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6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


Well everyone, this here marks my 30th review I've done. I really have to say, Thor is visually groundbreaking, humorous, and is turly one of the best blockbuster film of the summer, as well the best comic book adaptation of 2010. In the film, The almighty god of thunder named Thor(Chris Hemsworth) is exiled to Earth after destroying a fragile truce between the Forst Giants and the Asgardians Gods. Once there, he meet's up with a reserch expert Jane Foster(Natalie Portman) and soon discovers Loki's(Tom Hiddleston) plan to take the throne of Asgard, in addition to him killing his suppoesed brother. Now, Thor must stop the god of lies before he acomplishes his ultimate trick. Can Thor reclaim his place and save his father Odin(Anothony Hopkins) from death at the hands of The Frost Giants and his brother Loki. Your gonna half to see this and find out.

I really have to point that Thor is wonderfuly action packed comic book film with intresting qualities and this turly marks the begining of the summer movie season. The story itself is filled with such humorous, bold, and epic moments. The take on Norse and Shakespearian themes are quiet intresting and are carefully structered. I also must point out that the film is beautifully shot in every aspect, it really looks as if I was seeing comic book pages being redesigned and turned into something beautiful. Hopkin, Hemsworth, and Hiddleston's preformances were all suprisingly outstanding in some cases and really make this film even more enjoyable in some cases. However, there were some area's of the film that are weak in some places. Some of the supporting cast were really lacking in character and talent. Portman's preformance isn't as good as it was in The Black Swan and she really doesn't have as much enthuisiasam as Hemsworth. I also felt the climax was rushed and almost not fully developed. In addition to inaccurate portrail of Stan Lee's original comic stories, which I thought had a confusing affect on story itself. But other than that, the film is well ploted and the film's action sequences were fantastic. My tomatoe meter rating is a 86 percent. Thor, in my opinion, is worth watching, is visually entertaining, and is so far, the first best film of 2010.