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6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
The Passion of the Christ

The Passion of the Christ(2004)

Well I really have to say, The Passion of The Chirst is a very powerful, insperational, and a huge tear jerking movie and it's the most faithful adaption of the Gospel ever recorded on film. In the film, the time has come for the Son of Man(Jim Caviezel) to reveal the purpose of why he came and to wash away the sins of mankind, so that the people of Earth may not perish, but have ever lasting life. And in doing so, the Romans and the Pharisees personally intend on executing Jesus throught torture and Crucifixion on calvary. And all it all begins and ends in gruesome bloobshed. Can Christ see to it that Gods plan for salvation is fulfilled and that those who believe in the Gospel are saved from thier wicked ways. Your gonna half to watch this and find out.

I will say that the film is the most under rated film of 04. It truly manages to touch your heart with it's Christian messages and it really had me thinking about some things. I also found it's story quiet intresting, captivating, and extremly tear jerking toward the very last minuet. It does manage to give us a better view about the Passion and Ressurection of Christ. I also thought the film was shot so beautifuly with such carful quality if I might add, in addition of to the language being dubbed in Latin, Hebrew, and Aramaic, which I thought was essential to it's stroy and film. But I also must say, the film is extremly violent and there wasn't a moment were I didn't grip tightly and clutgh my stomach. I'd recomend getting a bucket if your nauseous. But other than that, it's wonderfully written with such gripping and captivating moments and Mel Gibson takes the direction very serious and manages to turn this into a film with meaning and delivers a message saying there is hope for all men and Jesus is the to enternal salvation and extrevegnet love. My tomatoe meter rating is a 92 precent. The Passion of the Christ, in my opinion, is worth watching, a very bloody film, and is a very powerful story with a tale of redemption and salvation.