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Superstar: The Karen Carpenter Story
3 months ago via Rotten Tomatoes

This film (video re-transfer) has earned in my heart the honor of "First film I will ever review on Rotten Tomatoes"

You'll never see this film because how the hell would you find it? (Acme Video, Hope St. Providence, RI. Bring your VHS player)

Todd Haynes has done better, but he will never be able to live this down as his first (I think) film. It is insightful, campy and full of Barbie dolls. Like a film made in a therapy session!

So, eat your heart out Biography.

9 (2009)
7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Sometimes a scary post-apocalyptic movie can be forgiven for writing itself into a corner when visual effects and overall creepiness are so well executed. "9" is such a movie.

9 is the story of 9 man-made sackboys (see- Little Big Planet), each representing an aspect of mankind. Mostly though, it's the story of 9, the 'son of man' character with his inability to maintain the status quo of the dystopian world into which he awakens. Though unlike Jesus, shit in 9's world was doing just fine without him. From the minute 9 enters until the movie ends, the world that the other characters struggle in is made exponentially more horrible. Fortunately, 9 feels responsible for the horror that he awakens (much to the relief of SOME OF the other characters).

I would give this movie a perfect 10 for Dark Crystal-esque creepiness and overall visual aesthetics. However, the myopic storyline must be held accountable. Sorry, 9.

I look forward to this team's next film.