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Field of Dreams

Field of Dreams(1989)

Well I really have to say, Field Of Dreams is a humorous, and a heart warming film with an delightful mix of fantasy and sports that's rarely enjoyable. In the film, an Iowa farmer named Ray Kinsella(Kevin Costner) is constantly hearing voices in his own corn field. He realizes the voice is telling him to build a baseball field. In doing so, a several of the 1919 Black Sox players, including the ever loving Shoeless Joe Jackson(Ray Liotta), come to the field to relive the good times and play some baseball. In doing so, Ray continues to hear the voices and tries to figure out the exact message the voice has been telling him while trying to find a solution to paying off the debt that could cause his family to lose the field and their home. Can Ray get his loans paid off and find the answer he's searching for in the field of dreams. Your gonna half to watch it and find out.

I will say this, the film is really underrated and is easily the second best film of 1989(#1 being The Dead Poet Society). The story was surprisingly filled with humor and memorable moments throughout the entire film. There were several times in the film that had me in good laughs. I also found interesting about how the film itself blended in fantasy with sports, which to me, seems almost impossible to put together. BTW, not to spoil the ending, but the film's end was really heart warming. I also have to say, the cinematography was really well shot in several aspects of the film. I also thought James Horners score was just literally fantastic. And while many might say that he's not a quality actor, Kevin Costner's performance was at least decent. The other performances were a little cheesy. The only performance that really was incredible was James Earl Jones himself. He's a fairly underrated actor with a voice unlike any other if I might add. His lines were really well done with seriousness and added humor and this is is one of his best films outside of The Original Star Wars Trilogy. And once again, the film had a very inspirational message planted saying that all dreams can be accomplished with faith and belife. My tomato meter rating is a 94 precent. Field Of Dreams, in my opinion, is worth watching, is both funny and enjoyable, and is the third best fantasy film of all time.