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6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
The Social Network

The Social Network(2010)

First of all, I know this is probably the 439th movie review you've read for this movie and you highly doubt that this one will offer anything new, so I really, really appreciate you reading anyway. I don't think I have anything new to offer either, I just felt compelled to write about it. Anyway, thanks again. :)

We've all gone into the theater and sat in front of the screen that in mere moments would soon be displaying the most talked about, most anticipated film of the year. I'm sure plenty of you were crying as the previews began before Avatar, Inception, or Toy Story 3. But, also, we've all felt our smiles slowly melt into frowns, our excitement dwindle into boredom, and our disappointment envelop our being as that popular film turned out to be nothing but explosions and big names (Transformers 2, anyone?). I'm proud to say that The Social Network is a film that deserves every kind word said about it. It was everything I was hoping it would be.

The movie had a quick pace that really energized me. It inspired me in a way. It encourages some of the main principles of the American dream: be the best, do it like no one has done it before, get rich. It had a few good lessons, yes, but Fincher's not preaching to you at all. It was a very interesting film, even though it did contain a lot of things that would usually be boring, like website coding, business strategies, and legal dealings. It was entertaining the entire time. The music, the editing, the script all worked together to make an excellent, riveting film.

David Fincher solidified his title as my favorite director. I was already amazed by Seven, pumped up by Fight Club, and in love with Benjamin Button. Everything about this film was perfect to me. I honestly didn't notice a mistake. When I first heard a movie was being made about a guy making a website, I thought, "Okay, here comes the most boring movie ever." and then I saw Fincher was going to direct, and I thought, "Okay, here comes the best movie of the year." Haha. His shots were beautifully composed, his actors were excellent, the dialogue was impeccable, the transitions were smooth, the humor was smart.

It was great. I completely recommend it, and I hope to buy it someday. :)