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The Pursuit of Happyness

The Pursuit of Happyness(2006)

Well I really have to say, The Pursuit Of Of Happyness is a well written, hightly insperational, and a uplifting film with a soft message, which is easy to relate to in the day to day basis. In the film, times are tough for a medical equipment salesman named Chris Gardner(Will Smith) when he's not able to pay off the loans needed to provide for his wife Linda(Thandie Newton) and his five year old son Christopher, Jr.(Jaden Smith). Eventually, Chris dicides to become a intern stockbroker in hopes of acomplishing the unthinkable and to hopefully make a better living for his family. In doing so, his wife leaves him, he loses his home, and now Chris must continue to prove his willing to take nessecary steps to be a finacial investor while struggling to raise his son. Can Chris get the offered position in his buissness and find the the happiness he's been searching for all these years.

In will say this, the film is the turly the most underrated film of 06 and then again, is possibly the best film of 2006 in my opinion. The film really has a faint of heart that never seems to get old. To start off with, the film really manages to provide an insperational message saying never loes hope in your dreams, and you just might acomplish any desire your pushing for. The films story was altogether heart warming, funny, tear jerking, cheering, and simply filled with alot of emtion which is very essentail. Also, Andrea Guerra's score was beautifully done with careful effort. The thing that really amazed me though was Will Smith's preformance. He was so incredible at portraying a man with belife in the American dream and he really masters role. He just takes his role in a far more serious manner and truns it into pure intrest at times. To even to tell the honest truth, Smith should've won the Oscar For Best Actor if so. I also have to point out, the script really does tackel the amazing ture story of Wall Street profession Chris Gardner and unlike any other film based on a real event, the film doesn't at all seem to twist fiction or fact around, but gives us the clear detail of what this man's life turly was, and that there proven fact. My tomatoe meter rating is a 87 precent. The Pursuit Of Happyness, in my opinion, is worth watching, is a film with a uplifting message, and is one of Will Smith's best films to date.