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The Pixar Story
6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Well, I am not one to really review documentaries, mainly because they aren't like real films so there is not very much to say about them. But I have been such a big fan of Pixar I felt the need to review, and recommend The Pixar Story to pretty much any movie fan. Obviously it is just about how the makers of Pixar became such great film makers after releasing the first computer animated film "Toy Story". So I found it really interesting, since I believe Pixar animations is one of the most consistent movie making businesses in history. I do not feel that this is for everyone though, if you don't really care about Pixar then I would suggest giving this a pass, because all it does is show us all about Pixar films and some interviews with some of the people involving Pixar.

However, for me personally the interviews were the most interesting part of the documentary. Especially John Lasseter's. Since he wrote and directed Toy Story, one of my favorite films all time, he has basically been my hero. I feel that often times with animated films, whether it be Pixar, Disney, Dreamworks, or anything for that matter, the actual people making the films get overlooked. We just tend to say "Pixar" made this great film. So for me it was really interesting hearing from the actual people that are there making these brilliant films, and seeing how they did it and learning about their lives. It was also fun to hear Tom Hanks and Tim Allen talk about the Toy Story series. The interviews were just extremely interesting, and that's about all there is to say about it.

Overall, The Pixar Story is an excellent documentary for big movie fans and big Pixar fans. It was very fun to see how they made their brilliant films, especially Toy Story. The interviews were the best part, so if you want to know what the people making these fantastic films actually think about what they have done, watch this. I would recommend The Pixar Story to about anyone who cares anything about films, or animation.