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The Reader
The Reader (2008)
7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Since directed "The Hours" (2002), Stephen Daldry was a new film to its viewers. After all, both his previous long as his first production (for those who did not know or remember, "Billy Elliot", 2000) were very well received by critics and audiences hungry for reflection and good stories. Not for nothing did Daldry received Oscar nominations for best director for his two experiences behind the camera. Six years since the narrative triptych based on the work of Virginia Woolf, he brings "The Reader" (The Reader), plus an incisive and revealing film, dealing with the weight of choices, especially when the chief of these choices is the complete omission before a lamentable. It is an adaptation of the novel by Bernhard Schlink, made by screenwriter David Hare, also responsible for the screenplay for "The Hours."

Everything begins with a rainy afternoon, and London-style, in the 30s. Michael (at that stage, played by David Kross) is returning home after another day studies, when he meets Hanna Schmitz (Kate Winslet once again faultless), a rude woman and at the same time, for that lovely young woman. At this first moment, the film shows how the chronicle of the birth of a boy's love for a woman some years older than him, a commonplace that can take the most imprudent and hasty to classify "The Reader" as another movie love. Misconception. The romance of Michael and Hanna is not stepping up to an idyllic backdrop, referring to the fairy tales.

It works by checking train tickets. It is taciturn, and when he decides to speak, not of the most likeable. It's like always wanted to hide under a shell that insulates the world to some extent, allowing only contact is necessary. After meeting Michael, her monotonous life seems to gain a wider color palette, especially when he begins to read works of world literature into it. The two begin to meet to spend long evenings together, while Michael recite huge passages of classical texts and Hanna plunges into the stories he hears. There is a secret kept under lock and key for her, but which the viewer is not slow to suspect: Hanna is illiterate. When their relationship is beginning to look more serious, she is moving in the opposite direction, rejecting the presence of the young.

During this phase of the film, there are many bold scenes between the protagonists, considered by some free, but they show themselves entirely in her nakedness, and reveal the beauty of its interpreters. Winslet is one of those actresses who, in addition to its dazzling pattern, offers brilliant and superb performances, which make the public stick eyes on her, and no longer get them. The Academy seems to already know this for a while but just decided to reward her after the sixth statement, precisely because "The Reader". Before, she had been nominated for "Sense and Sensibility" (1995), "Titanic" (1997), "Iris" (2002), "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" (2004) and "Little Children" (2006 ). All indications were worthy, and his win for "The Reader" is a belated recognition of the voters. But fortunately, it happened.

She also took the Golden Globe for the role. In turn, Kross is a young actor who has been showing his talent for some time. He's been cast in a movie that even before Winslet, the aforementioned "brih of an eternal mind without memories." Just as she is a beauty that draws attention, and can transmit the insecurity and the outpouring of a boy who discovered the first love. His eyes reflect this mix of feelings with remarkable skill. With the end of his affair with Hanna, those same eyes are transfigured into dejection.

Time presses, and Michael Hanna and remain separate, but her memory through his thoughts. Adult, Michael is now played by Ralph Fiennes, also in an impeccable construction as an actor. Until one day, they reecontram in an extremely unpleasant situation: the prosecution of war crimes in a court. Hanna is one of the accused of collaborating with the Nazi regime, encouraging the extermination of thousands of Jews in concentration camps. Faced with the attestation of savagery, Michael finds himself confronted by even more with his past Hanna, at the time that he was still a boy in search for any type of discovery. Now he is a lawyer with a reputation, and he knows the secret of Hanna, which may help her get rid of the conviction. She herself prefers to omit the fact, why be ashamed of not knowing how to read. But Michael prefers to remain silent and not act on behalf of women who had once loved.

This is the core of "The Reader". The movie focuses on this moral dilemma in which Michel is, and raises the questin on the part of the responsibility that we have on the fate of others. When we decided to keep the truth for ourselves, we may be making the wrong choice most of our lives. Daldry has become a specialist in portraying people living a life that is not what they want. As the title character of "Billy Elliot" and the women of "The Hours," Michael does not have the life they want, and this implies always carry with them a spark that dissatisfaction and unhappiness. A filmography of the director, made up of three long now, is therefore a treaty of the errors of each of suffocation and that the apparent lack of output generated in those who do not identify themselves more.

The Sixth Sense
7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

A thriller that has come to redefine the genre, with heartfelt scares, and a climão best final of all time.
There are those movies that appear every few years to redefine the genre in which they are contained. The suspense was no longer the same, showing only movies or deaths or else could not create climates strong enough to keep viewers glued to their seats. Then in 1999, M. Night Shyamalan is included in this list of renovations and a crisis of new ideas that Hollywood has been undergoing in recent years, The Sixth Sense exploded.

The film kind of came out of nowhere, with a low budget and not even half the promised his success. With an original script, Shyamalan could have Bruce Willis in the lead role. The director (who makes cameo roles as a doctor at the hospital) did not believe that the superstar would accept the role when he sent the script, but proving to be an intelligent and challenging, he accepted the role. And in my opinion, is his best work ever. The same goes for Shyamalan, who despite having made good movies in recent years (Unbreakable and Signs), neither of them reaches the feet of his great classic.

The performances are perfect, indisputable. But there's one thing to point out: Haley Joel Osment. The couple simply destroyed all that was then, throwing himself to the world as the greatest revelation in terms of actors. Today continues to successfully work in both films (such as Artificial Intelligence and Current Good) as voicing great games (Kingdom Hearts, Sora giving life to the protagonist).

Malcolm Crowe (Willis) is a renowned psychologist who, after a night in an award for its achievements in the profession back home with his wife, both a bit over the top in the drink. In the fourth, a former patient, who failed with Malcolm treatment, not helping, try the law into their own hands, baleando. No, not here Willis grabs a machine gun and a rocket launcher and goes alone against an entire army in search of revenge. It's a movie much more delicate and complex.

Six months later, recovered from the incident, he has a new patient, Cole Sear (Haley Joel Osment), a youth with social problems with all who surround you. He has a gift not too nice, that keeps it to himself, never shared this information with anyone, leaving his mother and Malcolm even more confusing to figure out what's wrong with the boy. He knows that, even telling the truth, nobody will believe him.

With the unfolding of the plot, Malcolm is fully committed (and lost) in the case. Size commitment enables a parallel drama: the risk to the marriage of Malcolm, as the lack of attention to his wife to bother. The scene where Cole tells her gift for Malcolm turned icon suspense today, perhaps one of the most classic scenes in history. It's exciting, poignant and macabre at the same time, this is such a mixture is possible.

Technically it is a perfect movie. The picture is dark and well planned with the camera angles, always with the best shots perfectly lit. The makeup is fantastic phantoms, widening further the involvement and the reality situation in which the ghosts appear. The climate is quite scary, the songs bristle every hair from their bodies and the screams are part of the story of anyone who assists in a very involved. I'm not saying it's the best of the genre, because although well done, not innovated as the films of Alfred Hitchcock's genius.

The Sixth Sense came to redefine the current suspense. It has parallel stories, many scares, a fantastic climate, perfect performances, music, completely engaging and the best end of all time. Of course I still had not commented, the most avoided it because of so fantastic it makes you want to tell, but I would be the spoiling for those who had not yet seen. Porting, watch and immediately know what I'm talking about. Along with Fight Club and American Beauty as my Top 3 of the best films of 1999.

As Good as It Gets
7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Great direction, performances priceless, clever script and an unforgettable soundtrack. These ingredients are very well harmonized to "Mellhor is Impossible" a touching movie.
We started the movie with the MONSTER (there is no other word that defines best) Jack Nicholson implying with the neighbor's dog. Thereafter, in Melvin's personality is presented masterfully by Nicholson. A person who uses sarcasm to ward off all around him and has a series of compulsive disorders that worsen her interaction with society. In the midst of so many people, only Carol (the waitress - Helen Hunt) can cope with the crank.
A series of events invade the life of Melvin who is forced to change their routine. Something that makes you suffer, because their disorders enslave them into your routine.
We believe that the interpretation of Nicholson will fall and begin to surprise us even more. To whom would this merit? James Brooks, who had directed Nicholson very well in "Terms of Endearment"? The script? Nicholson's talent? What we are witnessing is a perfect fit. Its austerity is beginning to be broken by the coexistence with the neighbor's dog. We see that Melvin starts to deliver, but that attempts to indoctrinate against it. The changes are worse for him, when Carol can not go to work to care for her sick son. He is desperate because he can not have lunch if not anted it. But we have an initial interest in male / female. We have a whim of their disorders that do offer help to the child so she can return to work. Carol initially confuse things, but Melvin logo shows "nicely" that his only concern is that she return to work.
Great interpretation also Greg Kinnear who plays a homosexual without resorting to mannerisms annoying constantly used in these types of interpretations. Besides Cuba Gooding Jr. has an interesting character with a personality important for the development of the film. All characters in the film are justified, and there are not free. The script plays, seems parade. We are lacking in cohesive and interesting itineraries. And this gives us showing that the simplicade and common sense can arise divine works.
Where the interests of Helen Hunt began to appear, I began to disagree with the grandeur of the film. There she begins to present itself as a woman alone and helpless. Seeing that Melvin is wary of his son, begins to feel deep gratitude. I thought that from that moment the film starts to unravel. But this divine script once again gives us a trick. Carol begins to feel concern as a woman. And everything is shown in a gentle way and fun to watch. I confess that until I was in love with Melvin. Never found the beautiful Nicholson (mainly because he has the eternal face of Joker), but it is amazing how when he gets back to the charming restaurant in a suit. Nicholson was really neat. And the following scenes are filled with wonderful dialogue. Always expect big pearls sadism of his mouth. And for me, one of the best scenes takes place at dinnertime. After Melvin finish doing one more rude commentary (this time referring to the way you're dressed like), Carol orders him to give a compliment. Then he starts to run wildly that has psychiatric problems and need to take pills, but hate taking pills and not preventing it gets good. Soon afterwards, says to see Carol started taking pills. At the moment all is quiet and just think: He spoke a dozen zucchini meaningless. And when asked about the loved one that kind of compliment it was, he replied: "You make me want to be a better person." It is beautiful to witness something so beautiful come from someone as hateful. Of course, he soon disrupts again. But the message the movie leaves us is that there is perfection. Even with all the obstacles, the better is impossible.
Melvin makes us laugh. Makes us angry. It makes us cry. Brings out our pity. And above all shows us that love is one of desperate humanity.

The Hurt Locker
7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Wars tend to serve as a starting point for major stories in cinema. The latest fighting, the Iraqi conflict, has been explored recently, but no work was actually able to make a record and astounding natural on the intricacies of military occupation in a country where the enemy is not an army, but Yes, insurgents prepared to give his life for the sole purpose of killing the occupants, however that not all combatants Americans agree with the reasons for which they are forced to face death every day.
War on Terror is devoted to showing the last days in Iraq of a detachment of elite specialist in disarming bombs and attacks in the investigation of the use of this artifact. Meticulous approach in daily life of these soldiers, the film seems almost a documentary of the astounding daily lives of men who agree with the uncertainty of arriving alive at the end of the work and attending the trivialization davida, not realizing that sometimes that feeling already is rooted in themselves.
In that sense, the character played by Jeremy Renner is the richest and interesting. Escaping the stereotype of the sergeant who despises substitute and mistreats his inferiors in the line of command, the script explores the personality of a man who mixes pleasure with fighting with moments of pure humanity and that, therefore, generate compassion for the viewer understand the love that man for their work. And that is why the end of the War on Terror has become so emblematic.
Jeremy explores the richness of his character and makes it even more interesting through her expressive performance and sober, even bringing to life a complex character and could, depending on the composition, arouse antipathy in the viewer. Its performance is outstanding and contributes to one of the main features of the feature: the unforgettable interpretations. Anthony Mackie, interpreter Sarborn sergeant, already appears as a man wearing that, like the signs of the film, counting the days to leave Iraq. And as the story progresses, the character increases their degradation and Mackie conveys the emotional wear sergeant without saying much. The soldier Eldridge, played by Brian Geraghty, is what transpires over their feelings, their outsourcing partners have reached their limit and condemning all the time, even between the lines, that war he considers absurd.
The wealth in the compositions, and who would qualify the squad for the awards for best collective performance of the year, would probably not be achieved if it were not the work of director Kathryn Bigelow, who dominates the narrative elements with precision. Bigelow explores the features of camera seamlessly, creating an atmosphere of constant tension to the show to the public peace impossible in a war, even in moments of leisure - games that are often associated with violence, such as games where the pleasure greater strike blows against the companions of posting.
Besides a portrait of the conflict, War on Terror is a competent demonstration of man's nature that put in danger and extreme risk, often lose their humanity to act on primal instincts such as aggression - physical or psychological - or be overcome by feelings of hatred. Sometimes leaving aside the humanity, even when such behavior is not a consequence of the pressures of a war, but rather because in a battle to find the ideal space to let emerge the most primitive instincts of man, without it transformed into a feeling of guilt.

Juno (2007)
7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

The taste of watching a movie well done is one of the most indispensable. With each passing year, with the growing need for renovation and disposability that affect humans, finding a story that captivates and entertains without compromising the intelligence becomes more difficult.

Therefore, "Juno" should be hailed as an exemplar of contemporary films and stylishly directed and with actors at gunpoint to give the viewer the best in terms of memorable scenes and a plot that holds the attention.

The second film from Jason Reitman (of not less intelligent "Thank You for Smoking") captures the daily life of Juno MacGuff (Ellen Page), a smart adolesecente who knows very well what they do not want from life, but whatever ... An afternoon of boredom, decides to have sex with sweetheart occasion, and this reckless act, comes - surprise! - An unwanted pregnancy. Since then, the couple will have to deal with the grim reality for her to carry a child in her belly for the next nine months.

In their impatience with the new situation arises the idea a bit unexpected to end their "problem": to deliver the child who is not even born for adoption. With the help of best friend, decides to take care of his impressive plan. Search in the newspapers a couple interested in adopting a child, and find after a long search for what seems to be the perfect match for it to give the baby. Come into play, to stay with the child, the friendly Vanessa and Mark, quiet two thirtysomethings who do not see the time to be parents of the child that Juno waiting.

However, nothing is as easy as it may seem, and complications are - indispensable ingredients in a movie that I value - that allow the moments of climax of the film. Mark, who at first seems delighted with the idea of being a father, is slowly showing that, perhaps, still not fully ready for the new condition. The impression remains that it is more interesting to continue for a time amid the musical instruments strumming something melancholy songs. His behavior shows little maturity, as the true father of the child, awkward Paulie Bleeker (Michael Cera, a young talent).

Both are poles in the corresponding tortuous path traveled by Juno. The desire to hit at what they do is also a point of intersection between the two characters. That just bothers unpreparedness and near Mark Vanessa Juno, creating a very friendly chemistry between the two, before anything.

It is noteworthy that one of the features that the title character has to offer is his sarcasm, translated into fine shot of humor and witty. Responsibility of Diablo Cody, former stripper who won the Oscar for original screenplay for the film and caused a frenzy about it. Without letting the action slips into sentimentality or the bullshit, she found the perfect balance between a well-constructed narrative and entertainment for young people. Not always this alchemy is obtained, point to Diablo.

The scenes are mostly of a lovely lightness and grace, and the supporting cast also do the trick, as is the case of JK Simmons and Allison Janney, respectively the father and stepmother Juno. Despite the relatively brief appearances on stage, they both like, and by how much enter their valuable different opinions on the unfolding events. The Sting, Reitman, who has already shown that came with a filmography still short, but relevant. Amid the flurry of new directors taking by storm the Hollywood year after year, is not always easy to distinguish who is really worth it for those who only have to present a collection of incipience.

The final scene, the actors playing the guitar, is a remarkable simplicity, and realism also visible. Crowns the efforts and dedication of everyone involved to bring the audience a story which should actually watch, proving that still makes good movies nowadays. It is decreed, therefore, that youth is definitely not rhyme with jerk.