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5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
The Tree of Life

The Tree of Life(2011)

Talking about Great things doesn't make a movie great . and " The Tree Of Life " is worse , Because it actually doesn't know how to talk . showing all the beauty in the world and then trying to get something special out of it ... I'm sorry . this is not cinema .

This work tries to talk about the Beauty of nature , creations by God and the power Of Universe and , Human Place in it , History of earth and ... Many other things that could be Understand from beautiful and Irrelevant Images of it . These images are powerful and impressive , and you can find them more On BBC documentries . these sobjects are important and great , But I still think that telling a story , is a better way to say these things for a director .

When the movie`s fans want to talk about the Plot , They talk about the cast parts . the story (story?) focuses on a Family in 50s Texas . " The Tree Of Life " has problems even here . Brad Pitt is not bad as the Father . (but anyone else could play that role) the father is the problem . and the mother is even worse . There is no family relations . You only see a " sometimes pissed off and sometimes Kind " father that is angry to his children with no reasons (and even if he had reasons they have nothing to do with dinosaurs scene) . I wonder how retardation is this movie that could even make a good connection with characters . Keeping your kid`s foot in your hands doesn't make you " Mother " , Or " Father " , or " Director " (to put it in your movie`s poster) and then , you have the images ...

Malick has concerns about Life , Death and God . That`s abvious . and I don't wanna compare here , But Bergman also has these concerns . But he talks about them in his personal brilliant movie : " the Wild Strawberries " that makes you thinking . and Malick doest it in his personal way ... and what a vulgar way . No story , No depth and No Art , But just some images of (almost) every thing in nature and It`s history.

Some critics noticed that " the Tree Of Life " is Edited by 5 people . Is that such a proud ? is a great movie for example , 2001 : A Space Odyssey , (that it`s title is in all the reviews but that masterpiece has nothing to do with this no-spirit movie) is 2001 made by 8 directors ? and the Performances , well , when characters are not complete (in this case , they are not even started) , What do I want from Pitt and Chastain ... worst of all is Penn . he is running all around and he has no Idea what is he doing and you think what a great job has director done with that scene , while the movie has simple problems and poor lines ...
Im not interested to watch other works of Malick . Because now , with his latest work , I know he is a magician , not an artist , not a director .

Verdict+ the most disappointing and vulgar movie in years .