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What's Cooking?
1 day ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Fairly entertaining, and underrated. It has a certain charm to it, decent social commentary, and the way it executes a variety of struggles varying from each family depending on their ethnic and socioeconomic factors is pretty realistic and well done. The performances are solid, and it's paced well too. Sometimes it's a bit melodramatic, soap opera-esque and ultimately it's nothing blow away or entirely memorable, but What's Cooking? Is warm and seasoned enough to be enjoyed adequately.

The Neon Demon
5 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

It's difficult for me to even give a rating. I didn't hate this, or love it, and I was pretty entranced by it. It's empty, superficial, hypnotic, but strangely engaging. It's commentary on the human psychological obsession of physical attractiveness, and how it can cause someone to take drastic measures to achieve it, isn't told merely with dialogue, but with dreamlike visuals and an achingly surreal world within the purposefully shallow story.

I found every performance behind every character to be pretty one-dimensional, but I'm pretty sure that was the point: these are people consumed by narcissism who prioritize external beauty, so they lack almost any kind of depth. And it works perfectly for this film's universe. Their lives are all about the perfect shot, symmetry, lighting, camera angle, etc etc. They're pretty much devoid of any inner nuance. Jessy, who starts out as a nervous newcomer, eventually succumbs to this mindset, even if this character arc comes out of nowhere.

The last 20-30 minutes or so is no doubt one of the most disturbing, cold and bizarre final acts I've ever seen, executed in such a calm fashion. This is an art house horror show.

Deadpool (2016)
9 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes


I gotta be completely honest, this wasn't all that great. It was a cliched okay. It's energetic, sure, and unapologetically has fun with itself. The self awareness and 4th wall breaking gag only works so much until the film sort of overuses it.

No, I'm not a comic book fiend so I'm not that familiar with Deadpool's universe, so I'm critiquing the film based on my subjective observation and experience.

The action? Its violent. It's gory. Is it blow-away? Hell no. Does it entertain? Simply yeah, not hell yeah. It's slicing, dicing, shoot-em-up galore with lots of punching thrown into the mix. Nothing groundbreaking.

How about the comedy? I mean I chuckled here and there. But was I ever dying of laughter? Nope. I mean what can you expect? It's contemporary comedy relying on pop culture references and millennial humor. Toilet and sexual jokes for the easily impressionable masses. Yawn.

Visual effects and CG I are, like most things in this film, decent. Although some of it is rather unremarkable.

Good performances. Although looking back now, the villain is forgettable. The big steel X-Men guy who looked like Jack from Tekken? He was alright. And the rebellious flaming teenage girl? Lame, and half dimensional. Then again, most of the characters in Deadpool have basically no character development, aside from Deadpool himself.

Bottom line? This is extremely decent, but ultimately disposable entertainment. It's dumb fun, but not always fun.

Can't say I'm eager for Deadpool 2.

Inside Llewyn Davis
10 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Just gonna jot down my thoughts on this:

Somber. Unfortunate. Funny. Deadpan. These words went through my mind watching Inside Llewyn Davis.

There's my review.

Oh, can I elaborate? Sure. Was I into the movie as a whole? Eh, kinda. Did I love it? No. Did I like it? Moderately.

What aspect(s) did I love? None really. I really liked Oscar Isaac's performance. The music was definitely relaxing. It was well shot with the bleak cinematography helping set the mood/tone of the film. That's about it. On a subjective level I wasn't too thrilled about it, but I guess I'm not supposed to be. It's a road trip and fictitious biopic(if that makes sense) about a small time folk singers struggle to earn a decent living performing in front of small audiences, executed in a depressing manner. Characters come and go throughout Llewyn's journey, some feel utterly pointless. Objectively, it's well made on nearly all fronts.

It's okay. Nothing fantastic in my opinion. I guess my reaction towards the film mirrors the protagonist and this story: indifferent and apathetic with very rare moments of vigor.

I am however quite curious as to what the meaning is behind the opening and closing scenes of the film being nearly identical with only a couple of very slight modifications between the two. There's gotta be a deeper meaning behind that.