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9 (2009)
7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Sometimes a scary post-apocalyptic movie can be forgiven for writing itself into a corner when visual effects and overall creepiness are so well executed. "9" is such a movie.

9 is the story of 9 man-made sackboys (see- Little Big Planet), each representing an aspect of mankind. Mostly though, it's the story of 9, the 'son of man' character with his inability to maintain the status quo of the dystopian world into which he awakens. Though unlike Jesus, shit in 9's world was doing just fine without him. From the minute 9 enters until the movie ends, the world that the other characters struggle in is made exponentially more horrible. Fortunately, 9 feels responsible for the horror that he awakens (much to the relief of SOME OF the other characters).

I would give this movie a perfect 10 for Dark Crystal-esque creepiness and overall visual aesthetics. However, the myopic storyline must be held accountable. Sorry, 9.

I look forward to this team's next film.

How to Train Your Dragon
7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

So the Vikings in the movie are Scottish and the pet dragon looks like a pokemon. So what? The effort put forth by Dreamworks in How To Train Your Dragon tops any previous effort they have made to compete with Pixar's well-earned dominance in the current animated film universe (and also the world of CG animated films in particular).

Aside from a few plot holes and bumps, this story about a young viking who doesn't fit in and his friendship to the most unlikely of companions was enjoyable beginning to end. This movie has a lot of great moments to be enjoyed by pet owners, animal lovers, WoW players, and most of all problem solvers. The way our protagonist solves his problems with ingenuity and hand-crafted gadgetry is inspiring and engaging.

You know me. I hate Dreamworks and all they stand for- Trendy cliched one-liners, pop music interludes and watered down stereotypical characters. To hell with those guys. Well, I take it all back. Remove them from hell!

Go see this movie in 3D or don't watch it at all. Watching it in IMAX is not necessary as it was never made into a 70mm print. You will be seeing the same 3D movie in IMAX that you will be seeing in "Real D" (aka. Disney Digital 3D) theaters. The only difference is that IMAX is film and Real D is video. The fact that it was transferred to film for IMAX could not be less important.