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Captain America: The First Avenger

Captain America: The First Avenger(2011)

Well, I really have to say, Captain America: The First Avenger is a cheesy, actioned packed and a completely ironic take on a golden age comic book series with such outstanding performances. In the film, a fine young military enlist named Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) is selected to undergo a private government operation that might possibly create human's that are far stronger, faster, and tougher than average soldier's. Unfortunately, Steve becomes the programs only success after head scientist Abraham Erskine (Stanley Tucci) is assassinated. As the story progresses, Steve enters WW2 as the patriotic crusader know as Captain America and soon discovers that a terrorist organization named HYDRA and it's leader Johann Schmidt(Hugo Weaving) is seeking a dangerous energy source that might them the ability to create far more advanced weaponry and further succeed in the war. So now, Steve must fight his way through the war and stop Schmidt before he executes his ultimate goal for world domination. Can Steve stop the mad tyrants and prove to be the hero he set out to be. Your goanna half to watch the film and find out.

I will say this, for those of you who have yet to see this film, let me at least provide the ups and downs that come to mind. So there were several faults' I found in this film. The script itself doesn't provide anything new for the audience and really isn't as strong at times as most people would think. In addition to the film being really predictable and the inclusion of several unnecessary scenes included in first half of the film for Dwight's sake. I also felt the film was way to short and could've explored more areas of the story instead of being rushed until the very climax if so. Now, putting all of that aside, there were other aspects of the film I really enjoyed. The film had a nice mix of thrills and humor at times and it never seemed boring if so. I do have to admit; the film was far more faithful to Joe Simon's and Jack Kirby's original comics and truly succeeds where the previous adaptions of Captain America have failed. The set design's really captured the 40's setting so carefully put in place. Also, the action sequences were fantastic perfectly shot with such realism. I really have to admit, thought his films have been anything but wonderful, Chris Evans was just literally outstanding with his performance and his portrayal of the good captain wasn't over toned, but done with a realistic quality and sharp enthusiasm if I might add. The other ensemble casts are individually brilliant with their performances. And as far the other half of the script goes, the film did at least have a substantial build up to the ending, which was really interesting. So I can say while this isn't the second coming of Saving Private Ryan or Apocalypse Now, the film had its strengths and weaknesses in all the right criticisms. My tomato meter rating is a 68 percent. Captain America: The First Avenger, in my opinion, is worth seeing, is the third best comic book film of the year, but is far epic.