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6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
Resident Evil: Degeneration

Resident Evil: Degeneration(2008)

Welp, my friend bought this at a used DVD store for 3 bucks, and I wasn't in the mood to think, so I watched it with her. This is an animated (very much like video games) film directed by Makoto Kamiya about zombies and the corporations responsible for the spreading infections.

I really love zombie movies. I love watching ordinary people turn into crazy warriors and attack with bats. It's good fun. Unfortunately, this film did not have enough zombies. The zombies were only in it for a little while, and I was really disappointed. It wasn't gory like zombie movies should be, it wasn't exciting. It focused too much on the company making the vaccine and then this ridiculous other virus they have. Zombies are believable to me, from a cinematic perspective, but this other virus, was absurd. I lost the very little remaining interest in the film when it was introduced. Maybe just watch the first half, that's average. The second half is what really earns the rot.

The only thing I liked about the movie was also, at times, another factor that made it awful. The animation was interesting sometimes, beautiful, in a way. It was very nice to look at. But then other times, it was just stupid. The people were emotionless, the mouths didn't match with their words all the time (but maybe it was made for a different language on the audio track), and the action was annoyingly impossible. The zombies were okay, and the people looked good when they weren't talking or trying to show feelings, but for most of the film, I was pissed off at how bad it was.

The script...oh, the script! Terrible. Cheesy, action, meaningless crap. You know it's a bad film when the main character has to explain everything that happened and why to another main character, as a breeze flows through their hair and they squint into a beautiful valley. They said stupid things, they asked stupid questions, they were stupid. I know I'm using the same adjective over and over, I know that's not creative, but neither was this movie. It was just stupid.

The characters were all annoying. Every single one was a cliche. There was the brave, handsome hero, the sassy, skilled "hot" chick, the stupid, emotional "hot" chick, the big tough guy who just likes to fight about everything, the helpless child, the greedy, evil politician, the tricky Brit (I dunno if that's actually a cliche though..). There was no innovation here, no creativity. Everything in this movie was something you've seen elsewhere. It is a complete waste of time.

I recommend this if you're a little boy. In that case, it will be your favorite movie. Other than that, no. Don't watch it ever. I never will again.