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Dinner for Schmucks
7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Let us start this review with me saying that this movie was definitely better than I expected it to be. I can understand why other people may have not liked this movie, but much of the hilarity seemed to play so perfectly in this enjoyably funny movie. I have no experience with the original idea, so I am not biased in any form of the word, so perhaps that could be a reason I liked this movie a lot, just like the Harry Potter ones, as I have not read the books for those, the opinion is similar in that fact that I do not have the originals in mind. At this point, I must live up to one of my own thing and mention the fact that spoilers will show up in this review. Now that I said that, don't blame me if I ruined some surprises in the movie.

When I walked into the theater, I wasn't expecting anything more than a few chuckles in a flick that I would only be seeing once, but this changed my thoughts and made me want to watch it again. I also didn't expect this particular storyline. I thought maybe it would be mostly about the dinner it mentions in the title, but instead we get 92% of the movie before this dinner. Basically, a business worker, Tim, is invited to a special dinner that all of the best men in the business are invited to because of a good investment he figures out. This particular dinner everyone is supposed to bring someone with a "special talent" or AKA an idiot. Tim invites Barry after colliding with him in the middle of the road at the grave of a dead mouse. Barry causes so many mistakes in Tim's life, mainly him losing his near fiancée, Julie. In the end, as sadly predicted, Tim sticks up for Barry in the dinner despite the nuisance he was, ultimately destroying his chances for a superb promotion as well as the dinner making fun of fools, all because of his change in heart towards the matter. He gets the girl of his dreams back and gets married. The end.

How about mentioning the list of characters. All in all, the character selection was a great one. Steve Carell proves the ultimate fool who's wacky in person, with an equally wacky, but also good heart. However, at times you really need to feel sorry for him, like when at the dinner everyone laughs at him. Sometimes it's painful to watch him, just as it is in The Office as his character Michael. However, Barry is Michael times two, so figure that one out. This makes him a really fun character, and the painful moments are always the funny ones. Tim plays the role as the clichéd man starting out rather stuck up (not quite the correct words) and in the end receiving a nice heart as well as happiness. You can't help but understand what he goes through while Barry messes with him. Then we have the girlfriend, Julie. She also seems to play a rather clichéd role in this movie, as the girlfriend who misunderstands everything, destroying a once thought well-running relationship. That's about all I have to say about her.

All in all, the movie is definitely a movie I recommend seeing to all those looking desperately for a laugh or two (or more depending on your sense of humor) in the end of this summer. Sure it wasn't the best movie of the summer, as that spot is still and will forever be taken by Toy Story 3, but it was still a real treat to sit down and watch for a couple of hours and you will feel happy about the choice of this movie. Also, think of it this way, choose this or Charlie St. Cloud. Yeah, that's what I thought. Well, enjoy, or don't enjoy, this movie. All I can say now is "good night all and watch this as a recommendation from your fellow moviegoer."

Brazil (1985)
7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Okay, let's just start by saying that my little brother hyped this movie like no other, but this is no influence to my rating at all. I would just like to say, it's not quite as good as he says, which is "it might even be my favorite movie ever." Sure it's a good movie, but it's not fantastic. Hmmm... how about a different note. It's a great movie, just to my liking, it's a good movie, similar to my take on Pulp Fiction, where I personally didn't like the movie, but I know that it is a great movie. Anyways, shall we get to the review? Don't forget the spoilers that will be appearing!

The story truly is a fascinating one, following what first appears to be a completely normal guy on a normal day in his normal life. His life pretty much gets more and more screwed up as time goes by, apparently all because of a bug that some guy squashed on his ceiling. Throughout Sam's (the main character) life from the movie, every little thing seems to trigger more psychotic patterns or messing with his dreams. I guess in a way, this movie is much like a book, having many metaphorical subjects or special themes, mostly in his dream sequences. He gets into business that he shouldn't have gotten into because of his dreams of a woman he eventually falls in love with. This makes him a suspect in many crimes and ultimately gets him into a frozen crazed state, which is where the movie leaves off.

The actors in this movie did a superb job of playing each of their parts. Just watching Pryce's deliverance showed what perils his character goes through. You can really see the many changes that occur in his new life and you can almost feel the emotions that he expresses in every scene. Most of the other characters really aren't on screen that much because Pryce is there nearly every second of the movie, making them seem rather pointless, but on the contrary, they, despite the short length of time on screen, hold highly significant parts. Whether you look at Jill, Mr. Helpman, or Sam's mother, they are all great actors and actresses who pose a small yet significant portion to the movie.

The one major downside to the movie, in my opinion, is the jumpy-aroundy style of the story-telling, similar to that of Pulp Fiction. You won't be on the same scene for more than 5 minutes, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, unless it's the entire movie. I know most people enjoy that kind of setup, but for me, I'd rather not go through that. I also know that if it wasn't in that style, it would either be an overly long movie, or it would be a completely different story altogether.

Overall, this is a movie I would suggest to most people, but, unfortunately, will probably not be seeing again anytime soon. I also wondered what was up with the name? Brazil would maybe be the last name that I would come up with for the movie, but I'm guessing it has some sort of meaning to it. All I can truly say now is "enjoy the movie if you see it, and I hope you enjoy it more than I did, even though I did enjoy it pretty well." All in all, the meaning is great, as well as everything about it, I just didn't appreciate it quite as much as most everyone else.

Ponyo (2009)
7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Out of the four Miyazaki films that I have seen (Ponyo, Spirited Away, Howl's Moving Castle, Castle in the Sky), this one in my opinion was the lowest in forms of spectacular ability. However, take a look at the rating I gave it: an 80%. This goes to show that Hayao Miyazaki is one of the most ultimate directors in existence. Anyways, time to get on track again. NOTE: There are spoilers throughout this review!

Once again, Miyazaki has amazed me with eye-attracting animation, this time in a much much cuter way. If you were to ask Miyazaki to create a cuter movie, it may be impossible. Anyways, the main characters, Sōsuke and Ponyo, prove to be a charming duo (once Sōsuke finds Ponyo again). In the first 3rd of the movie, most of the time Sōsuke loses Ponyo and needs to find her again. You can't help but feel sorry for the little guy, who basically beats himself up for the loss. Luckily for him, she commands an array of giant wave-fish things, a highly interesting concept, to find him. However, upon transforming into a human, Ponyo's magic still exists and causes the moon to near earth, increasing the height in the ocean's water, which ultimately gets fixed.

Let's move on to the villain. Wait... nothing to be seen here, moving on. How about the closest character to being a villain, Fujimoto, Ponyo's father. Sheesh, even calling him the closest thing to a villain is pushing it, since he was trying to accomplish what was best for the world, to bring balance to the ocean. In my opinion, he was my favorite character. You know, this paragraph seems a little weird because in all honesty, Sōsuke could be classified as an unknowing villain, as he was the reason for possible destruction of the world, ruining the balance of everything just because of his attraction to Ponyo. Anyways, I don't want to create any controversies, so I believe it's time to move on.

I guess with good movies, there is always something about it that you didn't like. Perhaps one of the most disappointing factors of the movie is the last 5 seconds, where "true love" permanently transforms Ponyo into a human. This is so because of the lack of anything that happens, but instead just a jump to the credits. I know the movie was over and all, but perhaps Miyazaki could have closed it properly, even though I know there wasn't anything left to address, it still would have been nice.

All in all, Ponyo was a cute treat to witness, but didn't reach the wonders of the first 3 Miyazaki movies I have seen. The animation was fantastic, the ideas were pretty neat, and the story, though not as cool as the others in my opinion (the primary reason for a lower score), was still fun and highly enjoyable. All I can say now is: Good job, Miyazaki, for forever being able to create fantastic movies.

Toy Story 3
Toy Story 3 (2010)
7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Pixar, Pixar, Pixar. You have exceeded my expectations yet again! Once this movie was receiving it's first trailers, I was instantly attracted to the upcoming event. With Toy Story 3, Pixar has done what was once thought impossible: to be able to best the first two movies in the trilogy, creating the very best trilogy in existence at this very moment, most likely even the best ever. Not only did it have its own fantastically created storyline, it also managed to bring back nostalgic memories from the first two, mostly the first movie. Before reading this review, note that there exists some spoilers.

The humor-story combination for Toy Story 3 proved that comedic elements will continue to live on superbly in movies, but only with the perfect amount of thought that Pixar has always placed into the ideas. As I watched the movie, I enjoyed every second of it, whether it was the super-enhanced intro to the first movie, the powerful emotional impact of the new characters' background, or simple flashbacks like when Sid from the first one appears as a hilarious garbage man.

The characters of the movie played perfectly into the storyline. Lotso was the living image of toys lost over time and had some dark elements in his character that may possibly have people think again before abandoning a toy. In Toy Story 3, every character held some sort of significant role, even the alien trio, who ultimately saved the day in desperate times of need. With Woody, we have a character who goes back to how he felt towards Andy in the first movie, and lightly how he felt in the second: a selfish toy who just wants to be with Andy forever, which ends up changing how the other characters feel towards him. This movie in the trilogy takes advantage of the characters the most and increased the impact of the story.

As we delve deeper into the realm of Lotso's villainy, we realize that he has gone through terrible times in his life. At first glance, he's an innocently fun character (even though it seemed pretty obvious that he would be the villain) who everyone respects. Later, it turns out he is just a mind controlling toy who wishes toys would not accept owners into their lives. Once Lotso is finally taken care of, the daycare finally goes back to fun-loving inside the toy followers, proving that Lotso took the role of extreme dictator, providing a much more sophisticated plot than that of the first two movies.

I find it hard to believe that the very VERY limited amount of people who disliked this movie only did so because of "inflated [prices] for an animated '3-D' movie where nothing floats in front of your eyes as with quality 3-D films." Toy Story 3 had a great idea for how 3-D movies should work: to not direct attention away from the movie for the effects. For this reason, I will never understand what possessed people to think that 3-D is what should make or break a movie.

Toy Story 3 helped stop the thought that animated movies that receive a 'G' Rating are meant for children with some scenes that, first of all, kids would not understand, with more adult humor, and also adding rather scary elements to it with the addition of the baby doll and the monkey. Also, as mentioned earlier, with Lotso's dark story, it adds something anyone would not expect from a Toy Story movie.

All in all, this movie exceeded my expectations by a skyscraper. With every aspect playing in perfect harmony, it successfully finishes a perfect story in a perfect trilogy. For two weeks before the premiere, that is all I could think about and everything reminded me of the movie. Now, I thought that I would have not been thinking of it every day, but I am still just as excited for it even after watching it for the first time. Overall, excellent work, Pixar, for creating the new best movie in your whole set of work, and I don't expect you to be able to top this one, but you may surprise me and everyone else with this powerful movie!