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Evil Dead
Evil Dead (2013)
4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Evil Dead isn't a FANTASTIC MOVIE, in fact a lot of the ASIDE character dialogue is cringe worthy and pretty horribly written and equally delivered. The acting isn't anything to write home about but the scares and the physical effects from make up, to the raining blood and my favorite - the demons coming up from the ground make this for a fun movie. That's pretty much all it is. There are some genuine scares but mostly it's fun and it's clear the film makers didn't want you look away being as the sets and effects pop with great glee.

Inception (2010)
7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Inception... a movie that lives up to it's title from the minute you find out what Inception means, to the ending and final scene.

The realistic planting of an idea in someones head. and idea grows and spreads in your mind like a pretri dish until your told something different. the foot poll and bottom rung on the totem for this excellent and brilliantly captured movie.

Just for starters, Inception:condensed.
We follow main character Dom Cobb ( Leo ) into what we realize is a dream to get some information from billionaire Saito ( Watanabe.)only to find out that after pulling Saito through two dreams with right hand man Arrther (Levitte) that they were being auditioned for a different type of job. Extraction was the old game, taking an idea...Inception the new, Planting an idea. Saito wants Billionaire heavey weight hier Fisher ( Murphy. ) to topple his own company so Saito would be the only company of it's stature and kind. Following me so far? good. But Leo needs a team of players. leading the team again, into Fisher's dream this time, is Dom and Aurther. but joining them is a new Architect Aredne (Paige.) who builds the dreams. "The Thief." Eames ( hardy) who specializes in a dream like shape shifting. and the "Chemist" who makes a sedative to make them able to put Fisher down Twice. a dream within a dream within a dream. the two hardships of this "Alice in Oz" adventure are Saito who travels along with them to make sure everything goes to plan, who they hafta keep alive part way through the film so he doesnt fall into a "Limbo" or a deeper dream state to which some minds cant return in one piece. and Mall? ( Spelling?) Dom's deceased wife. yes deceased. she's more of a projection of what Dom remembered her to be. and she basically shows up in all Cobbs "Dream Jobs" and ruins them in horrible impeccable timing.

The point to all this? so Cobb can get back to his kids who he is forced to never to see again. why? well i'll let you figure taht out.

Many people have been throwing around words like Masterpiece, Amazing and on the flipside confusing and horrible. to which i will say it's niether a masterpeice nor confusing or horrible. nor down the middle it's brilliant in a few aspects.

The Acting is top notch. mostly for four of our characters. of course Leo knocks it outta the park, takes him alittle at the beggining but we start to see his struggle. a father who lost his wife, and los tthe ability to see his children ( Very similar from Shutter Island BUT better played here.)he is a heart of stone, that really is soft, hurting and bleeding underneath it all to which Ellen Paiges Ariadne uncovers for the audience.

Joseph Gordon Levitt fresh off of the quierky indie hit 500 days of summer, turns in a different performance that was very sterdy and beleiveable. he plays second fiddle to Leo the entire movie and holds his own against the child hood vet ( Levitt yes also a child actor, just not as predomenant.) he sort of plays subcounsious to Dom that fights back at Dom when Dom starts to lose his ways.

And then paige and Hardy. the Archetect and the thief. Paige is a center piece for Doms inner being to be shown to the audience and it works wonderfully and Eames is a handy man taht can do anything and he certainly lives up to it through all scenes including the the third Dream at the hospital in the middle of a tundra landscape. badass.

I didnt Add Watanabe only because i've never been a fan of his speach pattern that he uses, cause he doesnt sound like that in real life... but still he doesnt ruin the movie. and of course Cillian... i hope he just gets a better role that isn't so Cold. we've seen him hurt. we've seen him bleed and we've seen him crazy. come on people put him in something else!

Over all the story isnt confusing. the first twenty minutes IS a set up, learning how they build dreams, how our minds react to someone else in our dreams. and how they get out of the dreams. which is pretty simple adn basic stuff that we already know. we know taht Falling and dieing in dreams is the most simplistic way to leave a dream. which is what they call "The Kick" so im not sure where confusing comes into it?? anyone??

the main thing about Nolans writing is this. he works on different levels and always has. a hero of mine with the art of taking characters taht aren't pure. taking characters taht arent nice and taking characters that hurt so much it's as obvious as the nose on their face adn making us root for them to survive the night mare they are slung into. In Momento, we root for Guy Pierces character to find the truth, with a surprise for the audience. In Insomnia we care for Robin Williams character so much we exlcude the thought that he could be the serial killer. in the prestige we root for the VILLAIN the entire movie and the Batman movies we get so frustrated with Bruce Waynes morals and we just want him to do his Villains in! and whose the bad guy? who has the bad morals? us or the characters?

He shows us that as humans what makes us the same is that we have the same Tendancies and Urges, but its what we do with them that makes us different from everyone else.

With inception he goes deeper. we fight for Leo. we root for leo. we want him to see his kids. we want him to get over his wife, but again and again he puts his team mates lives and existences on the line for himself. a very narcussistic plunge if you ask me... and do we care taht he does it? no! cause we would do the same thing. and at the end he's forced to choose. stay in the dream world where everything is perfect or go and live his life to the fullest... and i'll let you find out what he chooses.

And as for the end. there's been specualtion after speculation and blog after blog over what this movie means. the movie means whatever you want. it's your IDEA. thats what inception is all about. from the make shift opening of several different scenes " You never know how you get to where you start out in a dream" to the shots of a young leo sitting across from an anceint Saito " To die alone full of regret" where at that point Leo is no longer under the pull of regrets. to the Questionable ending that we want so badly to be, but aren't sure "What's the most resilient parasite? An Idea"... it plants something in us to make us root for the characters. the characters know reality from dream... but do we?

Inception is what it is. Inception. i say if you like moody film noirs. or action adventures with familiar twists doen differently and in a Dark Knight fashion... buckle in and enjoy the ride.