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The Last Airbender
7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


"Being a die hard Avatar fan, i walked into the theater ecstatic. Don't get me wrong i didn't expect it to be great, because i knew a movie couldn't accomplish that. Avatar was one of my favorite shows, so it can only be expected I was thrilled for a movie. What i was not prepared for was the horror that befell my eyes, ears, and various other senses last night. I guess Shamylan never got out of the horror business.

First i'll start with the one thing that this movie did at least mediocre (that's how bad it was, the best part of it was mediocre), they did in fact stay very true to the story of the show for Book One: Water. They probably could've added a little more, cause it was a rather short movie, but overall they stayed very true to the original story.

Now the bulk of my review, why this movie sucked. Why this 5 hour movie (though i was informed by my friends it had only been about 2 hours, it had just felt that long) should not be seen by any living being on this planet. Human or animal, animal or plant, this movie should not be viewed by anyone. Here i go.

First off, why the hell did Shamylan change the names of EVERYTHING. i watched a special on Nickelodeon before i went in which he said he changed the name to the correct Asian pronunciations, and i say to him, what gives you the right? You didn't come up with the idea for the show, you didn't name the characters, you didn't come up with ANY of the original ideas. From the first time i heard them pronounce "Ong" (aang) "Soke-Ah" (Sokka) "Awe-vatar" (Avatar) "Ear-Oh" (Iro) I wanted to leave. It was a disgrace to the creators and it was a disgrace to everyone watching.

If you were planning on going to this movie to see some "sweet, gnary, spectacular" fast bending fights, well you'll be disappointed. EVERYTHING IN THE ENTIRE MOVIE IS SLOW MOTION!!!!!! Every fight scene, every battle, even when they were talking the movie felt slow (lol c wut i did thare?) Also remember in the show when the could just point there hand and BOOM!!!! fire flew out their first, earth crushed their oppenent, wind whipped around the area, or water did something lame, remember that? How quickly people could bend? Well in The Last Airbender, benders do these long, stupid kung-fu "dances" that get NOTHING AT ALL accomplished. The part i laughed hardest at is that 6 Earth Benders are doing these complicated, synchronized moves and you think something awesome is gonna happen. Suddenly a rock lifts from the ground about the size of a small t.v......I lol'd

Another thing is the fire bending. Shamylan thought it was unfair that fire benders could make fire from their own chi, so he changed that too. God he made so many good changes to the original show didn't he? He should've written it in the first place. The first bending is pretty lame too, honestly. The fire travels like, 1 mph through the air and still nobody can dodge it.

Now let's move on to my biggest complaint and yet the one thing that could've saved this movie and didn't: the ending. The epic fight between The Northern Water Temple. In the show, this conflict is solved when Aang, or "Ong" as M. Night so wants me to say, turns into this huge, awesome water creature that just wrecks everyone. I thought "well if they do this in the movie, maybe it will have an ounce of good" because the rest of the movie was so bad. But nope, Aang makes this big huge tidal wave and you think "hey maybe he will drown them", but no, he SCARES the fire nation away. They see this big tidal wave and run home like the little pussys they are. and suddenly...........nothing happened. It's like that all-state commercial nobody likes even the black man has a soothing voice. Oh and Commander Zhao? The most important villain in the first season? ya he gets killed by four randoms who drown him in a random alley. TALK ABOUT CLOSURE!!!

Boy, this movie had everything. Bad acting, bad special effects (yes, on today's standards, they were pretty bad), what i find interesting is it even had bad writing, even though the entire story was written for them when they started. I don't understand why they took something so good, so popular, and so brilliant and turned it into complete rubbish. that's right, i said it, RUBBISH!! *flails arms wildly*

I reccomend this movie to nobody. Unless you are a die-hard Avatar fan like i am and feel you need to see this movie, don't go. It's not worth it. There are better things you can spend your money on. Heck go out and buy a 30 dollar poster of Daft Punk and you'll have spent your money better than you would in this movie. It has maybe 45 seconds of watchable content. And when i left, the audible muttering in the audience let me know it wasn't just me that hated this movie. It really is that bad.

In conclusion, i give this movie .5/5 stars, just because it sorta followed the story alright. This is the second worst movie i've ever seen (after Eragon, which we can all agree was a disgrace to all man kind). Please, i beg you. don't go see this movie. It's not worth it. At all. M. Night Shamylan made changes that shouldn't have been there, and really just destroyed something from my childhood i loved. I truly hope this is the last movie he ever makes......I really do.

*tear tear*"

Avatar: The M. Night Shamylan hopefully ever makes