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For those who don't know me, allow me to introduce myself. The name is Monster, Movie Monster. One of my most anticipated films of the year was Skyfall, the 23rd James Bond film. Daniel Craig returns to play the tough and suave spy, James Bond. In my opinion, Craig is the best Bond. James Bond has always been a cool character but Craig added a level of realism to it. He made Ian Fleming's creation dark and gritty, the way I like it. Many critics have said that Skyfall is the best entry in the rebooted franchise. I still think Casino Royale is the best. Words cannot describe how awesome that movie is. It left me speechless. Quantum of Solace was good but not great. I found Skyfall to be better than Quantum but not as good as Casino Royale. Despite that, Skyfall was pretty darn good.

Skyfall follows James Bond as he hunts down a threat that has put MI6 in extreme danger. This threat has also come back to haunt Bond's trusted boss, M. Agent 007's adventure takes him to Shanghai and Macau where he is given more background on this threat. With the help of Q and two new Bond girls by the names of Eve and Severine, 007 must face the villainous Silva, who plans to put an end to MI6 once and for all.

Skyfall is not based on any Ian Fleming story and it completely original. I was impressed with the story in this film. It's a well thought out plot that is finely executed. This has to be one of the deeper Bond films. Not only is this a good action film, it's a pretty good drama. The Bond and M characters are fleshed out and they work well together. I loved seeing Bond and M interact on screen. In my eyes, they have a sort of a mother-son relationship. The writing in this film is good as well. The writing is strong and I especially enjoyed the dialogue. Skyfall is helmed by Sam Mendes, the Oscar-winning director of American Beauty. All of Mendes' past films have been dramas and this marks as his first action film. The directing in the film is impressive. The guy can also film a sweet action scene. The action scene at the start of the film was awesome and kicked off the film very well. Mendes must be really good with dialogue scenes because he directed them very well. The cinematography in Skyfall is gorgeous. I want to travel to all the exotic places shown in the film.

All the actors were great. Daniel Craig kills it again as Bond. He keeps the touch of past Bond actors. He's laidback and good with the ladies but also tough. Daniel Craig made James Bond into a deep, gritty, realistic character. Craig's performance combines Bond's swag and dark side. Judi Dench is also great as M. She and Daniel Craig have good chemistry and I liked seeing them work off each other. Ralph Fiennes, one of my favorite actors, joins the cast as Mallory. Fiennes never disappoints and he did that in this film. Javier Bardem kills it as Silva. When he appears, he looks like a stereotypical Bond villain: A sly person with an accent with an evil plot on their minds. Then Bardem becomes a total baddie during the climax and he won't stop until he gets what he wants. Albert Finney puts on a fine performance as well. He shared most of his screen time with Bond and M and he knew how to work with them. I thought Ben Winshaw was great as Q. The first dialogue scene between him and Bond was great. It was a well-written scene. I haven't seen anything else with Ben Winshaw but judging from his performance here, he seems like an actor I would enjoy. The Bond girls in this film are Eve played by Naomie Harris and Severine played by Berenice Marlohe. Harris' character was a smart and tough chick and I liked her. Her performance was pretty cool. She was a blend of seriousness and sexiness. Marlohe's character was the eye candy in the film. She was a beauty. She was okay but I felt her main purpose was just to look seductive to Bond. As for her acting, she was good.

The action scenes in this film are super exciting. The film starts off with a highly entertaining chase scene. James Bond is a total butt kicker in this scene. He's tough but still shows that 007 swag. I thought the scene that took place in a skyscraper in Shanghai was a cool action scene. I liked how Bond and the enemy were at each other's necks. The climatic action scene had me at the edge of my seat. This is where we see how much of a villain Silva is. This scene is intense and emotional. Skyfall marks the 50th Anniversary of the franchise and there a lot of homages to classic 007 films throughout the film. It had a lot for new Bond fans and long-time Bond fans. The opening credits sequence was awesome. My theater has great sound and nice big screen and those are like two ingredients to enjoy this scene. Adele does the theme song and it was one awesome track. I can't wait to see the opening credit sequence on Blu-ray.

Skyfall is a notch below Casino Royale but it is still a great entry to the James Bond series. The acting and direction is great and the story was really impressive and deep. The ending in the film made me excited for future entries in the series. Skyfall was a total thrill ride.

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