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The Searchers

Ive seen The Searchers twice now and at first I didn't see the big deal. On a second viewing I saw more to it but I still don't think it's the masterpiece it's suppose to be. What I thought was best about the film is how amazing it looked, it was shot beautifuly the cinematography looks amazing and John Ford clearly knew exactly what he was doing with the camera. The sceneary is just great to look at, it's colorful yet haunting, the desserts and mountains look superb.

The performence's from the cast were all very good but none that I would call truly great or atleast oscar worthy there was a good character study with John Wayne allthough I found his intentions difficult to understand or trust at times. So John Wayne who plays Ethan returns to his hometown and soon enough his niece gets c...aptured by natives. His nethpew and others join him to get her back, they don't only want her but they seek revenge. I loved the dialoge in the movie, Wayne just had so many great lines.

So it's a simple story but it's not told without depth, the movie is enjoyable and gripping throughout atleast for the most part. The influence it's had on many films is clear like the home being blown up in Star Wars, the light shining as the door opens in Close Encounters Of The Third Kind, the idea of wanting to help someone in danger who doesn't exactly seem to want help persay like in Taxi Driver, the ending of The Godfather or the movie being shown on the screen in Mean Streets.

There were parts in the movie especailly towards the end that didn't do much for me it seemed a bit to silly at times mostly when considering the serious subject matter. I didn't think the pacing was perfect at times my interest was fading but the pay-off is worthwhile. Overall it's great but not on the very level of a masterpiece or atleast not one of the very best movies ive ever seen, clearly a must-see though.


Ok, wow after seeing The Seventh Seal and Wild Strawberries I could allready see greatness from Ingmar Bergman allthough I thought that both of those movies didn't have the greatest pacing. I didn't think either of them were masterpiece's but were just close they did make me wanna see more from Bergman as his films are truly one of a kind. Basicly i'm left with my mind blown it's that feeling you get inside you when you know you have just seen a great film, it's like I just got uplifted spirtually or something, a similar feeling I got after seeing 2001: A Space Odyssey for the first time.

I'd say that persona is very much a complex character study between two young woman it's about a nurse named Alma (Bibi Anderson), the psychatrist at the hospital sends Alma to a seaside... cottage to lo...ok after a famous actress named Elisabeth (Liv Allman). Liv has since stopped talking prehaps due to a trauma Alma examines her and tells her very personal things about herself like some unpleasent sexual experience's she has had in the past. She does her best to care for Elisabeth and try to get her to talk but she soon reads a letter written by Elisabeth to the hospital that mocks Alma so there relationship becomes ruthless. Alma soon has a dream or nightmare if you wanna call it that where her and Elisabeths idenitys intertwine, it seems both ladies have mental health problems.

The movie is very unique with great visuals, inventive and complex storytelling, intruging dream sequence's, great performence's by the two leads (Bibi Anderson for one gave one of the best female performence's ive ever seen), great cinematography and direction this is a must-see. My eyes were glued to the screen throughout the whole running time, not once did I loose interest Ingmar Bergman now lives up to his title, the film is strange and creepy and so compelling with a mysterious ending that could allow the viewer to come up with there own interpritation, without a doubt an essential film.

The Matrix
The Matrix(1999)

"The Matrix" is one of the most popular and talked about movies of all time and within reason because it would have to be one of the most influential and original sci-fi films that's come out of hollywood in modern times. I hadn't actually seen this film for many years but I definitely remember liking it alot when I was much younger the funny thing is i'm not sure if I even fully understood it untill now seeing it years later. This is what I would consider a "Real" sci-fi it brung unique ideas to both the sci-fi and action genre that i'm sure people hadn't even seen before and it dealt with different realities and gave us a vision of a made up world with inventive human yet artifical like characters like some of the greatest sci-fi's and came with it's own ideas trying to create it's own epic among the sci-fi greats.

It came equiped with though-provoking storytelling,great and well balanced action sequneces and a few well-written characters and is one that would reach out to much wider audiences then just serious film buffs or mindless fans of popcorn entertianment, and "The Matrix" is much more then that but it's use of action would appeal even to someone who doesn't understand it so there's kinda something here for everyone. It has some absolutey spellbinding specail effects but unlike so many action films nowadays they were used for the best of reasons and the now overused slow-motion action sequences were done best in "The Matrix" because we hadn't seen it in every action before then and it just suited the films subject matter so much more then any other film. It was actually quiet ahead of it's time, the films been imitated quiet alot since it's realease but this will allways be the originator of several techniques.

So it revolves around a man named "Thomas A. Anderson"(Keanu Reeves). He works as a computer programmer and is also a computer hacker who logs his name under "Neo". He's allways found himself questioning his very reality, soon enough he gets a meesage on his computer which leads him to a myserious woman named "Trinity"(Carrie-Anne Moss) not long after the police are soon on his tail after being conducted by another computer hacker "Morpheus"(Lawrence Fishburne) who is considerd a terriost by the government. "Morpheis" soon introduces "Neo" to what he considers the real world, which is somewhat of a wasteland where most of humanity is residing after being captured by some race of machines which live off there bodily systems and imprison each ones mind within an artifical reality called The Matrix. "Neo" soon finds out that he is being considerd as "the chosen one", Morpheius and the rest of his team convince "Neo" to join the like-minded warriors in there struggle to concur The Matrix...

I think the cast were allmost all rather well-chosen "Keanu Reeves" defintiely suited this "Neo" character mostly from his natural persona, I mean he's not a great actor like most of the time I just think he's laughable but he still happens to be quiet likeable in several roles and this is the one that suited him the most. "Lawrence Fishburne" gave one of his last great performences before he sold-out and decided to act on CSI but "Morpheius" has to be one of the most memorable characters out of the sci-fi genre due to his somewhat slick nature. "Carrie Anne Moss" was good too she was deifntiely likeable as "Trinity" and helped drive the film. Character actor "Joe Pantoliano" who played "Cypher" (another member of there team) was defintiely another stand-out and gave the most electryfying performence out of the team and (Hugo Weaving) as "Agent Smith", like "Morpheios" gave a very memorable performence as the calm and collective lead agent and "Marcus Chong" was very good too. The only problem is most of the other charatcers in the film were so poorly written like the other members of "Neo's" team didn't get enough screen-time or dialoge to work with for us to really care about them so when several people die off there was no connection at all.

The direction from "Andy" and "Larry Wachowski" was quiet impressive, it was very unique and suited the atmosphere of the film exceptionally well. There's alot of memorable action sequences that were pulled off very well and are some that will stick in your head forever like the rooftop scene and the parking lot scene to the martial art fights. Now besides the poor writing of some of the characters the other thing I wasn't too fond of was the way it ended I Mean the way it lead up to the end with the spectacular action scenes and effects looked great but then when it came down to the conclusion I felt slightly empty I was wanting more I mean I know it was just leading up to the sequels which will go more into detail about the subject matter, but from judging this film alone it's very good but just has an unsatisfying ending and is far from the level of a "masterpiece".

It defintiely makes me wanna see the sequels which I will be revieiwng soon after, so yea it's a spectacular film but not an absolutely perfect one it's kinda corny at times but in a good way if that makes sense. In the end I was left with the feeling that I had just seen an extrememly intruging and entertaining sci-fi/action film but not one that moved me or amazed me as much as I may have liked, it defintiely aint up there with the very greatest sci-fi's but is a must-see for fans of the genre...

Fight Club
Fight Club(1999)

Most people have seen this from what I believe but if you haven't (Edward Norton) works as a car manafactuer who has trouble sleeping. He meets Marla (Helen Boham Carter) at one of the support groups he attends, he goes to these to be able to let out whatever emotions he's feeling at the time. She is also a fake attendee as we find out, they get each others numbers and catch up. He soon meets a soap manafactuaer named Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt) he lives in a house in an abandoned town. They start underground fight clubs around the town, soon enough everything gets out of control and they engage in a rivary for power and love. The movie is told through commentary by Edward Norton.

I watched Fight Club again after not being amazed by it with a first viewing and I promise that upon rewatching it I was keeping a very open mind and was atleast 70% sure that I was gonna like it more and I thought I might have missed something the first time I saw it seeming as I saw it first when I was becoming a "film buff". So the reviews for this movie are quiet divided for critics but the movie has a massive fanbase i'm sure most of you like/love it. What I liked about it were the performences, Edward Norton was absolutely great he gave a very in-depth diverse and just all-round powerful performence. Brad Pitt was very good too, I doubt you would ever forget the character that is Tyler Durden after seeing this, Helena Boham Carter was very good aswell. The direction was fantastic along with the cinematography and score.

I'm not sure if ive mentioned this but part of the reason why this movie never really worked for me is that even when I first saw it I guessed what was gonna happen at the end atleast 30 mintues in there are way too many obvious clues. Now I know there's way more to the film then "the end" which is what some people wont realise. But my problem was not only with finding it predictable but I also just don't even like the idea of it all, the story is unbealiveable and to maybe each and everyone of your suprise I would consider this movie to be rather silly if anything.

SPOLIERS: Do not read if you haven't seen Fight Club.

Allright so if Norton is Tyler Durden all along, well he is. Is it suppose to be realistic that so many of the townspeople even cops are gonna follow some crazy guy's orders?, he talks to himself and beats himself up infront of people. He magicly learns how to make soap and blow things up with it. He shoots himself but doesn't seem to get extremely effected, I know why he did it but that still wouldn't happen.

All in all besides me not being convinced with anything that happens I just felt like the pacing was poor, everything was intruging to start off with but after about 40 minutes I just felt that it got more and more over the top, it just didn't conncet with me and it never did. Ive seen people call this "the mans film" and it makes me realise why people might love it, every guy wants to be like Tyler Durden he was a great idea for a character. Atleast I was open minded enough to see it again but I really don't think I missed something to me it's a film that poses as being deep and is really simple.

My experience with Fight Club really reminds me of my experiences with a couple of other movies that I consider to be overrated. The Usual suspects was another one that was predictable and had a stupid ending but a likeable cast. A Clockwork Orange was good for just 30 minutes, same here. Id really like to read everyone elses takes on this.

A Clockwork Orange

As typical as it may seem Stanley Kubrick has become my favourite director after viewing films in a more serious manner then the average moviegoer for atleast a few years. Everything Kubrick ever touched was so unique,inventive,original and somewhat daring it's really impossible for a "Film Buff" not to love his work. So far ive seen 8 of his films and it's not gonna be long before I see the rest but you see one thing about "A Clockwork Orange" which seems to allmost never not be mentioned within his top 5 or even being called his very best by fellow fans is along with "Full Metal Jacket" his most weakest film ive seen, but not suprisingly ofcourse far from horrible.

"A Clockwork Orange", too me strangely seems like a very waterd down Kubrick film instead of getting a masterpiece here we have a film with many flashes of greatness I mean there's alot to love about the film and despite dissagreeing with it's worldwide status it's no suprise too me why the film is as popular as it is. "2001 : A Space Odyssey" is his best film from what ive seen, alot of what made that film great is apparent here, Malcom Mcdowell's performence is close to the top of the best performence's in which Kubrick directed. The direction was ofcourse great, highly detailed with all shots having deep meaning he directed Alex's (Mcdowell's) very thoughts masterfuly as he did in 2001 the film is equipped with some of his best singular scenes but the film doesn't hold together well such as in what I consider his 5 masterpeices,2001,Dr. Strangelove,Paths of Glory,The Shining and The Killing all of those films were perfect imo. The underrated Barry Lyndon which doesn't quiet make his top 5 is also a more expertly crafted film.

So it's based in a dystopian future with Alex and his Droogs who are mainly interested in the music of Beethoven,rape and the ol' ultrviolence and when things go the wrong way alex is then imprisoned to recoverey but yea you all know that. Just incase you didn't I guess...

Ive seen this film three times now so before you tell me to watch it again just remember that, i'm not sure who recalls but when I first reviewd this film I actually gave it a rating of 40% and tore it apart. But upon a second viewing admititly I was offended by the graphic rape-scenes and realistic and disturbing violence. I really didn't look at the film past that, and on a second viewing I understood and liked it more. Now on my third viewing which is now when i'm confident to review it again I thought the film had a great start I think that because I now understand it more the first 30 minutes of this seemed more like masterful filmaking to the fullest, it makes something so disturbing into something so entertaining but not for long enough.

The thing is after the masterful 30 minutes the film seriously get's dull and has great ideas but strangely Kubrick didn't get the pacing right it just wasn't well balanced like i'm used to feeling in his other films I went from being entertained to rather bored but every so often the film delieverd again but when waiting for the ending I can't stress how much better I thought it could have been. The film is definitely deep and Thought-provoking but alot of it doesnt work I had a problem with alot of the things that happend to Alex it all moved too fast and alot of it seemed forced.

On paper this would seem like a masterpeice but you have to take everything into account here as bad as it may sound the film would have actually been better if it were just 2 hours of ultra-violence when Alex is deprived of doing what he most enjoys I was deprived from enjoying what I most enjoyed about the film. It really doesn't hold together well enough I wasn't engaed from beginging to end like I was with his other 5 films I mentioned above. The cinematography,direction,score (which is one of the best ive ever heard),Dialoge(legendary dark humor),and supporting performences were all just as brillaint as needed whilst Mcdowell gave the one great perofmence everyone else was atleast very good and there for a reason but the overall execution makes a disspointing and sorry but overrated film which is still great in many ways but really not the perfect masterpeice it's most loyal fans make it out to be. Everything aside the massive influence it had on cinema is ofcourse, undiniable...

Blade Runner
Blade Runner(1982)

After my first veiwing of "Blade Runner" I was left relatively underwhelmed but because of the massive critical praise I had to re-watch it. Ive now seen it four times and it's actually became one of my favourites and it's safe to say that it's one of the greatest films ever invented (atleast from what ive seen). Everything about the film is perfect and the only reason I can think of for not liking it the first time I saw it is because that was before I really knew as much about film as I do now, those who expect "Star Wars" might be dissapointed because this aint an all-out action film whilst displaying elements it's imited which is one of the many great aspects of this film. It doesn't rely on action to tell it's story but the atmosphere, flawless performences from the entire cast and the strategically detailed direction from "Ridley Scott" makes this film one of the greatest.

So if you didn't know this sci-fi film noir was written for the screen by "Hampton Fancher" and "David Peoples" and was based on the novel "Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep?" by "Phillip K Dick". It's set in Los Angelas in the year 2019 with some of the best visuals in cinemas history giving us a unique dark atmospheric and in my eyes realistic depection and veiw of the future designed by "Ridley Scott" and his team. It follows the stroy of "Deckard"(Harrison Ford) who is a "Blade Runner" (which is a cop with the specialty of killing Replicants, "artificaly created humans"). He had since retired, however after hearing the news of six escaping replicants from an offworld colony he is more or less forced to re-enter. These replicants if you hadn't figured are indeed illegal and must be terminated as soon as they are detected, "Deckard" begins falling for a beautiful woman named "Rachel"(Sean Young) who for all he knows may be a replicant. It's not only that the story is great but it's the way it went about being told that made it masterful, sci-fi films of today are nothing in comparrison...

Atleast from what ive seen this is the best performence "Harrison Ford" has ever given allthough ive still gotta see several other of his films this one is his most flawlessly in-depth. He completely dominated the screen and has that screen-presence about him that I can't think of one actor (even those that are better) that would have suited the role more. It's a different approach from "Star Wars" and "Indiana Jones" he plays a more calm character I suppose his facials pretty much all meant something to the story and he was just perfect. "Rutger Hauer" was the perfect choice for prehaps the lead member of replicants he was creepy and just highly likeable, he stole every scene he was in and gave one of the most memorable villanis performences ive seen.

Besides "Ford" and "Hauer" the whole cast truly did a flawless job in helping the film move along and all stuck out as a different character that all had somewhat of a meaning to the subject matter ofcourse the main two were the best but the others still can't go without a mention because there's not one bad performence on here. Character actors "Sean Young","Edward James Olmos",M.Emmet Walsh","Daryl Hannah",Joel Turkel" and "William Sanderson" were all absolutely fantastic too. So it excelled in what I think is the most important thing in film "Characterization" and it was 100% at that it also aced it in well, everything else for that matter.

This is in my mind "Ridley Scott's" best film, it's defintiely the most praise-worthy work he's done as a director ofcourse "Alien" is close but it's just not "Blade Runner". "Scott's" intense detail is so well-thoughtout and captured for us from the start to end you just can't take your eyes away the essecene of this very film just sucks you in and you won't be going anywhere before it ends and when it does your mind would have exploded. "Ridley" made sure he didn't miss any details and if you watch closely the guy is giving you clues throughout and was steady with the camera and he captured this futuristic world perfectely with his focus resulting into alot of tension the right use of lighting and fading and some great erotic scenes, what a great director.

The visuals in this film will continue to amaze veiwers for really all eternity , espeically considering we live in a time when filmakers use CGI and in 100 years films will probably be 100% holographic this artwork which as I was saying was designed partly by "Ridley Scott" and pieced together for the screen by "Douglas Trumball" is truly some of the most amazing effects you will ever see, and the cinmeatography was shot beautifuly just flawless in every sense of the word. The score conducted by "Vangelis" is one of the best ive ever heard, it was carefully constructed in order to stand-out used in the exact correct moments and the way the used it to help drive the story just amazed me.

There's not even much else to say about the film but it's just one you can't miss and if you haven't seen it i'd reccomend going straight for "The Final Cut" which is the one "Ridley" himslef said did the once missunerstood film the most justice. I just love everything about the film from the story, to the performences and effects and i'm sure any other open-mined film buff would feel the same way. A very though-provoking and even emotionaly engaging film indeed and to anyone whose seen it, who doesn't love the ending sequence?. In my eyes this is the best sci-fi just after "2001:A Space Odyssey" and possilby the most influential. I went from disliking this film to wanting to re-watch it over and over as it amazes me and teaches me something new each time. If you haven't seen it get a copy of "The Final Cut" right away...

Close Encounters of the Third Kind

Since there are three versions of this film I did some research on what was suppose to be the best cut and the answer that came up mostly was the directors cut, i'd seen this film once before and it was the speical edition I saw at first and it was allready great. But one problem Speilberg had since the film was first realeased was the ending, Seeming as ive never seen the theriatical cut i'm not sure what the difference is but I think he felt there was a little too much spoon-feeding at first all I can say is the ending of the Director's Cut couldn't have possibly been more perfect whilst revealing something he left alot to our own imaginations and this is quiet possibly the greatest Alien film ever made. Maybe even better then Alien allthough it's been a while since I saw that.

Incase you didn't know this film revolves around the average suburbian family following Roy Neary (Richard Dreyfuss) who is a Cable Worker, who one night experience's what would best be called a "Close Encounter Of The Third Kind", several other's witness this too. UFO'S are flying around the sky and also up-close to the bystanders, after this happens Roy becomes paranoid and fascinated by what he saw. He continue's to see visions of a random object resembling that of a mountain and becomes truly haunted, as the film goes on his character devolop's flawlessly as his marriage soon reaches a breaking-point. The film goe's on to be a susepsful, and downright entertaining film whilst also managing to be truly deep I won't go much more into plot details but that's a brief summary but what's most fantastic about this film is how it's revolving in "the real world" and it takes in time with great pacing before you "see" anything.

Teri Garr plays Roy's wife (Ronnie Neary) and her and Dreyfuss both gave truly great performence's, both are completely beleiveable and have so much depth I was convinced throughout as there relationship escalates from being,happy,confused to convincingly domestic. The superb perfomence's don't stop there either the whole cast all managed to be good-great even those hardly focused on managed to all stick-out in one way or another. Melinda Dillon plays (Gillian Gueller) who is a mother whose son was abducted by a space shuttle, she had also witnessd the Close encounter at the start. Her portrayl earned her a well deserved oscar nomination, French director Francois traffuant gave a superb performence as(Claude lamcombie) who played a UFO expert as did Bob Balaban (David Lauglin) with the same occupation. The child actors were also somehow very convincing aswell, the overall characterization in the film was simply perfect.

Speilberg's direction was extremely in-depth and masterful, his infmaous "Speilberg Close-Up" was used in this film probably more then any other of his films and each shot was equipped with deep meaning, his ability to tell a story thorugh his camrea is truly something to admire so many of his best overall shots are in this film. Douglas Trumball's visual effects were amazing and really could hardly be topped, just flawless if you have seen the film you would have to agree. The cinematography from Vilmos Zsimong A.S.C was stunning and is clearly influential to a generation of filmakers. John Willam's score was epic and fit the film perfectely (as expected). It will leave you keep you engaged and in the end most proabaly amazed as It's one of the greatest sci-fi's ever made and is influential and important in cinema, essential vieiwing imo just be sure to see The Drectors Cut...

Paranormal Activity 3

Regardless of who you are you know about "Paranormal Activity", the moc-doc horror that completely came out of nowhere in 2007 taking the world by storm with allmost no negative feedback what so ever. Like most I do consider the first "Paranormal Activity" to be one of the best horror films in modern times but with the second film on the other hand I considered that to be a massive dissapointment. "Paranormal Activity 2", compared to the brillaint first film seemed way to corny and I just thought they were trying to hard to scare us without really getting the pacing right. It did come equipped with some inventive storytelling and on paper would have worked as a good "Prequel" but with relying too much on effect's and many of the typical clitches we expect from most modern horrors it failed.

Now anyone that's familar with horror would be quick to determine the simple fact that when it comes to horror sequels it's suprising if they actually work. I could list a number of them that were trash but it would turn my review into a novel. The fact that "PA3" actually turned out to be as good as it was completely took me by suprise, with all three films they have changed director but "Oren Peli" is still working as one of the producers. This here is clearly a filmaker that want's to scare us but with the proper amount of suspense and he's all for taking us back to the days when films counted on tension and pacing to do the job. Going back to my comments on horror sequels another thing horror fans are aware of is that most horrors that are made in our time are hardly reliable just look at the "Saw" and "Final Destination" films, movies like that lack substance and are made for no other reason then making money and grossing audiences out with gore so this causes a proper film buff to become skeptical of most of the newer ones. With every "PA" film even the second it's involved filmakers that truly do want to make a real horror film and this is without a doubt what we have here.

I'm not gonna bother going too much into plot details here but it's simply set in the 80's when "Katey" was a kid and it follows the event's which took place with her parents and sister which as you learned in the first had links with this whole ghost scenario. Like the first this film involved characters which were all flawless in the attempt to make this all so relaistic. Like the first the tension builds up and in more or less the same way, it does move slowly at first but for the best of reasons. When it picks up it doesn't stop I was truly creeped out by atleast the last half hour of it and before that it provided many moments which will just stick with you. To be honest I find it kinda difficult to review a film like this as there's hardly much I can say without spoiling the experience but I just need everyone to watch this and don't be skeptical enough to avoid it just because it seems impossible that it will match the first.

I have reasons as to why it may have suprassed the original, too me the performence's in this film equal the first but also give you a few more characters to follow and as a piece of storytelling it's the best PA yet. From my memory atleast it also has prehaps more horror scenes and actually handled the pacing even better and it atleast engaed me more mostly because everything about the first and second all linked on to this one and by the end I was speechless. If I said that it didn't contain atleast a few of the typical horror scenes we expect in ghost films I would be wrong but it pulls everything off so well and what's to be expected allways happens when you least expect it. The way these scenes were handled were highly impressive and whilst there were some familair ones there were also scenes that seemed new to me, it reminded me of the same techniques used in the older horrors I mean nothing here is computer generated and that's what makes it seem all the more real from loud bangs to closing doors to flying objects etc,etc this is a superior ghost film . There's definitely a few things here that will cause critic's to over analyze it like somehow "Katey's" dad liked filming everything in the house aswell, and she probably doesn't remember the event's as well as someone actually would but you see the main point with moc doc horrors is to scare you but when one has as much going for it as this it just gives a horror fan that much more of a reason to respect it.

I was begining to think that this type of horror could no longer be pulled off but whilst this really doesn't equal "The Blair Witch Project" or "REC" it still comes closer then any other horror of it's kind. Another thing with horrors as much as I love them it takes alot from a film to truly scare me and since this did that better then so many of them it get's extremely high points. It's by no means a "masterpeice" but it's one of the best horrors that's come out in years...

Dark City
Dark City(1998)

"Dark City" is one of the most wholy orginal Sci-Fi films ever made and is also one of the most underrated. It's only natural for a film like this to be so missunerstood, seeming as it doesn't fit the description one might picture when they hear the word Sci-Fi but some need to understand that's there's more to this genre then laser guns and special effects. Visionary director "Alex Proyas"(who also directed "The Crow") brought us another film which is visually flawless but unlike "The Crow" is also flawless on prehaps every other level.

The highly original and intellegent script written by "Alex Proyas" himself,"Lem Dobbs" and David S. Goyer" follows the story of a man named "John Murdoch(Rufus Sewell) who, as the film starts wakes up in a hotel he is not familiar with and he finds that he has completely lost his memory and is somehow a wanted man for a series of murders. A women played by "Jennifer Colleny" who claims to be his Wife is after him aswell as a "Doctor" (Kiefer Sutherland). The film follows "John" on his quest as he tries to piece together the very facts of his past, whilst doing just that he comes across a group of "non-humans" known as "The Strangers" who posses the power to put humans to sleep and alter the city and it's very inhabitats. So John is left with the questions as to why the city is allways dark and for some reason not a single person can clearly tell him how to leave the city so now he must find a way to stop "The Strangers" before they take control of his mind and wipe him off the planet.

This film managed to create these non-human like characters and create a dream-like city without coming across as corny and was packed with convincing and just simply great performences by the whole cast. "Rufus Sewell" really shined in this film his performence was in every way believeable and extremely in-depth as the story evolved he simply drove the film. "Keifer Sutherland" as "Dr. Daneil Schreber" has to have given his best performence in this he just completely dominated the screen everytime he was on it with the somewhat strange charatcer. "Jennifer Colleny" was very convincing too as was "Richard O'Brien" who played "Mr Hand"(The Leader of The Strangers), he would have to be one of the best villans in sci-fi he was creepy and very diverse it was like he was just simply born to pull off this role.

Like "Blade Runner" before it they managed to create this make-believe city but even without using things we allready do have in this world it managed to come across as a wholy orignal world that we have never seen in any other film. With great cinmeatography ofcourse backed up with the highly stylish and detailed direction by "Alex Proyas" this has truly become a masterpeice of visual storytelling. You see like a few of the other greatest sci-fi's the story was told through an extremely complex usage of dialoge. There's not a massive amount of action in this so it might dissapoint some people but surely not those who actually wanna watch a great film.

I don't really need to say much more but when it comes to films that just need to be seen by more people this one is near the top of my list, outside of true sci-fi fans i'm sure most of you wouldn't have even seen this. Anyway before "The Matrix" and "The Truman Show" there was this and those two films kinda reminded me of this. Anyway if your looking for something that will challange you and keep you thinking from beginnig to end then put this one near the top of your "to do" lists...

Romper Stomper

Alot of people simply won't understand this but I don't usually think that highly of "Russel Crowe", the majority of the performence's ive seen from him allways seem kinda dull and I allways want more from the character's he plays. Anyway "Romper Stomper" which is one of the lesser known films starring "Crowe" or atleast one of his films that doesn't get disscussed very often truly stars the "Great Russel Crowe" I had been meaning to find. This Aussie Drama was written and directed by "Gefforey Wright" and besides the obvious it starred a group of relatively unkwown yet brillaint aussie actors, most noteably "Jacaqueline Mckenzie" and "Daneil Pollock".

It basicly revolves around a gang of skinheads who reside in Melbourne/Victoria, they basicly just get drunk and beat down "Colored People" with strong belifes that there land has been deprived from them. As the film starts it get's straight to the point really, the skinheads trap a group of Asian teenagers and badly beat them. Soon enough the Asain community decide that they simply wont take this abuse anymore so they decide to retaliate in an all-out war. The gang is led by "Hando" (Russel Crowe) and his best mate "Davey" (Daniel Pollock) is second in command. The two guys seem alot different from each other "Hando" is simply hard and insanely ruthless whilst "Davey" is alot more quiet and seemingly shook. "Hando" meets a woman named "Gabrielle"(Jacqueline McKenzie) who as we find out was sexuly abused by her dad and suffers from epilepsey, after meeting she immideately takes an interest in him. Soon enough "Gabe"(as the guys call her) joins the gang and follows them on their run for justice.

So as I was saying "Crowe" was great in this and from simply judging by what ive seen it's his best performence. He played such an evil,violent and overly ruthless character maybe even too convincingly. I'm sure I even forgot it was him halfway through, he was simply that great. "Jacaqueline Mckenzie" who i'd never even heard of really impressed me in this aswell as she played this somewhat troubled yet likeable person with so much depth and it was a great perfomence in my eyes. "Daniel Pollock" was very good he was prehaps the softest guy in the gang and he didn't really have to say it but you could tell from the start that he might be having second thoughts about this lifestyle and his portrayl here was convincing and simply very good.

From judging the overall plot one could easily assume that the film really has nothing more to it then violent racist acts but it's extremely well made and was indeed filmed for much more of a reason then offending those who see it. The film takes you through an in-depth and truly realistic journey into the lives of such people I for one learnt alot more about why these guys are such pricks it's not that I agree with there thoughts but atleast there motive kinda makes sense. Also it has alot to do with the effects this lifestyle can have on your family and friends, so it's actually quiet meaningfull overall and it was truly a powerful experience. The film also does more then many similar films would do and it truly takes it's time to get you to know these character's and you even start to feel empahy for several of them.

The movie would be way too much too stomach for some because if I told you it wasn't extremely violent and disturbing I would be missleading you. I would actually consider this an important film atleast for "Australia" and "Melborne" in particular because "Romper Stomper" might just be a movie but this is all based on real events and if you watch the film with an open enough mind you would indeed realise that it's more going against the skinheads then going with them. I enjoyed this film not because I like to see Asains heads getting bashed in or any violence for that matter but because I can appreciate it for what it was trying to do, well in my eyes what it did do. It's hard to reccomend it to everyone but all in all it's a very well-made film and would have to be among the best Aussie films ive ever seen. I can see a possible "A Clockwork Orange" influence within this film just think that without being set in the future and without the second half but likewise there's a message and it's a relatively forgotten about film that is without a doubt a classic for Aussie cinema...

Get Carter
Get Carter(1971)

"Get Carter" is a Crime/Thriller film noir from 1971 that was written and directed by "Mike Hodges" and starred "Micheal Caine" in his prime, it is considered a landmark for british cinema.

So anyway "Jack Carter"(Caine) played a ruthless London gangster who was orignaly from "Newcastle" and soon travels back after hearing some news of his brothers death. His brothers death was considered accedential but "Jack" is quiet certain there's more too it then that so the film follows the mans investigation through "Newcastle's" criminal underworld ofcourse in hopes that he will find and kill those responsible. Whilst in town he is ordered to leave by a mob boss, so ofcourse his prediciment is now more or less confirmed so now he evolves and begins his vengence so the film doesn't have much going for it plot-wise but this is a true thriller excecuted to the full extent.

"Micheal Caine" is an actor that has alot of devoted fans and I must say this is actually the first truly great performence ive seen from him and I hope to see more. Ive mainly seen him in his newer roles it seems nowadays he's on a whole lot of films randomly for ten minutes so it was hard for me to agree with his great status but after seeing "Get Carter" I must say I was highly impressed with his portrayl here. "Jack Carter" is just basicly the perfect character for this type of film, "Caines" performence was multi-layered as "Carter" he played a slick character and as the tension started evolving his emoitions went along with it he had a good sense of humor but was also very violent and intimadating whilst also happening to be very enjoyable to watch. He was completetly beleiveable and as the film went on I actually started rooting for his character I wanted him to find those responsible that's just how powerful he was.

The supporting cast was filled with character actors that are relatively unkown atleast to me but everyone did a truly tremendous job, the other gangsters in this film were just as ruthless as he was which made his mission an uneasy one and it makes the film all the more enjoyable. This is what I would call a true thriller and revenge flick which is clearly an influence on many films since and surely not just british films. I must admit that it took atleast twenty minutes before I found myself truly stuck into the film but once the tension picks up it doesn't fall it just keeps getting better as we learn more and more about this unsolved mystrey with many plot-turns that never fail to engage and trust me the ending doesn't dissapoint.

The quality of the film seemed as if it was kinda low budget which isn't a bad thing infact it added to the gritty realistic nature of the film and the direction was very detailed and just superb and I loved the score. There's not much else I even need to say here but this is just something all of you should see if you haven't yet it was very impressive and with which in my eye's is "Caines" best performence and easily a memorable one for the 70's, i'm glad I saw it...

Planet of the Apes

The orginal 1968 film "Planet Of the Apes" is a well-known cult-classic and seems to allmost never be cited as anything more then that. It was actually the release of this years "Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes" that made me wanna see this so I figured why not see this first and then go see the new one which looked absolutely brilliant on the trailer and it seems the reviews have been thankfully positive so far. I must say what I got from this wasn't really what I was expecting and that's in a good way, this film has been qouted through many different sources since it's release but somehow I never really did know what it was suppose to be about, the film is a masterpiece filled with substance and i'm sure it's actually gotten better with time. It's a true original and is one of the most highly imaginative and greatest sci-fi's ive ever seen.

It follows a man named "Taylor"(Carlton Heston) and three other fellow astronauts who as the film begins come out of hybernation when they soon realise that they have crashed on a distant planet. They escape and as they roam this mysterious planet they soon notice that theyre somewhere where Apes have actually come to learn how to speak and function overall just like humans whereas humans over there are exactly what animals once were. Soon after the men are spotted by the Apes "Taylor" is then captured and taken into there city or island, if so after doing damage to his throat so that he cannot communicate with the animals and funny thing is the apes seem to be calling humans the animals so throughout the film remains with an intruging premise with thought-provoking ideas that kept my eyes completely glued to the screen for the whole running time.

I actually found myself amazed by this film from the very first minute to the last, I feel that this was way ahead of it's time and I think if most of the critics that reviewed it when first came out would see it now and notice it's very influence and would see how well it's held-up. Everything from the performences,direction,screenplay and especially the score were so masterfuly excecuted "Charlton heston" gave a very electryfying, beleiveable and heartfelt perofrmence I can't think of a better lead and one of the apes was actually played flawlessly by the great "Kim Hunter".

All the make-up for the Apes was inceridible and well yea what's the purpose for any computer generated effects when you have great actors and make-up artists the Apes seemed so human in this the human-like characterisitcs is something you have to look closely for. "Franklin J. Schraffiner" excecuted his craft with strategicely detailed focus and captured the errie mood of the mysterious atmosphere very well I was just extremely impressed to say the least. The screenplay by "Micheal Wilson" was written with care and it seems as if every minute was given the deepest thought, there's a handful of memorable qoutes and even a speech that was sampled on the intro of one of my favoruite albums, now I know where it came from and the meaning for it becomes more clear. Now the score is hands down one of the best ive ever heard, the music was very well done it helped with great tension in the film it was also used later on in "Lost" if i'm not mistaken.

I don't need to say much more but all I can say is that this is truly an amazing film and i'm suprised it doesn't get as talked about as it really should there's not one one dull moment in this tension-filled though-provoking sci-fi masterpiece it just keeps becoming more intruging and has one of the most well-thoughout and jaw-dropping endings in cinematic history which is regarding history and possibilites that humans can't deny it's speaking for what mankind is all about and i'm sure I said that without giving away the very mystrey. These kind of sci-fi's are the best not the laser shooting action films but one that speaks for us as humans and one with as many ideas, and influence as this should not go out forgotten. There's some that would watch this and find it "boring" because it's not an "action-packed thrill-ride" and then there will be the open-mined film buffs like me that will appreciate the substance of the film and love it for the performence's and intelligant and unique storytelling, trust me this is one of cinemas most important films I couldn't stress the brilliance of it enough...

The Adjustment Bureau

"The Adjustment Bureau" is based on a short story by "Phillip K. Dick" writer of "Blade Runner" and is hopefully changed mostly by first time writer "George Nolfi" as this is not what you would expect from the writer of one of the greatest movies of all time. Id wanted to see this ever since I first heard of it from what I understand some people think this is somewhat good but I honestly thought it was crap in allmost every single way, I wouldn't go as far as saying it's the worst movie this year but it's surely one of them.

Well Congressman "David Norris"(Matt Damon) has a slight glimpse of the future fate has planned for him, and whilst not liking it he realizes he want's something different. He soon meets an attractive woman named "Elise Sellas"(Emily Blunt) who is a ballet dancer and he falls for her within about a second. Soon enough a group of random guys with round hats are on a mission to keep the two apart. these random guys, if you haven't allready figured out are ofcourse the mysterious "Adjusrment Bureau" who have the very power to prevent the relationship between "David" and Elise" to ever exist. They can freeze people and tell the furutre and a whole lot of other stupid things whenever they wear there hats. So now he can either risk fate to be with her or simply let her go. It's obvious what he wants and that's just as obvious as, well what happens...

You might find the subject matter intruging because when I read about it I kinda did too and if "Matt Damon" is the lead in something it usually is worth a watch. This movie really doesn't use any of it's ideas to the full extent and hardly pushes itself, it basicly has one idea and one that just can't be taken seriously the cast was full of atleast "good" actors but I couldn't help but laugh at them considering they actually seemed as if they were taking it all too seriously. So the screenplay was so poorly written it's one of the most repetitive uses of dialoge ive seen in recent memory it's like it's made for complete idiots. All that happens in the film is (Damon) being told over and over again that he can't be with her and he keeps mentioning how they never explain why and they just continue never explaining why and time randomly jumps foward three years without really building up and then soon 11 months more and it just goes on and on without really any use of creativity at all.

The more and more you find out about the "Bureau" the more worse the overall idea get's I mean is it just me or is the idea of guys wearing hats to be able to "do the impossible" an over the top and corny idea?. It's something i'd expect in a spoof not a film that's actually taking itself seriously. There's not really any action in it untill prehaps the end which isn't a bad thing a Sci-Fi that doesn't rely on action is usually really good but not when it's as dull and repetitive as this, since it lacked ideas it lacked my interest and the ideas it had were unbelieveabely over the top. Ofcourse films in such a genre are never particulay realisitc anyway but are usually more interesting then this atleast. Alot of the plot elements aren't even explained either like why do these guys that basicly control the whole world or city (it's never fully explained) spend all there time trying to mess up some random guys life and they devote there entire force over a period of three years just to keep him away from the lady?, like what makes this random guy so worth there time, there's something about them knowing his father but the subject of that never goes deep enough for us to care and seems like even the filmakers forgot they needed an explanation.

The uninventive script just makes the film seem too rushed to enjoy or appricate at all for that matter, there's some allright camerawork from this newcomer and the cast is likeable but that's because "Damon" is in the lead and "Blunt" and "Anthony Mackie" come next to also standing out but that doesn't help this highly flawed film. It's just laughable overall it has an uninteresting premise and a pay-off that makes it seem like such a waste of time, and it's one of those films that I watched hoping it would just end even before it reached the half-way line. If your looking for anything even remotely clever look away from "The Adjusment Bureau"...

Death of a Salesman

A made-for-television play adaption from "Arthur Miller" which revolves around a man named "William Loman"(Dustin Hoffman) who spent his working life as a stuggling travelling salesman. He comes home from a work trip one day alot earlier then expected because he is no longer able to drive so therfore can't particulay do his job. We are soon introduced to his son "Biff"(John Malkovich) who is as of now unemployed and was once working as a farmhand in the west and other son (Stephen Lang) who is somewhat of a stud and seems happy with life we don't know much else about him other then that though.

Because of "Willy's" health his wife "Linda"(Kate Reid) suggests that he asks his boss for the possibility of prehaps a office job. We soon learn some disturbing things about "Willy" suddenly on the first night of "Biff's" return we notice "Willy" talking to himself or imagined images of people (one being an old friend) and yes something is not quiet right here. The brothers are very worried and we find that "Biff" never really did get along with his father and now is making it a top priority to fix there relationship. To make things worse as "Willy" tries to get back to work atleast working an office job he is refused. The boys mom soon informs the guys that they have been suffering from financial issues and that there father has become suicidal. I won't give anything more plot-wise away but i'm sure you get the picture this is basicly about the overall character portrayl of "Willy" and his mental-state to his struggiling family trying to help him.

Over the few years of being a true film buff ive begun to think very highly of "Dustin Hoffman" he's one of my top 5 favourite actors as every character he plays is allways so on point and quiet unexpectedly I found this to be his greatest performence he's ever done. He was believeable in every aspect as this relatively old man that has become fed up with life and has completely lost touch with reality. His emotions are so beleiveable, in-depth and heart-felt there was nothing flawed about it as this somewhat insane guy he manged to mix deep emotions with the occasional flash of humor, just watch this film to see what I mean.

"John Malkovich" also gave prehaps his best performence just from what ive seen ofcourse which is not actually that much atleast compared to the amount ive seen "Hoffman" in. His character built-up tremendosly throughout he seemed allmost careless towards his father at first but as it went on his emotions kept evolving and he even had some great scenes going face to face with the one and only so I was extremely impressed with his performence aswell both were the very definiton of "oscar-worthy", it certinitely makes me wanna get up to date with more films starring "Malkovich".
"Stephen Lang" and "Kate Reid" both worked very well aswell to keep us as veiwiers engaged in this one of a kind powerful drama but all the praise goes to the two leading actors.

Honestly, what an unfairly underrated film indeed. I'd never even heard of it before renting it out yet it's a masterpiece. I mean I did find it in the "classic" section in my dvd rental store but i'm still suprised that not a single fellow film lover has told me about this because it's one of the greatest films ive seen in recent memory. All in all I have nothing to complain about I havent seen the actual play performed before but I could imagine this did a good job in honoring it because if it didn't it atleast did a great job in honoring the very art of cinema.

The direction from "Volker Schlondorf" was very impressive his amount of detail put into the characters and atmosphere was just amazing he managed to focus deep into the characters emotions and from this style we were able to feel tension straight from conflicts themselves. Very strategic indeed, the setting for this film was very well planned out during the film it actualy feels and looks like your really watching a play. It's a very sad film but the performences make it entertaining aswell as being well, very sad and overall it's just a beautiful film. Please take my word for it, this one is not worth missing...

To Catch a Thief

"To Catch A Thief" from 1955 was directed by "Alfred Hitchcock", written by "John Micheal Hayes" and starred "Cary Grant" and "Grace Kelly". If you hadn't allready guessed it this is indeed a Suspense film and from just seeing it today i'm quiet positive that it's one of "Hitchcock's" top 10 finest films (well atleast from what ive seen).

We are first introduced to a man named "John Robie" (Cary Grant) who was once a burglar who was known as "The Cat" (which if you didn't know means Jewlery burglar). Soon after a whole lot of jewelery is stolen from millionares that reside in "French Rivera", "John Robie" is without suprise the cops prime suspect. "John" tries his hardest to prove he's innocent he tells agent "HH. Hughson" that it must be a copycat commiting the burglaries and even offers to help with the investigation, requesting a list of posible suspects in the area. He meets "Jessie Stevens" who is one of the people on the list and her spoiled daughter "Frances Steven's"(Grace Kelly) ends up falling for him. "Jessie's" jewelries end up being robbed and "France's" blames "John", however her mother really doesn't agree she seems to like and trust "John" and soon helps him on his quest to catch the real theif...

The film, like any "Hitchcock" film completey sucks you in with large doses of suspense and whilst being similar to most of his films there's parts where it differed from alot of his movies. This is truly a great piece of cinema and completely proves exactly why "Hitchcock" is the one and only master of suspense it's not just the way he could engage his audiences the way he did but it's also the way he could tell a story so well and even make a story which seems so straight-foward seem that much more interesting. The mood of the film is mixed in many dimensions and it differs from his other films such as "Psycho" and "Rear Window" where it's a thriller but it's not taking itself as seriously, it was packed with plenty of comedy and romance making it a downright fun veiwing and unlike some of his films which kept the tension allmost completely flowing throughout this one had it's suspense going on and off but within reason. At points it would stray away from the seriousness of the subject matter and would give you some funny and random moments and give us as veiwers a brake just before it went back into the intense suspense, now this is extrmemly clever filmaking in my eyes.

The cast for the film was simply perfect "Cary Grant" graced us with his unforgettable screen presence and made himself highly likeable with his sense of humor and in-depth acting technique just like in "North By Northwest". "Grace Kelly" played the part of a spoiled rich girl quiet flawlessly and the chemistry between the two was just as good as anything you could ask for. The direction from "Hitchock" was, with no suprise completely masterful every shot alone seemed as if it were so strategically planned out before it was finally shot and it was way ahead of it's time. His unique style of intense detail from the way he excecuted the story through the characters and the atmosphere still can't exactly be matched. I felt the locations this movie was shot in suited the films mood so well and the cinematography made the scenery look spectacular, "Robert Burks" earned an oscar for best cinematography this particular year and from seeing this it's no suprise.

You have to really have a good eye for cinema to truly apperciate the film as much as it was clearly suppose to be as it's not really the overall stroy or conclusion to it that makes it great but it's how it was actually excecuted overall. It's the way the stories told more so then the "twist" ending being good well that's how I saw it anyway. You see the difference is it doesn't have the same amazing ending "Vertigo" does and if you were gonna compare it to "Hitchcock's" top 5 films it would fail highly in comparisson. I wouldn't say the ending was highly predictable but it wasn't very suprising either, if you follow?. If you were judging it from it's overall conclusion maybe you would be somewhat dissapointed but there's more to a film then story which some people don't seem to realise I mean the ending was brilliant it had the suprise factor then was mixed into a feel-good ending at the same time but still compared to a few of his other films it wouldn't come close. So all in all this is truly a must-see for all "Hitchcock" fans (which is hopefully all of us), he made some that were alot better but this is still closer to a masterpiece then many of todays films...

The Orphanage

Seeming as the vast majority of horror film's coming from what once was the country that mostly excelled at it "'America", are mostly all remakes/reboot's or un-original and just overall crappy horrors nowadays Foreign producer "Guillermo del Toro", Writer "Sergio G. Sanchez and Director "Juan Antonio Bayona" teamed up to make this fantastic modern-day take on the classic "Ghost Story". This is a wonderful film, as soon as I saw "Del toro" was part of this I knew it wasn't gonna dissapoint and seeming as I love horror I really needed to see one of the few highly acclaimed one's in recent years. It's not just a straight-up horror as it mixes it with Drama,Mystrey & Suspense and somewhat Fantasy.

So this basicly follows the story of a woman named "Laura" who was a former orphan. Her and her husband are raising adopted son "Simon" in the former orphange where "laura" grew up, "Simon" doesn't know he's an orphan at first but soon somehow finds out. We soon find that "Simon" has five imaginary friends or is actually seeing ghost's at first we aren't sure ofcourse she thinks the only explanation is the simple fact that it's all just products of the boys imaganation. "Laura" soon decides to reopen the orphanage to cater for disabled children so they soon throw a party. At the time of this party "Simon" is sure he see's something in a friends cabin and tries to get "Laura" to take a look but shes too busy and doesn't give it much thought. Later on that day she see's a boy wearing a mask and then realizes "Simon" has dissappeared. "Laura" soon feels the presence of other people in this house and obviously she's either dillusional from the obvious trauma of loosing her son or the answer is something else. After months of trying to come to terms with what's happened she finally decides to invite a team of parapsycholologists to help her to unravel this mystery. That's all i'll say but the film does indeed begin to engage you in suspense throughout and creates a very entertaining mystrey.

As far as horror goes all fans have seen plenty of them revolving around the subject matter being "Ghost's" it's hard to think another one can possibly be made, that's unless ofcourse it was put into the right hands. It indeed was, the film seemed similar to some of those i'd allready seen but still felt extrememly unique and it had some ideas of it's own and the story and the way it was executed was highly intruging it's truly a must-see for horror fans or well anyone looking for a spectacular piece of modern-day cinema. The film is very well directed the stratgeic controllive work of "Sergio G. Sanchez" fit's the mood of the film pefectely and alot of the story is told from pointers he's giving you. The cinematography was beatiful to look at and it created a very errie atmosphere. The performence's were solid by the whole cast but the most praise goes directely too the actreess who played "Laura"(Belen Rudea), she is belelivable in every aspect when trying to fight through the confusion and stress of solving this very mystrey, she played it so well that you were right there with her hoping his whereabouts would atleast be explained .

I wouldn't say this film scared me but it was highly entertaining and once the tension strated it didn't fail to continue to pick-up the film truly worked in the same way even some of the classic "Ghost" horrors did and even suprassed some of the most well-known ones. I must say whilst I did think this was fantastic and whilst I liked it alot I defintiely didn't think it was perfect and I had atleast a few problems with it. The thing with old-school aka the best horrors is they usually relied on nothing but pure suspense and the realistic portrayl of the characters to engae and scare us but while this did manage to pull that off it still seemed to display some of the new typical attributes found in modern-day horror which I hate. For example every horror scene seemed to have to have a loud musical-chord or just some loud bang of some sort which is suppose to give you a fright or make a certain scene scarier but to me that kinda ruins a scene and can make it just seem stupid I must say though there were some highly original horror scenes in here which i'm sure i'd never seen before and they are very inventive. So yea eventhough it brought me back memories of classic horror it was still packed with a few of the typical clitches found today but did manage to thankfully avoid most.

I must say the ending to this film was just spectacular and completely unexpected, very imaginative indeed I won't give it away ofcourse. But yea all in all I highly reccomend this one, a great horror of our time but just not on the very level of a masterpiece...

Transformers: Dark of the Moon

Does my rating seem to high, well before you see the film there's not really anyway you could determine that right?. Well I should start off by saying that unlike prehaps alot of you I actually liked the first "Transformers" film when I first saw it and still do, it's suppose to be entertaining and nothing more and that's what it is. However like any other respectable film buff I absolutely HATED the second one and it truly is one of the worst movies ive ever seen before. Now after the second one I thought that there was no way i'd be seeing the third film but the trailer was just very intruging, by watching the trailer the movie seemed so much less goofy and the whole subject with the "Moon" seemed interesting, or atleast more so then the second film so I made my mind up that I was gonna go and see this. Now "Micheal Bay" is defintiely not one of my favourite directors, don't get me mixed up I know about the art of cinema so I also am aware that you have to view certain films in certain ways and not over-analyze everything. Now I tend to go over the top when viewing alot of films but this time I thought allright this is an action film if it works as one then I shall review it like one.

I defintiely am aware that "Bay" is not a "master" filmaker but he's not "The Worst Of All Time" like so many people seem to say. I think he's made atleast a few worthy films before being the first "Transformers","The Rock" and now this. You may be quiet suprised but this is defintiely an entertaining action film but it's actually alot more well written then the other two, When compared to the second this would actually be great. Somehow this is one of 2011's best yet, obviously it's not a masterpiece but it basicly "is what it is".

Now I liked this film overall, unlike most of the modern day actions it managed to focus alot more on characterization and managed to make the story alot more interesting then you may expect. "Bay" was also alot more strategic with his direction this time around there wasn't much of his over the top fast direction, I mean like he controlled his atmosphere so much better. Alot of the action scenes were also shot into slow motion sequences and I must say it looked quite spectacular on the big screen and that's what these kind of movies are made for. Unlike the second one it actually wasn't just bang,bang,bang it was quite carefully constructed there wasn't even a massive action scene untill about the last 30 minutes. Ofcourse there was some throughout but "Bay" managed to balance it alot more this time and you were actually able to focus on what was happening in the fight scenes for once but all in all it still wasn't perfect.

Now that's the good attributes and there obviously has to be the bad. So whilst this is better then alot of modern actions it still has alot of the typical clitches like the usual steriotypical characters you would expect (A big scary looking dumb guy for instance). It defintiely borrows from alot of other action films, some scenes we have seen done just too much and instead of being original this does noticeably borrow. "Megan Fox" is gone but with no suprise "Sam" has a new girlfriend who looks really good but can't act at all, the good thing is that she has much less screen presence then "Fox" had so it doesn't matter too much. Now whilst it was more well-constructed then alot of new actions as I was saying it still did seem uneven in places and some of the scenes and overall characters were allmost completely ponitless. The film also suffered from length, this kind of film is just not made to be 2 and a half hours and at points I was wanting it to end it did seem to pick up every so often though. The ending also wasn't the most satisfying.

I'm not gonna say much else, I won't give the plot or anything away either but all i'll say is that the film is not great but is also nowhere near as bad as it could have been. "John Malkovich" and "Francis Mcdormand" actually starred in this with pretty small but good roles and I was actually quiet impressed with "Shia Lebouf" he acted more or less the same as he did before but in more dimensions then usual so the cast was likeable besides a few of the characters. You might avoid it for obvious reasons but you might be missing out on a good solid piece of entertainment. A good action which is not as over the top and cheesy as they usually are nowadays, not a perfect but an above average piece of entertainment. You may think i'm an idiot but I just tell it how I see it, it's as simple as that!!

Raising Arizona

It took me a few of "Joel & Ethan Coens" films before I finally found myself as an actual Coen's fan. Ive realised that everything they make (atleast from what ive seen) is usually highly original, except for "True Grit" ofcourse. Like prehaps all of there films this is definitely an aquired taste, it's strange like all of there movies and I can only really reccomend it to fans. "Nicolas Cage" has been one of my favourite actors since childhood but as ive got older ive begun to respect him as more then just an action hero because his performence's in films such as "Leaving Las Vegas" and "Matchstick Men" are two of the best performences ive ever seen. So ive allways wanted to see this film because of those reasons, great director and great actor (eventhough Cage is only great sometimes.) This is the bro's second film after the underrated masterpiece "Blood Simple" and after seeing this id say it's a very good film but not exactly a masterpiece. It's defintiely unique and original, however.

So this black comedy written by the Coen's follows the story of "H.I, McDonnough"(Cage), an Ex-con who winds up marrying an ex-cop "Ed"(Holly Hunter), they soon discover that they are unable to have a baby. So as they are desperate for one they decide to kidnap a baby from the set of quins of future tyconn Nathan "Arizona". His convict friends that escape from prison along with his boss and the "Lone Biker Of The Apocalypse" soon become involved in the many plot twists in the quest to own the baby.

The direction by "Joel Coen" was quiet impressive I must say, it's kinda hard to explain exactly what the hell he was doing but it was unique and it completely suited the films odd nature. The camera goes ridiculously fast and zooms in and out randomly and seems extremely over the top at times and makes some scenes seem a bit blurry like the long chase scene which is a great scene but over the top, however within reason fitting the mood of this absolutely random film. The cinematographer defintiely did the film justice too so overall I was mostly imprssed by "Joel's" unqiue and highly skillfull direction, but the bro's defintiely did get better as time went on.

"Cage" made (McDonnough) a very enjoyable character he was funny and extrmemely wacky in it. However, his performence wasn't one of his great ones, it just didn't seem very in-depth but it kinda seems like that was the point afterall it's hard to figure out exactly what the "Coen's" are actually trying to show us alot of the time. I felt the chemistry between him and "Hunter" wasn't overly realistic but prehaps there's no need to take that kind of thing seriously in a black comedy. The whole cast was indeed very good, everyone stood out in a different way and all brought a unique sense of humor which caused them to stick-out and everyone was atleast likeable.

"John Goodman" was defintiely the films next highlight after "Cage" he was hilarious as usual but his best work with the "Coen's" defintiely didn't show up untill "The Big Lebowski". I was also very impressed with "Sam McMurray" he was hilarious he basicly said joke after joke and none of the jokes were funny at all, they were some of the most ridiculously dry jokes you will ever be aware of but that's exactly what was funny about his character and what made him stick-out.

I can't really say much more about this all I can really say is the fact that if you like any of Joel & Ethan's films and still havent seen this I highly reccomend checking it out. The film is a good solid piece of entertainment the realitively simplistic story does continue to elevate into something more then you first think and the entertainment factor doesn't fall off at all. Overall it's defintiely not a masterpiece and is not among there very best work allthough it's actually entered number 5 of my top 5 favourites from them though but ive still gotta see a few more of there films. Anyway that's my take on the Coen's second film, please let me know your thoughts on this one...

The Maltese Falcon

After watching so many dissapointing new movies recentely I decided to go straight to which is prehaps my favourite section in my dvd rental store, the "Classic" section. I was certian that "The Maltese Falcon" wouldn't dissapoint, and I was completely right. This is a flawless film, the definition of a masterpiece anything below 100% would literally just be wrong. It ranks within the top 15 of Afi's list and they clearly got it right, this is highly regarded as the greatest "Crime" film ever made and I hate to jump on the Bandwagon straight away but in all honesty I can't think of a single crime movie that is even close to being as masterfully constructed as "The Maltese Falcon".

It's a fact that movies just aren't made on the level of gems like this anymore and also 70 or more years later only a few actors have actually been able to suprass "Bogart". The 1940's, a time when there was no fake special effects tension came from personal conflicts there was no need for explosions and over the top action the only effects you were witnessing and feeling was the emotions being spat at you by the actors heartfelt portrayls. This is actually the first film noir and well I say time has served it well it probably seems even better wathcing it in modern times as you can notice it's influence and i'm not even kidding when I tell you that "Humphrey Bogarts" performence in this could hardly be suprassed by anyone, I thought he was great in "Casablanca" and he was but his performence is even more in-depth and powerful in this one imo.

So the film which was written by "John Huston" follows the story of Detective "Sam Spade" (Humphrey Bogart) who soon looses his partner "Miles" who was killed whilst tailing a man. We learn that "Sam" never really did like "Miles" too much so this causes him to be a suspect and he is constantly bugged by police, however "Sam" seems to not be worrying and acts in a rather sarcastic manner towards the cops. A man named "Floyd Thursby" was also killed. "Brigid"(Mary Astor), the lady who asked "Miles" to follow the man seems to be a very suspicous character it seems she can hardly be trusted and is clearly not who she claims to be. "Sam" begins to suspect that "Brigid" has something to do with the one of a kind "Maltese Falcon" which is a gold statue of a falcon...

Now as I was saying before about the amazing performence by "Humphrey Bogart", his portrayl was mixed in many dimensions. From the first moment you see him he come's across as a bit of a cocky guy with a good sense of humor. This all results into his character being highly likeable and everytime he gets off-screen you want him back on. Halfway through the film leading to the end as the film builds up more tension and becomes more suspensful and intruging his character shows a more darker and serious side, it was a flawless performence he mixed so many emotions together and it all went together perfectely. Also from watching this film it's quiet obvious how influential his performence is in this, due to his unique facial expressions and the overall emotions he displayed. There was truly a great supporting cast here aswell including "Mary Astor,"Peter Lore","Sydney Greenstreet" and "Elisha Cook JR" and I have no complatins with anyone. Everyone did there part to stand-out but "Bogart" obviously dominated the film and deserves all of the praise.

The film will keep you engaged in suspense right up to the astonishing conclusion and feel good ending. Once the tension starts it never falls off it just keeps flowing through and the film is told in the most complex way which will keep you engaged and entertained throughout. Ive just seen one of the greatest movies of all time and ive just found a new instant favourite of mine, now I wanna see even more "Huston" films. This particular one was actually his debut and it was truly a sign of a great director the way he controlled the atmosphere to give you an in-depth insite of this mystrey was flawless.

Basicly this just can't be missed by anyone I reccomend this to all my fellow movie finatics on the highest possible level. Put it at the top of your to do list's if you havent allready had the pleasure of seeing it, you won't regret it!!

X-Men: First Class

Well i'll have to admit that i'm not an X-Men/Superhero/Comic fan at all, it might seem pointless that I even bothered seeing this but I had good enough reasons too. The only other X-Men film Ive seen is "Wolverine" which I thought was completely ridiculous but because most of the reviews from critics and fans were positive I thought i'd give this a shot. People were also saying that you didn't have to have seen any of the previous X-Men films to have liked or understood this since this is actually about the very begining of X-Men. Also since the conseneus and honestly everyone that reviewed this mentioned the "Strong script","Great acting from the whole cast", and "Great direction" I thought well maybe this actually is good, also none of this years films have been great anyway so i'm tryna atleast see the most highly acclaimed ones wheter they look like "my type of movie" or not.

I promise all of you that I went in as open-minded as possible I didn't wanna let my disliking towards superhero movies get in the way and I really tried my hardest not to over-analyze this film but there was so much wrong with this that I just couldn't help it. Maybe because I don't read comics and don't care about checking out the other X-Men films i'm wrong, you could argue with that simple fact but i'm just judging this from what I saw. There's alot to consider when determining a movies greatness and some of yall are rating it at masterpiece status and i'm shocked...

So yea anyway from what I gathered it follows a guy called "Xavier" who is one of a special few Half Humans(I guess) that has a special power. He basicly rounds up the other people with superpowers to join him as they form a team of superheros and ofcourse there's also the "bad ones" who want to bring the world too war. Everyone on here all has a specific specialty and all remain as human as possible untill they switch. Oh and it's set in the 60's with the whole cuban missile crisis scenario. I'm not gonna bother going any futher into plot explanations as everyone seems to have seen it anyway...

So your probably curious as to why ive given it such a harsh rating well basicly allmost everything I look for in a great movie just didn't even exsist within this movies essence. I felt that the whole first half hour of this film was just beyond cheesy and eventhough it got better it didn't save itself from being a bad film. The characters in this film came across as if they were being serious but too much of this is laughable whilst not intending to be. Besides prehaps three of the characters none of them were given enough to work with to even be worthy of any form of a mention at all. So much of them were just poorly used even some of them that had the most interesting powers just lacked any important part in the film and eventhough it didn't even interest me I was still hoping some of them would have done more all of this resulted into me not feeling anything for the actors and certinatly not in the reqiured scenes.

I actually understand why people claim there's a "stong script" here it was written in more dimensions then most of the films of the same kind but that fact caused the film to be filled with plot holes and some ridiculos flaws and just so many unessecary scenes that don't even seem relevant to the subject matter at all. I also felt that the ending we were waiting for was just to simple and that missile part is one of the most ridiculous scenes ive ever seen. It's a raer film which starts off really bad then halfway through allmost seems very good then towards the end it becomes very bad again lol, it seemed all over the place. I must admit that the story was quiet interesting but it just wasn't pulled off well enough I was just left unsatisfied as the movie ended after seeing this movie today i'm actually having trouble recalling enough of what happend to even go in-depth. I'll give it credit for not being as over-the top with action as most of the similar films are but instead of that they used over the top and unessecary slow motion sequenses and tired to drag it on with talky dialoge but with this type of film that just dosen't really work. I also felt that they were trying to hard to be like other films and is it just me or did "Kevin bacon" seem like he was more or less ripping off "Christoph Waltz" in Inglorious Basterds with his perfomrence?. I felt "James Macovy" was trying too hard to be emotional and he really wanted you to feel for his character but since the film couldn't be taken seriously he just seemed too over the top and annoying.

I really have nothing else to say but i'm very curious to know what I missed with this one...


Super 8
Super 8(2011)

Now the trailer for this film was quiet intruging, they wanted to not give anything away but the question is what was the point?, because honestly if your expecting the obvious here then your more or less expecting the truth. "Super 8" is not an original film, please ignore anyone that says that I do realise that it's near impossible to find anything original in modern cinema anyway but still one would want to atleast see something they hadn't seen before right?. Now I enjoyed this movie but from seeing it yesturday it doesn't even stick in my mind that much which I kinda realsied when I started preparing for this review and that's not really a good sign. I'm not kidding when I say that everything in this is recycled from films before it, you should be aware that it's a homage to the sci-fi classics from the 70's and 80's aswell as alot of the adventure films from those eras more so then anything else.

So it's basicly about a group of kids who make there own movies in there free-time. One night they decide to go to a railway station to make there B movie about zombies where they soon become the witnesses to a massive train crash which involves a pick-up truck driving directely into a train causing the train to completely blow to pieces. They manage to catch the wreck all on camera and soon after the crash objects that would most identify with Rubicks Cubes, only silver appear all over the place. They manage to espcape before anyone identify's with them, as the film goes on more and more clues start emerging and the kids still remain in silence to the public about all of this but what is it all to do with?...

Unlike most of the big blockbuster sci-fi films that are made nowadays this film tried it's hardest to create charcaters that we actually cared for and the perfomrences by atleast some were alot more in-depth then you might have expected. I'm not saying anyone was amazing or anything but it's still obvious that an effort was put in there, however out of all the characters on here it's only the main actor his dad, the girl he liked and her dad that we really know anything about so it kind of causes his mates to just be there for the sake of it and yea it's hard to really care about anyone else. Also whilst there actually is some relatively beleivable emotional moments all of it's been done before and the backstories into these circumstances are in every way predictable. On top of that a number of unrealistic and laughable intensis happen thoughout but i'll let you witness those happenings for yourself.

It seems that " J.J Abrams" wanted all the CGI/Action scenes to be the standout of the film but I must say that I was mostly enjoying the film through the slower parts and for the whole first half I thought the film was seeming great but as we get to about halfway everything good just falls flat. "Abrams" was obviously paying homage to the films that influenced him, particulay the Sci-Fi films from his proucer "Speilberg". Now there's nothing wrong with tributing but when your just taking ideas from every other film then how can your movie possibly be great?. Now as I was saying about he first half, it starts to actually be suspensful the tension begins to run smooth but falls flat and becomes dull once every single link-up is all too familair. Honestly i'm not sure whose gonna feel the same way about what the "intruging" story leads up to be I found it to be dissapointing overall.

I felt the very last scene of the film was pulled off very well, modern day special effects can actually look pretty spectacular when not overdone. But it's the build up to the last scene which sucked like the overall conclusion was the definiton of weak imo and it easily resembles another film which not even any critic seemed to have mentioned yet and just ask me if you want to know which film I mean. It's also filled with alot of plot holes, it's funny how many ive come up with after seeing the film yesturday. A minor effort and a good,NOT great film. Watch "Source Code" for a much better 2011 sci-fi...

Source Code
Source Code(2011)

"Source Code" is being called by many as the "Inception" of the year if i'm not mistaken and yea that's not because it's like it but it's infact because all fan's of the Sci-Fi/Action genre are gonna enjoy it then rave about it like it's greater then it actually is. So far the films this year have all been dissapointing in one way or another, none of them are great. Atleast from what ive seen, however this one here is up there with my favourites so far but all these people rating it at masterpiece status truly amaze me. The film succeeds on many levels but it also feels relatively empty at points I also thought that "Duncan Jones"(The same guy that directed "Moon" which is quiet easily one of the greatest Sci-Fi's of the decade) was slightly on the dissapointing side this time around. The reason being that "Moon" was what you would call a "real" Sci-Fi film it brought back memories of "2001: A Space Odyssey" not because it ripped it off or anything because, well it didn't but more so the fact that it brought so many unique ideas into modern filmaking that the film just had the ability to stun it's veiwers it's also highly underrated because it doesn't have enough commercial elements for most veiwers and it's not dumbed down enough for alot of people to understand.

Now whilst "Source Code" has it's ideas in order to create these idea's "Jones" seemed to have to borrow from such films as "12 Monkeys" and "Groundhog Day" in order to let his story work. I'm not saying that's a bad thing but I was reading reviews of people saying this was an original, mind-bending clever/great film and whatever else that when I finally saw it I was just wonderring how many Sci-Fi films those people had actually seen before. Alot of it seemed too familiar it did have ideas of it's own but it's a massive step-down from "Moon" and considering all the 90-100% reviews (which more or less everyone rated it at, I was hoping for another great sci-fi), But getting back to the subject on "Moon" which was like a breath of fresh air after seeing alot of average Sci-Fi films in this decade this film seemed like "Jones" wanting to make his film as commercial as he could. It makes sense though because his previous film was recieved well by critics but the modern day "pop-corn" movie goers would never understand it and would call it "boring". Source Code" was "Duncan Jones" waterd down I just hope that if he's gonna continue with the Sci-Fi's that he doesn't become money hungry enough to sell-out because he's really a promosing new name in film for all of us true film buffs but yea honestly this movie seemed like it could have given us alot more to go with and i'm sure when more and more people see it there will be more people that share a similar rating to mine. It's not that the film was a pop-corn film it was much more then that but it feels like "Jones" felt he couldn't make another film like "Moon" because once again he wont get noticed by most audiences but if he wants to go down as a great director, pleasing critics would be more important.

So if you still didn't know the film is about an American Army Helicopter pilot "Colter Steven's"(Jake Gyllenhaal) who as the film starts wakes up in a commuter train. He very soon realises that he's in the body of a man named "Sean Fentress". After 8 minutes the train then explodes and "Steven's" is sent to a pod, he then talks to a women that appares on a screen named "Goodwin"(Verga Farmiga)she tells him that he was on a mission and is gonna be sent back to find and stop the bomber so he's basicly created a new timeline where the diasater never happend. There are techincally two Colter Stevens, as the film goes on he actually finds himself falling for the girl that was with "Sean Fenteress" in the train (Michelle Monaghan).

Just so you know when your watching this film your actually watching the same eight minutes being repeated over and over again, however luckily enough it doesn't exactly come across as repitative as each time "Colter" goes back he's got all the memories from each previous visit into the time frame that the story keeps elevating and the premsie keeps building up and becoming more and more interesting. There's many clues along the way and it starts off to be quiet suspensful and the tension is tuly felt. I really have to mention the spectacular performence from "Jake Gyllenhaal" he made his character highly likeable and dominated the film he managed to mix elements of humor, and serious emotions in his perfomrence that you actually began to really care for his character as the film went on and you were there with him from the start hoping he was gonna succeed, it was in everyway an oscar worthy performence. Everyone did very well there wasn't particulay a bad performemnce on here but none of the others were oscar worthy, except possibly "Verga Farmiga" who I thought did very well there's some kinda tense emotional moments in here and her portrayl seemed quiet relaistic. "Jefferey Wright" who played "Dr. Ruteledge" did a good perfomrence and definitely suited this particular role, "Michelle Monaghan" was good and the chemestriy between her and "Jake" was quiet realistic overall. I also thought the cameo by "Russel Peters" was another highlight, really no complaints with the characters. "Duncan Jones" really comes across as a unique director, using alot of great camera shots at the correct times his controlling of this particular atmosphere was in every way good. The cinematographer did a great job in creating this somewhat of a different reality and the effects were thankfully used in a more approriate manner then midless action films nowadays they weren't over the top or anything which was obviosuly a plus.

Now as I was saying the film starts off being a good suspense all the clues seem to link up to the finale but I wasn't really satisfied when we find the bomber as I actually had allready guessed it towards the start. The story was written in a way to try and give us as many possibilites as possible and the premise more or less reamined intruging throughout allthough at points it seemed like it was dying off a bit and there's not really any suprise factor with the conclusion as they hardly even showed us much of the protaganist expect one little scene. It seemed like they tried to focus much on so many other aspects that when it finally got down to the conclusion it was suppose to amaze us but that didn't happen with me. I guess I was expecting the film to be somewhat more challenging and clever then it finally was. You see the thing is when I see a great film I feel a sense of greatness but this was at best a very good film but it just cant be a masterpiece because of it not bringing enough ideas of it's own and also seeming quiet dumbed down at points also as I was mentioning with the bomber scene it felt like it was becoming uneven before it picked up again. Like at first it seems extrememly clever but as we find out more about "Colter Stevens" and what's really going on the story starts to seem a bit stupid aswell as seeming good, if you follow. It's really nowhere near up there with the best sci-fi's ive seen, is it overrated?, not yet but people need to stop raving about it as if it's "Blade Runner". Overall, however I reccomend that everyone see's this it's one of the better 2011 films.

The Usual Suspects

"The Usual Suspects" (1995)...

A highly acclaimed and extremely popular film indeed, most of you would have seen it or atleast heard of it. What else?, most of you would like/love it. Now despite my rating I can understand why this would appeal to a large majority of film buffs and even to any "Popcorn" moviegoer. What's good about the film is the fact that it's an easy one to reccomend to anyone but ive seen this film twice now and I just dissagree that it's the "Great Classic" people make it out to be. Your suprised with the review allready right?, well what can I say I just tell it how I see it. This film is currentely number "25" on Imbd's top 250 and I just cant take that list which is only based on popularity more so then the actual quality of the films very seriouisly at all. I despise that list, well it's order atleast it has most of the worthy films on there but yea the order is crap. Now I don't exactly hate this film but in my eyes it's "One Of The Most Overrated Movies Of All Time". I'm gonna be writing alot to give you my most in-depth analysis so I hope you read the whole thing and take my thoughts into consideration and then argue if you please, ive come prepared though....

So Anyway first things first...New York Police are investigating an exploded boat when they soon discover $91 million worth of drug money and 27 burnt bodies. There's only two surviors which include Verbal Kint(Kevin Spacey) a crippled con man and a serverely burned Hungarian terriost. Since Kint is the only stable, well perhaps only semi stable person left he is now pressured into explaining everything that happend on that boat. Now the film goes back six weeks earlier with a good and so far a promising scene with five criminals including an overall good cast of "Gabriel Bryne","Stephen Baldwin","Kevin Pollak","Benico Del Toro" and as I allready mentioned clearly "Kevin Spacey", being put into a line-up with police desperate to find suspects of a hijacked truck and soon we are left with a possible idenification of the protagonist. As the film goes on the wounded terriost utters the words "Keyzer Soze", i'll stop there...

The first time I watched this it seemed like a trashy film upon re-watching it the film seems better then it did at first but still not great I have many issues with it. Since there's more bad to say then good i'll have to start out with the few good attributes first. Now "Kevin Spacey" won an oscar for best actor in 1995 for this and upon my re-watch it makes more sense as to why I mean he was playing a cripple quiet flawlessly and it was obvious alot of hard work was put into his performence and he clearly cared about the film enough to give it his all and it was perhaps a deserving win allthough I can't remember who he was going up against. Besides him the whole cast was likeable and good enough some better and worser then others but yes overall solid perfomences from all but other then Spacey nothing particulay oscar worthy and it will take up to much time going through everyone else. There were some realatively well-done shooting sequences like the elevator scene in particular deserves quiet a bit of praise, nothing particulay bad to say about the direction either allthough the quality of the film seems like CSI and this film was prehaps an infulence on stupid stuff like that, but I cant say that's saying an awful lot.

I honestly found this movie to be uninteresting and dull yes i'm using the word dull to describe it and it was also predictable beyond words. When a films ending is predictable it's only sometimes a bad thing what makes it worse is when the film tries it's hardest to give you the illusion that it's more clever then it really is and when a film tries it's hardest to play with your mind as much as they can just so you can't fully determine the ending makes it laughable and overall bad. Now I guessed the ending as soon as the name Keyzer Soze was uttered(and they must have said those words about 10000 times in the film lol) because something just fully gave it away and well to fully describe this id need to jot down some spoilers, if you havent seen the film then stop here but I must say it's still worth a look due to it's acclaim but to everyone whose seen it here's my overall reasoning...


Now is it just me or is it just beyond obvious who Keyzer Soze is?, I just knew that it would be the guy that was being focussed on the most and the odd one out also as soon as the names uttered the next scene shows his face straight away and then from then on he acts more and more suspicious especially everytime his names mentioned. There's no way that was suspenful when it's to easy to guess and this thriller held no tension at all, all I had to do was actually wait for it to happen whilst sitting through this dull and predictable thriller that seemed like something id seen before somehow. Allthough the performences were relatively good the characters didn't do enough to interest me as none of them really got enough screen-time or better yet enough dialoge to work with to actually catch my interest and after they were introduced all but "Soze" is then more or less out of the picture. Since I guessed the ending so quickly it was like torture waiting for it and it was worse actually being right about it all along too.

I give the film 50% for having enough good about it not to get a ridiculously low score but is this film good in my opnion? No. Also when "Kint" was breaking down his final despcription of what happend and it was actually showing us "Dean" actually commiting the murders that "Kint" claimed he did eventhough he didn't was just the cheapest way to try and confuse us into not considering the obvious. Whilst I relaise it was showing us just because "Kint" was saying it was the truth and it was just a visual description of what he was saying whilst not meaning it was actually true was just to make the "Twist" seem better then it actually was when it finally came. Now when the obvious twist comes all I thought was well yea that's what I thought anyway and overall the writers didn't give us much of a plot to go with anyway which is why it was so predictable and then the twist on top of a twist fails to amaze aswell as it was just cheesy and laughable whilst intended to be serious. It all did flow together quiet smoothly overall but there just wasn't enough there I understand someone liking it but how can someone call this a masterpiece?. Maybe it was better when it came out but it doesn't hold up well and what's funnier is the fact that there's similar films made 50 years ago that hold up more so don't give me the excuse that it was good for it's time becuase it aint good for anytime imo...



Well that's what I remember thinking when I first saw it, which was pretty much when it first came out. It's funny how tastes change as we get older well atleast for us film fanatics, the words movie and "boring" are hardly even said by me in a sentence anymore as I have a deeper understanding of cinema then I once did. This film is prehaps a slow one but not a boring one it's a heavily suspenseful film from the mind of "M Night Shyamalan". It's funny how laughable that term is now ,when we see that on a trailer nowadays it's became a phrase for a film to never watch. But "Signs" is a true reminder that "M Night" once actually did write some inventive films and actually did bring the world a few clever thrillers being "The Sixth Sense","Unberakable" and this which could arguably even be great.

So anyway "Shyamalan's" 2002 Sci-Fi/Thriller film "Signs" follows the story of a priest "Reverand Graham Hess" (Mel Gibson) from bucks County,Pennsylvania who had recentely lost his wife in a traffic accident. "Grahman" soon after denounced his faith and vocation to work full time on his farm. With the help of his younger brother "Merrill" (Joaquin Phoenix) they both look after "Graham's" kids, asthmatic son "Morgan" and daughter "Bo", who seems to think all the water she drinks is contaminated. Several months after the accident the family finds that Crop circles have emerged in "Grahamn's" corn feild. At first they don't believe it as you would expect, it all seems like it's most probably just a hoax but as the film goes on...

No need for any more plot detail but i'm sure you get the point. Now this film succeded on many levels and it's just a shame that "M Night" fell off so bad because this is a Sci-fi-Thriller which is suspensful and just downright interesting and inventive. I was really impressed with the performences on here most noteably from "Mel Gibson", everything about his portrayl was realisitc especially considering the circumstances in which he was facing(His best performence, atleast from what ive seen). "Joaquin Pheonix" was also very good the chemistry between the two was just flawless and it couldn't have featured a better two leads. The two kids played by "Rory Culkin" and "Abigail Breslin" were both very good for there age, the man "M Night" himself also had a small cameo and it wasn't a bad performence at all.

By all mean's say all you want about the guy that brought us "The Happening" and "lady in the Water" but there's one fact that you just can't deny. When it comes to overall directional skills alone, "M Night" is pretty good it just depends on the films script and characters wheter it's gonna matter or not. He was good with the camera I liked the way he controlled his atmosphere and the use of the correct camera angels were all used at the right moment, there's an obvious "Hitchcock" influence here and ofcourse "Night" is nothing in comparrison he was still able to keep the tension flowing throughout even in some of the slower scenes, in the same sort of way Hitchcock did but clearly not as great. Another obvious influence is "Speilberg" and his film "Close Encounters Of The Third Kind", which is easily what this film is most similar too. It's the same sort of way where there's signs of the presence of extra terristrial life on planet earth and by all means he's not copying these guys but more so paying homage to them whilst writing his own story and being creative with his own mind kinda like how "De Palma" used to tribute "Hitchcock" and I think it's unfair to call it copying.

Unlike prehaps most of this guys films I actually do reccomend it and I do think it's very,very good. Not perfect, not flawless but you may find yourself really enjoying this. It's one for allmost anyone whilst mainly being a Sci-Fi and a "Thriller" there's even elements of "Horror" here, i'm not sure if i'd classify it as a horror though but there are some noticable elements like a few jump scene's and the suspense operates alot like a horror alot of it is actually pretty creepy aswell. This film manages to not fail in suspense once it starts and there's some solid build-ups particually towards the end. I must say though personally I found the ending to be somewhat satisfying whilst also being somewhat dissapointing. I just feel that they made a bit of a mistake and giving it away would ruin it for anyone who hasn't seen it but there's something they managed to do with the story throughout and if they kept it that way and didn't overdo it the film could have been even better, if you have seen the film you might allready guess what I wanted to say...

The Elephant Man

"The Elephant Man" is simply a spectacular film, and is one that had been on my "To Do" list probably since I first made it. Luckily I managed to catch it on T.V just today after not being able to find it at my rental store and I must say it truly does live up to the hype. Anyway if you didn't allready know this is a drama film from 1980 that was directed by "David Lynch" and starred "Anthony Hopkins" and John Hurt" in one of each great actors finest performences.

So if you didn't allready know this is based on a true story about "Joseph Merrick/The Elephant Man" (John Hurt), who was an Englishman affected by a very raer disfiguring congenital disease and was truly hideously deformed beyond words. He was first "looked after" by his owner "Mr. Bytes", played by (Freddie Jones), who serverly beat him and just treated him like a complete animal. "Dr. Frederick Treves (Anthony Hopkins) pays "Mr. Bytes" to examine him or it. So now with the proffesional help of the doctor, "Merrick" begins to regain all the dignity that was taken away from him after spending many abusive years as a side-show freak. "Dr. Frederick", helps him to talk and pretty much do all things that everday humans do.

The overall story to this film may seem relatively simplistic but the overall cleverness of the script from "Eric Bergen","Christopher DeVore" and the man "David Lynch" himself is all thought-out and put together masterfuly. It's very easy to follow but is truly written out in a complex way due to the changes in emotions we as veiwers feel throughout. Ofcourse the film is gonna need some great character devolpment and a cast that is truly solid all-round and yea this did it. Everyone was truly on there A game and most noticeably "Hopkins" and "Hurt" and as I pointed out this would have to be one of eaches greatest performences and as for Hopkins, quiet easily his best after Silence. The cinematography was great I felt that the black and white filming really suited this story they were portraying, Lynch is also obviously a master with the camera and did what us veiwiers would have wanted.

I think what mostly suprised me about this wonderful film was how emotionaly gripping it actually turned out to be, I wasn't expecting that because the other "Lynch" films ive seen are allmost comlpletely different from this. I managed to care so much about the title character and the man that was helping him out because the chemistry displayed between the two of them was masterful. Your there with "Merrick" from the start well at first I kinda thought yea look at that strange looking thing but as the film goes on your eyes are just glued to the screen, you beleive "Frederick" wants to help him as soon as you see him as he is portayed as such a kind man and whilst the rest of the town is freaked out by "The Elephant Man" he can see that he truly is just another human who needs to be taught a few things and he wont stop at anything honestly this film was very sad and really amazed me with it's emotional level.

I really feel that I shouldn't give anything more away and there's nothing else I really need to say but take my word for it this is one of "the greatest movies of all time", somewhere in any respectable top 100 (one of which is mine that's in the works). It's too bad "Hurt" had to go up against "De Niro" for "Raging Bull" but truly you will be amazed by his performence in this not something that's easy to pull off. This just makes me want to get more up to date with "Lynch" ive seen three of his films so far and I would say this is his second best after "Mullholland Drive" but it's a close call it's defintiely alot better then "Blue Velvet". If your not emotionally moved by this film then honestly, you don't know as much about film as you may think.


Edward Scissorhands

This is one of the strangest movies ever made and by all means that doesnt mean it's bad but just different. "Edward Scissorhands" is one of the most famous and popular movies of all time as far as im concerned, and well by all means I clearly understand why. This is also the first collabaration between "Tim Burton and "Johnny Depp" but in my opinion is just the begining of greater films to come from those two. I only just saw this for the first time im not sure why it took me so long to see it especially when I think as highly of "Depp" as I do he's one of the most versatile actors there is and "Burton" usually allways makes good movies. I honestly must say though that after just watching this I thought it was a good film but not as perfect as some tend to say.

It seems like people tend to not even notice everything that's wrong with this because theyre to focused on the spectacular Cinematography and direction alike. You pretty much will never forget this movie after you see it but that's because of the brilliant scenery like I said great cinematography but you see the problem is it's mainly good becuase of that and Burton's direction and more so then the actual writing of the characters and bad parts of the plot which is where this fails at and that's never a good thing. There's alot to like about this movie but also alot that I just thought made it feel flawed I kinda had an empty feeling at the ending something as interesting as this could have had so much more to offer. I just felt that I saw something good that I did enjoy but there was no feeling of greatness and thinking back this film had good ideas but only up to a certian point it seems the writers ran out of ideas and just got repetitive.

Anyway first things first before I lay down all the problems with it I'll have to explain to you the plot so if you didn't actually allready know this movie follows the story of "Edward" who is a near-complete human who lives in a castle up on a hill. He was created by in inventor (Vinect Price haha), who unfortunately died whilst in the process of creating him so therfore "Edward" was left with scissors for hands. Ever since the passing of his inventor, "Edward" had been living alone in the castle untill one day the local Avon repersentative "Pegg" discovers him and invites him to come and stay at her home with her husband and daughter. Edward is now accepted into society and takes up an interest of cutting hedges and hair he becomes rather popular with the neighbourhood but...ill leave it at that obviously dont wanna give everything away.

Now getting back to my point about the writing of the characters the title character was the most well-written which is how it should be but besides him the only character that was even interesting at all and the only other actor that even seemed like they were trying to make the movie work was "Wyona Rider" who played the daughter of "Pegg" she began showing how much she did care for "Edward" and the chemestriy between the two was well done. Now as for every other character besides the two I mentioned they were all so dull and uninteresting infact the performences by everyone else was ridculously bad im not even gonna name the rest of the cast because I dont even no who they are and I didn't care about them and they didn't seem as if they even cared about the movie. I mean "Pegg" the one that brought him in doesn't let you know why, she was just a one dimensional characer same goes for the husband and I cant remember any of the other people no emotional depth went into any of them except once again Depp and Rider.

Another thing you have to consider is aint it just strange that "Pegg" would have invited "Edward" to the house in the first place?, I mean hes a creepy looking guy that actually has Scissors for hands and the whole neighbourhood seems to think it's quiet normal in reality this just wouldn't happen. Maybe I shouln't look at it that way but this is set in the real world. Also why is the street so flawless? lol it looks like a painting or something there's not a street in the world that could look as ammaculate as that. I do realise that with all these problems it seems like im saying the film aint good but no I do think it's good just not perfect it was a hard one to rate for some reason even kinda hard to review for a reason I cant seem to expalin.

But yes this is an original film it's quiet entertaining for the most part I thought alot of it was funny Depp plays the part well. It does kinda begin to repeat the same sort of joke as it goes on and defintiely runs out of ideas but it's far from horrible. As you can see I might be a little bit more on the negative then positive side of this one but it's more so the fact that it had potential to be greater then it was the plot was definitely alot more simple then I expected but it is very well-made but poorly acted by most of the cast but the cinematography and directon is spectacular and the big highlight of it all. Really not a bad film but not a great one either It's defintiely a must-see, most do seem to think more of it then I do anyway. I think I summed it up the best way I could...

Night of the Living Dead

Well it's a well known fact among horror fans that remakes of horror classics are allmost never good and usually turn out to be completely unwatchable. I'm really not a fan of remakes ive allways thought they were just pointless well maybe under certain circumstances they could be necessary like if the film that they were remaking was a crap film with potential, like if something had a very interesting story and didn't excecute it well then it would be understandble to remake it. But here I get to my point if a film is regarded a classic or even a masterpiece then why would you remake it? just leave it as it is allmost every horror classic has been remade even "Psycho" I mean wow that's just ridiculous.

George A. Romero was actually part of this film here which could be the reason that it wasn't anywhere near as bad as some other horror remakes like for example the remake to "A Nightmare On Elm Street" is one of the worst horrors of all time and is my personal most hated remake and "Craven" had nothing to do with it. It seems because of Romero this film managed to be better then most remakes. But there's a big problem with this it actually seemed dull and boring most of the time I dont really see a point in it since it was hardly any different then the first they repeated most of the scenes and none were done better this time around. Alot of the scenes that were unforgettably creepy were pulled off in such a dull way in this film and the zombies are nowhere near as creepy the film is also not the least bit scary more laughable then anything.

The change they made to this was that they left alot of the
social and economic undertones that the first had out but something that was so great and memorable about the first was exactly that. The acting in this one by the two main characters was not particulay good but might actually be slightly better then on the first which had some ridiculously corny acting but the people portraying the zombies on this were a joke comperad to the original. It was directed by "Tom Savini" who appared in a whole lot of cameos in horror films and was actually in "Romero's" "Dawn of The Dead" which is quiet interesting.

It might seem pointless to review this since the fact that it wasn't as good as the original probably seems obvious but this is actually well known to be a "Remake that's actually good" but i'm curious to know why, it's nothing but another remake to me. It did start off quiet intersting but kept decreasing in quality as it kept going on a very boring and uninteresting film which is however more tolarable then a number of remakes but that doesn't change the fact that it sucks. Once again what's the point in remaking classics?

Donnie Brasco

"Donnie Brasco" is a crime film from 1997 that was directed by "Luke Newell", written by "Paul Attansio" and stars "Al Pacino",Johnny Depp","Micehal Madsen" and "Anne Heche".

It's based on a true story that's about FBI agent "Joe Pistone"(Depp), who went undercover and infiltrated the New York mafia. He soon meets "Lefty Ruggiero"(Pacino), and "Pistone"( who is now going by "Donnie Brasco") is soon able to embed himself in a mafia faction lead by "Sonny Black"(Madsen). "Pistone" and "Ruggiero" become tight as the group goes about collecting cash for the bosses. The group soon becomes big time when "Black" becomes a boss, so in the meantime "pistone" is collecting as much evidence as he can get his hands on. All this undercover work soon becomes too much for "Pistone to handle, his marriage falls apart and the mafia soon suspect a mole in this whole organization. The real dilemma is afforded to Pistone, and he becomes aware that if he walks away from the mafia, Ruggiero will be the one punished.

The performences in this film are very strong well most noteably from Pacino and Depp who are two great actors you can definitely allways rely on but yea they definitely gave this film there all. I would say it's one of Depp's greatest performences and also one of "Pacino's". The chemeisrty between the two is very well done they are just straight up beliveable as the film goes on you can really see "Depp's" character devolping he starts to completely act like a mobster and it soon becomes apparent that he actually begins to care for his mafia friends especially "Lefty" which ofcourse makes his job alot harder then he may have expected.

"Pacino" is obviously good at playing a gangster and in this film he's playing a different character from what he did in The Godfather series" or "Scarface" this time he's not the big boss he's an aging mobster who brags about how he keeps getting stepped on by all the younger mobsters and he's ofcourse tired of this. He was just simply overly believable like the way he talked acted and reacted at points like one of his most memorable scenes is in this film you will have to watch to no what I mean. The performences were relatively good from all but the two leads ripped it apart and deserve all the praise.

This film aint one of the greatest and there's many crime films and especially many mob films that are alot better then this but for what this is it's very good and worth a look. It's not so much a violent gangster film but more so a drama that goes deep inside the thoughts and personal conflict's of the characters in the story. There's a great original score from "Patrick Doyle" here and it fits the mood of the film quiet perfectely. How great would it have been without the performences? I cant say but the cast was chosen perfectely and everyone involved clearly had a heart for this and made it quiet apparent then all worked hard to bring all fans of Crime/Drama or Gangster films a brilliant one. That's about all I need to say but really take my word this is a spectacular film overall.

Heavenly Creatures

Before the "Lord Of The Rings Trilogy" and "King Kong", "Peter Jackson" directed some realatively different films then the big blockbuster actions. He was originaly a cult-horror director and he even made this top-notch thriller titled "Heveanly Creatures". I just randomly came across this one in the "NZ Film" section at my dvd rental store and I dont think id actually heard of it before and im glad I saw it because it's actually one of the best films ive seen from my country, if you didn't allready know im indeed from "New Zealand" and proud to be one of the few active members here on RT. This is rated quiet highly by critic's but is still kinda underrated i'm sure alot of people wouldn't have even heard of it but please take my word for it this is worth a watch it blends Thriller/Drama/Romance and Sci-Fi alltogether very well in this unique one of a kind film, It's actually my favourite movie from Jackson.

So anyway it's based on a shocking true story about two tennage girls "Pauline Parker" and "Juliet Hulme" from "Chirstchurch/New Zealand" who meet at high school during the 1950's. They pretty much become best friends instantly, they proceeded to spend every minute possible together. They share a love of fantasy and literature and begin writing about a fantasy land of their own invention. As they begin to become more and more estranged from their familes, they realise just how different they are from the rest of society. The girls familes are very concerened about there freindship and Paulines mother tries to do the best she can to end the girls intense and obssesive realtionship. The girls are sure to take any step to ensure they are not seperated, i'll stop there...

This film is extremely clever even more so then I was expecting it manages to switch between genres, it begins as a charming happy stroy about two best friends living a seemingly happy life into suddenly switching into a terrifying allmost pyschological thriller. The whole mood of the film changes and is all pieced together in a flawless way, the direction from "Jackson" was just superb it matched the tone of this film well and the script was very well written which was written by "Peter Jackson" and "Fran Walsh", who also worked together for the Screenplay of "LOTR".

As the film goes on you really do get a good glimpse of the changes in character of the two girls "Pauline" is played by "Melanie Lynskey" and "Juliet" by "Kate Winslet" (and this is her acting debut, and like her future performences she was great). You really do see that they find there fantasy much more fulfilling then what's going on in reality they just want to get out of the real world and escape to a place which in there eyes would be perfect. They defintiely do take everything more seriously then they should and this movie becomes an entertaining watch for the performences,direction and some great visual effects which gives you a glimpse of there imagined life. It somehow manages to be an extrememly disturbing and haunting film whilst also just being a plain beatiful film due to the brilliant cinematography the whole look of "Christchurch" is just brilliant sceneray to look at alone.

I'm not gonna say anything more or give anything more away but this truly is a must-see for all you real movie buffs the definition of a great film, take my word for it!!

The Brood
The Brood(1979)

"The Brood" is a film that's been on my to do list ever since I made it and i'm glad I finally stumbled upon it at my dvd rental store. Now ive started to think very highly of "David Cronenberg" recentely, I havent seen more then five of his films but I liked all that ive seen except for one of them (which was "Scanners", i'm wanting to give it a re-watch at some stage though). Anyway I just love it when I watch a "REAL" horror because it reminds me why I love the genre so much it's no secret that there are more bad films in horror then allmost every other genre but if you love the genre you know when youve seen a great one and this right here is undoubtably a great horror in every way, and the greatest ive rented out in months or even longer.

So this is a very disturbing and relatively creepy horror film you will either like the subject matter or it will just put you off from proceeding. This is a hard film to actually review i'll admit but I wanted to reccomend it I dunno it just managed to make me feel different emotions throughout it was very well put-together, it had a good share of drama and some parts seemed allmost depressing and it had a brilliant amount of horror and gore. Alot of the horror scenes came when you least expected it and each horror scene was superbly pulled off like alot of these scenes are just unforgettable due to there shock value and originality there's not even another horror quiet like this. This is a very thought provoking one too which is something I wasn't even expecting.

So basicly a man's wife is under the care of a psychologist "Dr. Hal Raglan", (Oliver Reed) who uses innovative and theratrical techniques to breach the psychological blocks in all his patients. His daughter had came back from visiting her mother "Nola Carveth", (Samantha Eggar) and is covered with welts and bruises, the girls father "Frank Carveth", (Art Hindle) tries an attempt at keeping his wife from seeing the daughter but now faces resistance from the extremely secretive psychologist. Meanwhile, the wifes mother and father are soon attacked by a swarn of deformed children, and now the father begins to suspect some sort of connection with the psychologitsts methods.

Now a couple of the performences in here were quiet impressive the two that really stuck out and did the best job were "Oliver Reed" and "Samantha Eggar" now horror's don't allways have in-depth performences but this is indeed an exception the two were flawlessly believeable. Besides those two everyone did what they had to do but you would probably forget what they even looked like after a month from watching it lol, actually "Art Hindle" was allrgiht aswell but the other two outshined him. The creepy little kids managed to stick out there's no way you wont remember those little creatures after seeing this they were freaky as hell and alot of the horror scenes in here are bound to be remembered in horror as some of the best, im not kidding.

Alot of high praise for an 80% yea I know but really there still are plenty of horrors that are overall better then this and I pretty much compare all films from each genre. I really did enjoy this but I felt like it could have even offered more I mean the ending was good and ive noticed with every great horror film they allways pull off an unforgetable ending I actually did feel however that the ending was not the best part of the film. This also seemed a bit too short like I wanted it to keep going, also despite the great horror scenes it could have done just a bit more it was kinda scary but a bit more creepy and just creepy I did watch it in broad daylight though and I kinda wished I didn't. It had an extremely slow start however I wouldn't exactly say I was bored but I was close to it allthough when it picks up it REALLY picks up and the tension doesn't die off after it starts. Anyway this is one for every horror fan to watch only really for horror fans though. You may like it as much or more then me or you might not like it very much at all which is something ive noticed with alot of people so really this is even slighty underrated, prehaps missunderstood I don't see how it could be rotten. It's a good time like I said at the start a REAL horror watch it!!

Dirty Harry
Dirty Harry(1971)

Dirty Harry is a classic Action/Thriller Cop film which was directed by Don Sigel and stars Clint Eastwood.

Dirty Harry Callahan is a hard and ruthless cop of San Francisco's police force. He doesn't get along with anyone and aint scared of anything. A Ruthless serial killer is on the loose and has alot of demands and if he doesnt get them more and more people will get killed in the city. The killer knows his rights and uses them to try and get away with murder and make the police seem like the criminals. The tables get turned on Harry. Now he must stop this guy at whatever cost.

This is a very orginal film it has some of the most famous qouets in all of flim history and has one of Clint Eastwood's best roles, it's my personal favourite role of his. This is more then just another typical cop film it shows the way that criminals can sometimes be set free from being given too many rights. Harry Callahan will do whatever he can to prevent this. Alot of films have taken so many ideas from this film like with similar stories and very fimiliar scenes this is a true orginal and is one of the greatest action films ever made. Watch it!!

Wes Craven's New Nightmare

Wes Cravens New Nightmare is the final sequel of the Nightmare On Elm Street Series and is the only other one that was written and directed by Wes Craven other then the first. It was released in 1994 which was 10 years after the original.

Freddy Krueger is alot more serious and scarier in this film, not as cocky as before. Has a few jokes up his sleeve but is alot more evil and not as corny as before. Allthough most of the acting from the rest of the cast is corny as hell, but then again the original elm street was actually pretty corny but it never brang it down. Like the first and third Wes Craven's New Nightmare brings us something highly original. Im sill not sure why people say this is the only good sequel though if you havent seen the Third sequel titled "Dream Warriors" you really need to check it out too, along with this that and the first they are the only three Nightmare films worth watching.

Anyway the story to this pretty much makes for a whole new movie itself it's allmost like this is the exact sequel to the first and the others should just be forgotten about allthough like i said the third is actually extremely good aswell but the others can suck it. I found the story to be pretty dam clever, Craven randomly reinvented the slasher genre with the masterpiece "A Nightmare On Elm Street" in 1984 and it's no suprise that he came back 10 years later with a sequel that is again highly original and clever like the first, allthough in my opinion not quiet as great. I can see why he made this "The Final Nightmre" which was suppose to be the end of freddy was a very uinventive and dull way to finish one of the most famous horror franchises. So yea New Nightmare is basicly a movie within a movie. Heather Langenkamp(Nancy)is playing herself in real life as an actress there's also some of the other cast from the orginal playing themselves Robert Englud "Freddy Kruger" is on there as himself and Freddy. Wes Craven also has a role on it. It's fantastic.

Heather Langenkamp is being scared by a voice on a phone, which sounds extremely similar to the villan Freddy Kruger from the films. When Heather's husband is killed in a car crash and is found with slash marks on him similar to those on the films. Heather starts to wonder something. Especially when she discovers that Wes Craven is working on a script for another "Nightmare On Elm Street" movie. She Soon realizes that Freddy has now entered the real world, and the only way to defeat him is to play the character of Nancy Thompson once last time.

Im not gonna give anymore away but it's highly orginal and is an honarable sequel, the story to it is clever. I still dont like it anywhere near as much as i like the first. I felt that it started off a bit slow but once it gets into it you will love it, i highly reccomend it too every horror fan, especially if your a fan of the original you will enjoy this it packs a clever twist at the end just like the first and has alot of great horror scenes and a creepier Freddy. It would have to be one of the greatest horror sequels ever made and a straight up horror classic!!

I Am Number Four


Well it should pretty much be obvious that from the name of this film alone it would be nothing short of ridiculous but this particular day we just were in the mood for going to the good ol' cinema and to be quiet honest out of, I think the eight or something movies that were playing this one seemed the best. It seemed like it could have atleast been bad but entertaining im not even kidding either when I first saw the trialer I was kinda like yea this looks like something I could enjoy for any ridiculous reason there could be on earth. So it was directed by "D.J Curuso", produced by "Micheal bay" and written by "An idiot".

Where to begin with the "Plot", John played by someone is Number Four out of the Number of Numbers that we are not to sure about allthough we do find out that lurking somewhere else is a Number six. Anyway he's clearly not human or fully atleast so he tries to disguise himself obviously so he pretty much is passing as a typical high school student to avoid a deadly enemy seeking to destroy him, who is played by some Aliens who actually go around driving cars. We find out three Numbers have allready been killed and he is, yours truly (Number four), hes staying with "Timophy Olophant" lol who is his Stepdad who has come back to look after the Terminator oh I mean the Number which might be an Alien we never really are too sure.

Anyway does this movie that allready sounds as stupid as it is pass at atleast being entertaining I truly cant say it even does that allthough I was enjoying it for about tewnty minutes untill it started taking itself to seriously and it's just a whole lot of corny (twilight-like acting) and a story which is about as pointless as a movie about the Number Four. It has kinda a slow start and as simple as the actors might be they're likeable enough but as it went on it got ridiculous and I think the only way to describe the last half an hour is the message depicted in this video:

However unlike thie films "Bay" actually direct's himself it's not that over the top but it still actually is relying on special effect's rather then plot,character devolpment or any other nessceary attribute which should be needed to make an actual good film. It pretty much just goes KRAWW,KRAWW AND KRAWW. Filmaking at it's lowest level, I dont think I hate it as much as some other crap films because atleast I can laugh at it oh and also by the ending it seems there's gonna be some sequels lol. Anyway this movie is a pile of garbage that I cant possibly reccomend to all you cinematic veterans.


"Limitless is a Thriller/Action film starring "Bradley Cooper","Robert De Niro" and a bunch of other people that wern't interesting enough for me to bother mentioning. He's a slacker that's trying to be a great author, he sees his ex girlfriends brother after about seven years I think it was and he introduces "Eddie", "Bradley Cooper" to a drug that allows him to use 100 percent of his mind. "Eddie" can now pretty much do anything and he's loving it he becomes addicted and he becomes more and more corrupt which leads him to be a marked man. On the drug he's completely focused and can do anything and is now more focused and more confident then any human being could possibly be. Now on the drug which we find out is called "NZT" everything "Eddie's" read or seen on t.v is automatcialy origanized and avaliable to him, so for example if he's seen "Bruce lee" fight he can now do his moves and if he's seen a doucmentuary on Rocket Science or whatever it's now in his head and he can answer and expalin absolutely anything. As this former slacker rises to the top of the finical world, attention is soon drawed to Carl Val Loon who is played by yours truly, "De Niro" who sees this enhanced version of Eddie as the tool to make them billions. But like all drugs this aint without it's side effects, and since he is the only guy with a stash there's hit men who are willing to kill him to get there hands on some "NZT", "Eddie" must be constantly wired and when he's off it all the cleverness is gone and the stash cant last forever. If he's not constantly on it, it could be fatal.

So as you can see it sounds intensley interesting I mean there's alot to like about this "Coopers" performence was just brilliant, defintiely the best from him so far but it's not like he's been acting for many years anyway. But yea as this film starts off it's going smoothly for pretty much the whole first half they are using this unquie idea to the fullest by mixing some good acting and humor together also I must mention the direction from "Neil Burger" is quiet unique and he did justice to this film definitely. The idea really did interest me and I was really entertained for atleast half of it, it was just fun watching this guy living his life this way where he could pretty much do anything.

However as we got to about halfway instead of carrying on being inventive this film just fell flat it just started to get repititive and I felt that alot of the changes in the story were just unesecarry. Also the whole supporting cast were a bunch of boring one dimesnional actors that I could just care less about (except for De Niro ofcourse eventhough he was in the movie for no reason). I mean they completely ran out of ideas and you would have to see it to see what I mean. For about the whole final half I was kinda wanting it to end, it started off so entertaining,inventive and likeable and then went plain boring and uniteresting. So to sum it up it was good for the first half and bad the second half so that's the perfect reason to give it 50%. It was a movie with somewhat good ideas that could/should and would have been so much better if they realised what they were doing, a dissapontment!!

The Deer Hunter

Well I finally saw "The Deer Hunter", one of the best picture winners of the 70's and one of the most widley acclaimed films of all time. Allthough besides that fact years after it was released it's received many mixed reviews especially by people here on the RT Community, to some poeple it's rotten and to some it's just not the masterpiece they say it is. I actually had slightly low expectations before watching this because there's several "masterpieces" that I also dont consider to be "great", so I veiwied this allmost looking for flaws but I must say I really do think this is the great film the critics once said it was.

Well I must say this was very long, it definitely went on for ages at the start and it's actually more about what happend before the war and then the reality of what happened after the war then the focus on what actually went on in Vietnam. So ive got a good idea as to why many people dont see it's greatness, but that's your problem right there you dont see it's greatness. I defintely did think that it could have showed us more of the war itself yea defintiely but why not just accept this as a different take on vietnam just watch "Apocolypse Now" and "Full metal jacket" if you want more action. If you still need to see this, which is definitely an essential vewing for everyone just bare in mind that this is more of a drama then anything else.

So what about this film made me think so highly of it well lets first meniton the solid cast and the great performences from all. So it starred "Robert De Niro" who played "Micheal" and this would have to be one of his finest performences ever. "Christopher Walken", played "Nick" I strongly think this is his greatest performence, I allways liked him alot as an actor but I swear I never did relaise how great he actually was untill seeing this. "John Cazale" who played "Stan" and sadly this was his last role ever before he passed away from bone cancer. It really sucks becase he was only ever in four films, he allways shined in each of them and allways showed his abilites. He was indeed brillaint in this. "Meryl Streep" played "Linda" and was superb but well she allways is anyway really. "John Savage" played "Steven", "George Dzundza" played "John" and both were very good too. Not one bad performence here. Oh and I also must mention "Micheal Cimino" the director who is someone im not even familair with besides the fact that he directed this and I must say he did an outstanding job truly great.

Anyway lets move on to the plot so Micheal,Nick and Steven are three buddies who are all from Clairton Penn, Pennsylvania they all hang out at a local bar and go deer-hunting in the weekends. The three soon enlist into the Army to fight in the vietnam war. Before they go they have a farewell party for the men and at the same time Steven gets married to the pregnant Angela. After just a short period of time in the war they are captured by the enemy and are forced to play a game of Russian Roulette against each other. Micheal comes up with a brillaint idea which gives them a possibitly for escapism which is also very risky but it's worth a shot (oh and I must say, that scene is one of the greatest in cimeatic history) . They succeed but become seperated Nick suffers from shell shock, the horrors of Vietnam cause him to suffer servere memory loss he stays in Vietnam whilst Micheal returns home to Linda and Steven becomes handicapped after loosing a leg.

The action scenes in this film are very well done I must say very realistic and gory, extremely violent which might disturb and offend some people. Some might say the level of violence is unesecary but just face it this is what it would have been like, this captures the experience in what I would call the most realistic possible way. Like I was saying before we dont see them in the war for a long period of time
unlike with pretty much every other war film but this one stands alone, yea more action could have worked but in this case it wasn't needed. The fact we were are able to see the lifes of the soilders returning home from the war in realistic detail is what makes this movie a one of a kind classic. In comparrison to another vietnam film "Apocolypse Now" this one doesn't really compare which might be some peoples excuse into disliking or claiming this film to be average but just respect this for what it is. I strongly believe this is however a greater film then "Full Metal jacket", argue all you want. Now when it comes to realsim in film the overall performences in this succeed tremendosly I was convinced by the characters portrayls it's one of the most intensly emotional war films which could result into people becoming dissapointed with the result but this is 100% realsitic you cant tell me these powerful perfomences weren't realsitic and too many people expect hardcore action throughout.

I actually dont wanna give anything more away and im not gonna say what happens at the end but Micheal obviously wants to find Nick since he was still in vietnam soon he will have to accept the fact that Nick was serverly scarred by the expercience which resulted into intense memory loss. But yea eventhough this is slow like I said it's still entertaining in the way that you fell for the characters and this story was gripping and intersting to me. It probably wouldn't hold up that well to modern audiences they might find it "boring" but all that means is that not everyone understands cinema as well as all of us on here. I reccomend it to all you movie finatics hopefully you will love it as much as i did.

My final verdict is that this is the second greatest vietnam based film after "Apocolypse Now" and is one of the overall greatest war films of all time, watch it!!

The Last Exorcism

Since the horror masterpiece "The Exorcist" exists it should seem pointless that anyone else in the world should try and attempt making another film about demonic possession and exorcism, unless ofcourse they be creative and bring some new ideas to the table instead of trying to immiate the orginal right?. Well yes this movie here in my opinion is a susprinsgly good modern day horror film, it's another mock-doc horror which like the idea of another exorcism film seems pointless considering it's only worked good in a few films such as the king "The Blair Witch Project", the runner up "REC", the overhyped but not too bad "Paranormal Activity" and the above average "REC 2". Then there's the absolute crap ones like "Diary of The Dead","The Fourth Kind" and not to mention "Parnaormal Activity 2"... Now since this technique only worked a few times and was begining to become overused and since having to many failing imitators ever since the last good one "PA", I just didn't expect this one to be good at all and the majority of people say this is indeed crap but I thought for a new mainstream horror this was allmsot a treat so I should now explain why.

What I expected from this was a wannabe "the Exorcist", but it's barley even similar I mean Im not sure if you have seen "the Exorcism of Emily Rose" but like so I consider that one to also be allright but it copied the original way too much the voice was the same and she allmost acted the same as "Regan", well tired to atleast her potrayl could ofcourse never be matched. Now that's where this film wins you actually hardly even know if she is possesed or not as it keeps you kinda guessing and it's a different take on exorcism, unfortuantley though whilst being slightly original it mostly is well unoriginal but for different reasons.

Anyway I should move on to what this films about real quickly, so its based in Louisiana and follows the story of a Reverend named "Cotton Marcus" who was raised by his father to be a preacher. We actually find out that he's not even entirely sure if he even believes in his work but since he's been doing it his whole life he continues on with it and everyone in the town loves and trusts him and what not. Anyway cameraman "Daniel Moskowitz" and filmaker "Iris Reisen" ask if they can make a documentary about his life, he agress. He actually doesn't believe that exorcisms are real but the results are good because the believers think it's real so he's kinda a fraud since he still attemps the exorcisms. A farmer named "Louis Sweetzer" asked 'Cotton" to perform an exorcism on his daughter "Nell", "Cotton" sees a chance to prove to the documentary crew that exorcisms really are fake like he says. They now head down to Ivanwood and they see a guy there that tells them to "Go back to where they came from", who as they arrive at the house turns out to be the farmers son "Caleb". He ofcourse know's that there's a well known danger in exorcisms where the paitent may die so he clearly wants him to keep away from his sister. "Cotton" performs the exorcism on "Nell"...

So as I was saying he doesn't actually believe all this exorcism stuff to be true so when he first performs the exorcism on "Nell" he put's a big act on and has a radio that has fake sound effects and fake smoke coming out of a cross so it's really quiet funny. It really seems stupid at first though but as the film goes on "Cotton" realises more and more that this dysfunctional family really does have some serious problems. Now why is this movie good? well, think about what ive just told you this really does have some clever ideas, no exorcism film has ever been quiet like this allthough there's not many of them anyway. Anyway yes another mock-dock how stupid that's how it would seem but this movie wins in the way that every single character is as believeable as we want them to be in a film that's trying to convince you it's "all real", ofcourse we are smart enough to know that it's not but this cast just seemed like a bunch of real people and I was convinced by every character, mostly "Cotton", "Nell" and "Louis".

Now this movie aint intensley scary or anything but it has it's moments and is actually a creepy atmospheric horror and this mock-dock style works very well in this when creating an errie atmosphere. The tension never died off once it started there were "Scary scenes" but it didn't scare the hell out of me or anything. Some very well done horror scenes even ones I had never seen done before, which is good because most new horrors just recycle and have everyone involved looking like idiots. I just really liked the idea and there was actually a fair bit of character devolpment here "Nell" kinda just keeps getting scarier and more screwed up and "Coton" still seems to not believe any of it but as the film goes on he becomes more and more aware and you can see he wondering can this actually be real?

Anyway I dont wanna rave on anymore or give anything more away but this really is a good horror allthough compared to "the Exorcist" and "the Blair Witch Project" which is what this movies clearly influenced by this movie is very average. It's not perfect but if youre a horror fan you will most likely enjoy this probably not love it, but like it. Ive noticed alot of people saying it's good untill the ending but I actually kinda liked the ending I thought the way it turned out was actually pretty creepy but it ended to soon, prehaps a good few minutes of tension that had the potential of lasting longer but oh well. The "twist" if you can consider it one was unexpected but maybe they didn't give us a chance to expect it? I dunno but I was satified enough. For 2010 this may be the best horror but that just shows how downhill horror has gone, it's far from great but take my word that it's good but also dont blame me if you think it's sucks alot of people do. I would consider myself a sucker for horror's though ive allways loved them and even like some crap ones just for entertainment value. As I was saying I didn't mind the ending it was creepy at most but what was annoying though is that after the "twist" it completely went and ripped off another horror movie ending im not gonna say what but if you have seen both films you would allready know what I mean and with no suprise it didn't even pull it off half as well.

Anyway my final verdict is that "The Last Exorcism", is a suprisngly good and slightly different take on exorcism horrors that in my opinion is worth atleast one veiwing. Mainly only if your a horror fan though, one thing that defintely brings this down is that compared to horror classics this doesn't really seem like it has much replay value. Well thanks for reading...

Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore

"Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore" is a film from 1974 which was directed by "Martin Scorsese" and is one of his most underrated and greatest films imo. It was made between the times of two of his greatest movies, "Mean Streets" and "Taxi Driver" which is im guessing why this one has gone so overlooked. Infact this is just as good as "Mean Streets", "Taxi Driver" is still alot better though. Allthough I can give this movie as much praise as I am I can see alot of people disliking this or finding it "boring", but I liked it for it's 100% realism and that's the thing about Scorsese, his films are allways realistic and great because of that.

So what's this movie about? well it follows the story of a women named "Alice" who is played by the legendary "Ellen Burstyn" (who also won an oscar for her amazing performence in this), she is suddenly widowed after many years living with domesticity and decides to take a trip to California with her son Tommy, "Alfred Lutter" to resume a singing career. However because of her age which if im right she was somewhere in her 40's?, anyway yea because of her age she finds it hard at first to find a job but when she eventually finds a nice piano bar in Phoenix Arizona that is willing to give her a job she meets a man named Ben "Harvey Keitel" who she soon finds out is married and is very abusive. Her and her son now go down to Tucson where she forgets about her dream of being a singer and decides to become a waitress, she meets David "Kris Kristofferson" who is a farmer there and begins to think of a new life of domesticity. Im not gonna give anything more away ofcourse more happens but that's the easiest way to quickly break down the plot and as you can see it's simple and it might not even interest you, to be honest I wasn't even sure how much I was gonna like this but something that makes this movie great is the overall performences.

Now as I allready pointed out "Elen Burstyn" was amazing in this, I havent actually seen her in anything where she didn't prove her greatness anyway but this could very well be her best performence actually im pretty convinced that it is. Ofcourse not by far or anything the closest would have to be "The Exorcist" and "Reqiuem For A Dream" and yes very close. But I cant forget to mention the rest of the cast as they allmost all shined in this, "Alfred lutter" was very good especially considering his age which would have been like 10 or something but yea he could suprisngly act very good. "Harvery Ketiel" was brilliant in this but was only on it for like ten minutes alltogether or maybe more or prehaps less, I dunno but he was so good that more screen time would have been good. I think he's kinda underrated though I guess that's because I couldn't name many films he's actually on but he's allways one of the most memorable characters on everything he's in then i never really see anyone mentioning him. So "Kris Kristofferson" was good but not particualy oscar worthy or anything, infact I didn't even know who he was untill I saw this but he was good enough. "Jodie Foster" is also on this, playing a friend of Tommy's and was well, good as usaul. "Dianne Ladd" plays a work mate of "Alice's" who Alice doesn't really get along with at first but she soon grows on her, she like everyone else was brilliant no bad perforences at all actually. As for the director, "Scorsese" was on his A game im not sure who would agree but I think this is one of his top 10 greatest.

So this movie is one with a simple story that may interest you or may not at all it just depends on how you wanna look at it, it basicly just follows the life of a single mother who is rasing her son looking for love and a decent job. Her character is so well devolped well it's just like witnessing a real persons life and she managed to make herself very likeable which was good ofcourse she can be funny at times, dramtic at times and manages to just hold the film together and it was entertaining to me. At times it was dramatic not overly but fairly and realisticly, somehow im finidng this a little more hard to review then usual maybe there's not even much to say about it. Pretty much you would either like it or you wouldn't it's slow but far from boring it's just like watching the everyday life of someone and in my opinion is a great film I highly reccomend checking it out, especially if you a fan of "Scorsese" but I mean who wouldn't be?

127 Hours
127 Hours(2010)

Well when I saw "The Kings Speech" I was pretty certian that no actor from 2010 could possibly win best actor over "Colin Firth" but after seeing "James Franco" in this I can safely say that I wouldn't be that suprised if he takes home that oscar. Im very glad that I decided to see this one in the cinemas it's a great film, easily one of the top 5 greatest from 2010. "Danny Boyle" is a great director from our time I really liked "Slumdog Millionare" and was hoping id like this too and for some reason I didn't even expect to like this as much as I actually did.

Anyway if you didn't know this movie is based on the real life story of "Aron Ralston" who was a mountain climber. The film is set in 2003 when he went for a trek alone in the rather secluded "Blue John Canyon", and since hes so good at what he does and obviously thought he was the man he didn't think he needed to tell anyone where he was going. When he get's there there's hardly anyone else around except for two chicks that he meets and gives directions too whilst talking to them with a bandana on his face lol. Anyway they soon hang out for a while and go for a swin in some nearby lake then they invite him too a party later on that night. But soon enough a boulder falls from a top of a cliff and lands right on his arm and traps him in an isolated canyon so deep to the ground that he cant actually be heard even if there are people above him. So with a camera a single bottle of water, a pocket knife and some rope he is trapped for days.

Like the film "Buried" that came out in 2010 aswell this is about a man trapped in one place the whole time tryna get out but unlike buried we dont actually just see him in the same place the whole time. We see flashbacks and mental images that his lost mind is creating along with some fantastic direction from "Boyle" so it manages to be entertaining in many ways. I really liked the way "Franco" portrayed his character he was just a likeable guy from the start and when he first became trapped your just hoping he will find a way to get out and your there with him from the start. He had a very good sense of humor and managed to keep you entertained from speaking to his camera and just alot of the stuff he would say was hialrious you would feel sad for him and he would also make you laugh at the same time. Like I metioned before his performence was just spectacular, if your gonna make a movie like this you need a good lead actor and this time we got a great one. So this movie succeded on pretty much every level. I wont give anymore details about the overall story and what happens away because you just need to watch it for yourself, everyone does.

I guess a movie it can be compared to is "Cast Away" same sort of scenario really and whilst I dont think his performence on here was quiet as good as "Tom Hanks" was on that it's still everything you could ask for in this type of movie. Now "James Franco" was to me at first simply the guy on "Spiderman" and the guy on "Pineapple express" and he was obviously good on both of them but I bet you wouldn't have expected him to be able to do this good I guess it's the same sort of suprising factor that happend with "Natilie Protman" last year both were actors that were allways just kinda on movies but you dont really notice how versatlie they can actually be untill they go there hardest. This guys emotions just kept changing and there's no way he wasn't believable a solid unflawed performence and a great movie that can really play with your emotions. I wouldn't call it a masterpiece but I dont really see how any movie lover couldn't like this one, if you havent seen it then just watch it it's as simple as that!!

The Color Purple

In 1985 after getting a big name for himself for making the most inventive and entertaining blockbusters around "Steven Speilberg" decided to switch up his style a bit and make a touching and extremely powerful drama film titled "The Color Purple". It was based on a prize-winning novel written by "Alice Walker" and had a top-notch cast including the likes of "Whoopi Goldberg","Danny Glover","Oprah Winfrey","Margret Avery","Willard E. Pugh". and "Laurence Fishburne".

So the story is based in the years 1909 to 1949 and revolves around the life of an African American girl named "Celie". She lives in South America with her father and sister. As the film begins we are introduced to "Celie" and her sister "Nettie" when they are teenagers. "Celie" has been allready impregnated twice by her father. She gives birth again and her baby is taken away by her father and as of now the whereabouts of her new born baby is unkown. "Celie" soon enough gets married to a very abusive man who she sadly refers to as Mister, "Danny Glover". He abuses and beats her on a regular basis it even unfortunately goes on for many years. So Nettie comes to stay with them because of the fear of her father but is soon kicked out when she refuses to follow "Mister's' rules. Sadly "Celie" and "Nettie" are parted, but "Nettie" promises her one thing and that is that she will continuously write letters to her.

"Celie" soon grows to adulthood, now older she is played by "Whoopi Goldberg" and is sadly just come to accept her life with her abusive husband because she obviously feels to threatened to try to leave and has unforntunately even become use to this life as if it's normal. We now get introduced to a son of Mister's named Harpo 'Willard E. Pugh" he meets and marries Sofia who is played by "Oprah Winfrey", they are having some problems with there relationship, "Sofia" is overly controlive towards "Harpo" when he asks for "Celies" advice she actually tells "Harpo" to beat her. It's like from all this abuse this is actually what she considers normal. We soon are introduced to Shug "Margret Avery" who we find out is Misters mistress. But not like "Celie" she calls him by his real name which we find out is "Albert". She comes to live with them and she becomes more and more aware of how desperate "Celie's" situation is in life and tries to help her through this struggle the best way she can. With this help from "Celie's" new friend she becomes more confident with herself.
Now im not gonna give anything more about the plot away I just realised how much I may have overdone it but alot soon happens I mean after not getting any of those promised letters from her sister there must be some logical explanation right? and soon enough "Celie" should have enough of living in such an unstable life.

To break it down the best way to possibly describe this film is that it's more of less about the overall growth of "Celies" character, we first see her as a young fragile, dergraded woman who just choses to ignore all what's wrong in her life to one that's building up to a more strong and confident woman. How much of this can she take? With the help of "Shug" and several other woman we see her fight through this unfair life. We as the audience manage to fell sad,disturbed,angry and overly shocked with how things turn out for her. It sucks that such a thing really does happen in reality. It's not like watching a film like this is the most entertaining thing but we as movie finatics should because to go beyond genres and watch something as touching just for it's realsim this aint a speilberg film that's here to simply entertain but one that's here to educate and remined us all just how powerful the art of cinema can really be. This is one of the most touching and powerful movies you will ever see and is pieced together and told brilliantly. Now as for the emotional aspects I have mentioned the genius of this film even manages to add in a bit of comedy just to keep you wathcing, you feel so many different emotions whilst wathcing this film, that's how it was intended to be veiwed, that's how it worked on me and how it will to anyone willing to give this one a shot. It's a profound but remarkabley great movie-going experience.

I also must meniton the performences in this film, they were completely flawless the whole cast was on there A game....

"Whoopi Goldberg" undoubtabley gave her greatest performence on here she managed to be charming at times, whilst being sad and angry as her character devolped, one of the greatest female performences of all time and I strongly mean that just see it for yourself.

"Danny Glover" was also amazing I mean if you thought he was good in "Lethal Weapon" then maybe he was but you still havent witnessed his full potential untill you see this he was so convincing as a complete asshole , he pulled it off well you just hated his character's intentions but admired his acting skills as was intended.

"Oprah Winfrey" really suprised I mean REALLY suprised me. It's not that I didn't think she could ever act or anything but it's just I never even knew she did act untill I saw this her performence was as good as allmost any experienced actress. What happens to her character is really sad too and she really does make you feel for her, i dont wanna give anything away but yea quiet frankly she was flawless. I mean did she ever act in anymore films because if not then she should have.

Margret Avery", who im not particualy familar with definitely shined in this movie too she did what she needed to do and was defintiely a prefect pick for her role. You just really admired what she was doing for "Celie" and she let her skills be known. "Willard E. Pugh" was very convincing and overall great aswell. "Laurence Fishburne", was good but he was only really a background actor and was only on the movie for no reason other then the fact that he's who he is I suppose I just felt the need to mention him at the top because he's one of the only other actors i could indentify.

I do realise this review is to long for certian people's taste but when i started writing i found it hard to stop, I just had so much (maybe too much) to say about this amazing film. Im not gonna keep raving on but if you havent seen this movie you really do need too. This is a very sad film like ive stated maybe even over and over but it really is a must-see. It's now time you take my advise, This is without a doubt a masterpiece. One of speilbergs top 5 greatest and im suprised more and more people dont aknowledge that fact. I also believe this didn't win best picture eventhough it was nominated now I wanna see "Out of Africa" im allready certain im gonna dissagree with the win though. Anyway thanks for reading, and watch the film!!

A Streetcar Named Desire

"A Streetcar Named Desire" incase you didn't no is a film that was set in "New Orleans" during the years following World War 2. So Blanche DuBois "Viven Leigh" is a neuroic woman who after having sex with a seventeen year old guy at the school where she taught at is desperate to find a new place to live. She unexpectedly turns up at her sister Stella's house "Kim Hunter" who lives with her husband Stanley "Marlon Brando" looking nervous and exhausted. She tells them she wants to stay because of finacial calamaties which have claimed the family plantation, Belle Rave. "Stanley" becomes suspicous and points out the fact that under the actual law of "Louisianas" Napoleonic code it clearly states that what belongs to the wife belongs to the husband. "Stanley" is an abusive man, pretty much a complete douche. Anyway because of his disbelief he demands to see a bill of sale from "Blanche". After that small encounter the relationship between "Stanley" and "Blanche" is allready defined. Stanley" and "Stella" are definitely deeply in love
and when "Blanche" attempts her deepest efforts to impose herself between the two the animal suddenly enlarges inside of "Stanley. So anyway when Mitch "Karl Madan", who is a good friend of Stanley's arives on the scene "Blanche" starts seeing a way out of her predicament. We find out that "Mitch" sees "blanche" as a refined and beatiful woman. All of a sudden when rumors of "Blance's" past start to catch up on her, her circumstances become completely unbearable.

Now I must say "Marlon Brando" never ceases to amaze every performece I see from him is nothing short of spectacular. The legend was way ahead of his time, everytime I see him he's playing something different and it's very important for an actor to be able to be versitile to be great. So as you would have gathered he plays kind of a tuff guy, an abusive douche and pulls it off so well his character on here is undoubtabley one of the most influential of all time and it's not hard to tell. He was completely realistic and overall flawless in this film. I really must say though after pointing out the greatest aspect of the film ill have to now point out the weakest, and what was that?

Well the main, infact only problem with the film was "Viven Leigh" I mean what was she on? you cant tell me her performence wasn't ridiculosly over the top and that she turned her performence into something laughable whilst it wasn't suppose to be at all. I mean im aware her character was suppose to prehaps be a bit unstable therfore she should have been acting like a weirdo, but she was way to over her head in this one. Maybe she was trying to hard to match her lead actor which would have been pretty much impossible anyway, but when a performence in a film is noticeably unrealistic then the film has a flaw and could still be an influential classic but only be near a masterpiece. I mean she wasnt believable at all, if you saw it im sure you would understand or do some people think she was good in it? well I dunno, I mean she wasn't so bad that she made the film unwatchable because i still highly enjoyed it and would watch it again but yea her acting didn't seem overly natural, she made it aware that she was, indeed acting whilst "brando" and prehaps the rest of the cast seemed to be on point.

So anyway this is a classic drama film overall a landmark and has one of the greatest and most influential Performences from a male actor I have ever seen and im not sure how much could top this. The film has a simple story but is told well enough for you to enjoy it, it just doesnt quiet get 100% from me because of my problem with the lead actress but it's still definitely a must-see for all hardcore movie fans, there's alot to like about it. It holds up very well but there's still some real classic's that hold up more. If you liked Brando on anything else and havent seen this then do so right away because he will again prove why he's one of the greatest and is prehaps you favourite actor's favourite actor!!

The Fighter
The Fighter(2010)

There's still a few acclaimed movies from 2010 that im yet too see but from what I have seen "The Fighter" is one of the best. It follows the real life story of welterweight boxer "Mickey Ward" from "Lowell", who was the half brother of "Dicky Ekland" (who was once also a proffesional boxer, and was once known as "The Pride Of Lowell". He had even gone as far as fighting the world champion "Sugar Ray Leonard", however unforntuatley after loosing that fight Dicky's life went downhill when he became addicated to Crack. Micky soon became a fighter as we learn he really looked up to his older brother and wanted to one day accomplish what his brother unfortuatley never managed to.

Despite Micky's hardest efforts, his career start's to slowly crumble as he losses every single one of his first set of proffesional fights. Micky's mother manages his career and pushes him as hard as she can because she believes he can do it even when he's in doubt. After Dicky's failure as a boxer he becomes Micky's trainer who is unfortunately highly unreliable due to his meth addiction. When Micky's latest fight at the time allmost kills him, it seems as if it could all be over. But his new Girlfriend, "Charlene" does the best she can to convince him to do something he would have never imagained. Which was to split with his family, and start doing what in her eyes really is best for his furtue instead of going by what his family thinks is best for him. Which includes finding another trainer instead of his rebel brother who couldn't keep out of trouble with the law.

So now after training with his new trainer he soon earns a shot at the World Championship, which is ofcourse what he's allways dreamed of. Soon all hell brakes loose when his brother mum,dad and his seven sisters reenter his life. After a fight and alot of arguing Micky and Dicky decide to reunite and this title becomes more then just a fight it's a complete comeback for the family and the overall city. When this fight is over hopefully Micky will become the new "Pride of Lowell".

Ive noticed a few critic's have been saying that everything in this film has been done before I would say it's not much different from other boxing movies but you have to think about what this film has to offer. The performences are very strong by the main actor, supporting actor and the two supporting actresses, infact there's some of the overall best preformences of 2010 in here. "Mark Whalberg" is an actor who to me allways kinda plays that same cocky one dimesional character but in this he really did play a convincing boxer who was trying his hardest to rise from the bottum to the top and in this case i say he was the right pick. "Christian Bale" was the main highlight of this movie I mean he was so convincing, and the level of chemistry between the two brothers was just everything the movie needed and fortunatley recived. "Amy Adams" played his Girlfriend and played her part very well, shes was defintely the right pick id say shes easily one of the best actresses of the year. "Mellisa Leo" played there mother and was good also. So the film really did have intersting and reailsitic enough characters that kept me interested and a film allways needs good character devolopment for me to like them and in this case id say it was great.

Director "David O Russel" was on his A game, I mean hes very good and im looking foward to seeing what he has to offer in the future, everything about this film seemed so realistic which is obviously a plus because if your watching a boxing film you want a realistic atmosphere. All the boxing scenes were convincing and when we got a glimpse of the crowd it was just like watching a real boxing match in real life, im sure everyone worked very hard on this film. It's not as good as boxing movie classic's such as "Raging Bull","Rocky","Million Dollar Baby", nor is it as good as "The Hurricane" but if your a fan of boxing in general (like I am) this should be a treat for you because it's the best boxing movie in a long time. I highly reccomend it, ive pretty much praised the movie alot but I only rate a film above 80% if I think it's a classic or a masterpiece and in this case it's neither but it's still a very good film, one of the best of 2010 easily!!

Taxi Driver
Taxi Driver(1976)

So what are you thinking? yet here's another movie fiend that just happens to have given "Taxi Driver" 100%. Well yes that's exactly what's happening and if you have followed my reviewing from the start you would see that im anything but biased. This movie truly is a masterpiece it's masterful in many ways infact I had to watch it twice to even really like it or to get the whole point of it, ill admit that I was actually pretty dissapointed on my first veiwing. Prehaps the film is a bit slow but if you really focus and dig into the dialoge in which this film is suppose to be displaying you will understand why it's so highly praised. It's not the first accliamed film that I once disliked and then liked on my second veiwing it happens alot, so many films have too much to offer so in one veiwing of certain films you could be missing out on vital points of them, i also hated "Blade Runner" when i first saw it but now love it.

I guess if you were a sarcastic prick you could say this film is infact about a "Taxi Driver" but it's alot more then that. Anyway I think the easiest way to sum it up is that it follow's the story of Travis Bickle "Robert De Niro" yes (im pretty sure you no of Travis even if you havent seen it), he is a 26 year old Vietnam Veteran who is a bit of a loner and is prehpas not completely sane. He obviously works as a Taxi Driver in the city of New York. In his free-time he hangs out in porn theaters, writes stuff in his diary, and pops alot of pills. He has storng opinions about what is right and worng with the society that surrounds him, as we dwell deeper into his character we see how disgusted he is with all the Prostitutes,pimps and hustlers that he has to drive-by and witness every night. He becomes fascinated with Betsy "Cybill Shepard" who is a capain worker for the senator. He ends up asking her out but kinda ends up screwing it up on there first date. Anyway after the incident which causes her to avoid him Travis believes he can make the world a better place and tries to do the best he can. He soon meets Iris "Jodie Foster" who is a 14 year old girl who ran away from home and became a prostitue. He had a small encounter with her near the start of the film and his main priority is to help her out of this life and wants to get her out of the hands of her pimp and lover Matthew "Harvey Kietel", and back home and to school where he believes she should be. Im not gonna give anything more away because if you havent seen the film you obviously wont want the plot to be spoiled but im just giving you a fair idea of what to expect.

The movie does something alot of films fail to do not only does it contain one of De Niro's greatest preformences (i say it's his second best only behind "Raging Bull"), and not only does it bring us film lovers one of the most memorable and well thought out movie characters ever. For once unlike most films we actually dwell deep into the characters thoughts i mean you can feel what hes thinking, the movies sucks you into everything that's happening you can feel De niro's every emotion, his character just keeps building up and you dont no what to expect from him becase he seems like hes on his way to completely loosing it, the whole time your interested in what's gonna happen next and you wont get bored. I mean I dont no how high you would rank ol De Niro when talking about the greatest actors but I think hes easily top 3 not everyone can quiet build a character up like "Travis Bickle" or "Jake Le Motta", but yea you get the point great character devolopment, flawless acting.

The direction from "Martin Scorsese" was obviously outstanding the way he placed New York into a frame and controlled his atmosphere to display just what goes on in the big city was really well done and this movie just interested me to the fullest. Alot of great camerashots throughout, one thing thats brilliant about this film is how realistic it is and how convincing every single character is in it, I mean ofcourse "Travis Bickle" derserves the most praise but there's still no flawed preformences here. Scorsese actually suprised me with how well he was actually acting in the small cameo he had in the film at the part when he was in the cab and was watching his wife in someone elses house cheating on him (incase you didn't no that was him), I mean he was acting more like an actor with several years experience not so much a direcor i mean not many great directors can also act, with the exception of "Clint Eastwood" but yea he did a very good job. Jodie foster was just 14 in this and her preformence would even have to be one of her best, Harvery Ketiel was good as usual as was "Cybill Shepard".

So there's not much more to say about this masterpiece I think it's one of Scorsese's top 3 films hes ever made and most would agree anyway. Maybe I just repeated everything you have allready heard about "Taxi Driver" but I still felt the need to express my exact feelings on it. I must admit that the shooting scene in this film, while it was good did look pretty staged lol and it doesnt hold up as well as it maybe should have but I still like the scene im just saying you no?, it's definitely nothing that brings the film down, it's nothing that would make me not watch this film over and over. So yea this really is what they say it is one of the greatest movies of the 70's and well one of the greatest overall, it's one that I plan on buying sometime in the future imo it's a vital film to have in all of your collections. So if you still havent seen it you really need to go and rent it just bare in mind that it might take more then one veiwing to fully apperiacte it, well it did for me atleast. I didn't mean to brag so much about it but i just couldnt help it haha!!

Piranha 3-D
Piranha 3-D(2010)

I was suprised by this one, ive been a horror fan for most of my life infact when horror's done properly it's my favourite genre and it's even pretty likely for me to enjoy some of the horror's that aren't particulay good but have a high entertainment value. The thing is that's exactly how I expected this film to be, from watching the trailer I was pretty sure id enjoy it but I didnt think it looked like what you would call a good horror film. The thing is Piranha 3D actually displays so many elements of a real horror and paces itself well like the great horror's did and doesnt go over the top, well it does with gore but some of the horror scenes are actually done extremely well and are all paced well, even some of them are original which is hard to find in horror's nowadays.

Maybe it's a "Jaws" rip off but it also pays it's homage at the same time, "Richard Dreyfuss" has a small cameo at the start of this film which i thought was brilliant. I didn't actually get a chance to veiw this movie in 3D which was quiet unfortunate because there's particular scenes in it that i can tell would have been brilliant in 3D, but atleast it was highly entertaining without it. It has a fair share of nudity and is very grusome like i mean it's gory as hell, people get ripped apart and at times it can be disturbing and atleast it has some substance unlike the "Saw" series so if you dont like the sound of that then dont watch it because you would only be watching it to dislike it.

Anyway let's get onto the plot, yea it's very simple but what would you expect?, so yea all of a sudden a fisherman gets eaten by Piranhas then the cops investigate what it was and whatever, then a bunch of students enjoying spring break must fight for there lifes before becoming fish food for the seas new residents. Ofcourse they wont listen to the sherrif at first, anyway we even find out more about the Piranhas as the movie goes on and the story becomes a bit less simple then it first seems, it's still nothing mindblowing though but it's very entertaining and it's actually the best horror ive seen this year.

The reason i think more highly about it then most ciritic's is the fact that eventhough it seems so simple and unoriginal the film really does build up in suspense instead of just going over the top with deaths every second like alot of the new horror's do it has that old fashioned suspense to it, the kills start off slowly and the majority of them are well done. You keep feeling tesion throughout and the ending just tops it and it all builds up to a great finale with hundreds of deaths and it's all suprisingly well done.

I highly reccomend it to anyone who likes horror!!


Im actually pritty suprised at how much I didnt like this, I mean the critic's are overrating it to an extent. The film has an idea that could be good if it was put into the correct hands, I mean we have all seen movies that are suspenful whilst being about one simple thing and sometimes have suprisingly worked on films such as "Speed".
I mean critics and audiences alike are making this film out to be some suspensful thrill-ride but it hardly has any supsense in it at all. It's more like just an action packed movie, but extremely over the top. If a movie is about a train with no breaks that cant be stopped, well than wouldnt you want alot of Suspense?.

It's completely ridiculous how everything happens in the first place, as the workers didnt connect the brakes together well enough and when they noticed it than ofcourse the one and only fat guy is the one that tries to run up to warn them and try to catch the train and pull himself in, and his mate that was standing back and watching the big fat guy try could have easily caught up to the train considering the guy that did was very close and his mate was less then half his size so yea and you allready no before it happens that he's not gonna catch up. How is suspense something you can predict so easily?

Tony Scott's directing is actually annoying as hell.
He moves the camera around so fast and zooms in every second for no reason at all, and doesn't control his atmosphere well like he should be if he's gonna be moving his camera around like Leatherface with his chainsaw. Like I mean there's parts when his camera is going all over the place that you can hardly focus on what's happening I mean everything infront of you just becomes so blury and for the first thirty minuites or so i couldnt even keep still and was actually hating it. Infact it reminded me of the exact same reason people criticize Micheal Bay's direction but it's OK if this guy does it because he's "Ridley Scotts' brother?

I mean the way the story starts off being told is so corny, stupid and I dont feel or see any noticeable suspense at all.
However i felt this film started to become better as it went on in atleast several ways i had no problems with the two main actors who were controlling the train that's trying to stop the "Unstoppable" train if you follow.
"Denzel Washington" is one of my top 3 favourite actors and he was good in this but hes been greater, infact alot greater. "Chris Pine" from "Star Trek" was also good both of those characters seemed interesting enough to me and as you started to get more into there characters the film actually got more interesting because they played realistic roles and the chemistrey between them was good. "Rosario Dawson" was the one communicating to them from the Train headqueaters (which is what I think you would call it lol) to them in the train, so she was pretty much playing the character that Denzel was in "The Taking Of Pelham 123" which this is atleast alot better then. She was good too but everyone else did whatever they were suppose to do but would become very unforgettable after watching this.

I also felt the overall story started to kick in and I was enjoying about the last thrity minutes or so actually to be fair a bit more then that maybe even the last hour but I still think it's way too flawed and I cant agree with the majority of critics this time well that's just how I see it. I wouldn't even consider it as a suspense ride like it's labled as, more just a fast ride but I just dont see what's so great about it it's better then alot of films this year but only about 10 were very good anyway (well atleast from what ive seen) The thing is I thought suspense was suppose to hold tension throughout not just have a couple of minor moments every so often like this did.
I mean it's overall weak very average, I did however like how it ended and even how it built up to that but because of my major problems with it it get's 50%, im not sure about how much i can reccomend it but judging from what a large amount of people said maybe you should watch it just to see what all the fuss is about. I was just personally dissapointed about it because id rather see Actors like this in better projects.

"And sorry Tony Scott but you will never be your big bro and you should stop tossing your camera off" haha.

Being John Malkovich

"Being John Malkovich" is a highly original and very imaginative Sci-Fi/Comedy/Drama movie starring "John Cusack","Cameron Diaz","Catherine Keener","Orson Bean" and well "John Malkovich. It was directed by "Spike Jonez" and was written by "Charlie Kaufman".

So it follows the story of Craig "John Cusack" who is a puppeter that takes a filling job which was given to him by Dr. Lester "Orson Bean" who is a funny old guy that is convinced he has a speach inpediment, when in reality he speaks perfectly normal lol. The job is in a very strange looking office that has an extremely low celling and is in Manhattan. Craig hits on one of his colleague's Maxin
"Catherine Keener" allthough he's married to Lotte "Cameron Diaz". Craig soon finds a hidden doorway within his office which he soon discovers is actually a portal that leads into "John Malkovitch's" mind for 15 minuets, you see, feel and hear whatever "Malkovich" is doing then after the 15 minutes you fall out by the New jersey Turnpike. So it's pretty much made to seem like real-life "Malkovich" is acting as his actual self and is absoluetely brilliant in this i must say. Anyway Craig soon shows Maxine and she decides to let the word out she starts selling trips for 200 Bucks each, and we find out that shes actually more interested in Lottie then in craig, but that's only when Lottie get's inside malkovich. John Malkovich soon discovers just whats going on and is absolutely shocked and obviously tries to stop it, but Craig sees the protal as his very road to Maxine and to true success as a puppeteer. It doesnt take long for things to go bad and there's alot of little twists along the way and "Kaufman's" script just keeps getting more clever as the film goes on, the characters start to express more emotions, and the whole main cast is on there A game.

Im not gonna give any more details of the plot away because i obviously wouldn't wanna spoil it for anyone, but im sure most people would be intruged to see it by now. It's truly a one of a kind, it's the kind of film that challanges your head, alot of unexpected things happen and it seemed highly original to me. It's not really a film that's hard to understand it explains itself rather simply and has enough clever ideas to stun you. It mixes Sc-Fi,Comedy and Drama together very well. I found it to be hilarious and just overall very well made, i dont now how "Kaufman" came up with such a clever story but he did. I definitely reccomend this to all of you, i do think that becuase of the fact that it's so different and prehaps a bit weird that some people might even hate it but if you can truly understand the greatness of it then you will see the point of my high-praising of the film. It's the kind of movie that i would watch every chance i get it's just so unique which is allways good to see. Im not too sure if i should consider it a masterpiece or not but it's definitely close, check it out!!

Apocalypse Now

Apocalypse Now is a Vietnam war film that was made in 1979 it was directed by "Francis Ford Coppola" and starred "Martin Sheen","Marlon Brando","Laurence Fishburne","Robert Duvall,"Frederic Forrest","Dennis Hopper" and "Harrison Ford".

It follows the story of Captin Benjamin Willard "Martin Sheen" a highly expereienced soilder and convert operative captian. He is currently going through withdrawls due to Alchohol problems and is now being asked to accept his most daring mission yet. His mission is to travel down to the Nyung river by boat to find and kill a Green Beret Colonel called Kurtz "Marlon Brando" who has set-up his own army within the jungle and has believed to have completely lost his mind and leads all his men and a Vietnamise tribe as a God on illegal Guerilla missions into the enemies territories. As Willard and his boat crew descends into the jungle he slowly begins to get over taken by the jungles mesmirizing powers and battles the insanity which surrounds him. Bullets fly and some crew members are killed along the way, and does he succeed in his mission? that's for you to find out.

If you ask me i would have to say that this aint just a war movie about vietnam but the very best to ever do it, this is a true masterpiece in every sense of the word. I dont even think "Full Metal Jacket" comes close to this. The direction is flawless in this film all the main actors do a good job in making themselves interesting and there's something memorable about each one of them. The whole scenery is beatiful to look at, the jungle just looks so brilliant and is perfect for a vietnam film. I really havent seen a movie that tries to give us as veiwers a better idea of what Vietnam really was like, the shooting sequences are some of the best ever and there's a countless number of scenes that you could just never forget after wathcing this film atleast once. I really cant stop prasing the ending, it's one of the darkest and just overall greatest endings in movie history, and im obviously not gonna give anything away but im sure you would no why i hold that opinion. It also contains some of the most famous quoets there are and has became an obvious influenece on war films ever since.

This film is approximately 3 and a half hours long but that's not exactly a negative thing, that's extremely long but you just have to be in the mood to really watch it. It's far from "boring" and i happened to be entertained the whole time. There's really nothing negative i can say about it i mean i can try my hardest to say something aint good about it but that's impossible. Quiet frankly it's a must-see for everyone it's very likeable and im sure most of yall would enjoy it, ive seen it twice now and it seemed even better the second time as i think certain movies contain too much dialoge to completely pick up on with the first veiwing it's all of a sudden became an all time favourite of mine. So im reccomening it to all, im pretty certian you wont be dissapointed!!


This is actually "Steven Spielberg's" first feature film, he had done alot of directing for television and alot of short films before this but this was his first full movie. Infact apparently it was made for television at first but it pretty much got converted into a movie and a Suspenesful thrill ride at that. It has now pretty much became a Cult Classic. This is one of those films that has such a ridiculously simple plot but is yet highly entertaining the whole way through.

"Duel" was made in 1972 and he was just 24 when he did it, and this was living proof of a future great director. He was just getting started "Jaws","Close Encounters Of The Third Kind","E.T",the "Indiana Jones" series,"Saving Private Ryan" and "Schindelrs List" was still yet to come. I have to say from just watching this film now it's definitely very good for his first.

So "Dennis Weaver" plays the lead role of a man who is simply trying to drive to California for a business apointment. When he tries to pass a massive gasoline truck, the driver somehow gets offended. The trucker simply annoys "Weaver" at first by passing him continuously and slowing down. Then he starts messing with his head tempting "Dennis Weaver" to pass the Tanker, ofcourse to stop him each time he tries. The story is told from "Weavers" point of view, with commentary as he thinks to himself.

Like i was saying it has a very simple plot to it and is pretty much far from being too great, but it's a fun film to watch. It pretty much focuses on the confratation between him and the truck the whole time but with fantastic camerawork and non-stop suspense it really kept me entertained. "Weaver" was also very good on this, it was actually pretty funny how fustrarated he was getting and how paranoid and crazy he started becoming. If youve seen it then you wont forget the part when he's going crazy in the Cafe haha, that would have to be the most memorable scene in the film. It's even become quiet influentil throughout the years too, the film "Road Kill" seemed like it was highly influenced by this.

So yea it's not really one of Speilbergs best but far from one of his worst. Im pretty sure most of you would enjoy it, it's a film that really doesnt have one dull moment and eventhough not much is happeing it never seems like it repeats itself there's allways something going on, some fantastic directing and very brilliant car chase scenes make this a must-see for all "Speilberg" fans. Just dont expect a masterpiece or even anything close to it, just a good film from a very young Speilberg that shouldnt be forgotten about.

Taking Lives
Taking Lives(2004)

"Taking Lives" is an absolutely hilarious film and not because it tries to be funny but because it's something so ridiculous that tries to take itself so seriously. It stars "Angelina Jolie" and "Ethan Hawke" and I must say theyre both pretty brilliant in it, I mean they take there characaters and this corny story so seriously that it was allmost fun to watch an actor and actress of what you might call a "High Callabor" acting in a movie that seems it was written produced and directed by the people that make Csi,Svu and all those over the top corny cop shows. It's allmost like they were aware that what there were in was probably the worst movie of there carriers but hey why not have some fun with it?

This is one of those movies I thought was ridiculous but didnt completely dispise of and believe it or not I allmost enjoyed it, eventhough i knew how bad it was I mean the characters were suprisngly good but I predicated every little thing in the film that was gonna happen (well allmost everything) but it kinda passed as guilty pleasure type entertainment. Also another thing it looked like the guys that made this were trying to imitate "Se7en" lol what a brilliant idea. So I found it to be a movie so bad but really not something i hated, I mean I usally hate ridiculous films as such but yea whatever.

It actually started off like it would be very good, I mean the opening scene was good and all the noticeable Se7en rip-off dialoge was clear from the very start but it still seemed like they might have even passed this as a good thriller. It had a very dark atmosphere and feel to it and the first shot was a good one. Lol it was actually so predictable that within the first twenty minutes of the film I had allready figured it all out, but I thought that my prediciments couldn't possibly be right because if they were then why would anyone even wanna write a story that predictable? I mean what would have been the point it would have been so easy to figure out so no one would even write something that stupid and guess what? The Storytelling really was that simple.

Well anyway I might aswell tell you what it's about, so yea the films based in the 80's but was made in 2004. An FBI Profiler "Jolie" is summoned to help out Law Enfourcment in Montreal. Her mission is to track down a Serial Killer who takes the identities of his victims and travels across North America. So she is forced to work in a city with a team of cops with which she doesnt seem to fit in. Interesting...

haha it's one of those films that's so bad that you might even enjoy it for every ridiculous reason you could possibly think of, like it tries to be every other cop thriller ever made, it even tries to be a horror using heaps of stupid loud noises that try to give you frights and it tries to build suspense but fails hilariously. It displays everything you could possibly think of from a bad thriller, but yea I kinda enjoyed watching it for a change I mean my taste of movies has changed alot over the past few years, ive been watching so many great films lately and it was kinda interesting watching a crap thriller that I probably would have thought was amazing 5 years ago. So yea it's not good , I couldn't prossibly reccomend it to all you hardcore movie fans, it's a very stupid thriller that I actually enjoyed because of how great everyone involved must have thought it was and how serious everyone on the film seems to take it, I just thought of it as something that tried to be far from hilarious but really actually was. So yea it's something someone might enjoy for any ridiculous reason you could possibly think of. It's hilarious the whole way through whilst trying to be as serious as CSI, does that not make it entertaining in a way?

The Ghost Writer

"Roman Polanski" is back with his new thriller titled "The Ghost Writer". I have to say this film wasnt really amazing like the majority of Polanskis other films, maybe i was expecting way too much but overall i would consider The Ghost Writer to be just above average, definietly good but far from great.

Anyway "Ewan McGregor" is the main actor in this film and i really thought he played his character very well. He had a great sense of humor and definitely made the movie enjoyable, well atleast for the most part. "Pierce Brosan,Kim Cattral,Tom Wilkinson and "Oliva Williams" were all in it too, everyone definitely did resonably well. Polanski is still a great director too, i also thought the story was well written and was a great idea. It's also pretty original in my eyes, well if anything similar has been done before then i havent seen it.

So it follows the story of a popular Ghost Writer "McGregor", that gets asked to complete the memoirs of Britans former Prime Miniser Adam Lang, "Pierce Brosnan". The Ghost Writers agent convinces him that it would be an oppurtinity not to miss out on. The whole project seems screwed from the start though since his predecessor on the project, "Langs" long term aide unfortunately died in a drowning accident. McGregor decides to work on this project in the middle of the winter in a house on the oceanfront on a island in the States. Britians Prime Minister is also living with him. He begins writing for the project and all of a sudden the prime minister is being accused of all sorts of criminal activity and we cant be to sure weather it's true or not. What we hear about the minister involves political issues and he is even being accused of murder.

As the movie goes on the supsense definitely kicks in and engages the audience just like you would expect from a Polanski thriller. For atleast half of the film you will most likely be feeling the tension, getting real stuck into the story and overall enjoying it. However when it got to about halfway the tension really died down and the story just started to seem real uninteresting, it was dragging on too much showing the same thing and just didnt seem like Polanskis other thrillers such as "Rosemarys Baby" and ofcourse "Chinatown. It's not like it had to be as great as his previous efforts but usally when a thrillers very good it's good enough to keep you stuck into the story but this was a film that just seemed to long and ill admit for about the last half hour or even longer i was really hoping it would just end. I mean "McGregor" starts becoming more aware of the situation and keeps doing all he can to resolve it but the lack of suspense really started to make me loose all interest. However the films not exactly a flop, as we get to about the last 10 minutes it really does save the film from a rotten i mean it really does, it packed a great plot twist, well there was a few fairly simple ones along the way but a great one at the end that left me atleast a bit more satisfied then the previous thirty minutes of it.

So yea this is far from "Polanskis best and is a good thriller but not exactly a great one, it really had potential to be better but didnt seem like it used it. It's definitely better then atleast some of the movies this year and i would say it's worth a watch atleast once, just dont expect it to be a masterpiece or anything. you could even wait for DVD, but im actually pretty sure some of you might enjoy it a bit more then i did but just so you no it's one of those films that just seems like it's way longer then it really needed to be and it's very talky which is ofcourse not allways a bad thing but in this case it kinda is. I actually had trouble rating it i was originaly gonna give it 60% but that just seemed to low so i gave it 70% for atleast having a clever plot and a sastifying ending, however it's not something i would nesscarily need to see more then once.


After i saw Citizen Kane and was completely blown away, i thought that i really had to give more films a chance that are like 50 years before my time. Casablanca is one of those movies that just doesnt date at all, anyone willing to give it a chance is most likely gonna love it. This film has alot to offer, romance,suspense,action and has a good sense of humor to it. The directing in this film is outstanding especially for it's time,(Much respect to "Micheal Curtiz"). The story and characters are very interesting, there's honestly not one dull moment in this film. Id allways heard of "Humphrey Bograt", He was my Grandfathers favourite actor and this is the first film ive seen with him in and i now no exactly why people speak so highly of him, he brang a very likeable and memorable character to screen and it's not hard to tell how influentil he was and still is to actors after him. During his film i noticed a countless number of lines that have been used so many times after this film, like one in paticular "I stick my neck out for nobody".

Anyway Casablanca follows the story of Rick Blaine "Bograt", who is running the most popular nightclub in Casablanca. He soon comes into possesion of two letters of transit, that are very valuable. He discovers "Isila Lun", who he knew from when he was in Paris. Shes with her husband, "Victor Laszlo". Victor is a resistence leader, and with the Nazis on his tail, Ilsa is aware of the fact that Rick can help them escape from the town.

There's not much more i need to say and nothing i need to give away, but this is truly one of the greatest movies of all time. Also trust me it's not "Too old" to watch, im just 19 and i enjoyed this as much as im sure people have ever since it first showed. It holds up even more well then most current films. A truly flawless masterpiece, that deserves to be viewied by everyone, dont let the true classics be forgotten about. I highly highly reccomend it. Rent it out, give it a chance you wont regret it!!

Citizen Kane
Citizen Kane(1941)

Orson Welles directed and acted in the flawless masterpiece called "Citizen Kane" in 1941. This film is widely regarded as "The Greatest Movie Of All Time" or atleast one of them, do i agree with that?, well i think it's too hard to just automatically consider a film the very best but this is definitely close, this movie should be atleast top 5 in all Greatest movies of all time lists. There's no film i actually consider the greatest, i just have my favourites.

Anyway this film is about 60 years old but honestly doesnt seem like it has dated, it's aged very well and im sure that anyone with true respect for cinema would enjoy this. I would have to admit that i didnt even expect to like it as much as i did, im far from biased about anything so i was prepared to dissagree with everyone, but trust me if any film is perfect it's this. Amazing preformences, brilliant directing skills that noticeably have been a landmark on films ever since and brilliant cinematography is everything you would find in this film.

So if you havent seen this it follows the story of "Charles Foster Kane" who was a millonare newspaper tycoon who dies, the last word he spoke was "Rosebud". A reporter starts digging into "Kanes" past to try and figure out the meaning of his last word. So he tries to track down everyone who ever lived and worked with Kane, they all share stories and we see a whole lot of flashbacks that tell us alot about Kane but still not enough to fully reveal the true meaning of what he last riddled.

I dont need to say much more, and im not gonna give anything away but i think anyone that loves movies enough to actually read and write reviews on them truly owes it to themselves to see this. Im not sure why but i found this review difficult to put together, but i felt i had to do it. Ive read reviews by people that say this is "Boring" and even "Overrated" and that's honestly ridcuolus i was actually blown away by how masterful this film truly is. It has no noticeable flaws, im sure it will still be rembered in years to come, there's really nothing negative i could possibly say about it. Realistically 100%...

The Hurricane

This movie is near perfect, not quiet a masterpiece but still a very well made film. It follows the true story of Rubin "Hurricane" Carter, an African-American man who lived a troubled youth and tried to switch his life around by becoming a contender for the middle-weight boxing title in the 60's. Unfortunatley his dream soon came to an end when he is wrongfully accused of murder, and is convicted to three natural-lifeterms. Despite his greatest efforts to prove his innocene through his autobiography novel that he works on in prison, his life of criminal activity and records have left him discouraged.

Not all hope is exactly lost though as we learn when an African-American boy and his Canadian mentors happen to find "Rubin Carters" book in some bargin bin and decide to read it and become completely convinced of his innocence, and enough to help him the best way they can. They begin sending him emails and even visit him in the establishment, it seems because of racism against Rubin with the cops and one cop inpaticular it's gonna be very hard to get his sentence reversed. The family will not stop at any cost.

Rubin "Hurricane" Carter is played by "Denzel Washington", (and this could very well be his greatest act), the kid is played by (Vicellous Shannon), who is also brilliant on here and his canadian mentors are played by Liev Schreiber, John Hannah and Deborah Unger, everyone does a great job. I really couldnt think of any acor that could have played the hurricane better then Denzel, you care about his character and you can feel all his emotions, this is truly a touching and powerfull auto-bio, that should defenitely be seen by anyone interested, especially if your a fan of Denzel.

Despite how the cover may look it's not a full on boxing film, you see his fights at the start of the film it flashes to all his major ones and to his main cahmpionship just to show how great he was. The film is more a redemption film and it blends the two together very well, the film really does justice to the man the best way possible and i cant really say i have any problems with it. It only just doesnt get 100% because eventhough it's brilliant, it doesnt quiet seem like something you would consider a "masterpiece", but very close. Also just incase you didnt know and incase it even matters "Bob Dylans" song "The Hurricane" was actulally written about this guy.

"Hate put me in prison. Love's gonna bust me out."

"Rubin Carter"....

The Exorcist
The Exorcist(1973)

The Exorcist is a Horror Film which was released in 1973, it was directed by William Friedkin and stars Linda Blair, Ellen Burstyn, Max Van Sydow and Jason Miller.

It's about a 12 year old girl named Regan who all of a sudden starts experiencing strange symptons, such as Abnormal Strength and Levitation. After numerous visits to the Doctor it is suggested to her Mother that she takes Regan to see a Priest who is also a psychiatrist. After he see's her he is convinced that Regan is actually possesed, so him and a second Priest who has previous experience in a Exorcism try to drive the spirit from Regan before it kills her.

I personally think that this is the greatest horror ever made, it's just so well acted, directed and written. The acting from all is just so realistic especially from "Ellen Burstyn" who is the possesed girls mother, you can actually feel the pain and fustration shes displays. But ofcourse Regan "Linda Blair" completely steals the show with her shocking display of Demonic possesion, the two Preists do a very good job with playing realistic characters that actually interest you and you pretty much care for aswell.

I dont only think this is just the best horror but is also in my opinion the scariest, other films have scared me but never as intensely as this one this stayed with me for a long time afer watching it . After the first half an Hour the Movie is Horrifying the whole way through, If theres a Movie that you found scarier then this let me know but i dont think such a Movie exists.

I really like how it starts off and all seems well but all of a sudden stranger and stranger things start happening to Regan the scares start and just keep building and building up in suspense througout the entire film. The scares also start getting more and more intense and it's hard to forget each horror scene theyre just put together so masterfully that each scene alone is a classic. It pretty much builds up with horror the whole way through to the possesion at the end that just tops it off and makes the film the definition of horror.

One of the scariest things is that this is all happening to an innocent 12 year old girl. The thing is i dont believe in god, the devil or that exorcisms can really happen i just dont beleive it. But this film shocked me just as much as it would to someone who did that's really just how great it is . Well im not gonna give too much away, wouldnt wanna spoil it for anyone. So overall it's a great movie, the greatest horror and one of the best films overall. Truly the horror to put and end to all those skeptics of the genre.

I reccomend it to all horror fans that havent actually seen it yet and just to anyone who enjoys a great movie because this is ofcourse exactly that, im sure you wouldnt even need to like horrors to enjoy and respect this. Just remeber to watch it in the dark and pay the closest attention. It's not just a scary movie but a dam intelligent masterpiece anyone who cant see that just couldnt handle it. Haha

Paranormal Activity 2

Well I just saw Paranormal Activity 2, it's pretty strange that im one of the first people to review it on this site when i live in NZ and usally American films come out like mounths after they are released in the States. Anyway i have to say that there's a few things good about this film but quiet a bit that's bad, and the things that are bad about it pretty much make the film a dissapointment especially when compared to the first.

So Micah and Kate from the first are actually on this eventhough he got killed and she turned out to be the demon all along. But the story is actually a little more complex then you would expect, on this film it introduce's you to Kates, Sister, her sisters husband, husbands daughter and son, and there Nanny. It starts off with all of them at the house and Kate and Micah are there too. This is actually set before the first PA, in Kates sisters house they have Security cameras set-up in every room and they like to camera each other with there Digital camera, much like Micah on the first PA.

Anyway all of a sudden strange things start to happen in the house, like random loud bangs,things randomly being misplaced, and moving and all that. The Nanny starts susppecting an evil entity in the house and tries to drive the spirits out and warn the family, but ofcourse they dont believe her at first and the Dad kicks her out of the house.
At first all the creepy things happen but the family doesnt notice it at first only we do from seeing the footage on the cameras, nothing really scary happens at all for the first half an hour it's just alot of talking and wannabe scary scenes. But then again they were probably trying to start slowly and build up the suspense, and trust me there's two very well done horror scenes in this film that i can recall after just watching it less then an hour ago but i wouldnt call this film overall scary, allthough it does try.

The thing i liked about it was like the first PA everyone acted like real people you could relate too so in that sense it was pretty beliveable . I liked the way they wrote the stroy, well atleast the idea too it was good. Like it's based several months before the first and like i said the two main characters from the first were on this playing the same characters and you see them in small parts of the movie, the thing is the same things were actually happenig to Kate's sisiters family before it did to her and Micah and as the movie went on it wen through the start of the first PA, im not gonna give anything more away there but im gonna say it was a good idea for the story to the sequel and the ending in a way was actually pretty good.

What i didnt like about this film and what i think makes it an overall average horror film, and a kinda pointless sequel is the fact that it didnt scare me. In my opinion the first one wasnt as scary as it was hyped up to be, and it only scared me the first time i saw it and only seemed scary in the cinema it also aint the kind of horror someone would need to watch more then once, PA 2 is far from a scary horror and since the first one was suppose to be scary and alot of people thought it was true fans of the first would most likely be dissapointed by this one. This has a more clever story then the first i guess, well pretty much but it's not as good in the sense of a horror film, and alot of people hate the first because it drags on to much and i would say that this sequel drags on about just as much.

The thing is alot of the horror scenes from the first are on this one aswell like the same random loud bangs and the over-used horror scene when a door randomly shuts, yea it was good when we first saw it but it's been used so much that you can predicate exactly when it's gonna happen well atleast i can and so could most probably anyone that watches alot of horrors. Too me a movie that's scary is a film that scares you and pretty much keeps you scared the whole time, this film doesnt do that i mean it's gotta be a very hard thing to do but still i was looking real foward to this movie and i was hoping that it would be even scarier then the first but it just wasnt, i mean that should have been the whole reason they made this right?

I was actually kinda enjoying this most of the way through , but eventhough it ended with a pretty imaginative and unexpected ending your most probably gonna fell like you needed to see more, i paid 16 bucks for this and i truly think it was a waste of money. So if your looking for a scary movie, this would most probably not scare you as in the whole way through like a good horror. Now im not saying that a horror has to be scary but the problem is when a horror tries as hard as this does to terrify you and doesnt then it more or less fails. Also since the first had the power to scare people and this cleary doesnt it makes it even worse...

Carlito's Way

Carlito's Way is a crime film from 1993 which was directed by Brian De Palma and stars Al Pacino and Sean Penn.

It follows the story of Carlito Brigante (Al Pacino) an ex-con who had just been released from prison after serving a 5 year bid. Hes decided he wants to become clean and leave his past of drug trafficking behind him. He starts managing a nightclub and starts saving money so he can move too the Bahmas with intentios of becoming clean for good. He meets up with his ex-lover Gail who shows him the good person he can become. However it's not as easy for carlito too become clean as he had planned Carlito's boys from back in the days cant seem too leave him in peace and he begins to slowly get sucked back into his old life. His good friend and rather crooked lawyer David Kleinfeld "Sean Penn" is having problems of his own and really needs the help of the legend "Carlito".

This is one of De Palmas best films it's my favourite of his other then Scarface and it has one of Pacino's greatest acts. This is a very entertaining film that does great with drama great action scenes and has some of the greatest movie quoets since "Scarface". I found it too be thoroughly entertaining throughout the whole film and the ending just really makes it even more great. The whole cast is perfect for this film and everyone thats seen it wont forget the memorable "Benny Blanco" from the Bronx.

Basicly if you havent seen it it's something everyone should watch especially if you enjoyed "Scarface" it may not be as powerful or as memorable as that but theres no way you wont enjoy this. Another great film by De Palma!!

American Beauty

I had allways heard about this movie, and i allways knew it was suppose to be great but for some reason i never got around to actually watching it untill very recentley and i have to say it's even 10 times better then i expected. It has a very original and interesting story, very well direced, extremely well acted by all and is just highly enjoyable, from just watching it once i actually think it's one of the greatest movies ever created.

So it follows the story of Lester Burnham (Kevin Spacey) who is going through a mid-life crisis that's affecting his family, which involves his bitchy wife Carolyn (Annette Benining) and his teenage daughter Jane (Thora Birch) who completley dispises of him. His wife is having an affair with some buissnessman, and his daughter is falling for this weird guy that lives next-door (Wes Bently), who deals drugs and likes to randomly film people and lives with his scrict Marine father and his Mother that hardly says a word. Lesters mid-life crisis causes him to fully change his life around after he quits his job and starts working at a fast food outlet. He starts becoming infatuated with one of his daughters friends, and starts working out when he overhears a conversation she was haivng with Jane with her saying she likes men with big muscels so he tries to gain her attention.

This movie ends with a message which is so true and pretty much everyone can relate too it, it's so well written and is put together brilliantly, this movie actually teaches you something. Im not gonna give anything more away but all i really need to say is that if you havent seen it then you couldnt possibly come up with a good enough reason so everyone should check this out. Also if you have seen it you would most probably agree that this is just a flawless masterpiece of a film, that you could probably watch over and over.

The Last Temptation of Christ

I have to admit to really not believing in jesus,god, the bible and all that. But trust me even if you think the same there's still a high chance you would enjoy this film as much as i did simply because of how well directed,acted and just how overall well put together this film truly is.

I had heard of this film years ago but never really planned on watching it untill i found out it was directed by one of my favourite directors "Martin Scorsese". Id have to say that this is one of his greatest movies hes ever made, you could tell he really worked hard to make this classic.

I feel the actors all did a very good job it stared Willem Dafoe(Jesus),Harvey Keitel,Barba Hershey and Harry Dean Stanton. Willem did a great job for playing jesus, i never even knew that guy was such a brilliant actor untill i saw this but yea, he's pretty much the perfect pick for this role. Well as i said im not exactly a christian or anything but this film is put together so well that it made me highly interested in the story of the bible, the film is a bit slow but not exactly dull , it's pretty much enjoyable from begining to end and im pretty sure it couldnt have been better.

Im not gonna really say too much, but if you allready no this whole story then you pretty much no what happend, and ive gotta say that i think the stories amazing. I honestly didnt no what to expect from it, it's actually one of Scorsese's best and i think it might even be a little underrated, as it hardly ever comes up when people are talking about Scorsese there's quiet a few of his movies i favour over this but it's hard to say many are more well done and overall better then this.

So this film is for anyone, christian or not it really doesnt matter if you aint you should still be able to respect this as a film on it's own, the movie does justice with the story by making it memorable and truly powerful even if you think it's all fake, i no i can still respect it. So if you havent seen it, you realy should especially if your a "Scorsese" fan and havent seen this yet, you truly owe it to yourself.

The Human Centipede (First Sequence)

The Human Centipede is a bad movie which is what most people say anyway. But in my opinion not because it's sick and disturbing because it actually really aint that bad at all in that sense, but it's just ridiculously boring and nothing really even happens in it. I can only think of one scene that made me think holy shit thats fucking disgusting, but really overall it's just a dull wannabe horror film.

I was expecting alot more from this film since there's people that think it's the most disgusting and disturbing movie they have ever seen, while i can name plenty that are more disturbing then this and all of them are pretty much even better. I dont really get disturbed by movies that easily, infact films like "Saw" and "Hostel" are even more disturbing then this, and what else? 100 times better.

It's not exactly like i wanted to see something so messed up that it would mess me up for life, but before i watched this i thought it was suppose to be so intense that it was simply unwatchable, allthough it pretty much is unwatchable but because it's boring and pointless. The trailer for this is actually sicker then the whole movie which is weird but true.

Well im sure everyone would agree that the idea of sewing three people together to create a "Human Centepiede" is disturbing beyond words, but the film is just to dull and mediocore for me to have actually felt the fear that it was trying to offer. I just didnt feel that it was put together well enough to truly effect someone, the film to me wasnt even disturbing but just worthless, and if your expecting something scary i doubt this will effect you. If you witnessed what happend in this film in reality then it would be freaky as hell, but this film truly does suck. Oh and also apparently according to doctors this could actually happen.

Maybe im completly fucked up for not finding this disturbing but im sure some people that have seen it will get what im tryna say, i think the best way to describe this film is one of the boringest horrors of all time and although it tries it's hardest to truly effect someone it just doesnt work.

The storyline to this is basic but i guess kinda original,
The directing aint bad but also aint special, i however did feel that the acting from everyone was actually pretty good like very believable, the evil doctor guy was great and the two girls and the guy that were the human centipede played there parts very well. So there are a few things i can say are good about this film, that's pretty much why it just saves itself from a 0% it has a couple of highlights but the film stars off like it might be good, by the middle of the film nothing realy happens and you think something will atleast soon then a few pretty sick things happen, nothing that effected me too much, then one very sick thing happens(if you have seen it you should no what i mean). Then it kinda finishes too soon and it's like wtf is that it?

Well overall it's truly a mediocore horror, ive sen plenty horror's worse but this still aint good, it doesnt really work like it was suppose too. Im not actually saying dont see this if youre a horror fan like me maybe you still should see it just too see what all the fuss is about, but im pretty sure if youve seen as many horror's as me you would probably agree that this aint even all that bad as in "sick"....

The Blair Witch Project

The Blair Witch Project truly is one of the scariest movies ive ever seen. It's the original horror with the whole hand-held camera scenario and is easily the best that's done it so far and i would even call it one of the all time greatest horror's due too it's originality and effectiveness. It truly is a horror that is horrifying.

So it's about Three student filmmakers who travel to Maryland with intentions of making a documentary about a local urban legend called "The Blair Witch". They are never seen again...

One year later, their footage was found and was then made into a movie "The Blair Witch Project".

I first saw this when i was about 11 and i didnt like it at all, infact I dont even remember finding it scary. But when i recentley rewatched it about a year ago i found it to be extremely terrifying, as i must have not understood what it was trying to show when i first saw it. As this films goes on the supense really does build up and you can really feel the tension, the funny thing is you dont even see much but it's the ideas behind it that scare you and just how well it's all acted from the cast. The preformences were extremely beliveable eventhough most people are smart enough too know none of this is real, the film is put together so intelligently that i felt as if what i was watching was actually all real.

The thing is there's no computer generated effects, no fake loud noises no stupid frights but if you really veiw this film the way it's suppose to be veiwed you will see exactly how this is one of the scariest film's ever made. The thing with this film is that you cant expect your typical horror this is different then any horror, it scares you with ideas and if you really focus on it it can really mess with your head.

So there's people that wernt effected by this film at all, and alot of people just hate it. Well i guess i can see why it's not as good as "The Shining" or "Halloween" but it never tried too be, however it did scare me more then both of them. The people that wernt effected by this most probably watched this in broad daylight and talked shit the whole time and probably just thought it was boring so they didnt fully pay attention too it. This movie needs to be veiwed in the dark with your TV on as loud as possible and you need to pay full attention to everything that's going on, if you really follow the story and take note of everything that's happening you will slowly start to build up to the suspense and by the end you will most probably be scared out of your mind.

I never thought this film would work on me after hating it the first time i saw it, but you realy have to veiw this how it was suppose to be veiwed and like i said pay close attention too whats actually going on. This is a film that had me on the edge of my seat the whole way through well after about the first 20 minutes my eyes just couldnt get away from the screen and when it got to the last half an hour i could fell my heart literally pumping, i even felt quiet shaky. If this film didnt scare you the first time i really think you should give it another go. This is an original,clever and intelligantly put together horror that can really freak you out if you let it. A masterpiece!!

Batman Begins

Christopher Nolan is one of my favourite directors hes only made about 7 films and all of them are great, hes done films that i would allready call masterpieces like "Inecption" and "Memento" and he made 2 "Batman" films that i think are both better then all the old school ones. Well anyway for some reason i had seen all his films except for "Batman Begins" and "Following" for some reason i hadnt even seen this yet so i thought i might aswell because "The Dark Knight" was pretty bloody impressive and i knew this would be good i just didnt realise it would be as great as it is.

I actually liked this alot more then The Dark Knight, most people say its nowhere near as good but i thought this was a better film, it could have been how "Liam Neeson" who is one of my favourite actors was Batmans Ninja trainer and delivered a strong preformence and "Cillan Murphy" was the enemy who i also think is great. Well i really liked how this film showed how Bruce Wayne actually became Batman, and i thought it was quiet interesting, i think it was a well thought out story and this film delivers great action and very strong preformences by everyone. "Chirstian Bale" is an actor who i usally dont think much of well besides his great Preformence on "American Physco" but this is a film i liked him on too.

Well yea it's basicly a great action film it gets about everything right all actors deliever and Nolans on his A game as usual. Im actually not much of a fan of superhero movies but this and "The Dark Knight" really are on top of them all. I highly reccomend it too everyone, the best superhero film ever made!!

Red Eye
Red Eye(2005)

Red Eye is a thriller from 2005 which was directed by Wes Craven

It's about a young hotel manager who is on her way back to where she works in Miami after attending her Grandmothers funeral. As she waits to board the long awaited flight she meets a creepy looking but charming man whose actually playing the middle-man in a plot to murder a homeland security offical and his family. He has her dad pinned down by one of his boys, so he uses that advantage to coerce her into calling the hotel where she works and arrange to move their target into a pre-set position. Im not gonna give to much away but if your looking for a good thriler with good thrills, and even a fare amount of action this would be a great one to choose.

I think the cast was chosen perfectly for this type of film it stars "Cillan Murphy" who is the crazy guy on the plane and he plays the role of a ruthless physcopath masterfuly. "Rachel Mcadams" is the hotel manager on the plane and plays her role very well too. I think the story to it is good and well written not amazing or anything but the acting is great and the directing from Wes is superb, i found this to be a very enjoyable thriller and is one of my top 10 favourite Wes Craven films, its definitely worth a watch.

THX 1138
THX 1138(1971)

THX 1138 is a Sci-Fi film from 1971 that was directed by George Lucas.

This film is set in the future and follows a story where humans are medicated and numbed into losing their emotions for one another. I thought the story too it was slightly imaginitave and orginal but the film just really sucks like it sounds as if it's a hundred thousand times better then it actually is.

The things about the movie i didnt like was just how uninteresting the characters all were, none of them were memorable at all. The film starts off as it could be allright the story sounds like it could make an interesting movie but the whole thing was intensley boring. Half way through it just started to get confusing and just so boring that i just completly lost interest in what was actually happening.

It has some good photography but the films lifeless i dont see how anyone could actually enjoy this it's only about an hour and a half long and for the whole time it's just talking and talking. lucas was trying to hard to make something artsy and this is all he could do it just really didnt work. Nothing worthy even happens in this film it just starts and ends and by the time it ended all i wanted to do was sleep.

This film has a 87% rating by all the critcs votes on RT so i would say this is extremely overrated, maybe it was good for the time it came out but now it jus seems like one of the most boring and pointless Science Fictions ever made. I could never watch this again and couldnt possibly reccomend it too anyone this is a film that could have been a million times better but unfortunatley sucked.

Schindler's List

Schindler's List is a epic drama masterpiece from 1993 which was directed by the great Steven Spielberg and is based on a true story novel called "Schindlers Ark" by Thomas Keneally.

The film's based on a true story about a Nazi businessman named "Oskar Schindler", who tried to make his fortune during World War 2 by exploiting cheap Jewish labour. As World War 2 progressed and the fate of the Jews started to become more clear, Oskar Schindler's plans changed from profit to human sympathy and actually ended up being able to save over 1100 Jews from dying in the gas chambers.

This is one of the most emotional, moving and memorable films ive ever seen before. The horror's of the holocaust were perfectley pieced together on screen . With the great directing of Steven Spielberg and great acting by the whole cast especially "Liam Neeson" who played Oskar Schindler and it's Neeson at the best ive ever seen him, he went from being arrogant and cocky then to being troubled and remorseful and does so perfectly.

This is a very long movie and at times it might be a bit talky but still far from boring, there's enough interesting happening the whole time. This is an extremely sad but interesting and enjoyable movie that's great from start to finish. It's known as a masterpiece and one of the greatest movies of all time and i highly agree with those statements. It's pretty hard to call a film prefect but im honestly saying that this is a prefect movie that's up there with other greats such as "The Godfather" and "The Shawshank Redemption".

A true masterpiece in every sense of the word and is one of Speilbergs biggest achivements. It's something everyone needs to see.I highly reccomend it!!


Candyman is a classic horror film from 1992 which was written and directed by Bernard Rose.

Candyman is a myth of a local legend who is a man with one arm and a hook that apparently appears when you say his name five times infront of a mirror.

A University student decides that she wants to write a thesis about local legends and myths. She decides to write about Candyman. Ofcouse she doesnt think this myth is real but she decides to visit the town where the myth of Candyman came from. Everyone in the area seems to be very afraid of this so called Candyman. She begins her investigation in the places where hes belived to have appeared, and ofcourse ignores everyones warnings and all of a sudden a whole lot of horrible murders begin to happen around her. Leaving her with the question could the Candyman be real?

Im not gonna give too much away but ive gotta say that this is a classic horror in my opinion, it's pretty orginal and has a clever storyline to it and the ending is brilliant. Alot of people dont seem to like this film that much but i really enjoyed it there's allways alot going on its a suspenful gory and scary horror, yes i think Candyman is scary and it's very well done i think it has a great idea behind the whole thing. It might be slightly corny but not too over the top, i highly reccomend this one its worth watching atleast once.

2001: A Space Odyssey

2001: A Space Odyssey is a classic Sci-Fi film from 1968, that was directed by the great Stanley Kurbick.

It's not often that i love a movie that i dont even fully get, well i mean you wouldnt would ya? you dont even understand the bloody thing. But there's something about this film i was allmost shocked when i saw this i had no idea a movie from 1968 would have visual effects this good. Also if im not mistaken this movie wasnt exactly meant to have an understandable storyline and if there is an exact storyline to it i didnt fully get it. I still highly enjoyed it though it's done so well it's like a countdown to tomorrow, a road map to human destiny. It pretty much shows the most realistic vision of travelling into space.

I didnt fully understand what was going on with HAL the robot or what the "Star Child" was all about but as i said it must have been made for veiwers to create their own meaning to the whole thing. I have my own definition of what i think the film was showing but ill let you think of youre own defintion. This is possibly the greatest Sci-Fi ever made, well easily top 5 the visual effects actually look similar in movies like "Star Wars" and "Aliens" this movie must be highly influential with all Science Fictions.

Well basicly this is a brilliant film, it's truly amazing, a one of a kind. I highly reccomend this too everyone i dont see why someone wouldnt enjoy this, a definite 100%.

Diary of the Dead

Diary of the Dead is a Zombie horror film directed by the godfather of zombies himself George A. Romero.

This film is another one of those horror's that is directed in a hand-held camera format like "The Blair Witch Project" and"REC". It doesnt use the technique well like the two just mentioned. It's also getting old and only worked well in three movies, the third being "Paranormal Activity".

The only other movie ive seen from "George A. Romero" is "Night Of The Living Dead" which is without a doubt a classic and invented the Zombie genre. It makes me ask how he could end up making a movie as bad as "Diary Of The Dead". He seems to use stupid loud sound effects to try and scare people like all these amature horror directors do these days, and yet hes suppose to be a horror veteran.

Really this movie is real bad nothing even happens in it, like the whole way through its just everything youve all seen before in every other zombie movie, infact it's one of the worst ive ever seen. It ends really badly too theirs absolutley no point to this movie at all, its real bad. Very bad acting, dull plot extremely predictible extremely useless.

The Basketball Diaries

The Basketball Diaries is a rather underrated autobiography drama film that goes into depth about american teenage drug abuse. It stars "leonardo Dicaprio" and "Mark Walhberg" when they were in their teens and its probably one of the first movies they were on.

Both of their characters originally dreamed of becoming proffesional basketball players for the NBA and played for their highschool team. Leo's character also was good at writing poetry. However they both got caught up in herion and other narcotics which took over their dream. They became so addictaed that they could hardly focus when playing bball.

Things got real bad and them two and their other mate left school and home and started living on the streets constantly feining for herion and all types of drugs. The acting from all three is extrmemly realistic every aspect of being on class A drugs and addiction is displayed very well and it's actually one of the best premfromaces ive ever seen from "Leanardo" he was even real good as a teen.

The Author that wrote this story is actually the guy that Leo's character was based on after going through all of this he ended up switching his life around and becoming a great writer and poet. The directing on this is pretty average and i guess the story is not the most exciting but the perfromaces really are some of the most realistic when it comes to acting on drugs. It's a very interesting and touching movie.

It for some reason has a rotten rating on RT from he "top film critics" or whatever, i guess this isnt for everyone and maybe hard to watch for some veiwers it's pretty dramatic but well done. I liked it alot and i would reccomend it too all just dont expect the best movie ever or anything.

The Truman Show

The Truman Show is a very original and interesting drama directed by Peter Wier and stars Jim Carrey.

The film is about a man who begins to find out that his whole life is actually a realitly t.v show. All his freinds and everyone around him is actually actors who all play their role in the most popular t.v series in the world. The whole world was watching him since birth. Theirs about 30,000 hidden cameras in one town and everyones actually in on it even his good freinds hes had all his life.

Truman has a rather happy life he works as a desk clerk for a insurance company living a supposely normal life, with an ordinary wife. Truman ends up not being all too happy with his life, he wants too see the world and get away from his little island on the seaside. His whole life people have been trying to give him excuses as to why he cant leave the island.

Strange things start happening and he slowly becomes more aware that everything hapening around him is a little odd. He starts going crazy and keeps looking for an explanation as too whats really going on.

I found the movie to be extremly over the top but it was still enjoyable and highly original ive never seen anything quiet like it. I think it's one of a kind and in my opinion a classic. A great preformance from "Jim Carrey" and good directing by "Peter Wier", a very clever storyline.

The Movie is interesting the whole way through and it has a very good ending. I highly reccomend it if you havent seen it. It's a great film.

A Nightmare on Elm Street

I heard this was garbage, and it turns out it's even worse then i expected. Wes Craven must want to kiil whoever is responsible for this.

They added some of there own ideas into it but theres nothing memorable about it, nothing worth watching it for. The guy didnt even look like Freddy allthough his act was ok.It lacks all the twists that made the original so great Theres no substance in it it's just so dull and worthless, someone will die then they try to find a way to stop it then it will happen again, but nothing amazing is happening. It just isnt fun to watch like the Original. Overall it was a complete waste of time making and is a complete waste of time watching!!

The Crazies
The Crazies(2010)

The Crazies is a horror remake of a film by the horror master George A Romero.

Yea well i have no idea how this can have a fresh rating by the critics on RT, if anyone noes real horror they would agree that this sucks. People say this is one of the best remakes and one of the best of the new horrors but it would have to be one of the worst of both. I havent seen the original but if the story is as bad as this and if its pretty much the same i dont plan on it.

It's about some deadly toxin that gets into all the water in the town that the people drink or whatever, and after people come into contact with it the people start to turn into complete mentals. So a sheriff his wife, and two other unaffected people try to make sense of what exactly is going on and they all fight for their lives agasint the rest of the town.

The main thing bad about this is that nothing really happens and what does happen is predictible and just stupid. Every few minutes they try to give you frights with stupid things that arent scary in anyway and nothing about the film is scary allthough they try heir hardest to scare you. The acting is nothing special, the story is basic and stupid as you might have allready noticed. Everything in this has been done before. Nothing interesting happens in this at all, how is this honestly a good horror in anyway?

It's not the worst horror ever, it's directed well enough and it has about one or two okay scenes, it starts off allright but goes completly downhill as it goes on, it was only just watchable but i couldnt watch it again, and couldnt reccomend it too anyone.A bad horror.

Donnie Darko
Donnie Darko(2001)

Donnie Darko is a psychological thriller-fantasy film from 2001. Which was written and directed by Richard Kelly.

Donnie Darko is a teen who has an imaginary friend named Frank who allways wears a bunny suit and a rabbit hat with big pointy ears. Frank keeps giving Donnie the countdown to the end of the world. When the story begins, it's early October, and there are only 28 days left.

Yea it's extremly hard to explain, plus im not gonna give too much away its just something everyone has to see. It's a bit weird but theres so many good things about it the acting is good. There's alot of suspense and its also pretty funny at parts, it's the type of movie that keeps you guessing. All this random stuff is going on and its like wtf, then it all makes sense at the end and the movie is intensley clever and original.

The first time i watched this i absolutley hated it, it just didnt make sense and i just didnt expect such a different sort of film, but i recentley saw it again and i loved it. It seemed to make alot more sense the next time. It's actually one of the most creative movies ive seen, and even one of the best.

Donnie Darko is a love it or hate it movie, its so different from anything else but thats the main reason why it's so good. This film kept me watching and i enjoyed every second of it and the ending was fantastic. If you havent seen this i highly reccomend it. This is truly a great film and in my opinion is easily 100%.


i cant tell you what this piece of shits about because its about nothing, something to do with a little indian doll, and some kid keeps seeing images of some indian cheif guy but it doesnt explain anything it's all jumbled up nothing makes sense, image after image, pointless scene after pointless seen, then the ending credits....

Well this is the kind of movie that starts off as if it could be good but halfway through nothing happens then when something does happen theres still hope, but it just gets so ridiculous, like all these flashing images but you wont no what anything is too do with, its a complete mess. One of the boringest and just worst horror's ever, Whoever put this together missed every piece to the puzzle. hmm 0.5 out of 10 lol.


Jaws is an amazing horror masterpiece from 1975 which was directed by Steven Spielberg.

The film stars Roy Scheinder, Robert Shaw and Richard Dreyfuss who are the three men that try to destroy a three ton great white shark that has been terrorising a small holiday resort. The shark on this is a very realistic looking robotic shark which looked amazing and it was before all CGI and Special effects which is one of the few things that make this film great. The plot to it is pretty basic i guess but overall it's simply amazing, all the acting on it is superb and the directing is great, it's Spielbergs greatest work ever in my opinon. The film is supsenful, scary and hugley influentil. It's been 35 years since it first came out and it hasn't dated a bit.

Jaws is one of the best movies ever made. It's the perfect movie for anyone. If you havent seen this yet you really must it is just such an amazing move, 100% without a doubt!

The Devil's Rejects

"The Devils Rejects" is a horror film directed by Rob Zombie which is a sequel to "House Of 1000 corpses" which is like one of the worst movies ever. But "The Devils Rejects" was actually very good, really alot better then you would expect if you saw house of 1000 corpses or Rob Zombies useless remake of "Halloween".

It's pretty similar to "last House On The Left" and "The Texas Chainsaw Massacare" so if you like movies about completly mental serial killers brutaly murdering people like i for some reason enjoy you should definitley check this out. It's very gory and disturbing, which is what it's ment to be and it does it well. The main thing i liked about this movie besides the whole thing was the ending, it was very original and a great idea and the whole movie is fun too watch. I would reccomend this too every horror fan.

Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn

Evil Dead 2 is the sequel too the horror classic "The Evil Dead" which was directed by Sam Rami.

The survivor of the first Evil Dead "Ash" returns to the isolated cabin in the woods with his girlfriend. They discover a tape recorder that contains the voice of "Professor Knoby reciting passages from the book of the dead. But they dont reliase that the proffesers words are actually powerfull enough to envoke a spell that unleashes the spirit of evil alive into the forrest that's surronding them. As evil happens to get the upper hand Ash is left with a Shotgun and Chainsaw to rid the world of the demon spirit by dawn.

It's gory and absolutley hilarious like the first, it's an excellent movie and possibly the best horror sequel ever made. I highly reccomend both "The Evil Dead" and "Evil Dead 2" to anyone who hasnt seen them, truly brilliant films!


I finally saw the infamous lengendary Horror/Thriller masterpiece from Alfred Hitchcock "Psycho". Filmed all the way back in 1960 and not even dated besides the fact that it's black and white but that doesnt matter at all too me.

It turns out psycho is even better then i expected eventhough its often regarded as one of the greatest movies of all time, i guess i thought it would have been dated by now but it really wasn't. The acting is great and the direction is extremly great i havent seen many of Hitchcocks films but its clear why he gets so much credit, this went to being a movie that i thought that i might aswell checkout for the sake out it to one of the best movies ive actually ever seen. It has a very creepy vibe to it, it will truly amaze you it's easily a top 3 Horror and Thriller.

Whenever anyone mentions psycho the first thing that comes to everyones head is the infamous shower scene thats been copied by so many movie's after it. There's much more to it then just the shower scene the whole thing was brilliant the storyline is good and the twist is one of the most clever twists ive seen in any movie, i was not expecting it at all i loved the twist. The staircase scene was also just as brilliant as the shower scene.

Im not gonna give away too much with the plot, most people have seen it anyway but if you havent you have to rent it right away Psycho is one of the greatest movies ever made without a doubt. When it comes to films that easily deserve a 100% rating this is so easily at the top of the list!!

The Amityville Horror

i think the best thing about this film is its name and the theme music for it. The name is a pretty good name for a horror and the music is probably one of the best tunes in all horrors, but the name and music could have been used for a much better movie.

Well this film seemed all over the place one thing was happening then another you would see someone doing something then someone doing another, weird things going on in the house with no explanation of how and what and why. I dont even think there is a story to this movie and if there is its hard to understand it was just all over the place, and its not scary. Oh and the acting was absolutley terrible, Theres nothing this movie has thats worthy of reccomendation.

So if you havent seen this i would have to say dont. I allways thought this was suppose to be good or maybe its just the name of it which is quiet famous, i guess someone out there would like it but my final thing to say about this film is it truly sucks and its a waste of time watching!


"The Scariest Movie Of The Decade"

REC is a Foreign horror film that came out in 2007

Using a home camera in the same realistic way as "The Blair Witch Project" REC tells a story of a TV reporter and her camerman who tape a real life news program, making a documentary about Firefighters. During their recording their happens to be some emergencey call and they all get trapped inside a building and cant escape. All victims in the building are unaware of whats really going on , before they no it they are having to fight for their life against "Zombies" i think, and things just keep getting worse and worse. All that matters is them trying to escape while catching all footage on camera.

The Actors do a very great job of making it all seem real, and its very well directed. Personally this is the scariest movie ive seen since "The Blair Witch Project" and one of the top 10 scariest movies ive seen before. It has a very creepy vibe to it allmost the whole way throught especially the last 20 minutes, it also has alot of very good frights in it. This is a must see if you like "Scary Movies"


so Poltergeist is a horror film from the 80's that was directed by Tobe Hooper and Produced by Steven Speilberg which would have made me think that they would have made a better movie.

This is often regarded as a horror classic or maybe even one of the best and i have to say i strongly disagree. Well it's a flim about ghost possesion and trying to drive a ghost out of a house and all that and i guess thats what it is.

I just thought it was extremely corny like the part when the tree goes through the window and takes the girl is one of the most ridiculous things ive seen in a movie before, i think it looked better on Scary Movie 2 lol. That clown thing was also extremeley corny, the special effects were prety bad in this and you cant say its becuase they're old becuase theres movies as old as this that did it better. I dont no whether this is ment to be scary or not but it just is not in anyway.

The reason i give this atleast 50% is because i guess its a good try but it could have been alot better, it had maybe a couple of allright horror scenes that were done pretty well but also alot that were just stupid. Usally i love any film that's considered a horror classic but for some reason not this one i dont no it's weird but i pretty much hated this.

Its a horror that is far from horrifying or even close to being it, the acting was good enough, but as far as this being the best ghost horror i have to disagree. I no everyone loves this but yea just not me i think its one of the most overrated horror's ever in my honest opinion!!


Splinter is a 2008 horror film which was directed by Toby Wilkins.

It is about a young couple who decide to go on a camping trip to celebrate their anniversary, but after their trip unfortunatley fails they decide to pack it up and check into a hotel. On their way to the hotel the couple is carjacked by a pair of felons who then demand transport across state lines. When the girlfriend damages her car from running over an infected animal of some sort during the horrific car ride, it forces the group to a gas station for supplies. Once they are inside, they realise that whatever creature they hit on the road has spread its poison to the station, mutating into a substantial threat that traps the survivors in the building, pressed to fight these "Splinter" creatures that want to consume their blood.

It is very well Acted and directed, and has an original concept as i have never seen another movie with the same sort of idea for the creatures of has alot of good horror scenes, and not one dull moment the whole movie is pretty much non stop horror. Splinter in my opinion is easily one of the best horror's of this decade its a must see for all horror fans!!


Hatchet is a Horror Film that was released in 2007.

It is about a group of tourists that go on a tour through the swamps of New Orleans, where the legendary derranged serial killer "Victor Crowley" is believed to reside. They soon end up stranded in the wilderness, and their fun little tour ends up being a bloody nightmare.

It is far from orginal, it resembles quite a few other slasher/horror's and the story could seem dull and nothing special to some veiwers, the acting is also just average.

The main highlights of the Movie is that it is extremely gory so if youre a fan of gory movies this might be a very good one for you, it's also quiet funny in my opinion so overall it's entertaining and fun to watch. Thiers alot of good killing scenes in it that i thought were done pretty well. I personally enjoyed it and it's something i could watch more then once, but it's nothing i would rate too highly because of how unoriginal it is, horror fans will enjoy this but most proabably horror fans only i say it's a decent movie and nothing too amazing, it's worth watching if youre a fan of slashers!!

The Last House on the Left

Last House On The Left is a horror film from 1972, which was written and directed by Wes Craven, and produced by Sean S. Cunningham.

It is about four deranged escaped cons who happen to come across two teenage girls and kidnap,rape, torture and brutally murder. The killers end up actullay staying the night at one of the girl's houses. The parents soon discover what they did after overhearing a conversation between the killers, and plan revenge.

Last House On The Left along with "Night Of The Living Dead" and "The Texas Chainsaw Massacare" signalled the dawn of golden age Horror being one of the first horror's to show graphic realistic violence on screen.

In it's cinemamtic screening people would often faint and even have heart attacks due to the fact that a film as disturbing as this had never actually been made before. This is truly an underrated classic that often gets outshined by other horror classic's such as "The Texas Chainsaw Massacare", people seem to forget about Last House On The Left.

Overall this is a very well written and well acted horror film, gory,disturbing,suspenful,scary just like they should be. This is Wes Cravens first film and in my opinion his best next to "A Nightmare On Elm Street" and "Scream". If you havent seen this i highly reccomed that you do, it's a true Horror classic !!

Scream 2
Scream 2(1997)

It's funny that i only just watched this last night, but most of the time sequals to Horror Movies usally suck or are atleast nowhere near as good as the first one. Scream 2 was amazing and way better then i expected.

In Scream 2 a copycat of "Ghostface" is on the loose tracking down Sidney Prescott at Windsor College, where she thought she had escaped her dark past. After the release of the film "Stab" which was based on a book written by Gale wheaters and was inspired by the first "Scream" story, the killing's continue.

Scream 2 is a definite Horror classic and is a honarable sequal to Scream, it is just as good as the first.I highly reccomend it!

One Missed Call

One Missed Call is one of the top 5 WORST HORROR'S EVER MADE!

useless acting, stupid plot, absolutley no Horror, whats it even about? theres only a few movies that deserve a 0% rating and this is easily one of them. If you havent seen this then dont. Its about a phone ringing with some tune thats suppose to be scary then some idiot looking monster thing spits out red balls or something anyway the is one of the worst movies ive ever seen...

The Descent
The Descent(2006)

The Descent is a Horror Film written and directed by Neil Marshall, and was released in 2005.

The film is about a group of women who embark on a caving expedition and end up becoming trapped underground. They then discover that a group of Monsters of some sort are living in the Caves. The Women fight for there lives, trying to escapse from the Cave.

The Film is gory and is packed with some great Horror Scenes, it's one of the better Horror's to come from this decade considering that most Horror's these days all recycle and try too hard. This is a true Horror Film and i reccomed it to all Horror fans, you wont be dissapointed!!

The Fourth Kind

Have you ever rented a Horror Movie that has quotes on the front cover or back by "Film Critics" from top sites or whatever saying stuff like "The Scariest Film Ever" or "Completley Horrifying" or something similar and then you watch it and it's not scary at all and is one worst horror's youve ever seen?

Well this is one of those. There was a quote on this saying this was more Terrifying then "The Exorcist",More Chilling then "Paranormal Activity" and has a better Ending then "Seven" HAHA thats hilarious.

Well anyway its boring and stupid its about Owls sterring at people when they wake up and then something to do with Aliens i think, but anyway i thought it was ridiculous, however i have seen some worse Horror's but this just isnt good enough for my likings so yea whatever, i wouldnt reccomend watching it if you have any sense at all in good Movies, youve been warned!!


This is a great true story about a Legendery Australian Crime Figure named "Chopper Reid".

Aussie Stand Up Comedian Eric Bana did a great preformance in playing the role for Chopper, and this film boosted up his carrer as an Actor.

It's a very Violent Movie and to some it may be Disturbing but it is also very funny and entertaining. I highly Reccomend watching it even if you arent familiar with Chopper Reid, it's a great Movie!!


I thought this was descent, nowhere near as good as "Silence Of The Lambs" in any way, but it's still better then a 39%rating. The acting is good the script isnt too bad but it could have been better alltogether. if you liked Silence Of The Lambs you might like this, in my opinion it was good but nothing too memorable!

Reservoir Dogs

Reserviour Dogs is a Classic Crime Film from Writer/Director Quentin Tarantino.

It is about a group of Gangsters who all plan to Rob a Jewelry Store in Los Angeles. Masterminded by a Tough old Mob Figure called Joe Cabot.

All guys are Strangers too each other and only no each other by there code names which were given too them by Joe Cabot, Their Hiest all of a sudden turns into a Bloody Ambush, and the Gangster's come to a conclusion that one of them is a Rat for the Police, but which one is it? the film keeps you thinking untill the astonishing conclusion.

It sure is one of those Movies you must see, especially if youre a fan of Quentin Tarantinos unique films, it's also one of my personal favourites!!

The Shining
The Shining(1980)

The Shining is a psychological Horror Movie Directed by Stanley Kurbick and is based on a Novel by Stephen King!

It is about an Author who accepts a Job as a caretaker at a isolated Hotel in the Mountains for the winter, his wife and Son move in aswell. The Son posseses psychich abilities such as been able to see into the Future, and can see the Ghosts that live in the Hotel. The Hotel becomes Snowbound and the Father becomes influenced by the Supernatuaral Presence in the Hotel, he goes crazy and tries to Murder his Wife and Son.

This Film is packed with Suspense and some of the Greatest Horror scenes of all time, and the Acting by jack is superb. it's truly a Classic in the Horror Genre its one of the best ever made and one of he Scariest, i highly reccomed it to all Horror Fans, Great Movie!!


John Carpenters Halloween is a Slasher/Horror released in 1978

It is about a guy called Micheal Myers who Stabbed his older Sister to death when he was 6. Micheal was put in a Mental Hospital under the care of a Psychiatrist. He escaped form the Institute 15 Years later a few days before Halloween, to the Neighourhood where he grew up. After witnessing the escape, his Psychiatrist went up to Haddonfield which is where Micheal is from, because he is very certian thats where Micheal will be heading to. His Psychiatrist and The Town Sherrif Hunt for Micheal Myers and try and put an end to his Bloddy Murder Spree on Halloween Night.

Halloween is filled with Suspense and great Horror Scenes which resulted it into being one of the most imitated Horror Films of all time.

This is one of my Top 5 Favourite Horror Flicks, and it's easily the Best Slasher ever made and one of the best Horror's alltogether, If you havent seen this i highly reccomend that you do!!

Family Guy - Blue Harvest

im a fan of the Family Guy program so i was expecting this to be hilarious, but it just wasnt at all youd think they would make there movie as funny as they possibly could, but this was a massive dissapointment!

South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut

hilarious,i guess you would have to be a South Park fan to agree though, considering the fact that not everyone finds it funny,but it is a very funny film

District 9
District 9(2009)

very creative,great story,action packed and also pretty funny,a great science fiction movie

Old School
Old School(2003)

its a pretty funny movie


a very Action packed and funny Film, with some great special affects,really enjoyed this!!

Child's Play
Child's Play(1988)

Classic!!, highly reccomended to any Horror fan!!


didnt find it anywhere near as funny as Borat, allthough some parts are pretty funny, its not really suitable for a guy to watch, its allmost like watching gay porn,i was suprised i didnt stop watching it halfway through, theres no way i could see it again once is enough lol!!

Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan

racist, sexist, gross, offensive, homophobic, crude,and one of the funniest movies ever!!

Gang Related
Gang Related(1997)

Gang Related is a pretty good Cop Drama about two crooked Cops who sell confiscated Drugs and kill all their buyers on their Off-hours. But it all falls down when one of the murder victims turns out to be an off duty DEA Agent,so too avoid getting caught they track down a list of Criminals with previous convictions trying to pin the Murder on them. This Movie showed how great rapper Tupac Shakur could actually act, and has a great Act from Joe Belushi.It has an okay storyline too it. I reccomend this Movie to anyone who likes Cop Dramas/Action/Crime sort of Movies, it is just above average in my opinion, not great but i still enjoyed it!!


at first i thought this would just be another one of those new horrors, that try to hard too be scary and copy scenes and ideas from every other movie,but it was actually a very good Horror/Suspense, with great acting,a great story,and a ending that you might not expect,i highly reccomend it too any true horror fan!!

Single White Female

descent thriller,a bit predictable but still a pretty good film

Exorcist II: The Heretic

the original Exorcist is the Scariest and one of the best Movies ive ever seen, but this one was a waste of time wasnt scary at all,stupid story there was just no need for it too be made they should have just kept it as The exorcist, i dont reccomed this one to anyone!!


this was very gory/supensful, not really scary, but was still good, i reccomend it to any horror fan

Kung Pow! Enter the Fist

its very stupid and funny, but you would have to have seen some old school Kung Fu Flicks, to get the humor


a nice thriller/horror with great suspence a great story very good acting,really liked it

The Hills Have Eyes

i dont usally like remakes at all, especially when the film that they are remaking is allready a classic, but i really enjoyed this one!!

American History X

very well scripted and a great preformance by edward norton

The Wolfman
The Wolfman(2010)

theres just really not much good about this Movie at all

The Others
The Others(2001)

a well written Thriller with an unexpected ending

Kill Bill: Volume 1

every Tarantino Film is great, and this is one of the best yet. a must see Movie!!

Pulp Fiction
Pulp Fiction(1994)

very well written Movie , with a great line-up of Actors, possibly Tarantino's best Movie

Liar Liar
Liar Liar(1997)

one of Jim Carreys funniest Movies

The Grudge 2
The Grudge 2(2006)

USELESS!! the first one was allgood, but this one was incredibley stupid

Anchorman - The Legend Of Ron Burgundy

very funny,one of Will Ferrell's best roles

The Ring
The Ring(2002)

The Ring is about a Video Tape that kills you in 7 days after you watch it, lol.

I thought it was actually not too bad, but in a way overrated. Alot of people consider this to be extremley horrifying and even one of The "scariest movies of all time". I watched it just recentley and didnt find it scary at all. It has a couple of good Horror Scenes but overall it isnt scary and is a descent Horror at best!!

Children of the Corn 666: Isaac's Return

this is one of the worst horror movies of all time,useless acting,bad directing a story that makes no sense, and who would be scared of this Isaac guy

A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors

this is the best A Nightmare On Elm Street besides the first one, its well scripted,good acting and good special effects, alot better then the second, this is highly reccomemded to any real Horror Fan!

A Nightmare on Elm Street

This is a true Classic, one of the greatest Horror Movies ever made!!


Pacino's best role and best movie, this is truley a classic, great story, easily the greatest gangster movie of all time, with many famous quoets still used to this day 100%

The Hangover
The Hangover(2009)

this movie is hilarious, it has what it takes to become a classic!!

The Silence of the Lambs

great storyline, and great roles played by Anthony Hopkins and Jodie Foster, a most see Movie!!!


i highly recommend this movie to anyone with a good sense of humour, and especially if you like Teen Comedy's,this is one of the funniest if not the funniest yet!!

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

forget the remake, this is one of the Greatest Movies in the Horror Genre!!

The Shawshank Redemption

Shawshank Redemption is easily one of the Greatest Movies of all time, Freeman and Robbins play a fantastic role, in a great script,and a extremly interesting storyline!!