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Back to the Future
2 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

* sighs *

I might not have been born in the eighties ,
I might not have truly felt those days of holy electric guitars, silly haircuts and cool skateboards ,
And I might not be one of those lucky people who went to watch " Back to the Future " on the big screen for the first time , back in 1985 ...

* sighs *

But I am loving this movie. Right here , right now . It's entertaining, funny and alive.

A take on Oedipus complex theory in a Part high school rom-com and part nerdy science fiction flick that fills you with nostalgic , romantic feelings and leaves you in a good mood . I can totally understand why " Back to the Future " is labeled as a classic .

The Talented Mr. Ripley
4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Sorry Jason Bourne , but Thomas Ripley is the most Complicated , mysterious and exciting role Matt Damon has ever played . Seriously Tom Ripley is so intelligent , confident and" talented " in making different crimes it makes other -classic or modern- fictional serial killers / psychopaths into shame .
Tom Ripley is the not-that-innocent protagonist in Anthony Minghella's " The Talented Mr. Ripley " (1999) ; a movie based on a 1955 play which he made between his two famous epic romances hits : The English Patient (1996) and Cold Mountain (2003) . I'm not saying that this is as powerful as them but it was successful in portraying the troubled character Ripley with his case of madness or closed homosexuality In a 50s Italy . but then again , this is pretty much everything the movie wants to be .
The best thing about the movie is casting . Matt Damon is really good as Ripley ; the way he manages his characters details and small actions , and how he does dirty things in cold blood is brilliant. (Just think about an evil Will Hunting) So professional It makes you wonder how many people has Ripley killed in total ? how many times the whole happenings took place before we enter the world of the movie ? heck . Is " Thomas Ripley " even his real name and Identity ?
Jude Law is amazing as the hot tempter Dickie and supporting actors are also good. Specially Philip Seymour Huffman , who knows how to manage a cliched smart ass type of guy .
In a comment a guy compared this with " Catch me If You can " , Steven Spielberg's 2002 con movie . there are similarities between the two for sure , but using both titles in a sentence is still kinda weird . as much as Catch me If you Can is fast paced and fun , The Talented Mr. Ripley is slow , serious and effective . a reason ? just check out the damn chilling Ending .

My Week with Marilyn
4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Never Understood the Hate for " My Week With Marilyn " . I thought Michelle Williams was not only convincing as Marilyn Monroe , but actually nailed her role . She totally brought the attitude of Monroe to the screen for one more time . her scenes with the great Judi Dench (as Dame Sybil Thorndike) are unforgettable .
Kenneth Branagh was great as Sir Laurence Olivier . The praise he received for his portrayal was well-deserved . but his scenes , also bring the doubt about honestly in movie . How Historically true is " My Week with Marilyn " ? Sometimes Marilyn seems too naive . and They could have done a better Vivien Leigh. and Eddie Redmayne ... eh . No comment on him here . the movie goes down in the scenes when Michelle and Kenneth are absent and he is on his own . Redmayne just acts the way his character has to . so it didn't bother me that much .
Some movies are just made for the award season . these are movies of performances . (The Meh Iron Lady , also for 2011 awards season) but sometimes you can find a good example out of them : and I thought MWWM was ok .

The Lincoln Lawyer
4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Not sure if there is any more closed door that a fresh court room drama could open . but " The Lincoln Lawyer " is a fine and well done movie that gives some thrilling moments and features a very good performance by Mathew McConaughey (A guy that I'm interested to watch for a while) as the smart-ass title character which makes the whole film interesting from start to finish . despite some little annoying clichés of genre like the facts such as the Lawyer's messed up marriage and his caring for innocent daughter , his dad was himself a lawyer and he's trying to continue the family legacy with the help of dead guy's advice blah blah blah ... and the final shootout scene which was UNNECESSARY . maybe a little over-the top but overall entertaining .