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Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens
19 months ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Just come back from the cinema... I should have taken notice of the negative reviews. I don't know where to start from...
The story seems convincing at the beginning. However it is not clear why the Lord Sith is obsessed by Luke Skywalker who has retired and what the hell he could do to stop the Empire from destroying the rebels exactly? Then he sends a half trained dark sided Jedi who turns out being Solo' son to stop those looking for Luke. The same guy also behaves like a hysterical child in a couple of occasions and there's no reason why he wears a mask.
Finn is shy storm trooper hesitant to pull the trigger but then, with no training, a master with the machine gun mounted on the ship.
Same for Rey. A scrap metal scavenger who can pilot the ship with mastery, let alone the way she handles then sabre.
Leya would have been better presumed dead given the astounding performance of Carrie Fisher.
It was a return to the origins, fair enough. Every little bit was a reminder of the New Hope. But the way a bunch of guerrilla rebels defeats a much more powerful Death Star is simply pathetic. The weak spot of the Star is more than a Achille's heel. The engineers who created the Star should have been fired...
Too many coincidences: Rey from scavenger to problem solver for the rebels, Solo's years of disappearance ending with him bumping into Rey who just stole his old ship, Finn from useless Trooper to (almost) invincible rebels and many more.
2 out of 5 only because I have a soft spot for the Wars but to the whole thing is a sham