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Kicking & Screaming
3 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Pretty much your standard likable loser gets an opportunity to prove himself, gets a bit carried away with it, then realizes what he did wrong at just the right time.

I thought the film could have done more to poke fun at the over-competitive parents who attend their children's soccer/football matches.

Still, pay a pound for a film and you shouldn't be too shocked if it's naff.

Bewitched (2005)
3 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

I did not expect much from this when I watched it last night, but thankfully it surprised me.

Nicole Kidman was likeable, Will Ferrell is at his best when being loud and over the top and Steve Carell's cameo was very amusing.

Not a film I would watch twice, but far from the worst comedy that I have ever seen.

Dredd (2012)
3 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

You could have cast any actor to play Dredd and told them to scowl for most of the film and deliver their dialogue as plainly as possible, you really wouldn't know the difference.

That isn't to say Karl Urban is bad, I like the Dredd character but feel that the writers missed an opportunity to give us some insight into what made Dredd the man he is, but perhaps that is for a sequel?

Olivia Thirlby is the rookie judge who is being assessed by Dredd, she shows a far more vulnerable side, but also shows admirable resolve in the face of adversity, she is far and away the most interesting character in the film.

This is not a bad movie, just not memorable.

Jack (1996)
3 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

I was not sure what to expect when I put this movie into my DVD player, I like Robin Williams but was not sure about the plot.

I do agree with those who observed it is a bit depressing at times, there are some amusing moments to be found, and call me misinformed, but the film just feels a bit far-fetched at times.

Having seen Williams in much better films, especially comedies - this was not horrible but I won't be putting it on my watch again list.