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Point of No Return (The Assassin)
7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

A mixture of 80's cheese, terrible acting, and an action flick with not much action, and when ther is action, it's pretty sad.

The Lovely Bones
7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Every once in a while a film comes along where you have no idea whether you liked it or not. The Lovely Bones was one of those films. In the end, I tried to figure out what I thought, and the end it was average.

The Lovely Bones is about the murder of a teenage girl who is murdered by her neighbor who is a serial killer. When she is murdered, she experiences " the in between " or " limbo " which is a mixture of Heaven and Earth.

But I gave it a 50%, so I am completely on the edge. Even though I wasn't crazy for the visuals, they were amazing. And Stanley Tucci's performance deserved the Oscar nomination. And the narration from the main character was brilliant. But the film seemed a little empty and had some awkward camer angles.

In the end, I was a little confused on this one, but it was average.

The Godfather, Part II
7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

The Godfather is the greatest film of all time. It's sequel was good and worthy, but highly overrated and nowhere near as good as the first one. I don't understand how people can say this is better than the original. The original was amazing! I thought The Godfather Part II was a little hollow and not much happened. Michael turns into an anti hero, and I'm not saying that's not good, but I don't think he works as one. I also missed Marlon Brando and James Caan.

But the acting was phenomenal. Al Pacino did a wonderful job, and so did Robert De Niro. The music was also phenomenal.

In the end, The Godfather Part II lost it's beauty and art of the first one, but is still fantastically acted and worth watching, because it is The Godfather.