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Crossroads (1986)
1 day ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Crossroads is well acted, sure. The story however, subjectively, isn't very riveting. Some kid who's a blues fanatic wants to learn from a blues legend from Mississippi, even though from my observation a very limited amount of characters within the story had heard of him. It's partially a road trip flick as well, and stuff happens. That's right, stuff. They play on stage in an all black bar, they run into a dancer girl on her way to LA, Macchio and Seneca argue a lot, and there's a seemingly spiritual aspect in the atmosphere/tone of this movie. None of this however is all that interesting. The final guitar duel is without a doubt the highlight of this entire film.

Justice League
22 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Okay, this was better than BvS, I'll give it that.  It was far more entertaining, paced, and unlike MoS and BvS, the action was a little easier to take in and not overwhelmingly full of 'splosions and collateral damage.  The villain here was formidable with a badass voice, but simultaneously he lacked an intriguing backstory and his look was pretty bland.  The interplay amongst the cast is solid, the visuals are for the most part decent despite some shots being unsubtle with its CG I.  Batman was good, Flash was good but sometimes repetitive, Superman was okay, Wonder Woman was okay, Cyborg wasn't that impressive and neither was Aquaman(although he looked cool).  The pacing wasn't great as much of the film, aside from feeling rushed at times, also felt like a disjointed flow of expository scene after scene and corny recruitment parts.  Overall, this is popcorn fun(like most superhero blockbusters this year).  It's worth a look.