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The Amazing Spider-Man

The Amazing Spider-Man(2012)

When the news broke out that the Spider-Man series was getting the reboot treatment, I was surprised and saddened. I was really looking forward to seeing a fourth Spider-Man movie. Some of you may disagree with me but I really liked Spider-Man 3. I was nine years old at the time of the release and I thought the film was so awesome because Spidey was going up against three villains and I found that to be very intense at the time. I've rewatched the movie many times and I can see why many people didn't like it. It's not as good as the other two but I still enjoyed it. Sam Raimi's original trilogy was my childhood. I had never picked up a Spider-Man comic at the time that the first film came out but I was introduced to the character from my dad and rereuns of the 90s animated series. I remember having to wait like two hours in line on opening day to the first Spider-Man film. I was so anxious to go in and it ended up being one of the most awesome moviegoing experiences. I have been skeptical about this reboot ever since. I got the chance to attend WonderCon earlier this year where I got to see about ten minutes of footage. Marc Webb was there and he knew how to sell his movie. My hope in this reboot was restored. Did I mention that Emma Stone was also there? Did Spider-Man need to be rebooted after only five years? Not really. Was The Amazing Spider-Man any good? Yes, it was very good.

In this film, Peter is depressed after the disappearance of his parents. He then discovers a briefcase that belonged to his father which contains clues to their disappearance. This then leads Peter to Oscorp where he crosses paths with Dr. Curtis Connors and gets bitten by the radioactive spider. Yeah, you know what happens next. He becomes Spider-Man and gets fantastic superpowers. Spider-Man is seen a vigilante by some and is being hunted down by the police. Meanwhile, Dr. Connors is having problems of his own and through a series of experiments; he becomes the vicious mutant known as The Lizard. It's now up to Spidey to go head-to-head with The Lizard.

The role of Peter Parker/Spider-Man is handed to Andrew Garfield. When Garfield was casted, I had no idea who he was and I couldn't seem his as Peter Parker. When I saw Andrew Garfield in The Social Network, I found him to be a really good actor. He plays the part very well and knows how to sell the character. He's very different from Tobey Maguire's interpretation of the character. This Peter Parker is smart and nerdy but he's not an obvious one. He dresses like an emo outcast and not much like a nerd. If you were a kid when Sam Raimi's trilogy and now you are a teenager, you will relate with this new Peter Parker. When he talks with Gwen Stacy for the first time, it's a very awkward and realistic moment. Anyways, this is a very contemporary Peter Parker. As for Spider-Man, I liked how they did it. I like my Spider-Man to be witty. Andrew Garfield knew how to be witty. He used humor to intimidate and humiliate the criminals he caught. I liked how they went with the Web shooting machines as oppose to organic webs. They brought up a topic that was totally ignored in the previous films. I'm talking about vigilantism. In the other films, people were okay with Spider-Man keeping the city safe even though he isn't a cop. He causes a stir with Captain Stacy and the NYPD and that's one thing I liked about this movie. I thought this interpretation of Peter Parker/Spider-Man was great. It's hard to decide which is better: Tobey or Andrew?

The rest of this cast is great too. Peter's love interest in this film is Gwen Stacy and she is played by the charming and cute Emma Stone. When I tell my friends that I got to see her at WonderCon, they became jealous. Let me make something clear. I did not get a picture with her or get to speak with her. I just saw her from a distance. Still, being in the same room as her is still awesome. I've don't read much comics with Gwen Stacy but I find her a more believable love interest than Mary Jane Watson. She was there to support Peter while Mary Jane acts like the damsel in distress most of the time. I actually bought Peter and Gwen's romance. It was realistic and if I say so myself, cutesy. The two had really good chemistry. Emma Stone's performance was really good. She was smart, funny, and sympathetic. Her father, George Stacy, who's also Police captain, is played by Denis Lear. I liked him. He was a cool guy and a good actor. Aunt May and Uncle Ben are played by Martin Sheen and Sally Field and they were pretty good but I prefer Rosemary Harris and Cliff Robertson from the original films. Rhys Ifans did a great job as Dr. Curtis Connors/The Lizard. He was a cool villain. I like how he doesn't' look like a bad guy at the start then he flips. Stan Lee's cameo was hilarious. One of his best. The cast in this film was great.

The writing in this film was very good. I can tell that the writers were going for a Batman Begins tone for this film by making it a dark, deep, character study. This movie is no Batman Begins but I liked the direction they went with this film. The film wasn't entirely dark but it took itself seriously. The other films seemed they were relying on being fun. The script was impressive. It had a lot of funny and intense moments and I though the dialogue was pretty good. Marc Webb's directing was very good. I like his style. I need to watch 500 Days of Summer pretty soon. He knew how to film the school scenes well and the action scenes were filmed well. I can't wait to see what he does with the sequels. The effects in this film were absolutely terrific. The swinging scenes are an improvement over the ones in Spider-Man 3. Those looked too CGI. I thought the visual effects on The Lizard were awesome. The 3D could have been better but I give it props for its depth and brightness. Not a whole lot of stuff flies out at the audience so you are better off seeing it in 2D.

I was hoping The Amazing Spider-Man to blow me away. The film is far from perfect but it is still very good. It's very different from the previous films and takes the series into a nice new direction. I thought it was a breath of fresh air. There is a scene halfway through the credits that set up for the sequel and I can't wait to see how it turns out. I wish it was something that would tie into the Marvel Cinematic Universe but that would never happen. The film didn't answer all the questions they brought up but I'm pretty sure they will answer them in the next two installments. A Spider-Man trilogy with mystery elements? Sounds good to me! The sequel will be out in May 2014 so I don't have to wait too long. My advice is to go in with an open mind and forget about the other films. You will enjoy it more that way. If you are so attached to the Sam Raimi films and don't want to let go, you probably won't enjoy this movie as much. Anyways, I enjoyed it and I'll probably buy this one when the DVD comes out. The Amazing Spider-Man is entertaining and visually stunning Summertime fun!

"Do I look like the mayor of Tokyo?"