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A darkly funny comedy which wouldn't be as good as it is without Jack Black. He is unforgettable, his performance is Oscar-worthy.


Magnolia is a genial piece of work, an unforgettable experience. As Roger Ebert wrote: "expect an operaic extasy". The performances are simply excellent, I would highlight Julianne Moore and Melora Walters.


All I can say about director Nicolas Winding Refn is that he is a very hard-headed guy. At first, he decided to make the Pusher trilogy from his own money to avoid the effects of contemporary Danish film art on his creation. Then he made Fear X, which was a huge failure. After Fear X he finished the last two Pusher-movies to have money for the future. Then he made Valhalla Rising with Mads Mikkelsen and Bronson with Tom Hardy in the title roles. These movies were fine in the point of view of art, but never gained serious amounts of money. But their quality certainly showed that Refn would be domesticated by producers searching for newcomers; Drive is the result of this.
Drive is shocking and awesome, it proves that entertainment can be created by individual style. The film carries a feeling of the '80s, not just with the music but the visuals, too. The story follows a silent but good hearted macho, The Driver (Ryan Gosling) getting himself into trouble. We don't get to know important facts about his past, his life, nothing, but that's not a problem. During the day, The Driver is a stunt in action movies or a car engineer, at night he helps criminals escape from the police. The Driver himself is not a criminal, he lives for the adrenaline. He would do anything for the ones he loves. So when he meets the beautiful girl from the neighborhood (Carey Mulligan) who lives alone with her son and has a dubious husband in jail, The Driver falls in love with her. By this he makes his simple life complicated, even though he just wants to help unselfishly. As I've mentioned, The Driver would do anything for the ones he loves, so this gave enough chance for director Refn to mix humanity with inhuman brutality.
The only fault of Drive is that we know what's going to happen; in Refn's previous movies, especially in Valhalla Rising, the silent hero turns into a killer to protect the ones he loves. In Refn's movies the good is very good, the evil is very evil, and the somehow likeable characters are massacred in the first half of the film.
But what makes Drive a perfect thriller is not just the special directing style, but Ryan Gosling's performance. Actually he gives depth, likeability to his character by doing "nothing". His facial expression never changes, and by this dazzling performance he captures the audience and conquers the screen. He makes his character old-fashioned and modern at the same time, and I think only good actors can do that. Very Oscar-suspicious.

Johnny English Reborn

It was good, and in some ways beter than the original, but don't expect a movie you're going to remember as the funniest movie you've ever seen. Just sit down and enjoy it.
And I must admit that the closing scene with the killer cleaner and The Queen was HILARIOUS.


There is only one word that describes this movie: AMAZING. Danny Boyle makes good movies, that's evident, everyone knows that, but if you really watch his movies, if you let yourself get sucked into things born in his mind, you may realise that these aren't simply good movies, this is art.

Sunshine has some mistakes, like any other movies. But these are so small, so minor little mistakes like Earth next to the Sun. Cillian Murphy's performance is very cold at the beginning, but in the last quarter of the movie it becomes so strong and human like James Franco's in 127 Hours.

John Murphy's music is still unbelievably beautiful and it suits perfectly into the movie's strong, dark atmosphere. The music of the scene where the first captain dies or when Capa jumpes out of the exploding starship is one of the greatest scores I've ever heard. I'm sure I will never forget it... after all it's not a surprise they used this music in Kick-Ass when Hit-Girl kills everybody while her dad is on fire.

I give Sunshine 90% for the cold atmosphere, the scary moments when the Pinbacker haunts the ship, for the beautiful, unforgettable music, and for the performances that make the movie human.
I'm sure I will watch this movie one more time.