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The Moth Diaries

Not really a effective horror movie, but hey, at least the girls were very attractive!

Night of the Living Dead

Classic zombie horror masterpiece


Good but not great satire

Reservoir Dogs

Auteur Quentin Tarantino's great directorial debut and a fine achievement for independent cinema

The Island
The Island(2005)

Run of the mil Micheal Bay but Scarlett Johansson is very watchable.

Source Code
Source Code(2011)

The premise and "science fiction" are absolutely absurd but Source Codes main redeeming factor comes from the human performances.


CLASSIC SCORSESE! There ain't nothing funny about Joe Pesci's performance as a viscous gangster with psychotic tendencies


Pretty good but not as great as many people make it out to be.


A very intriguing meditative superhero film where the characters are psychologically complex


Great James Cameron film with amazing technological achievements that are fantastic and groundbreaking coupled along with a very familiar plot

A Prophet (Un prophete)

[Actual rating 95%]
A Prophet directed and co written by Jacques Audiard is a unrelenting and matter of fact depiction of prison and gangster life set in some of the most shadiest parts of Paris society. While the movie depicts prison and gangster life it is truly about one thing only: Survival. Gaining new allies and being able to bribe and satisfy crooked authority figures is the basis between life and death, once you are deemed worthless, you are as good as dead simple as that. One must keep their wits about them, become cunning, smart, and plan if they want to survive especially if they are in the sights of a cold Corsican mob boss.

Nineteen year old Malik El Djebena (played superbly by Tahar Rahim) is just that kind of man who must become and acquire all those skills aforementioned if he intends to survive. He is young only 19 of French of North African descent, illiterate, and has been sentenced to six years in prison for assaulting police officers, and he is alone. Everything is out of his favor as he is plunged into a hellish nightmare that he must now find a way to survive what will probably be the most grueling experience is his life. Malik's race was mentioned earlier, after all this is a prison film, and race plays an important role in prison films (and gangster ones as well) as it does in real life prisons. The prison is dived into two sections, the Muslims and the Corsicans and with pale skin, mixed race (half Arabic), the look of frightened child, and not being very smart as well Malik will not fit so easily with the other inmates who are either one race or the other (Arabic, Corsican, etc).

Malik keeps to himself however, he has caught the attention of the Corscian mob boss Cesar Luciani (played magnificently by veteran French actor Niels Arestrup)whose cold and calm gaze is enough to frighten possibly even the most harden criminal. Cesar has been in prison for a long time now and later in the film he is informed that is just no way he will ever see the light of day again because of the callous crimes hes committed. Whether it be pity or Cesar just finds him to be useful he decides to "help out" Malik by giving him a proposition: kill an Muslim witness or be killed. In this prison, one abides by a brutal rule carried out by those with the most authority, and Cesar is the one who possesses it, His time in prison has made him a man that I would not consider to be good or evil but mainly a survivalist; its killed or be killed and if you don't have what it takes, you are expendable and will mostly likely die. Here is a man who gives people offers that they cannot refuse but is much colder that a Vito Corleone, to him its all about survival. Here is a man who has ended so many lives for the sake of his own survival that ordering a hit on someone else's has become nothing more than a daily occurrence; such as the nonchalance of brushing one's teeth.

Now Malik must kill, he must learn, and he will have to do it fast we know Malik is weak, we witness it when he pitifully tries to defend himself from getting his shoes stolen by some prison thugs on his first day. Cesar believes due to Malik's Arabic heritage he will be able to get closer to the Muslim witness, so we get the impression that Cesar is just using Malik and that he, like all the other mob bosses associates, is a expendable as a tool.

If one thinks that Malik isn't much of a prophet because he didn't "foresee" himself getting arrested than that person is as shrouded in ignorance as Malik was. To become a prophet is not something one is born with, it is a rite of passage, it is earned. When Malik struggles to murder the witness (after befriending him with the promise of sex) it is brutal, bloody, and pitiful. However by killing the man Malik will get to live another day, he has "earned" his rite of passage, baptized in blood. A Prophet is one of the most authentic films I have ever seen, obviously because it is a foreign film. What I enjoy most about foreign film is that it is usually so unrestrained, so free from the constraints of Hollywood mediocrity and foolish romanticism, but also because it gives a differnt perspective on how to make cinema. Director Jacques Audiard, whose previous film The Beat That My Heart Skipped (also staring Niels Arestrup) was a re imagining of Fingers a film starring Harvey Keitel, and he shows that he can have influences and still make an original work of his own without resulting to generic formula.

It is A Prophet's uncanny ability to show familiar things and give it a different perspective, both in character and plot, that makes it a success as a piece of cinema. The performances in this film are spectacular with Neils giving the best one with his scene stealing role as a cunning mob boss. The environment in this film is also highly effective with its cold metal corridors, use of the weather, breathtaking cinematography that gives a constant feel of claustrophobia, and moody score.

Malik has been plunged into a hell, and we are right there with him. We will see if he has what it takes to survive or if he will become just another casualty in prison. He situation is almost hopeless and eventually, one who watches this film cannot help but gain sympathy for him, watch him become smarter, cunning, colder, calculated, and a prophet; its that timeless story on one who rises to power that viewers just can't get enough of. After killing the witness, Malik is giving a task by Cesar: to help run his crime business by with the leaves he gets from prison. Malik however has become smarter, and just like Cesar, now possess alterior motives, he has earned his rite of passage, and if he can get through this prison term, might just be able to survive on the outside again.

There Will Be Blood

[Actual rating 95%]

There Will be Blood is a fascinating and ambitious film by Paul T. Anderson that not only brings about a complete 180 degree in the young film director's visual style but also shows (and proves) that he is one the most visually compelling and enthralling directors of our generation. Unlike his previous films which were mostly took place in contemporary settings There Will be Blood, which is a very loose adaptation of the Uptain Sinclair novel "Oil", is set in the early twentieth century where men dabble in the cut throat business of the west expoliating natural resources in order to gain personal wealth. Daniel Plainview is one of them. The film opens with Daniel (played magnificently by Daniel day Lewis in a worthy Oscar winning role) as he mines in the desert and mountains for gold, breaks his leg, then goes right back to mining for some more; he is very greedy and determined. After minimal success in the his mining exploits he sets his sights on the next big thing: OIL. Tragedies occur and he finds himself adopting a son of one his workers killed on the job and then uses the boy as a business prop to further win over his potential investors. As I said early There Will Be Blood is a film , like its main protagonist, that simply oozes with ambition it shows a story of greed, lies, and corruption in a matter of fact manner that is, to say almost contradictory, because at the same time it is terribly complex but also darkly humorous. In a effort to obtain his goals, Daniel becomes a cruel sociopath who belittles any who gets in his way and freely discards all whom he deems useless. Now while I have praised the film I must add that There Will be Blood is not without its flaws withs its unbending characters and barley if any strong female supporting roles probably wont make for much of a pleasant view for some.

The film is obviously political minded and very critical of conservative values and takes a nay saying to the tradition of big business and the dehumanization that comes with the hopes of personal profit. Despite these very few flaws that keeps a film like this from perfection this is not a pretentious film and should be seen. A reason for this is because this is still a very well acted, directed, and written film with its impeccable direction, brilliant chromatography, and searing score this is a film that achieves to do what it set out to do: which is to tell a very compelling story.

Pulp Fiction
Pulp Fiction(1994)

[Actual rating 95%]

A near perfect film but nonetheless a masterpiece all the same in both style, direction, writing, acting, production, and just being a damn good contribution to both the neo noir genre of film but also film in general Pulp Fiction is without a doubt one of the most influential films of the 90's (or possibly ever made?) and for good reason. Pulp Fiction is about just that pulp fiction it is writer/director Quentin Tarantino's ode to hardboiled crime films and the cheap pulp magazines of his youth. The story is very modern but still original as it interweaves several loosely interconnected tales as a group of colorful and very interesting lowlifes meet their fates over the course of two days in San Fransisco. The tales are not told in chronological order. The various stories follow the exploits of two hit-men Vincent and jules (played by John Travolta and Samuel Jackson respectively0 as they are sent to retrieve a mysterious breifcase ( which is most obviously a McGuffin) for their mob boss Marsellus Wallace(played Ving Rahmes) whom also arranges Vincent to take his wife Mia out for a casual evening while he is away (she is played by Uma Thermon), and forces local boxer Butch (Bruce Willis) to throw his next upcoming fight for some money or be killed. However. as in real life, accidents happen people who shouldn't be killed are killed, people who be over dosing in the back of a car are over dosing in the back of a car, and people who shouldn't be getting raped in the basement of a pawnshop by crooked redneck cops are being raped in the basement of a pawnshop by crooked redneck cops. Now there isn't anything in Pulp Fiction that is terribly new but so what? the film has just as much substance as it has style ( and this film has a lot of style). What makes Pulp Fiction so ingenious is that it pays homages to other films, it takes all the things that have been done in this particular genre and rehashes them together to tell a darkly humorous yet thoroughly engrossing and original film. Its quite long but I assure you wont notice it as I wrote earlier the characters (even the minor ones) are interesting and well thought out and so is the writing and direction. The film is very violent though (but not nearly as violent as Quentin's first film Reservoir Dogs)but please, don't let that deter you from enjoying this film it just simply cannot be missed!

The Cooler
The Cooler(2003)

The Cooler is a spectacular movie about trust, loyalty, luck, desperation, and fighting for the things you want in life. The characters are quite gloomy but that is only because of the circumstances that life has put them in, get to know them a little, and you'll find out that most of them are just as desperate to find love and happiness as anyone else. The Cooler is a relatively small movie that is elevated by the magnificent performances by William Macey (forever playing the desperate lovable loser), Maria Bello, and Alec Baldwin (whose very good at playing seemingly suave, calm and collected guys with alterior motives and intentions)

Directed and written by Wayne Kramer, The Cooler is a frank, original, and quite brutal exploration into the business of gambling in casinos and gambling in general. To many, gambling is just a way of possibly making a quick buck but to Bernie Lootz (Macy) and Shelly Kaplow (Baldwin) its a way of life, literally. Bernie Lootz is a "Cooler", who is an unlucky individual whose presence at the tables results in a streak of bad luck for the other players. His luck is so bad that he has actually made a career out of it. When a table is "hot" or someone is "on fire" all Bernie has to do is go over to that table, touch something or someone or make a bet, and the luck of that individual instantly turns bad.

Bernie does't have much going for him he lives in a studio apartment in a shabby motel on the Las Vegas strip, he is indebted to the Shangri-La casino boss Shelly Kaplow (who also "cured" him of his gambling habit by breaking one of his knee caps), and he cant even recall the last time he has had physical and emotional contact with a woman.

Bernie's boss, Shelly, is just as desperate as Bernie is because he is under constant pressure by his ad visors and shady superiors to bring about change to his casino for the 21st century. Shelly is a old timer, he is completely old fashioned when it comes to casinos and how he runs his business and doesn't consider Vegas or casinos to be a family oriented place. He is disgusted when a snobbish ivy league graduate named Larry Sokolov comes in to his business and tries to change things up. To Bernie, all of this is an insult, an insult, to him, his business, his ideology, and most importantly, his pride and to add insult to injury his best employee Bernie is giving him his one week notice.

Matters get worse when Shelly brings in Natalie Belisario (Bello), a cocktail waitress, into Bernie's life in a attempt to keep Bernie from resigning, however she begins to fall for him and then Bernie's luck begins to change for the better. Bernie inadvertently runs into his son with his pregnant girlfriend and then things get even more complicated as these characters lives intertwine with one another sometimes with disastrous consequences (such is the nature of gambling).

As I mentioned early in this review The Cooler is about desperate characters doing desperate things in desperate situations. Some people go to Las Vegas just to have fun however those who live there are usually shown to be miserable and desiring a change in life. The characters in this film are very three dimensional which makes for very uneasy when they get punished with scenes such as when Bernie's son is taught a lesson by Shelly "the old school way". When you gamble you take a chance, win or lose it doesn't matter if the odds are against you one can still come out a victor. Bernie decides to take those chances, he takes a chance standing up to his boss, helping out his son, and finding love in a woman who is just as desperate for love as he his.

2001: A Space Odyssey

A perfect film and also the defining achievement in science fiction to tell a tale thats philosophical,excruciatingly existential, but just as visually stunning back then as it is now. Let me clear that NO I do not consider this film great simply because I listed Stanley Kubrick as my favorite director on my profile, there is a good reason why many people love this film and a very good reason why it has been so influential for so many years.

One of the reason is because of the groundbreaking visuals of course which have mesmerized and influenced all who have seen it (and truly appreciated it). The next reason of course, and my personal reason for loving this film, is because of themes of it. All great stories need (and have) themes behind them to elevate them to greatness without them the story is hollow and, in my opinion, worthless. Lets take a trip back in time to before this film was conceived did anyone really take aliens and the possible life outside of planet Earth seriously, especially in movies? in one word NO. Thats actually understandable seeing as how every film back then involving aliens and the such were just B movie cheese (don't get me wrong now I love Brave New World. What 2001 did that no other movie was about science fiction was doing was actually taking the genre seriously and asking such questions; Why are we here? what is our true purpose? and what could possibly be (if any) the ultimate fate of mankind? Now of course you are never going to get any of these questions answered in a movie let alone one as abstract as this but 2001 doesn't try to answer any of these questions but merely give suggestions.

Of course there will be some who disagree that this is not a perfect film, and I can understand this. One of the reasons is because the film moves at a very very slow (but obviously deliberate) pace, there is hardly any dialogue, no comic relief, human relationships, and for that matter character development. The lack of these things would cause a terrible film so then why would I praise this film let alone give it a 100%? why say the film is perfect? and you might also ask why you should even bother watching the film? To that I say because the film doesn't simply focus on individual humans (yes I'm well aware that the film shows the journey of one astronaut) but rather the human race in general. The astronaut, Dr. Boorman, represents the human race, HAl 9000 represents the folly of humans to believe that they will ever be the masters of their own technology, and then theres the enigmatic monolith, the great beyond, the evolution and the potential of what a species can become , let it remain an enigma. Why should you watch this film? to that I say why not? For those who truly appreciate not only cinema but the visual mastery of a director who objective is to penetrate the great mysteries I say why not watch it?

To me, personally, what makes a perfect film is when a director who is so passionate about his work and subject matter can not settle for trite pretentiousness but only for greatness.

Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps

Of course money doesn't sleep its an INANIMATE OBJECT! more serious and thorough review in the future.....