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Chloe (2010)
6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes



Here's the set up: A couple that is on the out's of their relationship gets into one big fight. The wife believes that the husband is cheating on her, after he has been gone on a working vacation. So she decides to hire a local prostitute to meet the husband and see how he reacts, to see if he would ever cheat on her. However after a few days of the young and beautiful girl flirting with her husband the wife remarkable falls in love with this prostitute and they begin to have sexual encounters. Now if your not already shaking your head in disbelief of this ludicrous plot, then I applaud you. But let me reassure you that this film is ridiculous and not in a good way. I mean I can honestly say that this is one of the weirdest films I have ever seen. Not only does the wife fall for the prostitute but then the wife's kid falls for her. So now you have three people all in the same family infauated with this young girl. I am really not sure what the writers were thinking here, I mean I understand infatuation hell even obsession... but three people in the same family all falling for a single prostitute seems pretty ridiculous to me. I am warning everyone that reads this review please don't see this film, it's one of the worst films of the year. It's a real shame that these great actors are stuck in this obscene movie. You can skip "Chloe"

Liam Neeson
Julianne Moore
Amanda Seyfried
Directed by: Atom Egoyan

Just Wright
Just Wright (2010)
6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

A Review By: Sam Fragoso

"Just Wright"

Queen Latifah and rapper turned actor, Common star in the new romantic comedy called "Just Wright".

It's seems to me that Hollywood has suddenly stopped caring about the general public and the money they spend on their movies or maybe they have just simply ran out of ideas for a good, heartfelt romantic comedy. Anyways well save the rant for another time; let's get on to "Just Wright".

The film revolves around Leslie Wright; she's a hardworking physical therapist, that's a die-hard New Jersey Nets fan. So on the way home from a game she bumps into, who other then Scot McKnight... an NBA superstar (fiction) for the New Jersey Nets, that she ironically adores. He glances at her, she dazzles her eyes back it him and there it is... love at first site.

If I'm undermining the plot, I apologize. But I am just so tired of romantic-comedies being so predictable. It's like they write a chart out: Couple meets at an off beat location, affection shown here, complication/break up there, man or women realizes they have made a mistake, reconcile and get back together... film over, happy ending. Sometimes that predictability is fine in films, because the story is so enjoyable, but not here.

However not everything is bland in "Just Wright". I always enjoy Queen Latifah in films, she has a natural charisma on screen, and I really admire that. I enjoyed some of the basketball scenes, implausible as they are. And James Pickens Jr. delivers his lines of wisdom to his daughter with affection and sincerity.

But it's predictable, implausible and the last twenty minutes of the film are paced so fast, you'd think there's a time bomb on set awaiting their finish. Queen Latifah should know better, and looking at Common's resume suggests he doesn't.

Queen Latifah - Leslie Wright
Common - Scott McKnight
Paula Patton - Morgan Alexander
James Pickens Jr. - Lloyd Wright

All my review can be found at "

Unstoppable (2010)
7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Full review here ---

The Karate Kid
7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

A Film Review By: Sam Fragoso

"The Karate Kid"


Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan star in the new remake of the 80's classic "The Karate Kid".

I have never seen a film that starts off so terrible as "The Karate Kid" does and then suddenly change direction mid way through it.

The film opens with Jaden Smith glancing at his wall for the last time. On the wall lies all of his meaningful dates from the start of his life. From his first soccer goal to his dad passing, Smith looks, then suddenly writes a new date on there. "Today is the start of a new adventure" the mom tells Dre (Smith). Dre and his mother are moving to China, because of a job she's receiving out there. Though there excited to go on this "adventure" they have no idea what is in store for them.

In terms of crucial plot points, there are no real differences from this new "Karate Kid" to the 1984 classic. Accept this new film revolves around a twelve-year old boy and it is not set in New Jersey, but actually China.

I must say that the first 45 minutes of this film is without a doubt, the worst experience I have had watching a movie this year, and I'm serious. I felt that the writers did not get one lick of dialogue correct. There was not one aspect of the film that seemed genuine. But then, something amazing happens. The film suddenly turns around and goes back to its original roots.

I'm not sure how the film turned around, but I know that the more time Chan was on screen, the better the film was. For the first time in his career Jackie Chan is not playing some foolish, but amazingly skilled fighter, as he does in the "Rush Hour" pictures. Yet he acts with sincerity and vulnerability. Not only that but he really does a good job on his crucial scene, in which he reveals to the kid his past problems. Jaden Smith in my opinion is not nearly as good as Ralph Macchio, but he does a fairly decent job here.

Harald Swart's spin on the 84 classic doesn't give us many surprises, but it certainly reengages us to the original story, in which the first film was based on; determination and hard work will eventually lead to triumphant events.

All in all this remake of the 1984 hit is not nearly as good as the original, but doesn't do any shame to the name. The cinematography is breath taking, from the streets to the towering trees in China. Though the film does run on a little to long, you certainly don't feel it as the climatic fight scene at the end is unfolding.


Jaden Smith - Dre
Jackie Chan - Mr. Han
Directed by: Harald Zwart

Hereafter (2010)
7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

A Film Review By: Sam Fragoso



Matt Damon and Cecille de France star in the new Clint Eastwood film, "Hereafter"

There's no doubt in my mind that Clint Eastwood's new film "Hereafter", has one of the most powerful opening scenes in recent memory.

The film starts with Marie LeLay, a French journalist that has no idea what is about to come. As she goes out for her morning walk on her vacation, a terrifying tsunami comes and wipes out the whole city in Indonesia. As she battles to stay alive against the current of the tsunami, a random object in the water suddenly strikes her from behind and knocks her out cold. She then goes through a near death experience, where she can see people in her past that she cares about. But she doesn't die; luckily two men who survived the accident, revive her. As this extended scene is played out, Eastwood makes us feel like where they're with her, batting in the water, fending for her dear life.

"Hereafter" is one of those "Babelistic" films; separate stories that our set all over the world and in a coincidental sequence all meet at the end of the film, which is fine. Eastwood does this movie without making it to predictable or making us feels like that could never happen.

One of the characters in "Hereafter" is George, played by Matt Damon. He's a man that is confused and is at a crossroad in his life. He works at a minimum wage factory where he is trying to forget about his past profession, as a psychic. He believes that he can communicate with the dead, but doesn't want to use his talent anymore. He thinks it's not a gift, but a curse that was given to him at birth. You would think we the audience would be mad at him for not using his talent, but as the film continues Eastwood shows what happens when anyone gets close to George.

The second character(s) in "Hereafter" is a pair of twins that have an alcoholic and drug addicted mother. I don't want to reveal any crucial dramatic moments (there are many) that happen in the film, but I must say that Peter Morgan who wrote "Hereafter" does a superb job with the dialogue for these two kids in each and every scene.

The third and final crucial character is one I already mentioned Marie LeLay, played by the stunningly beautiful Belgium actress Cecile de France. Besides her terrible part in the tsunami, she's a French journalist, a very successful one. But after she experiences that near death sequence, she has a dramatic change on her outlook on life and what happens when we die. It even compels her to write a book about her accident and if there really is a "hereafter".

Let me start off by saying that Peter Morgan who wrote films like "Frost Nixon", "The Queen" and "The Last King of Scotland" does a seamless job here. Every character is so well written, that it makes it impossible not to care about the people on screen each and every second.

I also must compliment "Hereafter" on the effect that it left me and I'm sure others once the film concluded. It makes you think about death (for better or worse) and if they're really is something beyond it.

A lot of people are asking the question, if this a Clint Eastwood masterpiece? My answer is, it depends what your expecting from an Eastwood movie. No this is not like "Mystic River" or "Million Dollar Baby", but it is a good film. But there are times in "Hereafter" that you can tell Eastwood is genuinely out of his comfort zone.

I have to blame some of the film's flaws on the editor. There are too many times in "Hereafter" where the scene is either cut way too short or it either goes on far too long.

"Hereafter" isn't a perfect Clint Eastwood film, there are many times where the plot gets to convoluted with it's characters and the sub stories there trying to represent. But the acting is top notch, the film is visually stunning and Morgan writes an exhilarating script. This is a film that you don't want to miss.


Matt Damon - George Lonegan
Cecile De France - Marie LeLay
Jay Mohr - Billy
Directed by: Clint Eastwood