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7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
Risky Business

Risky Business(1983)

Risky Business...."Every now and then say, 'What the f***'. It gives you freedom."

This is one of the very first movie of Tom Cruise. The plot is pretty simple. Like all other teenage guys even Joel(Cruise) had all the normal teenage, girls, money. Next, his parents left for a week, and all his fantasies came true....All started with one call to a call girl (Lana) and he had the time of his life in the entire week......Having a girlfriend, getting robbed multiple times, drowned his father's car in a lake, making a fortune of 8000 $ in one night (He was going to be the Future Enterpriser.), getting into Princeton college......and a lot more....

I don't have much to write from the perspective of movie making.....the good feature being the analysis and handling of teen minds, their uncontrollable angst and fear on things they don't know is well presented....!!!

Tom Cruise with his boyish charms is impressive....Rebecca De Mornay playing Lana acts with few expressions, but say for the role of a call girl cum seductress, it suffices...!!!! Joe Pantoliano as 'Guido the pimp' acts well in his short role...!!

Recommendation : Can lay back and enjoy at least once. If you find no reason to watch it...take a look only because of Tom Cruise....!!!