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Iron Man 2
Iron Man 2 (2010)
4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

The movie was more enjoyable then the 1st for me because of the Additions of Scarlet Johannson, Mickey Rourke, and Samuel L. Jackson. Gwenyth Paltrow was just okay in her reprisal of Peppor Potts Tony's personal aid and love interest at the end. In terms of the Quality of the movie it seemed more like a blow up stuff type movie then the 1st and that made me sort of squirm while viewing it. Don Cheadle did not do as good of a job as Terrence Howard in the role of, Stark's best friend and Lt.Colonel, James Rhodes. Sam Rockwell appealed me with his performance as Stark's main business rival Justin Hammer but was offset by the performance of Jon Favreau as, Stark's Body Guard and and Driver, Happy Hogan. The End moved way to fast for me but was made enjoyable by 2 things: the first the butt kicking Natasha Romanoff(Scarlet) laid out on the guys at Hammer enterprises and the second being when Tony used the cool red laser in his hands to destroy all the Whiplash controlled robot's at once. The party scene where Tony is trashed was dumb and wasn't necessary to the plot of the Story. They could have introduced Rhodey to the War Machine suit in a better way. However it was funny to watch Tony get all drunk and dance around in the Iron Man suit. All and All half the elements of the film were a 65% and the other half were a 95% so it came to an even 80%.

12 Years a Slave
4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

There is a brilliant examination into the treacheries of slavery that uses it's subjects troubles to its advantage in a masterful way. The story follows Solomon Northrop while in captivity on a plantation in New Orleans. Their is a sobering beauty in Solomon's quest to survive. He plays everything the way he has to. The first scene that dragged my attention fully into the film was when Solomon is letting all his rage flow out into Elisa. The mannerisms in which he moves and the complete head on dive Chiwetel Ejiofor takes into his role is well deserving of praise. A few other people well deserving of praise are Hans Zimmer and Sean Bobbit. Zimmer normally tries to make you go deaf. This time he manages to be the most subdued I've heard in a long time all the while managing to still make his presence known and adds just the right amount of emotion to each scene. Sean Bobbitt's photography is also amazing. During a scene involving Solomon, rope, and an angry white man we are immersed in this shot that lingers on Solomon hanging to where only his toes can touch the ground. He has some other scenes that are really noteworthy and stick out, like a scene where Solomon is naked and being asked to help wash a kid. So good. Of course good photographers and composers wouldn't be able to reach such a high level without a competent director calling the shots, and it must be said that Steve McQueen is going to be a legendary film maker. He pulls such great performances out of people I haven't ever seen this good before, hell haven't ever seen. He shows the harshness of slavery in a way where we can recognize the harsh reality of it but not heavy handed like some film makers might do with that material. The supportiHng cast performed very well, especially Lupita N'yongo. With the emotional turmoil that her character was going to deal with she needed to hit it out of the park and she did. Fassbender was also really good. He totally embodies his character and gets into his role well, especially during the dialogue he has with Brad Pitt's character near the end when discussing the merit's of slavery. All and all It is a masterclass of not just historical storytelling via filmmaking, but of film making as an art form. Go see it.