombies in the film which definitely is a perfect description of people right now) just aimlessly walking our streets. (Society has really gone downhill into poop land basically) In the film, for Adam the idea of human's like this is tiring and really isn't worth being around anymore.
With lots of references I don't understand (I'm 24 so I didn't grow up with the music in the film) I didn't really follow most of the things he'd done in the film. I can see that he loves the early soul music, jazz and rock and has a fan boy love for jack white from the white stripes but I thought those things were pretty pointless for the film. It was unnecessary for me to see, I just cared about the relationship between the 2 characters, adam and eve.
I was curious to see this film mostly because of tom hiddleston, and not because im a fan of his I just wanted to see him in a film that didn't involve him with a giant staff with horns on his head and crying about his brother getting all the attention from oden. It was a nice change of scenery for him to be in a movie where all his character did was complain about something he didn't like anymore or actually wanted (yup)....... And tilda, there really isn't anything bad I could say about her. I thought her performance was pretty nice, she tends to bring something new to any character she plays on screen. Revealing something that I never thought she would be able to from a previous film. She never seems to play the same person twice in any film she does.....(I like that) the supporting cast was pretty good too, john hurt (who's not in the film enough for my taste) was pretty cool and so where Jeffrey Wright (who had some of the funnier scenes with tom in the film) Anton Yelchin and Mia Wasikowska. In all the performances were good but I do question tom's, if it's because he just came off from doing avengers when he started this or is this how his acting had evolved into or is it just the role itself that has similar traits to his famous marvel role.
I guess this film (on some level) did speak to me but it's speaking things I already knew about the world around me and people's relationships with others. I get that many of the people we see are just aimlessly walking around like zombies. The whole world has gone to shit but no one seems to care or even want to acknowledge this is going on. With the declining almost deserted Detroit (where this film takes place in for most of the film) I felt like jim was trying to beat this information into my head but it's all there already, It's completely filled to the brim with that stuff.

Red 2
Red 2 (2013)
4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

just got back from seeing an early screening for this in nyc and its pretty nice. im not going to go into full detailed review for this since im tired and i want to go to bed but im gonna tell u the movie is funny and the women steal the show in this especially marry louise parker helene mirren and catherine zeta jones.